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Trial Held: 22 November 2009

CD, UD, TD Stakes



Steward: Liz Hickman

My thanks to Wessex for the invitation to judge the CD stake and to Liz for stewarding for me.

The weather was a little damp and breezy, but it did not put off my one competitor, who had a long drive in appalling conditions, for which I must thank her and hope she enjoyed her day.

1st Jeanette Davies with GSD bitch ANNACOURT ANJA, qualified with 82. Anja worked well despite the weather and thoroughly deserved her qualification. Well done, Jeanette.




Tracklayers: Ann Clarke, Alan Lee

Stewards: Friday, Gill Lawrence; Saturday/Sunday, Mark Gowler

Thank you to Wessex Working Trials Club for the invitation to judge UD open. It’s a super venue and everyone is always very welcoming and helpful. I must also thank Gill and Mark who stewarded for me, Alan and Ann who laid all the tracks, especially Ann who remained calm and regained our sanity when the wind blew the bag of tracking articles out of sight and distributed them across the fields! Thanks also to Brian Riste, Lindsey Poole and everyone at the base who kept us in order and fed us.

Tracking was on grass and conditions varied somewhat; Friday was a beautiful day, just rather wet underfoot, Saturday and Sunday were dreadful, horizontal rain in torrents, jumps blowing over and Mark bellowing directions to the competitors who could barely stand up against the wind. Despite the conditions most of the dogs did well on the nosework and had a good attempt at the rest. To those who didn’t quite make it, keep trying and better luck next time.

1st STYPERSON ROYCE, Labrador, E de Unger, 197.5, COM. An excellent all round performance from this team and a pleasure to watch. Good luck for the future.

2nd WARRIORS LITTLE ROSIE, Crossbreed, J Warrior, 195.5, COM. Handler didn’t seem to think he’d done very well despite a losing only a point here and there and giving a very competent and controlled round. Don’t argue for fewer marks! Well done.

3rd VAPRESTO DEABLO KINGSWOLD, Terveuren, C Huckle, 195, COM. Another lovely round and very agile dog. A well deserved qualification.

4th JABY PHLOMIS, NSDTR, J Baker, 190.5, COM. One of the best tracks we saw and full point square. I’m sure you’ll soon sort out the long jump. Well done.




Tracklayers: John West, Lindsey Poole

Steward: Liz Hickman

Square Steward: Mary Hansel (Thursday, Friday and Sunday) Mary Drewitt (Saturday)

I would like to thank Brian Riste and everyone at Wessex for asking me to judge the TD stake at their open trial this year. My heartfelt thanks go to Barbara and Brian Riste for making me feel so welcome in their home that I did not want to go home! Thanks to Barbara, Jackie West and Marjory Lee for feeding me so well all week. The super meals were much needed to keep one going through the wind and rain. Many thanks.

I had a super team of helpers; John and Lindsey laid my tracks to perfection and kept me entertained! Liz put the competitors at their ease every morning as she guided them round the C/A and the two Marys expertly laid all my squares. Many thanks, one and all, for smiling, entertaining and looking after me so well in the face of some pretty horrendous weather. You were a great bunch to be with.

The weather on the whole was not kind to us. High winds prevailed throughout the four days. Tracking was on lush grass and most dogs gained good track marks though this seemed to be affected by the weather. We saw some lovely tracks on Thursday in spite of the high winds, I was surprised (as were most owners) how well the dogs tracked when we could hardly stand still against the gusts. Friday brought a little warmth with the sun and certainly seemed to be the best day to track. The weather only deteriorated after that with heavy rain accompanying the strong winds on Saturday, which made for very difficult tracking, and it was not much better on the Sunday. Three dogs qualified on Thursday, three on Friday and only one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

The track articles were: Half a green lollipop stick; Green fabric tape, 15cm x 2cm, knotted: Green hosepipe 8cm long

Square articles were: Teaspoon; Green plastic milk bottle cap; Rubber strip, 2cm x 5cm; Flimsy pink and white cotton flower, 5cm diameter.

Squares were, on the whole very well executed with 11 dogs getting all four articles out. No article proved to be evasive to the dogs but several flowers were either swallowed by dogs or lost at the point of delivery. Some handlers’ faces were a picture of disbelief when they retrieved the soggy petals of my Elvis garland from their dog’s mouths!

25 entries – 21 worked

1st J. Parker and NEDLO TOP OF THE POPS, BC, 203.5. Janet was lucky to work on Friday and benefit from the best conditions. ECHO is a keen little dog who gave a very good account of himself apart from heelwork. You will make a formidable team in ticket if you train him to want to be with you!

2nd C. Daubney and COLLIEWOOD LA BELLE, WSD, 203. Chris worked on Sunday in difficult conditions. DIZZY is a joy to watch as she obviously loves her work. Another keen little dog with a bright future ahead.

3rd J. Meekings and STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, CDEx – WDEx, Labrador, 201. Judy worked on Friday and delivered some very smart work. BRIG was unfortunate to miss the end track article; otherwise the results would have been quite different!

4th G. Lawrence and BEKKIS BEKWEY MERRYDOWN, CDEx – WDEx, BC, 199.5. Gill worked on Thursday and gained one of the best track marks in the highest winds. TIGGER treated us to some beautiful heelwork and really deserved his place.

Also gaining CoM;

V & G Thomson and CONCENN YAUTIA, CDEx – UDEx, GSD, 194, worked Friday. LEXIE was handled by Gavin and produced a really smart round.

G. Lawrence and BEKKIS DULCIMER, CDEx – WDEx, BC, 192, worked Thursday. TOFFEE, like Gill’s other dog, tracked in very high winds. I was impressed by Gill’s very professional handling of these two dogs.

B. Riste and GEMWELL STORM DRAGON, CDEx – WDEx, Gordon Setter, 189.5, worked Thursday. Barbara did exceptionally well to control BENNETT’s exuberance in the wind. To qualify at this level is a testament to your dedication to both your breed and our sport.

L. Bardwell and POLLGINA JACKSON McBRIDE, CDEx – UDEx, WD, Labrador, 189.5, worked Saturday. TED was disobedient in heelwork, but Laura persevered through some of the worst weather to become the only qualifier on Saturday.

My sincere congratulations go to all of the above. I would like to thank all the competitors for entering under me. It was a pleasure to watch your dogs working, some of whom I have seen before and I was impressed by the improvements you have made. This is true of many of the non qualifiers as well as those listed above. I wish you all the very best of luck in the future.

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