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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 28 June 2014



What a week of varied weather; the early part of the week was very hot and dry with the latter part becoming wetter, with thundery downpours and warm sunshine. Tracking conditions were superb, on lush grass for all stakes, thus giving most dogs the opportunity to qualify their nosework. Entries were very good this year with sixty eight teams in TD, thirty one in WD, nineteen in UD and nineteen in CD. I think this was the highest TD entry this year, which was most surprising. Many thanks to the judges, Les Theobald (TD), Jean Howells (WD), Les Allen (UD) and Zoe Finley (CD), for giving their time and expertise.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the farmers for again allowing us the use of their land; without their continued support we could not function. Special thanks to Jenny and Malcolm Lawrence for allowing us all to park all our vehicles in their field on Sunday.

Thank you to all the tracklayers and stewards; I will leave it to the judges to name their individual teams, but collectively many thanks for your time and effort for a job well done.

Thanks also to the escorts, Sue Main on Monday and Tony Lockyer for the rest of the week, for getting everyone to the right place on time. Thank you once again to the catering staff, headed by Jacquie West ably assisted by Margery, Jeanette, Sharon, Irene and John West on Sunday, when Jacquie became unwell. Another big vote of thanks to Margery for producing all the schedules, catalogues, certificates and prize cards etc. Then to Barbara for arranging and supplying all the food for the Saturday evening Buffet. For the fifty four guests who attended it was surely a feast for sore eyes. A vote of thanks was given by Les Theobald, who then presented her with a bouquet of flowers from us all. On behalf of Barbara I would like to thank the many guests at the function for assisting with the washing up and clearing the hall at the end - it was very much appreciated.

Finally, I would like to thank the competitors for being considerate, understanding and most of all respectful of the countryside. Congratulations to Dave Olley and Ray on winning the TD ticket; good luck at the KCC’s.





Steward: Jo Magness

 Thanks to Wessex Working Trials Club for the invitation to judge the CD stake at this super, friendly trial. Thanks to Brian for all the organisation before and during the trial and both Brian and Barbara for the very comfortable accommodation. Never forgetting the ladies in the kitchen, Jacquie, Marjorie and Irene -thank you for the scrummy bacon butties and lots of food to keep us going. Thanks especially to Jo Magness, my steward both days. Great company, totally consistent and really put the competitors at ease. Finally, thank you to the competitors for entering under me with a nice range of breeds.

Not the best of weather but at least the heavy rain came in extended showers and not all day. We had 19 entries, 14 ran, with 4 qualifiers (three CDEx, one CD) overall. The standard of the work was varied, from superb, very nearly there, to lack of control or simply not ready. It was not the first time I had a dog entered under me that had not EVER done the jumps before the trial. Someone somewhere is helping train and prepare these people - why on earth are they condoning entering a trial never having done the jumps in training? Rant over.

My search articles were 5" x 3" folded hessian, 2.5" x 3" underlay and a lolly stick. The first two were gifts and showed in the nosework marks. Saturday was bad luck day, we could have had 3 qualifiers but the jumps and stays took those out. Sunday, the overall standard was better.

 1st Roger Shrimpton and STARDELL ZUBEN, BC, 97.5, Q CDEx. Ben showed his lack of experience a touch in the nosework, losing just a couple of marks for mouthing and a dropped article, but Roger’s experience and calm handling really showed in the C/A with a lovely faultless round. Well done both, look forward to seeing Ben’s confidence grow as you work through the stakes.

2nd Rosie Lane and VONLUCIAHAN ARLEE FOR CHAANROSE, Malinois, 95.5, Q CDEx. Just minor marks lost by Malika on the nosework, although Rosie gave a few away herself. Lovely calm, controlled C/A - impressive. Well done and good luck through the stakes.

3rd June Coutts and TADMARTON ESTELLE, Labrador, 90, Q CDEx. Perfect sendaway and very impressive recall as Ripple had spotted a deer wandering at the top of the field. She marked it, then paid complete attention to June for the whole exercise - very impressed. A few marks lost for mouthing on the nosework and a couple of hiccups on the jumps, otherwise a nice round. Well done.

4th Liz Hickman and VOMKYNA ELECTRA, GSD, 78.5, Q CD. What a shame about the barking Liz, I feel for you because I’ve been there. Kerry knows the exercises and when she shuts up she does them well. I felt the more she did, the better she got. Excellent sendaway, jumps and stays, qualifying in every section, just not enough overall for CDEx. Well done and good luck.




Tracklayers: Ruth Cahill and Jill Carruthers (Friday), Ruth Cahill and Pat Tagg (Saturday)

Search steward: Pat Tagg (Friday) Jill Carruthers (Saturday)

Control steward: Jill Carruthers (both days)

 I would like to thank Wessex WTC, and in particular Barbara and Brian, for the invitation to judge the above stake and for running such a great trial; the atmosphere at the base was brilliant and the buffet prepared by Barbara and her team on Saturday evening was superb and a great social event.

Jacquie West, Marjorie, Irene and Sharon, kept us fed and watered extremely well both at the base and out in the field - just watch Jill when there is food around!

I had a superb team out in the field; my thanks to Ruth, Jill and Pat for tracklaying and to Jill for stewarding the control rounds for me and providing me with feedback when asked. It was brilliant to be working with such an experienced team. A special mention for Mary Mansell, who seemed to pop up filling-in on just about every role.

The land that Brian has access to is excellent. It had been cut about two weeks prior to the trial and all but one completed the track, so that speaks for itself. Thanks to the farmers for allowing us the use of it. The weather was variable; we had some very heavy downpours at various stages during the tracking, others were lucky enough to track in the dry. However, it managed to stay dry on both days for the control rounds.


The first article on the track was a 20 bore shotgun cartridge and the end article was a 2 inch square of brown cloth. The square articles were a metal tea spoon, a wooden plant tag 3" x 0.75", a piece of leather 0.75" x 2.75" and a piece of green rubber plant tie 3.5" long, all of which disappeared nicely in the level of growth we had.

19 were entered and 13 ran.

 1st Pat Parkinson with WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, WSD, D, 197.5, Q. What a lovely team to watch; super tracking pace, only dropping one point on the track and recovering both articles, going on to complete a very clean and tidy full mark square. Just lost 1.5 on control; clearly a team to watch for the future, their relationship is great to see.

2nd Jenny Olley with STARDELL ARCHE, BC, D, 197, Q. Another strong team to watch for the future. Once again a very steady track and accurate track, only dropping half a mark and recovering both articles; just dropped a point in the square, the piece of wood proved too tempting for Archie. The control round was very neat and tidy, dropping 1.5 overall.

3rd Wendy Donaldson with AMBERSLADE MARGARITA, ASD, B, 195, Q. Fortunately Wendy’s nerves didn’t seem to impact Bumble’s performance in any way; she is not the easiest dog to read on the track but Wendy handled it well, dropping just 3 points on the track and gaining 34 in the square. Going on to do a very strong control round, just dropping one overall, which was more down to Wendy than her dog. Well done, Wendy, this should give you the confidence you need.

4th Yvonne Carpenter with DRAC AT CARFELD, BC, D, 194.5, Q. First to track on the first day and in the pouring rain, however that didn’t deter Drac, who dropped just two points on the track, recovering both articles; quite an enthusiastic square, recovering all four but lost a couple of points in the excitement. Very tidy control round, dropping just 1.5 - like the three above super potential for the future.

Also qualifying UDEx:

Roger Shrimpton with STARDELL ZUBEN, BC, D, 193.5

Liz Hickman with VOMKYNA ELECTRA GSD, D, 191.5

Suzanne Jaffa with DITSY DOT X-Breed, B, 190

Sue Main with JAZZ THE JOKER, WSD, D, 185.5


Angela Fields with TARNEDGE ACT OF FAITH, Lab, B, 174.5


 Hard luck story of the day was Barbara Griffith with her WSD dog, Topper; she battled her way through the very worst of the conditions on the track, really heavy driving rain, followed by a tidy control round up to the stays, when Topper decided he wanted to follow mum out.

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves; it was a pleasure to watch you and your dogs. Good luck for the future.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Mary Hansell, Adrian Quick, Andy Lloyd, Gary Martin and Ruth Cahill

Search Steward: Liz Hickman  

C/A Steward: Caroline Martin

My thanks to Wessex for inviting me to judge the WD Stake at their Championship Trial. I had three enjoyable days in brilliant sunshine.

My thanks to Brian for running the trial, Margery for doing all the certificates and Mary for helping in base as well as tracklaying. Thanks to the kitchen staff, for their hard work keeping everyone fed and watered, especially Jacquie and Margery. Many thanks to Barbara for the superb evening meals.

Thanks to Arthur for looking after my dogs, especially as it was so hot. Also my thanks to the farmers for allowing us to use their land.

My tracklayers, Mary, Adrian, Andy, Gary and Ruth - many, many thanks. It certainly wasn’t easy walking through such long grass, as well as it being very hot. Equally, thanks to Liz, my square steward, who also had a hard job laying the squares in the long grass, and to Caroline who stewarded all the control rounds.

There were 31 entered, 26 worked. The tracking was very good in spite of the length of grass, with only 4 dogs not completing the track. The squares were a different story and the long grass took its toll, with only 5 dogs finding 4 articles.

Congratulations to all the qualifiers.  

1st           Glenys Page with LITTLETHORN MORGAN, BC, D, 188.5, Q. A lovely track with both articles and three out of the square. A very good control round and full marks on the jumps. Very well done.

2nd         Dave Craven with QUIZ-IS SOMETHING SPECIAL, WSD, D, 182, Q. Another lovely track with both articles and three out of the square. Other than heelwork a good control round with a full mark sendaway. Well done.

3rd          Margaret Robinson with JUST ARRAN AT TRENT VALLEY, WSD, D, 181, Q. A very good track, with you picking up the first article. A good job you had been to Specsavers! Three articles out of the square. A good control round and full marks on the jumps. Well done.

4th          Mike Williams with TADMARTON ELEANOR, Lab, B, 179.5, Q. A good track but missed the first article. Tara was one of the five dogs to get four out of the square. A very nice control round with full marks on the jumps. Well done.

Also qualified WDEx:

Sylvia Cook with MISTER MOSS AT GOLDOAK, WSD, D, 174

Jeff Poole with FIRCROFT DOMINI, BC, B, 172

Hilary Wilson with HOLLOWAY HOT CHOCOLATE, WSD, B, 171.5

Colin Ball with GARRETHALL REBUS, Lab, D, 171.5

Barbara Riste with BALNAKEIL BEINN TARSUINN, Gordon Setter, D, 167.5

Thanks to everyone for entering and I wish you every success for the future.




Tracklayers: John West, Lindsey Poole and Pippa Bentham

Steward: Chris Theobald


I would like to thank the committee of the society for the invitation to judge at the trial. Many thanks to Brian Riste, who as always had everything under control, and Barbara for all her work behind the scenes, especially the meals in the evenings - how does she do it?

Thanks to my experienced team of tracklayers and of course my wife, Chris, who were all great company. A big thank you to all the ladies (I’m sorry, I don’t know all your names) for all their work in the kitchen, keeping us supplied with food whenever we wanted it. What a wonderful friendly trial this is.

The weather was varied from very hot on the first 3 days to a very wet Thurs afternoon and showers over the last two tracking days. Tracking conditions (heavy rain being the exception one afternoon) were excellent being on lush, and in some fields long, grass; we saw some very good tracks with more than 45 nosework qualifiers.

The C/A started with the stays at 9 am (in order to beat the heat) divided into two sets to ensure they were manageable. All dogs completed the stay exercise successfully.

68 dogs entered.

1st WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, Cross, handled by Dave Olley, 217.5, Q. Track 98, Articles 30, Search 35, C/A 54.5. The first dog to work on the C/A and set the standard, losing just half a mark in all the C/A, on the sendaway – having to give just one extra command on the outrun. Congratulations and best luck at the KCC’s

2nd WTCh STYPERSON CLEO, Lab, handled by Sheila Tannert, 215.5, Q. 97, 30, 35, 53.5. Another very nice track and losing just 1.5 for extra commands on the outrun and redirection.

3rd GLENALPINE COSWORTH, BC, handled by Barry Gilbert, 214.5, Q. 98.5, 30, 35, 51. An experienced handler with a young dog putting in the performance we have come to expect from Barry. Being short on the outrun and extra commands on the re-directions were costly.

4th WTCh LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, Cross, handled by Lee Payne, 214, Q. 96.5, 30, 35, 52.5. Another experienced dog and handler who showed how the C/A should be done.

Also qualifying TDEx:

WTCh SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, BC, handled by Andy Baker, 212.5

BRIGLEN JOSS, BC, handled by Glenys Page, 212.5

WAGGERLAND TYNE, WSD, handled by Tracey Park, 212.5

STARDELL SPICA, BC, handled by Paul Beasley, 211.5

ZAK OF SKIPAWAY, WSD, handled by Julie Skipp, 206.5

WTCh THE TITAN, WSD, handled by Sue Ashby, 202.5

WTCh VOMKYNA DARCA, GSD, handled by Jill Carruthers, 202.5

BANDAITCH DIRTY HARRY, Cross, handled by Julz Findeisen, 202.5

TADMARTIN DARK REMY, Lab, handled by Carole Brooke, 202.5

TARNEDGE VELVET, Lab, handled by S Burroughes, 200

MAGIC DARK SHADOW, Lab, handled by Gary Martin, 199.5

GLENALPINE TED, BC, handled by Wendy Magyar, 198

LAWINICK STILL OF THE NIGHT, GSD, handled by Gary Haim, 197.5

LITTLE TIGER, Cross, handled by Manda McLellan, 197

TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, handled by Tony Lockyer, 196

SHADOWQUEST KANE, GSD, handled by Shelia Margraves, 195.5

DURSTONE BRYN, WSD, handled by Sue Jones, 195

VONHAUSWOLF MAUD, GSD, handled by Joyce Tibbetts, 195

MERRYWAY PEBBLE OF JABY, GR, handled by Jan Baker, 194.5

BILKO’S GLORY, WSD, handled by Glenys Page, 193.5

GLENALPINE MISS MOLL, BC, handled by Anne Thorpe, 192.5

ZANDOA SAM, BC, handled by Richard Musgrave, 189.5

FIRCROFT CASHEL, GSD, handled by Jeff Poole, 189

CORIES BALZING STAR AT KALIAZAR, BC, handled by Ruth Payton, 188.5

VANQUISH ULTIMATE EDITION, Lab, handled by Stevi Boyall, 183.5

HEX AT CARFELD, BC, handled by Eric Carpenter, 183.5

Qualifying TD:

DISCO MISCHIEF MAKER, WSD, handled by Dave Craven, 164.5


Once again many thanks to the society and competitors for a very enjoyable week.


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