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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 01 July 2012



Steward: Gill Lawrence

Many thanks to Wessex WTC for the invitation to judge the CD stake at their Championship trial.  As always, my thanks to Jacquie and Marge for keeping us so well fed and watered.  The food was up to its usual standard - exceptional.  My biggest thanks to Gill for her very competent stewarding and also to Sue for keeping the flow of competitors running smoothly. 

We were very lucky with the weather, on both days the rain held off until we had finished working.

Sixteen competitors entered, but only 13 worked.  On Friday there were 2 qualifiers and 1 on Saturday.  Overall, all of the dogs worked well, but it was the jumps that caused the problems on Friday and on Saturday it was the sit and down.

1st Tim Cooper and GLORIOUS GLOSTER, Crossbreed, D,  89.75, Q.  Boko was a joy to watch work. Every exercise was done with enthusiasm.  This pair is a team to look out for in the future.

2nd B Griffith and TOPPER OF EASTWAYS, WSD, D, 88.5, Q.  Topper did a near perfect search square.  It was only a minor glitch on the recall that dropped his marks.  A very nice pair to watch, who worked well as a team.

3rd Richard Cornwell and VOMKYNA EAGLE, GSD, D, 81.5, Q.  Griff lost only half a mark in the search square and half on the Retrieve.  Unfortunately, it was the sendaway and missing out on the long jump that lowered the day’s marks.  It was a lovely round to watch; this dog should go far.

4th Nicki Prescott and WAGGERLAND TWINKLE, WSD, B, 83.5, NQ.  Twink did a very nice control and search square; unfortunately the jumps were her Achille’s heel.  I have to say that she did enjoy herself overall.  Better luck next time.

I really found it a pleasure to watch your dogs work and I hope that you all carry on enjoying your future trials.




Steward: Chris Theobald

Tracklayers: Val Upton and Ruth Cahill

I would like to thank Wessex for inviting me to judge the UD stake at Upottery.  I had a great time with a great bunch of people.

Val and Ruth both did a fantastic job tracklaying and also Chris laying squares and stewarding the C/A and stays.  Thanks to them for their time, expertise and much appreciated help - as well as being great company.

Thank you to Brian for organising the trial along with many helpers especially Jacquie, Marjorie and Gill for scrummy breakfasts and lunches and Barbara for delicious evening meals.  Jan did an excellent job at the base and Tony was always there to ferry us between tracking, control and base, and Liz escorted competitors.   Thank you.  Thanks also to the generous farmers.

Tracking was on long grass that had been used previously for WD and what they didn’t cover the hares did!  Having said that, and as the marks show, several dogs completed near faultless tracks.  The weather was really mixed with thick fog, rain, sunshine and blustery winds so more or less all seasons in 2 days.

Track articles were a 3" piece of leather and a piece of black rubber about 4" at the end.  Square articles were a disc of wood approx 1" in diameter and half an inch thick which several dogs tried to demolish, a 4" green plastic plant stick, green underlay 3" long and half an inch wide and a piece of ribbed rubber 2 and a half inches by half an inch.

Competitors were asked to remove collars and leads once on the control field and to leave these at the start pole. This took a couple of handlers by surprise but it was much nicer to see dogs working under control without handler intervention and over handling as can sometimes be the case.  Collars were left on for the stay exercise.  The control round started with heelwork around the outside of the jumps, followed by retrieve then sendaway, which was 85 yards to a pole which was semi hidden in the hedge.

1st Joyce Tibbets with VONHAUSWOLF MAUD, GSD, B. 195, Q.  Kari worked on the last day and did a fantastic nosework round.  All articles found on the track and in the square with ease.  Her control round was also of a high standard with only half a mark lost for enjoying the dumbbell a bit too much and not wanting to share!  Having said that, Kari was the youngest entry in this stake so a little over enthusiasm is definitely acceptable.  Well done and I’m really looking forward to seeing this super team progress.

2nd Terry Hannam with GAUNTLETSRUN MOON RIVER, BC, D, 193, Q.  Mepps also worked on the last day and only lost 1 mark in the nosework section.  A slight blip with the face of the scale but otherwise an excellent C/A round.  A pleasure to judge you both.

3rd Jan Baker with MERRYWAY PEBBLE OF JABY, G Ret, B, 191.5, Q.  Hazel took Jan round the track so well, losing just half a mark, and gained full marks for the C/A round.  A little mishap in the square was a shame but again, young dog, and it happens and should not detract from this team’s brilliant performance.  Superb.

4th CC Guard with LANYAM MARAUDER OF PHILKINDY, Lab, D, 190.5, Q.  Harry completed the track with ease – and at speed.  Congratulations, CC, on keeping up with him.  A very good C/A round from another young dog.  Good luck to you.

Also qualifying:



B. Brown with GILDA EDGED WITH GOLD, WSD, B, 172.5

A. Field with JUST RED ROBIN, Lab, D, 168

J. King with WOLFHART AVA, GSD, B, 162

Thank you to all of the competitors and good luck at your next trials

By the way, some stats.....

18 dogs entered, 2 scratched after nose work.

Track – 4 teams found 1 article, 11 found 2 articles

Square – 5 dogs found 3 articles, 11 found 4 articles

Stays - 14 dogs attempted, 1 dog failed.

Gun – 16 dogs were awarded full marks

Heelwork, Sendaway and Retrieve exercises were all executed well with few marks lost.

Clear – 9 dogs gained full marks = 56%

Long – 10 dogs gained full marks = 62%

Scale – 7 dogs gained full marks = 44%

9 teams qualified overall = 50%




Tracklayers: Val Upton, Lindsey Poole, Ruth Cahill and Tony Lockyer

Search and C/A Steward: Caroline Martin

Thanks to Wessex for the invitation to judge at this well run and friendly trial.  We had a fantastic time in ‘sunny’ Devon!!  The people are so friendly and it was a pleasure to be amongst such committed and friendly trialists.

Brian Riste runs a super trial.  It’s all laid on for the judges, we just have to turn up and get on with it.  This trial wasn’t the easiest for Brian but he just got on with the job and saw to it that all competitors had ample excellent quality land.  He really is a pleasure to work with - thanks for all your time, effort and for your company, Brian.

To the ladies in the kitchen - Jacquie, Margery and Gill - a big thank you for all your hard work and super fare on offer.  My grub bag was stuffed....... and so was I!!  On returning to the base a large mug of tea miraculously appeared, together with a cheerful greeting - such good people.

To Jan at the base – thanks for all your company, adding, subtracting and general complicated mathematics!

Barbara catered for us all in the evening and what a spread she laid on.  It was fantastic, and oodles of it.  Although I had to keep an eye on that scallywag, Tom Darby!  He has an appetite to rival mine and I had to try and keep ahead of him otherwise there was no seconds for me – and that is not on!  Thank you so much, Barbara, for your hospitality, it was greatly appreciated and lovely to spend time with such good people.  Although Barbara did have a bit of a problem with the oven – she came out and sat with Caroline and myself and said ‘that oven is naff’.  To which Caroline said ‘They are really good ovens aren’t they?’. Barbara said ‘No, that’s Neff, I meant it’s rubbish!’

To the landowners a HUGE vote of thanks for letting us amble across your land in all weathers.  The amount of land Brian conjures up year on year is testimony to the rapport that has been built up by him and the society with the landowners, who are the lifeblood of our sport.

My team in the field were fantastic.  They laid all the tracks to perfection, and gave each competitor every chance of getting round.  As a judge it’s so heartening to watch a dog go around a track knowing it’s been well laid.  I sat down and worked out that the tracklayers had a combined 125 years in trials!!  When Brian told me who my tracklayers were going to be I knew both the competitors and I were in good hands.  Superb at their jobs and excellent companions.  We had a great time, nattering our way from track to track.  Thank you all for your super company and expertise.  However....... I was getting a bit worried about Val at one stage.  Every time I saw her she was reading.  Initially I thought she was studying the catalogue; "Now that’s commitment", I thought, "making sure she knows each competitor, their dogs name, background and address."  Oh no, it was nothing of a sort!  Val was engrossed in................  Fifty Shades of Grey!!  She never put it down!  After her three tracks she would sprint off to get her next fix.  At no time did she divulge the contents of the book to me but at certain points in the day I did notice Val and Caroline having a quiet natter and chuckle!!

Caroline stewarded for me – both squares and C/A.  She is a first class steward and is so conscientious.  Thanks for all your help over the four days and in setting up the control round.

I had 35 entries with 13 qualifying WDEx.  Tracking was on shin high grass.  The fields were superb – we were up on the airfield for those that know the area.  The weather varied from torrential rain – which didn’t put any of the dogs off – through thick fog to warm summer’s days (well one day was, anyway – no honest, it was sunny and the temperature got into double figures)

The track consisted of 15 legs and is replicated below.  The articles were (i) 4cm x 2cm piece of leather and (ii) a 5cm x 3cm piece of green underlay.  The articles were all placed in the footprint.  Square articles were (i) a 1cm x 5cm piece of rubber, (ii) 6cm piece of green rope, (iii) 4cm x 1.5cm leather, (iv) 2cm x 5cm piece of waterproof green canvas.

For the most part the tracks were very good with some excellent work shown by a sizeable number of teams.  The squares were a little disappointing with a fair bit of chomping on the articles.  There was, however, a couple of teams that really showed how a square should be done – and they were fantastic.  All articles picked up cleanly and delivered to hand – they really stood out.

The C/A started with normal paced heelwork from a pole.  The handlers were asked to remove lead AND collars prior to the start of the test; this took a few by surprise.  There was a bit of consternation at this and I was asked on a couple of occasions why I ran the test like this.  Well, I do not like to see dogs ‘hand-bagged and scruffed’ on the control field but particularly around the jumps.  At this level I feel that it should not be necessary and general control of our dogs should be a given.  At this trial we had a completely enclosed safe field that the dogs were not able to escape from and the gate was closed, so from a safety angle I felt it was appropriate to set the test thus.  The collars were all replaced for the stays.  Once into the heelwork we went through all three paces in and around the jumps.  Next was the retrieve and the handlers then turned around to the sendaway.  This took the form of 170 paces out to a hedge boundary that had a nice big Ash tree to target.  Although on more than one occasion my steward did say, ‘Send your dog towards to the big ash tray.  I mean Ash tree!’  The jumps followed – clear, long and scale.  This section had a bit of a mixed bag of performances; there were some really outstanding and some that were just not there. The jumps took relatively few out, but the sendaway caused a couple of hiccups.

1st Dave Clark with his GSD dog LAKATAMIA TITO, Q WDEx on 189.  Nice nosework although Ash didn’t find it easy at all.  He kept at it and produced a good solid performance.  Bit of mouthing in the square and a juggling exhibition by Dave!  A really nice control round with full mark heelwork.  A creditable sendaway and an overall good quality performance rounded off with full mark jumps giving us a worthy winner.  Ash is full of bounce and enthusiasm which Dave does well to harness positively.  Well done, and good luck with him in the future.

2nd Tom Davis with his Malinois bitch JOTUNHEIM ALMA, Q WDEx on 188. Lovely track with only minor bits here and there, really committed and enthusiastic as you’d expect from Ruby.  She worked so hard in the square, getting all four but accompanied with a bit of chomping.  The enthusiasm of this dog and her attitude are fantastic, she worked on the hottest day and just didn’t let up.  Her C/A was very nice, although she did run past the very bright yellow dumbbell!!  She had a quizzical look on her, thinking "Well, he threw it this way, now where the hell is it?"  And the grass was only 2 inches high! Nice sendaway and good jumps.  Well done, Tom, you have a super rapport with her and she hangs on your every word.  Good luck in the future with her.

3rd Carole Brooke with her Labrador dog TADMARTON DARK REMY, Q WDEx on 187.5.  Super track with both articles and then four from the square - a cracking nosework round from Remy.  This was one of those squares where it all went so nicely – clean pick up and delivered to hand.  He has a super attitude to his work and has such a nice rapport with you, Carole.  The handling was excellent and it was a pleasure to watch this impressive lad work.  Bit of a blip on the sendaway, but he made amends with full mark jumps.  A super team that compliment each other well.  Well done and good luck in the future.

4th Chris Theobald with her Border Collie bitch XANDOA ABBYLON AT TYTRI, Q WDEx on 187.5.  Well it was worth it, wasn’t it Chris??  I know you haven’t had it easy with Abby but what a super dog she is.  Her nosework was out of the top drawer – accurate track with both articles and four from the square, with just a small chomp.  Abby works at a nice steady pace but she really oozes confidence, and obviously knows her job.  Nice tidy C/A,  with just the long jump causing a problem.  Well done, Chris, on your qualification and all the best in the future.

Also qualified WDEx:

Heather Donnelly with her Border Collie dog WOOLRAM LOTHARIO, 185.5.  Sketch put in a typically solid performance – super track with both articles and the way this team worked the square is just as I like to see.  Very polished – clean pick up and delivered to hand with no mouthing at all – very nice to watch.  He has bags of attitude which can spill over into a bit of exuberance!  But he produced the goods on the C/A with full mark jumps and a very nice sendaway.  Well done, Heather – you make a great team.

John Simpson with his Crossbreed dog FAR CANAL FOSTER, 184.  Foster certainly made you work for this one, eh John?!  The track wasn’t at all easy for him, but at no point did he give up.  He’s a tenacious little character and you got round the track but unfortunately missed out a small section, but with four from the square and full mark C/A you have a well deserved qualification.  I am so pleased for you as you deserve it on this performance – well done.

Jenny Hickey with her Border Collie bitch HA’PENNY KELTICMAGIC, 183.  Maddie worked a superb track with both articles, but left two in the square.  However Jenny had the two necessary to qualify and then she pulled out all the stops and dropped just half a mark through the whole C/A.  Excellent handling got the very best from Maddie and a really well deserved WDEx.

Margery Lee with her WSD dog SYN MISCHIEF’S PARTNER, 181.5.  Syn worked well in a very ‘gamey’ field but applied himself well getting both articles.  His C/A was so nice to watch with a cracking sendaway.  A really nice dog with loads of attitude and Margery has to work hard to keep him focussed.  The jumps were – well, easy for him.  He did about 4’ on the clear and must have jumped 12’ on the long!  He’s a super lad, Marge, and I love his attitude and work ethic.  Well done and good luck.

Judith Owen with her Border Collie dog BRENTMOOR JAY, 180.5.  Jay completed a nice track and got four from the square.  He did however unfortunately leave the first article on the track.  A nice dog that is eager to please and works well for Judith.  He loved his control round and, whilst he had a quick tug of war with mum over the dumbbell, he then redeemed himself with a lovely sendaway and full mark jumps.  Well done, Judith – you were rightly pleased with your qualification.  Good luck in the future with him 

Les Theobald with his Border Collie dog TYTRI ROMAN JACK, 180.5.  Jack has done well since he commenced his trials career and he acquitted himself well here.  Tracked at a nice steady pace and always looked well in control, with just minor blips here and there.  Three from the square and then a tidy control round.  His heelwork is like his dad’s!  A pinpoint sendaway and nice jumps gave you a well deserved qualification.  A promising start in trials for this youngster.... and for Jack!  Well done both of you.

Kelly Chapman with her Labrador bitch TARNEDGE POSY, 179.5.  Kai put in a really nice competent performance, with both track articles and three from the square.  A very tidy control round gave Kelly a well deserved qualification.  Kai has such bounce and exudes happiness; she really loves her work.  Well done, Kelly, you’ve got a super partnership and good luck in the future.

Eleanor Mestraud with her GSD bitch WOLFHART CRY HAVOC, 178.  Purdy worked well on the track and got both articles.  She left one in the square, but did bring out a dock leaf with one of the articles – sorry, Purdy, no bonus points!  Nice control round with just odd bits losing marks but full mark jumps.  Well done, Eleanor – Purdy is a real character and has a lovely attitude to both you and her approach to work.

Brenda Nevard with her WSD bitch REDFOR SPIN, 171.  Spin found the tracking a little difficult but stuck to the task.  Although she missed the first track article, four from the square set her up for the C/A.  Lovely heelwork and retrieve and a nice sendaway.  Long jump was the only blip in the agility but a deserved qualification – well done, Brenda.

Quick mention of Sarah Burroughes with ESTA – faultless square and superb track.  Sendaway was right on the button but jumps proved her undoing today.  Keep at it, Sarah, you have the potential to be a formidable team.

Thanks to all competitors for entering and allowing me to judge your rounds, good luck in the future.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: John West, Tom Darby, Pippa Bentham, Gary Martin

Search and Control Steward: Mary Ansell

Thank you to Wessex for the invitation to judge their TD stake.  Thank you to Brian for running the trial, Jan for helping run the base, Jackie and the ladies in the kitchen who keep us well fed all week, and to Barbara who produced the wonderful evening meals (don’t know how you managed it, they were fabulous)

My tracklayers, as you all know, were excellent.  John West did the earlies, followed by Tom Darby, Pippa Bentham and Gary Martin.  Mary Ansell was my search and control steward; it was the first time she had stewarded, and I couldn’t have had anyone better - every search was perfect and in the control all the handlers were given clear and concise instructions.  Thank you, Mary.

The tracking was on grass and the land was excellent, as usual for this trial.  The speak was also done out on the tracking land - some dogs and handlers were thrown by this and the results were very varied.  45 dogs qualified on the nosework section.  With such a lot of qualifiers I tried to do a compact control round; normal pace heelwork to the sendaway point, sendaway 174 yards outrun then redirect either left or right depending on where the dog stopped on the outrun, slow pace to the clear jump, fast pace to the long jump then the scale.

1st Jean Cook, WAGGERLAND TOPIC, CDEx – WDEx, WSD, 210.5, Q.  Congratulations, Jean and Topic.  A very nice track and search followed by an excellent control round.  I feel very proud to have judged and awarded Jean and Topic the Ticket.  Good Luck at Lauder

2nd Glenys Page, BRIGLEN JOSS, CDEx – TDEx, BC, 209.5, Q.  Congratulations, Glenys and Oz, on the Reserve Ticket.  Another very nice track and search - just need to tidy up your heelwork.

3rd Pat Herbert, GLENALPINE MOO, CDEx – TDEx, BC, 207.5, Q.  Well done, Pat and Moo.  Great track, but left an article in the search.  You must be so pleased with your control round; all your hard work has paid off.

4th Andy Baker, SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, BC, 205, Q.  Well done, Andy and Sid, always so consistent.  Your control on Sunday was excellent.

Also Qualified TDEx:


Kevin Hill, VEKKA LADY, CDEx – TDEx, GSD, 204

Pat Williams, SUNSHINE PIP, CDEx – TDEX, X-Breed, 204

Anne Fowler, GLENALPINE MAISEY, CDEx – WDEx, BC, 203


Sue Ashby, THE TITAN, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, 202

Nick Williams, SUNSHINE ANTIC, CDEx – TDEx, BC, 201.5



Yvonne Carpenter, HEX AT CARFELD, CDEx – TDEx, BC, 196

Wendy Beasley, STARDELL LUNAR, CDEx – TDEx, BC, 195

Le Newman, STARDELL LEDA, CDEx – WDEx, BC, 194


Tony Lockyer, LAWINICK COME AND GET IT, CDEx – TDEx, GSD, 193.5

Jill Carruthers, WTCh VOMKYNA DARCA, GSD, 189.5

Andrea Clark, ORLISCWT BOBBIN ALONG, CDEx – WDEx, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, 186

John Phillips, WESTMIDS WANDERER, CDEx – TDEx, GSD, 185

Jeannette Hickson, ROSMARINUS RAINBEAU, CDEx – WDEx, BC, 177

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