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Open Trial
Venue: Newdigate
Trial Held: 26 February 2017


Thank you Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge the C&A at your trial. Many thanks to Christine Brooks for organising everything before and during the trial, to Joyce Tibbetts the trials manager and the catering team for feeding us all so well. Thanks of course to Don for stewarding both days doing a great job. Although Storm Euan tried to blow us all off the planet, thanks to the competitors who did not keep us waiting at all.
1st, Trina Heal with DEJAGA CUBA- GSD, 191.5 COM. As in true shepherd style, whatever it is, IT’S MINE, be it dumbbell, lead or anything else in my path. Worked a cracking round. Congratulations and good luck in CH.
2nd, Hannah Hyslop with BONVIVANT INSPIRE – MALI, 185.5 COM. A lot of work has gone into this dog and today you got your reward. Well done.
3rd, Sue Main with ASTRA TAM-BC 149.5 NQ. Whilst Sue was taking deep breaths to steady her nerves, Tam was checking out the scenery totally unfazed. Better luck next time.
4th, Lynne Watkins with STARSHOT KAELEN WITH SZIKRAS-HWHV, 188 NQ. Did a beautiful round and was well on the way to that qualification but was distracted by a dog that moved in the stays and sat up. Hard luck.

after a run off:
1st, Les & Linda Allen’s SARK LUCA-LAB, 185.5 COM. Handled by Les. Almost a perfect C & A round just losing half a mark. Well done, very impressive.
2nd, Kate Wykes and DREAGANTA XARY’S STAR OF TARNFORCE CD Ex, UD Ex-BC, 185.5 COM. Also did a good C&A round but a mistake on the scale was expensive. Good Luck in CH.
3rd, Emily Mayer and VONLUCIANHAN ANUBIS CD Ex, UD Ex-MALI, 166.5 NQ. Things were going well for Mauser until an unscheduled itch in the stays, had to be attended to. Unfortunately after a scratch, she had to have a shake. Better luck next time.
4th, John Turtill and DREAGANTA MYCORRAN GEALA-BC,161 NQ. Slight inattention in the control lost a few marks but the jumps were costly. Hopefully this is a temporary blip.

1st, Ann Ketteringham and DREAGANTA LARK AT COALWAY-BC, 209 COM. Lark clocked the cattle trough which was the redirect target and nothing was going to change her mind. Almost a perfect C&A round other than this. Congratulations.
2nd, Sandra Lewindon and LITTLE MISS JYNX AT BRACOKELI CD Ex – WD Ex, WSD, 196 COM. Jynx is of the opinion that heelwork is boring and really doesn’t need to be in this stake. Well done.
3rd, June Coutts and TADMARTON ESTELLA CD Ex – WD Ex, LAB, 195 COM. A lively little lab who had a bit of a mare of a sendaway but got there in the end. Perfect agility though. Well done.
4th, Brenda Nevard and ISPYDA SPIDER CD Ex-WD EX, WSD, 181.5, COM. Please can someone buy Brenda a pair of gloves with R and L on the back, for her birthday? Full points agility too, well done.


UD Nosework

Les Theobald
Judge - Les Theobald
Steward - Chris Theobald
Tracklayers - Elizabeth Stapleton, Sandra Lewindon and Mark Lewindon.
I would like to thank the committee of the society for the invitation to judge at the trial.
Many thanks to Trials Manager Joyce Tibbetts ably support and assisted by Christine Brooks. Also thanks to all the ladies in the kitchen.
Thanks to my experienced team of tracklayers and of course my wife Chris who were all great company.
We were extremely lucky with the weather. Having little wind and only a very mild shower for a short time during the day.
Tracking conditions were excellent on pasture grass with only two dogs failing to complete the track. All of the dogs found all the search articles with six of the eight entries still qualifying after the nosework.

Surrey UD open 2017 Track
1st DEJAGA CUBA (GSD) handled by Trina Heal 191 ½  Track – 89, Articles – 20, Search - 35. Gun - 5
Excellent nosework marks, well done. Congratulations on 1st place.

2nd BONVIVANT INSPIRE (MAL) handled by Hannah Hyslop 185 ½ Track – 82, Articles – 20, Search - 35. Gun - 5
Very nice nosework confidently handled by Hannah

3rd ASTRA TAM (BC) handled by Sue Main 149 ½ NQ  Track – 57 , Articles – 10, Search – 35 - Gun 4
Qualified in each section, but short of 80% overall The last 3 legs of the track were very costly.

4th STARSHOT KAELEN WITH SZIKRAS (HWHV) handled by Lynne Watkins 188 NQ  Track – 90 , Articles – 20, Search – 35 Gun - 5
Full mark nosework, this was a track to watch, if only I could have videoed it. Neither Lynne or her dog actually left the track or stopped moving forward until the
end. Unfortunately failed the C & A.

Once again many thanks to the society and competitors for a very enjoyable day.
Les Theobald


WD Nosework

Judge: Jo Quick 
Search Steward: Adrian Quick
Track Layers: Caroline Ashford, Mark Lewindon, Mick Tustain

Many thanks to Surrey DTS for the invitation to judge, I thought I had retired from judging once, but I must admit that it was nice to get back into the saddle and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the competitors. Thanks to all those involved in the kitchen (too many to name) the food was excellent as were my tracklayers and, of course, my long suffering search steward. Joyce kept me well informed prior to the trial and in the right places on the day, thank you Joyce for all your hard work as trials manager, ably assisted by Chris in base.

Surrey WD open 2017 Track
There were 10 entries and 7 ran. 5 completed the track and 6 got 2 or more from the square.

1st Les Allen with Sark Luca Lab. Track 81 + 15 Square 35 Total 185.5 Q
Luca gave us a few nervous moments on the track but never gave up and, eventually pulled Les the right way. Very well deserved win after a run off.
2nd Kate Wykes with Dreaganta Xary’s Star of Tarnforce CDex UDex BC. Track 84.5 + 20 Square 35 Total 185.5 Q
Once Star got the first few corners under her belt she sailed around the track. Very well done Kate.
3rd Emily Mayer with Vonlucianhan Anubis CDex UDex Mali Track 86.5 + 20 Square 16 Total 166.5 NQ
Very nice track, shame about the down stay. Better luck next time.
4th John Turtill with Dreaganta Mycorran Geala BC Track 87 + 15 Square 17 Total 161 NQ
Very steady and meticulous track. I’m sure you will qualify soon.

Also worthy of a mention is Jackie Withers and Darcy despite one scary corner Darcy flew around the track and had the highest track mark, unfortunately he decided to play chase me in the square. Keep at it, he’ll surprise you one day and qualify, again.


Stake: TD Nosework

Tracklayers: Stan Ford, Tess Shoolbred, Maggie Richards
Search Steward: Lauren Marlow

Thank you to Surrey for the invitation to judge TD nosework. Thanks to Joyce Tibbetts for all her help as trials manager, and to Christine Brooks at base, who does all the background work. Special thanks to Jenny Staves and her team for the excellent food.
I was lucky enough to have the best tracklayers in Stan, Tess and Maggie, who gave each competitor every chance. Lauren, as search steward, did exactly as I asked and was great company. Big thanks to all of you.
16 entered, 13 ran, 5 qualified the nosework, 4 overall. The tracking was on good grass. On the first day, the winds were horrendous; only three out of nine dogs completed the track, but one with too few articles. The second day was better, with three out of four dogs completing the nosework.

1st Ann Ketteringham with DREAGANTA LARK AT COALWAY, BC, B, 209, Q. What a lovely team. Lark did a steady, accurate track on the second day, just losing 2.5 marks. A full mark square was a joy to watch. A well-deserved win. Well done.
2nd Sandra Lewindon and LITTLE MISS JYNX AT BRACOKELI, WSD, B, 196, Q. Sandra tracked on the first day, in the appalling weather. Jynx worked so hard, and did well to get round the track. Four articles from the square, only marred by mouthing. Very sensitively handled by Sandra. Well done and good luck in Ticket.
3rd June Coutts and TADMARTON ESTELLA, Lab, B, 195, Q. June tracked on the second day and Ripple retrieved all track articles and three from the square. Ripple is such a lovely, enthusiastic dog. Well done and good luck in Ticket.
4th Brenda Nevard and I SPYDA SPIDER, WSD, D, 182.5, Q. Spider did a lovely steady track, again on the second day. Sadly, he missed out two and a half legs and one article, which was costly. He found three articles in the square, and presented them perfectly. Again, good luck in Ticket, and well done.

Lastly, thank you to all the competitors, and good luck to you all in the future.

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