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Open Trial
Trial Held: 22 November 2013



Stakes held this year were TD, UD and CD; entries were exceptionally low, with only nineteen TD, eleven UD and four CD teams entered. Tracking was as usual on fairly well grown grass. The weather was dry on all three days but very cold with exceptionally strong winds on Thursday.

Many thanks to our farmers for allowing us the use of their land; without them we would be unable to compete. Our judges were Barbara Riste, Janette Hickson and Gill Lawrence for TD, UD and CD respectively - my thanks to you all for giving your time and enduring the cold. To their tracklayers and stewards, a collective thank you. I will leave it to the judges to name their individual teams.

The kitchen was again headed by Jacquie West and ably assisted by Margery Lee; they kept us all supplied with plenty of hot food and drinks - again many thanks. Margery was again in control of producing schedules, catalogues, prize cards and certificates.

My final vote of thanks must go to the competitors for being punctual and conducting themselves impeccably. To those who qualified, very well done and good luck in future trials; to those who did not quite make it, better luck next time.





Tracklayers: Andy Lloyd and Mary Hansell

Squares: Margery Lee (Thurs), Adrian Quick (Fri)

C/A Steward: Mary Hansell

 Many thanks to Wessex Working Trials Club for their kind invitation to judge the UD stake at their open trial, and especially to Brian Riste, the Trials Manager, who, apart from manning the base so efficiently, ensured that each day I had an experienced team of tracklayers and stewards (who were also great company), and whose efforts enabled each competitor to have the best chance of success. Andy Lloyd and Mary Hansell tracklaid both days, and Mary also doubled up as my C/A steward and did a great job steering competitors through the round. Margery Lee was allowed out of the kitchen to lay the squares on Thursday and Adrian Quick did them on Friday. Margery and Jacqui West manning the kitchen as usual kept us well fed, essential as the weather was bitterly cold. Many thanks to each and every one of you – you are a great team.

Lastly, but by no means least, the most important thanks must go to the generosity of the farmers for the use of their land, for without their continued support we would have no trials.

We had rain first thing Thursday which cleared before we ran the tracks, however a very strong cold wind sprang up, with some sun coming and going through the C/A. Friday was dry and slightly less windy but if anything much colder, although we again had sun coming and going through the day.

9 entries 7 worked. The track articles were a dolly peg and 10cm x 4.5cm red ribbed carpet; the square articles were a black shotgun cartridge, 8cm x 4cm piece knotted red felt, 14cm knotted green plastic clothes line and 9cm piece knotted hemp string. Only two dogs failed the track, and five dogs completed the track with both articles and four out of the square. The control exercises were very well carried out, as were the stays, with the jumps determining the final placings.

 Those that were successful were:

1st Angela Fields and TARNEDGE ACT OF FAITH, Labrador, B, 189, Q. Lovely clean, unfussy handling from Angie allowed this super motivated little bitch to show us what she can do. A well-deserved COM and win – it was a pleasure to watch you. Good luck for the future, you should have a lot of fun together.

2nd Elizabeth Hickman and VOMKYNA ELECTRA, GSD, B, 187, Q. Another dog with lots of potential; some lovely work including a full point track, only marred by the "singing". Well handled by Liz to gain this COM and placing.

3rd Elinore Anderson and LITTLE TONIC FOR MYRTILLAS, Crossbreed, B, 176.5, Q. Tonic and Ellie pulled out all the stops today with some lovely work to gain the COM and this placing.

4th Pippa Bentham, MY BILLIE, WSD, B, 174, NQ. A well-deserved placing for this team who were so unlucky today with the jumps.

Worthy of a mention was Lynne Watkins with STARSHOT SZARKA WITH SZIKRAS, HWHV, B, only dropping two points on the nosework section, who on the way back to the car somehow managed to cut open a pad. Lynne sensibly decided to withdraw before the control and agility.

I would like to thank the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions so gracefully.




Stewards: Ruth Cahill and Liz Hickman

Track layers: John West and Lindsey Poole

 Thank you to Wessex for the invitation to judge the TD stake, and thanks to Brian for all the hard work organising, not only during the trial but also in the weeks leading up to it. To my tracklayers and stewards, a very big thank you for all the hard work you all put in, also for being such good company. To Jacquie and Margery in the kitchen, again a big thank you for the lovely food, and the soup was great, especially as the weather was very cold and windy on Thursday.

Tracking was on lush grass which led to some very nice tracks.

 1st Maurice Millington with GLENALPINE JUD, CDEx – WDEx, BC, 202.5, Q. A good round throughout especially the nosework. Well done.

2nd Angela Sanders with MR MICKEY MARVEL TO SZIKAAS, CDEx, WSD, 190, Q. Another good round overall. Well done.

3rd Sandra Lewindon with QUORIES KAI AT BRACOKELL, CDEx –WDEx, BC, 181.5, Q. So good to have you back in trials. Good all round performance with full mark jumps. Well done.

4th Carol Brooke with TADMARTIN DARK REMY, CDEx – WDEx, Lab, 181.5 Q. Also put in a good all round performance. Well done.

 Thank you to all the competitors, I really enjoyed watching all of your dogs work. Good luck in the future.


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