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Trial Held: 25 November 2012


Entries were well down this year with only five PD entries and twenty in WD.  Our judges this time were John Wykes and Vana Moody for PD and WD respectively.  The weather was a mixed bag of conditions; Friday was dry and bright, Saturday was the wettest and windiest day imaginable, Sunday was a little better.  Tracking was on extremely waterlogged grass after many weeks of rain.  There was unfortunately only one qualifier in PD and two in WD. mainly due to the extreme weather conditions.

Again I would like to say a very big thank you to our farmers for allowing us the use of their land; without their cooperation and understanding our sport would not happen. 

Many thanks to both of our judges for giving their time and expertise; I will leave it to them to name their individual teams, but collectively I would like to thank all their track layers and stewards.  Many thanks to Jacquie and Margery for supplying us with ample food and hot drinks throughout the trial, and thanks again to Margery for producing the Catalogues, Schedules, Certificates and Prize Cards.  Thanks also to Liz for escorting etc.

Finally my last vote of thanks must go to the competitors for their understanding and acceptance of the foul weather conditions gracefully.  Congratulations to the qualifiers and I wish you good luck at your future trials.




Tracklayers: John West, Lindsey Poole

Steward: Fri/Sat - Mary Hansell; Sun - Fiona Britten (Leona!!!)

Thank you to Wessex for inviting me to judge at one of my favourite trials.  Brian Riste, as usual, organised well, coping with numerous cancellations, mainly due to the appalling wet weather.

John and Lindsey were great company, laying tracks as I wanted them and Lindsey also stewarded C/A on Sunday.  Mary was an excellent square and C/A steward on Friday and Saturday (1st time squares), as was Fiona doing squares on Sunday. Thank you for your time. Thank you, Lindsey, for letting me and the ‘littlie’ stay with you - she loved it, other than the swim!!!!

Jacqui, Margery, Alan and Barbara ran the super efficient kitchen - delicious.

Due to the weather we only worked 9 out of 20 entries, with just two qualifiers.  Conditions were tough.

1st Tony Lockyer, TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, 191, Q.   A very gentle dog wanting to please.  Well done.

2nd Barbara Riste, BALNAKEIL BEINN TARSUINN, Gordon Setter, 184, Q.  Good overall performance, nice to watch.  Well done

3rd Hayley Woodcock, SAMDAIS LITTLE STAR, BC, 185, NQ.  Something well spooked Star this time in the control - a shame after losing only 0.5 on the nosework.  Better luck next time

4th Pippa Bentham, MY BILLIE, WSD, 158, NQ.  Hard luck, only 1 out of the square cost the qualification.  Good luck next time

Thank you all allowing me to judge your dogs. To those not making it this time, it won’t be long


Stake: PD


Tracklayer: Mary Hansell

Square Steward, C/A Scribe and PD Steward: Kate Wykes

Criminals: David Barker, Mary Hansell, Liz Hickman and Dean Woodcock

Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge.  Thank you to Brian for running the base and being the Trials Manager, and to Barbara, Marge and Alan for the excellent food from the kitchen.  Thank you to Mary for laying all the tracks - all the competitors had the same conditions and same chances - and to Kate for laying the squares and then being for the first time a PD steward and being able to officially tell everybody what to do, and doing such a good job of it.  My criminals all did exactly as they were asked and all dogs and competitors were treated the same, so thank you to them.

The test started with the recall, with the criminal then joining the hide criminal; with the dog back with the handler they proceeded onto the quarter.  Once the dog had found the hide criminals and indicated such the handler was called up; after searching the criminals and the hide they then escorted the criminals back down the field, with the attack on handler happening at some point.  Once they were back they went straight into the chase; as soon as the dog had detained the criminal the handlers were called up to retrieve their dog and after a cursory search to escort them back down the field.  Having got so far down the field they then went straight into the test of courage, once the dog had done his job the handlers went up to deal with the situation. End of test.

I had a wonderful time and was well looked after.

1st Mr Kevin Hill with VEKKA LADY, CDEx - TDEx, GSD, B, 265.5, Q.  A good all round performance, with exceptional control all the way through, gave this pair a well-deserved win.

2nd Jo Magness with LIZLINE MANDOLIN, CDEx - WDEx, GSD, D, 253, NQ.  A good performance, but bits and pieces throughout cost this pair a qualification today.

3rd Joan Miller with WOOLSHAM JAGER, CDEx - WDEx, GSD, D, 240.5, NQ.  A good performance, shame about the recall.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and for accepting all my decisions.  To those who qualified well done - to those who didn’t, better luck next time.

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