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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 30 June 2013


Entries were much improved this year, with an overall total of ninety five teams competing, and it was exceptionally pleasing to have thirteen competitors in PD.  The weather was kind to us this year; all days were warm and sunny with just one light shower late on Wednesday afternoon.  Tracking was as usual on well grown grass, although I did have one hiccup, as on Monday lunch time I had the dreaded phone call from the farmer to say that he was going to cut the fields we had used for WD that morning, which meant I had to make some urgent changes for the remainder of the week. 

I will start my thanks in the usual manner by giving a big vote of thanks to our farmers; they were all great and showed great interest in the trial by watching and offering assistance.  Secondly I would like to say thank you to our judges, Jeff Poole, Judith Owens Poole, Maureen Regan, John West and Tony Lockyer, for PD, WD, UD, CD and Veteran respectively, for giving their time and expertise.  Many thanks also to all their tracklayers and stewards - I will leave it to them to give individual mention but collectively my thanks to you all for doing an excellent job.  To the escorts Liz, Sue and Val, again many thanks for getting everyone to the right place on time.  To the ladies in the kitchen, mainly Jacquie, Margery, Barbara and Irene, who kept us all well fed and watered, many thanks for looking after us so well.

My gratitude to Margery for producing the Schedules, Catalogues, Prize Cards and Certificates - you did a grand job.  Finally, I would like to say thanks to the competitors; you were all great and considerate at all times.  Congratulations to all the qualifiers, especially Lee Payne and WTCh Little Rough Rhinestone on winning the PD Ticket.  I wish you all good luck at future trials.






Steward: Gill Lawrence

I would like to thank Wessex WTC for the invitation to judge; it was the second time this year that I have judged this stake and I always appreciate seeing the newer dogs going through their paces.  We had excellent trialling weather - dry, but quite cool, in a fresh wind.

We were on grass that was 6" to 12" deep, which was very suitable for my articles of a dolly peg, a 2" square piece of thick rubber and a piece of carpet 3" x 2".  The control in general was good and all but one had a reasonable sendaway, which was set at 55 yards.  However, as in most CD’s, the jumps were the stumbling block for some.  Standing back, I would suggest that some competitors were more concerned than the dogs; it was very noticeable that the competitors with more confidence that their dogs would do the jumps were the qualifiers in this stake.

A big thank you to Gill Lawrence for stewarding the control round and for laying all the squares; it is always great to have good company and a competent steward so all your concentration can be on the competitors.  Also Gill is very good at calming everyone down so as to achieve their best.

1st Jane Clarke, SKYE’S OVER THE TOP, WSD, 92.5, Q.  The marks that were lost were due to Jane rushing and not giving Skye time to settle, but with Skye’s ability this team turned out to be worthy winners.  If your tracking is good and you keep the quality of your control round then UD will be your next success.

2nd Catherine Manfield, GLENALPINE OZZY ZIG, CDEx, BC, 88, Q.  Would have pushed 1st all the way if Ozzy had found the third article in the square; however another excellent control round and was the only other dog to gain 10 for their sendaway.

3rd Martine Taylor, LAWINICK READY ‘N’ WILLIN, GSD, 84, Q.  Another worthy qualification and if not for the send-away would have taken 1st place; I’m sure with Martine’s experience Maggie will be better next time.  Even with this one hiccup Maggie still deserved her place.

4th Carol Burgess, STARDELL CHARA, BC, 83.5, Q.  Another competent round with only the agility to polish up. Gaining enough marks after second attempts proved that Typcee can do them - maybe more confidence by Carole will help.  However qualifying and being 4th out of 16 is no mean feat.

Also qualified CDEx:

5th Nikki Prescott, WAGGERLAND TWINKLE, WSD, 82.5.  A little more polish on the nosework and the placings would have been different.

6th Gwen Robinson, FRANCILLIAM BARNEY, GSD, 80.  If Gwen ever calms Ruben down, in my book he will be a winner.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers:  Lyndsey Poole (3 days), Mary Hansell (2 days), Pat Tag (1 day)

Square and C/A stewards: Tony Lockyer (2 days), Mary Hansell (1 day)

What an amazing summer we’ve had.  I think it has been wall to wall sunshine for 3 months, and it’s hard to wish to be at a better place in the summer than Wessex Working Trial.  Lush fields, beautiful scenery, and great company.

Thank you to Wessex WTC for the judging appointment.  Thanks to Brian Riste for being Trials Manager and base steward.  Thanks also to "The Team" - escorts, catering and shop.  Sorry if I have missed anyone out, but we (trialists and judges) appreciate everyone who contributes towards making a Trial successful.  Add to that the Farmers.  What a helpful bunch they were.  One farmer, who had the morning UD tracks on his land, was so interested he came and watched every track, never being intrusive.  He directed the competitors to their track and at the end of the week helped us pick up our boundary poles.  Wow!  Thank you too, to the competitors of the morning tracks who, when I introduced them to the farmer were very courteous and appreciative towards him.  Thank you to my tracklayers who did a superb job under the guide of Lyndsey –thanks, Lyndsey, for being a good coach.  Thank you to Tony and Mary for laying the squares just as I wanted them - I think a few competitors did a double take when they saw "Tony Lockyer" was their search steward.  I did hear a few comments to their dogs of "Don’t you dare show me up in front of Tony."  Thanks again to Tony for also being my C/A Steward for two days and to Mary for the last day.  You both were super.   A very hard working team.

1st    Lauren Marlow with JOTUNHEIM ELI, Malinois, D, 198.5, Q.  Aka loved every bit of the trial.  It was such a joy to watch this dog and handler gel like this.  Only lost half a mark on the nosework.  What a team!  Good luck for your future trials.

2nd   H Wilson with HOLLOWAY HOT CHOCOLATE, WSD, B, 196.5, Q.  Full mark nosework!  What a joy, again another super team.  Well done and good luck for your future trials.

3rd   Wendy Beasley’s STARDELL NAOS, BC, B, handled by Meg O’Kelly, 194.5, Q.  Another super round, and steady in her stays.  Well done.

4th   Frances Webb with NORWULF LUIGI, GSD, D, 191, Q.  Full mark sendaway.  Monty did very well today, but so did you, Frances.  Well done and good luck both of you. 

Also qualifying UDEx:

Ann Ketteringham with PADDYDEPAWS AT COALWAY, Cross, B, 184.5

R and F Veazey’s JANALLEN BAKARI, Groenendael, D, handled by Felicity Veazey, 181

Rosemary Turner with KHAMYSKER  KALAMITY  KATE, GSD, B, 177

Tim Cooper with GLORIOUS  GLOSTER, Cross, D, 176.5

Nicky Prestcott with WAGGERLAND TWINKLE, WSD, B, 168.5






Tracklayers: Jeff Poole, Mary Hansell, John West

Square Steward: Liz Hickman

C/A Steward: Jeff Poole

Many thanks to Wessex Working Trials Club for the invitation to judge the WD Stake and to trials manager, Brian Riste, for all the hard work put into organising the trial; as often happens with trials we did have to move ground when one of the farmers needed to get on and cut the grass but that got sorted and the change didn’t cause any problem.

Thank you also to John and Jacquie West for having us to stay, we always feel so welcome in your home. 

A huge thank you to all my tracklayers and stewards, who were all great company and did a brilliant job - thank you so much for giving up your time.  To everyone in the kitchen who kept us well fed and watered each day - back on the diet when we got home! 

Another really big thank you to all the farmers for the use of their land.  Tracking was on well grown grass which resulted in some lovely nosework rounds and I thoroughly enjoyed my three days judging.  Well done to all the qualifiers.  To those who didn’t qualify, all the dogs showed they are capable but just didn’t quite put it together on this occasion. 

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to judge your dogs and good luck in the higher stakes. 

1st Jan Baker and MERRYWAY PEBBLE OF JABY, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, Golden Retriever, track 87.5, Art 20, Sq 32.5, Ctrl 34, Ag 17.5, Total 191.5, Q.  Well done, Jan and Hazel, a super round throughout and a pleasure to judge.

2nd Barbara Riste and BALNAKEIL BEINN TARSUINN, CDEx, UDEx, Gordon Setter, 87, 20, 32.5, 30.5, 17.5, Total 187.5, Q.    Another good round put in by Hunter - keep faith in him Barbara, he is well capable.

3rd Tony Lockyer and TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, CDEx, UDEx, Working Sheepdog, 88.5, 20, 26.5, 31.5, 20, Total 186.5, Q.  As you would expect from Tony, another youngster putting in a good round; a missed square article cost a higher place.

4th Stephanie Gordon and TADMARTON DAYDREAMER TILLY, Labrador, 84, 20, 33.5, 28, 20, Total 185.5, Q.  Most of the track marks were lost on the corners in the first 1/3 of the track, once she settled into it she hardly put a foot wrong.   Lovely square and jumps.

Also qualifying WDEx:

Gary Atkins and GLENALPINE PETE, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 185.5

Caroline Martin and CARISHILL FREYA, CDEx, UDEx, Golden Retriever, 185

John Fitzpatrick and STAR AT CONCENN, Cross Breed, 180.5

Gavin Thomson and TRACELYN DANCING IN THE DARK, CDEx – WDEx, German Shepherd Dog, 178.5

Deb Williams and ASTRA TZIAKA, CDEx – WDEx, Border Collie, 171.5

Chris Brooksby and RAVENSBROOK MAID, CDEx, UDEx,   BC, 168.5

Dave Self and LAURINCO RED KITE, CDEx, UDEx, Labrador, 168.5

Judy Meekings and LAURINCO RED SKYE AT WINDLEBROOK, CDEx, UDEx, Labrador, 167.5

Sue Burroughes and TARNEDGE VELVET, Labrador, 166.5

Martyn Willcock and LUCY THE LAWLESS OF LANCS, CDEx – WDEx, Working Sheepdog, 164.5

Alan Sword and METPOL SPECIAL EDITION, CDEx – WDEx, German Shepherd Dog, 164 pts

Qualifying WD:

Martyn Willcock and MURPHY MAGNUS LUMMOX OF LANCS, CDEx, UDEx, Working Sheepdog, 153




Judge: Jeff POOLE

Tracklayers: Val Upton, Andrew Lloyd, Gary Martin

Steward, Searches, C/A and Patrol Round: Judith Owens-Poole

Patrol Round Helpers: Anthony Snook, Vic Snook, Gary Martin, and David Barker.      

My thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge back at my ‘old’ club.  It was a real pleasure to be back at Upottery in such good company, and to be blessed with such good weather.  Brian Riste did a great job as Trials Manager, despite all the little problems that were thrown at him throughout the week.

To ALL the ladies in the kitchen, who kept us well fed and watered (diet – what diet?), and to Barbara for the evening meals on Friday and Saturday, thank you.  Thanks, also, to Jacquie and John West for their hospitality, opening their house up to us again.  We look forward to returning the favour when John comes over to judge for us next year.

My team of helpers out ‘in the field’ were great company and, as one would expect, did a first class job throughout.  My special thanks to you all for giving your time and being prepared to travel so far to help.  It was very much appreciated by not only me, but by the competitors.

The tests that I set were (I hope) straight forward, with no tricks or gimmicks, I really do not see the need for them!  Without exception the dogs and handlers equipped themselves well throughout.

Congratulations to those who qualified.  To those who were not successful on this occasion, I am sure your time is not far away.

1st Lee Payne and WTCh LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, 289/320, Q PDEx, winning the Challenge Certificate, Winner’s Trophy and ‘Best Patrol Round’ Trophy.  A well-controlled performance, which produced a very worthy winner. Good luck at this year’s KCC’s.

2nd Dave Olly and WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, 272/320, Q PDEx, winning the Reserve Challenge Certificate.  Another good performance from this team, well done.

3rd Ruth Cahill and VOMKYNA DELKA, 269/320, Q PDEx.  First time I have seen this team work at this level; I think they should have a good future ahead them.

4th Graham Reaney and WTCh TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, 263/320, Q PDEx.  A poor search square was very costly, otherwise not far off the pace.

Qualifying PD:

Bill Richardson and KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, 253.5/320

Jo Magness and LIZLINE MANDOLIN, 251/320

Thank you to all the competitors for their sporting attitude, and accepting my decisions with good grace.  I look forward to seeing you all again in the future.





Tracklayers: Val Upton, Adrian Quick & Gary Haim.

Steward: Angie Field

My thanks to Wessex for the invitation to judge the Veteran Stake at this Trial; I have never judged a Veteran Stake before and found it quite different to set a test that didn’t have to comply with Rules and Regs!

I did set a normal track and square but with five articles on both the track and in the square; the track articles were placed so that if the older dogs were struggling in the latter parts they would have a good chance of ending on an article.  In the event six dogs failed to complete the track but that was for going the wrong way and not from any lack of energy; of the ones that completed the track all recovered at least eight articles, with two getting nine and two getting all ten.

Thanks to Jackie, Margery, and everyone in the kitchen for keeping us well supplied with food and drinks, and again to Barbara for the evening meal.  Thank you also to my tracklayers, Val, Adrian and Gary, for a sterling job in unusually short grass for Upottery, as the fields had been cut about four days previously, and to Angie who was laying squares for the first time and did a great job.

15 entries, 14 ran.

1st Liz Hickman and JAY, only lost five and a half on the track and all ten articles - would still be pushing in Ticket nosework.  Well done.

2nd Juliet Ward and TANYA, litter sister to the above dog and also applies herself well; really liked the ball at the end of the track though and didn’t want to give it up to do the square!

3rd Gail Gwesyn - Pryce with YWEN, a few casts on the track and one short in the square

4th Mary Hansell with WICKHAM, fantastic track, I only managed to take one point off, with all the articles, but only three from the square was costly.  I am sorry for the fright, Mary!! 

To all the rest - you and your dogs acquitted yourselves very well on the day and I hope you all had an enjoyable experience.

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