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Steward: Jenny Jefferson

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge this stake.  I think Wessex has the reputation of running friendly trials on good ground and this trial was no exception, with a good field and lovely weather included.  Thanks to Jacquie and her team for great refreshments during the day and to Barbara for her excellent evening meal.  Thanks must also go to John West who came down to the field (broken leg and all) and kept us supplied with a steady flow of competitors.  There were 24 entries and 20 ran.  Without exception the competitors were a lovely, friendly bunch who accepted my decisions with grace and good humour.  Finally a very big thank you to Jenny, who gave up two days to steward faultlessly, understood exactly what I wanted and helped put the competitors at ease.

1st Ruth Cahill and VOMKYNA DEIKA, GSD, 92, Q CDEx.  Ruth and the fairly recently acquired Minky were impressive, executing a smart, workmanlike round.  They are a partnership surely destined for the top and I wish them both the very best of luck.

2nd Sue McCrilly and LITTLETHORN ZODIAC, BC, 92, Q CDEx.  On the same marks as the winning team, which proves their worth, but I decided to give first place to the dog with the higher nosework mark (only half a mark, so not much in it!).  Sue and Womble were a competent team and were one of the few to get full marks for the jumps.  Well done!

3rd Tom Davis and JOTUNHEIM ALMA, Mal. 89.5, Q CDEx.  Ruby is a high-powered work machine, capably handled by Tom, who harnesses her enthusiasm without losing her attitude. Very smart work which would have challenged the first two had she not got something against sitting today.  Just a blip I am sure!

4th Sue Yarrow and ZAKANJA ALCAZAM, GSD, 83, Q CDEx.  Missing an article proved expensive but the rest of the exercises were of a high standard and this team was a pleasure to judge.  Good luck in the future!

Won run off from

5th Lee Kane and VOMSMITHARD AKINO,  Rott, 83, Q CDEx.  Kino struggled a bit with the heat but tried so hard for Lee.  He is a nice honest dog with a good attitude to his work.  Well done!

6th Barbara Griffith and TOPPER OF EASTWAYS, WSD, 82.5, Q CDEX.  Barbara and Topper work well together.  All the exercises were well executed apart from, I am sure, an uncharacteristic loss of sendaway today.

7th CC Westmids Police and LIMASMYTHE ENNYA, GSD, 76.5, Q CD.  Handled by Paul Thornton.  Paul and Quest are a good team who should progress well.  No sit stay or long jump cost him the Ex but well done for the CD.




Tracklayers: Ann Clarke and Chris Theobold.

Steward: Mary Hansell

My thanks to Wessex for the invitation to judge this stake at their summer trial; good weather, good company, not much travelling and food to die for - what more could a judge require?

Thanks to Jackie, Margery, Mary and Irene in the kitchen for keeping us well supplied with food and drinks for what was, in truth, not very long days in the fields, and to Barbara who runs a brilliant meals on wheels service for all the judges and helpers on every evening of every Trial from her home in Chard to the village hall at Upottery, and produces brilliant meals every time.

Thank you also to my two tracklayers, Ann and Chris, for a sterling job in very difficult walking conditions, and to Mary for laying all the squares and then scribing for me in the C/A rounds

The grass was very long, as is quite usual for Upottery at this time of year, and I set my test accordingly, with all of the dogs getting around the track and getting at least one article.  Only one dog failed to retrieve enough articles from the square, with the majority getting three.

The sendaway was by far the best exercise in the C/A with most dogs getting full marks!  Generally the heelwork left a bit to be desired, but the worst section was the agility, with only two dogs getting twenty marks and the majority of the failures to qualify coming from this section.

Is the current attitude to the agility section coming from the fact that we have forgotten how to train it, or is all the controversy causing our failure to train it properly??

1st Maurice Millington with GLENALPINE JUD. 189, Q.  Nosework 141, C/A 30/18. Congratulations, Maurice; heelwork needs a little attention for me, otherwise a nice round.

2nd Maureen Regan with WILLOWMEG FRATEAS AT KIRLIZEGAN, 189, Q. 135, 34/20.  Well done, equal best control round and full jumps.  Oh for that fourth article. 

3rd Gary Martin with MAGIC DARK SHADOW, 188.5, Q.  139, 31/18.5.  Just bits and pieces to tighten up.

4th Emma Baker with JESSZACKS RICOCHET RIK, 187.5, Q.  133.5, 34/20.  Well handled.

Also qualified UDEx:


All the above teams should go on to the higher stakes with confidence.  Good luck for the future.




Tracklayers: Val Upton (3 days), Ann Clarke (4 days), Ruth Cahill (4 days) and Gary Martin (1 day)

Steward: Chris Theobald

I would like to thank the committee of the society for the invitation to judge at the trial.  Many thanks to Brian Riste, assisted by John West, for a well run trial and Barbara for all her work behind the scenes, especially the meals in the evenings (how does she do it?).  A big thank you to all the ladies (I’m sorry I don’t know all your names) for all their work in the kitchen keeping us supplied with food whenever we wanted it.  What a wonderful friendly trial this is, I will certainly be back to compete.

Thanks to my experienced team of tracklayers and of course my wife, Chris, who were all great company.  We were very lucky with the weather with very little wind or rain and although most days were very hot, it did not seem to affect the dogs. 

Tracking was on lush, and, in some fields long, grass and we saw some excellent tracking, with only 5 failures on the nosework.

43 dogs entered with 33 actually running.

1st FOSVEK BROTHER LOUIE, Terv, handled by Sue Hay, 197, Q.  Track 90, Articles 20, Search 33.   A perfect track, the dog did not leave the track and the handler did not stop, then lost just one mark on the retrieve - what a round!!  Well done, a pleasure to watch and judge.

2nd WAGGERLAND TOPIC, WSD, handled by Jean Cooke, 196, Q.  88, 20, 35 and losing just 2 marks on the Sendaway.  Jean is back and coming through the stakes with a very nice dog.  Well done

3rd MARINA BEN’S PAL, Cross, handled by Mike Williams, 194.5, Q.  88, 20, 35.  Another experienced handler getting the best out of their dog, full mark agility and just losing the odd marks on heelwork and retrieve.

4th TRIPLE CHAOS, WSD, handled by Tom Darby, 192, Q.  88, 20, 35  (all 4 out of the square in 1min 11secs).  How nice to see somebody who has put so much into trials for many years tracklaying now handling a lovely dog so well; he has obviously learnt so much from all our mistakes while he has been watching us.

Also qualifying WDEx:

WISCOMBE JAZZ, Lab, handled by Keith Rowley, 188.5

VEREKER NUN NICER, Hung Vizsla, handled by M Tarvit, 186

ASK ME NICELY, GSD, handled by S Martin, 185

SPECIAL GIFT, Weim, handled by Nathan Wilson, 183

TAZ OF HOLLOWGATE, WSD, handled by Janette Sayer, 183

POLIGINA GLADYS GLADSTONE, Lab, handled by Polly Thomas, 181

ST PETES JETTA, Lab,  handled by Pat Golding, 177.5

GLENALPINE ARCHIE, BC, handled by Jean Howells, 174.5

GLENALPINE DANNY, BC, handled by  Sue Russell, 167.5

LAWINICK STILL OF THE NIGHT, GSD, handled by Gary Haim, 165

BEKKIS THE PATHFINDER, BC, handled by J Jefferson, 162

MR MICKEY MARVEL TO SZIKRAS, WSD, handled by Angela Sanders, 160.5

Qualifying WD:

RAVEN HILL RORY, Cross, handled by L Johnston, 159.5

Once again many thanks to the society for an enjoyable week. 

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