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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 04 July 2010


Our entries this year were up on previous years, which was very encouraging in the current economic climate.  They were:- TD 66, WD 28, UD 31, CD 31 and Veteran 13.  This was the first time that we have run a Veteran stake, which was very much enjoyed by all who entered.  The weather throughout the trial was a mixture of very hot and humid conditions followed by strong winds, but fortunately it stayed mostly dry.

Our Judges this year were John West, Jill Carruthers, Ruth Cahill, Paul Cousins and Jo Magness, for TD, WD, UD, CD and Veteran respectively.  My thanks to them all for giving their time and expertise.  Tracking was as usual on very well grown grass which led to fifty nine overall qualifiers in the three tracking stakes.  I would like to say a huge thank you to all the farmers for the use of their fields, especially Malcolm and Jenny Lawrence for allowing competitors to park in the Control fields.  Many thanks to all the tracklayers, search and control stewards - you all did fantastic jobs.  I will leave it to the judges to name their individual teams.  Thanks also to everyone who helped in many different ways to make the trial run smoothly.  Special thanks to Lindsey for compiling and printing the catalogues and to Margery for producing the certificates and electronic scoreboards, ably assisted by Mary Hansell.  To the ladies in the kitchen for supplying us all with food and drinks throughout the week, headed by Jacqui and assisted by Margery Irene Mary and Lynn - my thanks to you all.  Thanks also to Barbara for supplying the evening meals for Judges and helpers and of course the Saturday night Buffet which was enjoyed by about 65 revelers.

On behalf of Wessex I would like to thank Margery for organising the Tombola Table, which we ran in support of  Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  To all who supported the event, by donating prizes and for purchasing tickets on the day, we thank you.  As I mentioned at the trial we raised in excess of £200 which was a fantastic result.  Finally I would like to congratulate everyone who qualified and wish you every success at future trials.  To those of you who did not quite make it this time, better luck next time out.

I will end by congratulating Susanne Jaffa on winning the TD. Ticket and by wishing her well at the KCC’s.




Stewards: Pippa Bentham, Friday; Marney Wells, Saturday

Many thanks to Brian Riste and the Wessex Committee for inviting me to judge the CD stake.  As usual at Wessex the food was excellent. Thanks to Jacquie West and her team for the lunch boxes and the egg and bacon sandwich for breakfast and Barbara Riste for the evening meals.

Thanks to Pippa and Marney who did an excellent job laying the squares. They were both very good company and kept things moving very efficiently, as a result of which the days seemed to just fly by.

The weather over the two days was sunny and warm with only the occasional cloud.  There were 30 entries of which 23 competed over the 2 days.

We started each group of competitors with the retrieve followed by the search square.  All the dogs worked the search square with ease, retrieving all 3 articles (half a round beer mat, a square of rubber and a piece of breathable ground sheet).  The quickest was 34 seconds, a real joy to watch.  Although the grass was short it was nice to see the majority of dogs clearly using their noses to find the articles.  Two dogs fouled the square - handlers must make sure they exercise their dogs fully before working in order to avoid losing valuable points.

We then went on to do the two minute sit stay which was undertaken in groups of six or seven. This still remains a difficult exercise for many dogs; my heart sank on the Saturday morning when six of the seven dogs broke their sit stay.  We then moved on to Control and Agility exercises, starting with the recall; most of the dogs did this exercise very well.  This was followed by heelwork on lead, the sendaway, which was 60 yards to two crossed poles in the middle of the field, and lastly heelwork off the lead.  The majority of dogs qualified the agility section, although the scale proved a bit of a problem for some.  The last exercise was the group down stay; this was also a problem for a few dogs.

There were some lovely dogs competing over the two days, some of which were ready for CDEx, and a couple who were competing for the first time and lacked experience.  To those new to the sport who did not qualify, do not be too disappointed - I am sure your day will come.  Congratulations to the ten that qualified and better luck next time for those who didn’t make it:

1st Glenys Page and LITTLETHORN MORGAN, BC, Q, 98.  What can you say about this team?  Only dropping 2 points is quite an achievement.  They were a real pleasure to watch.  If the tracking is as good as the square and the C/A they will go far.  Worthy winners.

2nd Mark Herrits and DODGIN MASTER MARKAT, NovEx, WSD, Q, 96.5.  Another very good performance and a joy to watch.  I could tell that this team had an obedience background.  Another team that will go far.

3rd Jenny Hickey and HA’PENNY KELTICMAGIC, BC, Q, 92.  A solid performance.  A few small errors plus a second attempt on the clear jump cost marks but they qualified well.

4th Sarah Moore and KIZZIE WIZZIE OF MOORELANDS, Crossbreed, Q, 91.5.  Another solid performance, with a number of small errors adding up.  The heelwork needs a bit of tightening up to avoid dropping marks in the future.

Also qualified:

Sue Russell and GLENALPINE DANNY, BC, 91

Barrie James and CORRIEDHU CESAN, BC, 89.5

Linda Johnston and RAVEN HILL RORY, CDEx, Crossbreed, 88.5

Tony Orchard and TADMARTON DUBONET, Labrador, 86

Sasha Holden and SILENROK XEVEN VIKA, Bouvier des Flandres, 81

Jean Howells and GLENALPINE ARCHIE, BC, 80




Tracklayers: Ann Clarke & Sue Ashby

Square Steward: Liz Hickman (1 day) Jan Darby (2 days)

C/A Steward: Gill Lawrence

Thanks to Wessex for the invitation.  I love judging at Wessex - I get to stay in Lindsey’s beautiful house, eat gorgeous food (thanks to all the ladies concerned!) and I always know that Brian and his team will run a terrific trial. 

The squares were well laid (thanks to Liz and Jan) and well done - no dogs failed the square.  My C/A steward, Gill, was clear and consistent for all 3 days; I’m sure the competitors appreciated you as much as I did.  My tracklayers both have years of experience and I knew there would be no real problems.  Thank you all for your time and your good company.

There was a very high standard in this stake, with lots of experienced handlers setting out with young dogs and I very much enjoyed watching them.  I would advise beginner or novice handlers that, rather than paying money to go on fancy courses, they would learn more if they offered to square steward or escort at a Trial, and then studied the superb handling being done "live" in the field.  I would strongly tip both Topic and Frankie for future honours together with some others here - it was lovely to see them at the start of their careers. 

Tracking was on good grass and the S/A was 90 yards to the hedge, and it was generally very well done.

1st Jean Cooke, WAGGERLAND TOPIC, CDEx, WSD, D, 192.5.  Steady tracker who did some lovely corners.  Very quiet heelwork and full mark jumps clinched the first place!  I’m sure Topic is destined for the top!

2nd Margaret Robinson, JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, CDEx, WSD, D, 190.5.  Only dropped 1 mark on the track and 0.5 on the square.  Very sensitively handled.  Frankie failed the clear jump twice today but is obviously a future star.

3rd Rita Banfather, NICOLEE TRUE GRIT OF BANNERSWAY, CDEx, GSD, D, 188.75.  Holds his articles and dumbbell beautifully!  Slight hiccup on the scale but overall good work.

4th Jeff Poole, FIRCROFT CASHEL, CDEx, GSD, 186.75.  Stylish tracker - oh for another square article.  Full mark H/W and retrieve.  Very promising work.

Also qualifying:

J. Hickey, Ch & Int Ch HA’PENNY KINGFISHER, BC, D, 186.  Full mark jumps.

L. Poole, VOMKYNA DIAZ, GSD, B, 186.  Very good track (88.5) especially when you consider the dogs in the same field in the next 2 days were fatally distracted by game scents.

P. Golding, ST PETES JETTA, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, D, 185.5.  Full mark retrieve and S/a.

K. Coleman, SHERINGHAM MAC, CDEx, BC, D, 183.5.  Nice work - shame about the end article.

J. Reynolds, STONECROSS TOMMY, WSD, D, 179.75.  Full mark square.

Le Newman, STARDELL LEDA, CDEx, BC, D, 178.  First article would have made a big difference but under the circumstances this was a very good result for Jonty.

G. Haim, LAWINICK STILL OF THE NIGHT, CDEx, GSD, D, 177.5.  And full mark jumps!  Lovely.

P. Adams, SHERINGHAM GLYNN, CDEx, BC, D, 177.  Paul stood on last article but still didn’t find it!

M. Loughran, GARRETHALL QUADRILLE, Lab, B, 172.  Kept us on our toes but well done!

J. Owens-Poole, FIRCROFT BELISIMA, PWD , B, 169.5.  Not an easy dog to work.  Well done.

D. Bell, DREAGANTA FINN, CDEx, BC, D, 168.5.  Good C/A pulled you through.




Tracklayers: Melvin and Mary Drewitt, Monday; Sue Ashby, Ann Clarke and Tony Lockyer Tuesday and Wednesday.

Search Steward: Jan Darby

C/A steward: Maureen Regan

I would like to thank Wessex Working Trial Club for the invitation to judge WD at their Championship trial, also Brian Riste as Trials Manager - you certainly have a fantastic team of helpers at your trial - and thanks to Barbara for making beautiful evening meals for us all.  Thank you to Jacquie, Margery and the ladies in the kitchen keeping us very well fed throughout the day with beautiful goodies!  Many thanks to Lindsey for the fabulous accommodation for me and the dogs, as ever nothing is a problem!

Thanks to Mary, Melvin, Pippa, Sue, Ann and Tony for laying tracks, giving the competitors a good chance to get around the track, but unfortunately the conditions were tough for some dogs.  The weather was very hot and sunny most of the time - we did have a bit of rain on Tuesday morning, but then it became extremely humid.  Jan is a brilliant search steward and should by now be a professional; she laid the searches in her usual efficient way, and every dog was successful, most recovering 4 articles.  Our C/A steward, Maureen, acted in a calm and reassuring manner, giving each competitor the best opportunity to "enjoy" working their dogs.

1st VEKKA LADY, GSD, with Kevin Hill, 190.  A good all round performance; the marks were rather tight at the top.  Congratulations

2nd BEINHARD YASKO, GSD, with Andrea Clarke, 189.  Copper is very laid back but gets on with the job in hand and very successfully on this performance.  Congratulations.

3rd ROSMARINUS RAINBEAU, BC, with Janette Hickson, 189.  Roy was on equal marks with Copper, and the positions were decided on the higher nosework mark (before I knew who was involved).  I know you were delighted with his work and qualification Janette - congratulations to you both.

4th KAI JUMPING JACK, WSD, with Ron Davies, 182.5.  Kai certainly landed on his paws when you rescued him, Ron. Congratulations on a lovely partnership you both enjoy.

Also Qualifying WDEx:

5th LAWINICK SLOW N EASY, GSD, with Adrian Quick, 179.5

6th TRI ONE JETRIL, WSD, with Ian Brown, 174

7th KALIYON CAOIBHE, BC, with Miriam Lyons, 173.5

8th THE GOODWIT, X, with Marie Dixon, 171

9th WESTMIDS WANDERER, GSD, with John Phillips, 165.5

Qualifying WD:

10th WAGGERLAND TOCKEE, with Sheila Williams, 158.5

Thank you to the competitors for entering; we were privileged to see some lovely working dogs enjoying our special sport. Even if you weren’t successful at this trial you still took home the BEST dog.




Tracklayers: John West, Tom Darby and Lindsey Poole

Square Stewards: Mary Hansell and Jan Darby

Control Steward: Lindsey Poole

It was an absolute pleasure to accept this appointment, offered to me at one of our Wessex meetings, as I know the set up, the people who do all the organising, the ground and all the helpers in the fore and background, plus it is always a honour to be recognised by the club you have helped for a number of years.

The catering this year was at its usual high standard, with my wife Jacquie at the helm, with a number of people popping in on different days, Irene Nichols, Marge Lee, Mary Fellows and Lynne Cousins - a big thank you to you all.  All those who have judged at Wessex know that Barbara Riste caters all the evening meals, and this year was excellent as usual, but for the Saturday Buffet, catering for such high numbers was Excellent - you did me and Wessex proud.

The real skill in trials lays with the tracklayers and square stewards; judging is just an opinion which we all can do, however to be able to lay accurate tracks and squares is where the real skill lies, to this end I must give the biggest Thank You to Tom Darby and Lindsey Poole (oh and myself!) as all the tracks were laid to the inch as I requested.  Mary Hansel was new to laying squares, but after the first couple I was confident that every one all week was going to be the same, and laid at the same time - thank you to Mary and to the experienced Jan Darby, who stepped in for Mary for one day.

As the ground at Wessex was its usual overgrown grass, I thought that most dogs would cope with the tracks, so by placing the first article of a two foot long cane with only the hand grip showing would be awkward for the handler; to this end Tom Darby and myself had heart attacks when some young ladies exclaimed "What do I do with that?" and then tried what we were thinking.  The square was the biggest problem; although Mary made sure that the footprint that the articles were in was flat, the days that were very hot and no wind were the worst.  This was the type of day for the Ticket winner - the only help was that the 10am track it hadn’t quite cooked us all.

Although a standard must be reached on the control round, I don’t feel that it should be the making or breaking of a Ticket, but like all control rounds it also took a couple of qualifications.  Seeing what some of the dogs did, I’m sure you will all be back with a different result next time

1st Susanne Jaffa and ObCh AMBERSLADE BUCKANEER, Australian Shepherd Dog, 215.5.       What can one say about this team.  If you want to be the best you have to beat the best.  Good luck at the KCC’s.

2nd Patty Herbert and GLENALPINE MOO, Border Collie, 214.5.  With only one point in it and the first time in Ticket you could beat the best.

3rd Judith Owens Poole and FIRCROFT DALWINNIE, Border Collie, 214.  After run off with fourth.  It’s great to see you back with the top runners.

4th Tony Lockyer WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, Working Sheep Dog, 214.  With excellent nosework the champions will always be in the running or winning.

Also qualified TDEx:


Gill Lawrence and BEKKIS DULCIMER, BC, 204.5

Nick Williams and SUNSHINE ANTIC, BC, 201

Pat Williams and SUNSHINE PIP, Crossbred, 201

Judy Meekings and STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, Lab, 200.5

Glenys Page and BRIGLEN JOSS, BC, 197


Gary Martin and WTCh TYTRI ROY, BC, 195.5

Barbara Riste and GEMWELL STORM DRAGON, Gordon Setter, 191.5

Sheila Tannert and STYPERSON CLEO, Lab, 191.5

Janet Parker and NEDLO TOP OF THE POPS, BC, 191

Heather Cook and THAMESPOL ISSIE, GSD, 190.5

Lauren Marlow and JOTUNHEIM KID, Mallinois, 190.5

Caroline  Martin and BINTIBN ARDESSIE, BC, 190.5

Sheila Tannert and STYPERSON EBONY, Lab, 190.5

Liz Hickman and WOLFHART TOUCH OF GOLD, GSD, 190

Sue Jones and DURSTONE MELODY, WSD, 190

Mary Drewitt and LAWINICK RIOJA, GSD, 189.5


J Raymond and CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, BC, 188.5


Gill Lawrence and BEKKIS BEKWAY MERRIDOWN, BC, 187.5


Sue Ashby and THE TITAN, BC, 186

Dave Marchant and WTCH WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, 185.5

Irene Nicholls and GUNULT CHA CHA, Weimaraner, 185.5

Wendy Donalson and SHEPALIAN PILLOW TALK, Australian Shepherd, 182

Barry Gilbert and IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR, Std Poodle, 182

Hilary Mercer and STARDELL INDI, BC, 174




Tracklayers: Alan Lee and Adrian Quick

Square Steward: Kevin Hill

Many thanks to Wessex for inviting me to judge my and their first Veteran Stake.  It was a pleasure and a privilege to judge these mature dogs.  Thanks to everyone who helps out and makes this trial such a good one.  Special thanks to Kevin, Alan, Adrian and Mo (Official Photographer) for doing as I asked and keeping me amused throughout the day.

There were four articles on the track, the last one being a dog treat, in case they needed to boost their energy levels, and five articles in the square.  The dogs ranged in ages from youthful eight year olds to an extremely spritely fifteen year old Molly. They all seemed to enjoy coming out to work again.

1st Susanne Jaffa’s WTCh ACCRA EAZEL BOB, CDEx – PDEx, ASD, well handled by Tracy Coutts.  Congratulations on winning.

2nd Judy Meekings, WITHYLINCH MURR AT WINDLEBROOK, CDEx – TDEx, Lab.  Megan did a lovely track, and we could hear Judy thinking, "There’s going to be a cross track in a moment."  Well done.

3rd Jenny Jefferson, BEKKIS VIRTUOSO, CDEx – TDEx, BC.  Slight blip on the first cross over but recovered well and found all track and search articles.

4th Pat Williams, SUNSHINE JED, CDEx – TDEx, Lab.  Best track mark just ran out of some steam in the square.

Thanks again to all the handlers and their dogs for allowing me to watch you work.

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