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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 06 July 2008

Trials Manager  Report

I would like to start my report by thanking the farmers for the use of their land and in particular Malcolm and Jenny Lawrence for allowing us the use of one of their fields as the car park on Sunday. Tracking was as usual on well grown grass which led to many excellent nose work marks in all stakes. The weather was fairly kind to us except for Saturday when we had strong winds and heavy rain for most of the day.

Our judges this year were Paula Harvey TD. Martine Taylor WD. Jane Gray UD. And Jo Magness CD. Respectively. My thanks to you all for giving your time and expertise. I will leave it to them to name their individual teams but collectively many thanks to all the tracklayers and stewards you did a great job. Many thanks again to everyone who helped in many different ways to make the trial run smoothly and making my job the easy one. A special thank you to Lindsey for not only laying the early morning TD. Tracks but also for writing certificates and doing the catalogues and schedules. On behalf of everyone who attended I  would like to thank Margery and her team of ladies in the kitchen for keeping us supplied with plentiful amounts of food and drinks all week. To Barbara once again many thanks for providing the evening meals for the judges and helpers and also for the excellent Buffet on Saturday night. Finally I would like to thank the competitors for your patience and understanding of the parking situation at the base your co operation was much appreciated. Congratulations to Miriam Lyons on winning the TD. Ticket  and good luck at the KCCs. Also well done to everyone who qualified and good luck at future trials. To those who did not quite make it, better luck next time. I look forward to welcoming many of you here again in October for the KCCs.

Brian Riste


Stake: CD


Steward:  Adrian Quick

General Assistants and Escorts:  Liz Hickman and John Hinds

My thanks to all at Wessex for the invitation to judge at this superb venue.  Sorry we did not stay to socialise in the evening, but Adrian was suffering from man flu and struggled to keep going throughout the two days.  This is normally a very hot and sunny time of year, however, although the Friday was pleasant the Saturday just got windier and wetter as the day progressed, and my heart went out to the few brave souls who worked their dogs in these conditions.  Thanks to Adrian, Liz, John and all in base and the kitchen for your help and keeping us fed and watered.

My competitors were the usual mixture of first timers and some old hands; some dogs were ready and some were not, but you were all a pleasure to watch and I hope you enjoyed yourselves and your dogs as much as I did.  Of the thirty dogs that worked ten qualified - congratulations to you all, especially the Hovawart who worked in the worst conditions (and he is a black and tan).

1st Ruth Kuszek, SOUTHLEIGH TORNADO KING, SBT, D, 96, Q.  Well deserved win.  Could have picked this one up and taken him home.  Good attitude and well handled.

2nd Angela Higgins, LAETARE SWEET CHARLOT, BC, B, 94.5, Q.  This one proved that you do not have to hold your hernia to achieve perfect marks in the control section.  Well done.

3rd Gill Lawrence, BEKKIS BEKWEY MERRIDOWN, BC, D, 91, Q.  A young dog with obvious ability.  Well done.

4th Shelia Williams, WAGGERLAND TOCKEE, WSD, D, 89, Q.  Well done Shelia.  Nice all around performance.   

Also Qualified CDEx:

Ann Bracegirdle, LOWERBIRCH BRAY, Border Terrier, D, 88

Jackie Down, BANCHEES JOY, Crossbreed, D, 86.5

Elaine Betts, PINES PENNY WHISTLE, Hovawart, B, 86

Sarah McDowell, PERFECT ZAK, WSD, D, 85

Qualified CD:


Jinette Davies, ANNACOURT LUTHER, GSD, D, 76.5


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Pippa Bentham and Paul Cousins

Steward: Jean Howells

Many thanks to Wessex committee for my invitation to judge.  I always enjoy coming to Devon, and always have a good time.

My thanks to Brian Riste for all his hard work, and to all his helpers, especially the Kitchen staff, and of course Barbara for the wonderful meals each evening.  Puts a whole new meaning on ‘meals on wheels’!!

My tracklayers, both days, Friday and Saturday, Pippa Bentham and Paul Cousins, both laid excellent tracks, even in horizontal rain on Saturday.  The proof was that we had no problems, and everyone but 2 got round the tracks.

My search steward, Jean Howells, did an excellent job; again only a couple of dogs got 3, all the rest got 4.  Jean also stewarded in the control for me - that kept her fit!!

To the escorts and all other helpers, a BIG thank you; without you, we would not have trials.  Wessex certainly seems to be growing and has lots of new people helping and competing, which is great.  Well Done.

I was very impressed with the overall standard, it was very high, excellent in fact. As usual I set my heelwork pattern to get the dogs warm for the jumps, (hence Jean getting fit!), also heelwork between the jumps, to keep dogs under control, and hopefully stop any panic. It worked, and the control was very good.

1st June Raymond and CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, CDEx, BC, Q, 198.  Excellent track and Square, losing 2, C/A, 35/20. Very controlled round, well worked.  Well done and good luck.

2nd Andy Baker and SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, CDEx, BC, Q, 197. Another excellent track and search, also losing 2.  C/A, 34/20.  Andy worked this dog quietly and confidently – a pleasure to watch.  Well done.

3rd Bert Maynard and LAKATAMIA NOMI, CDEx, GSD, Q, 196.5.  Bert and Rio worked in gale force wind and rain, brilliant track, full marks, I could not fault them; Rio just steadily worked her way round, while we were huddled in a hedge!!! C/A, 33.5/18. Well done.

4th Stephanie McBride and SMALE CALYPSO, Lab, Q, 192.5. Another good track, very positive little lab. Lost 1. C/A, 33.5/15. 

This team tied with

Len Newman and SALLY BELL, CDEx, WSD, Q, 192.5. Again, an excellent track, losing 1 on track and 1 on square. C/A, 34/15.  Well done to both of you.

Also qualifying UDex:

Anne Bracegirdle and LOWERBIRCH BRAY, Border Terrier, 192.  Very happy little dog, good track and square, 141; C/A, 32/19.

Barry Gilbert and IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR, CDEx, Standard Poodle, 190.  On my notes I’ve put ‘Slow but steady", not sure if that was Barry or Freddie! C/A, 33/20. It is nice to see different breeds.  Good luck with him, Barry.

Clive Griffiths and WAGGERLAND CHILE, WSD, 186.  Another good track, 135; C/A, 33.5/17.5

Lisa Coull and CALLSAE SCARCITY, CDEx, Weim, Q, 184.5.  This pair worked in gale force winds and rain, 13; C/A, 28.5/18.

Ruth Kuszek and SOUTHLEIGH TORNADO KING, CDEx, UDEx. Staff Bull Terrier, 174.  Good track, but only 2 from square, 123; C/A, 32/19.

Dot Boland and CONCENN XCALIBUR. GSD, 175.  I’ve put "positive dog, handler needs convincing!" Just as well it was a Shepherd; she had to be dragged round!!  130; C/A, 31/14.

Hallie Woodcock and COTSDEAN NELL, BC, 175.  Lovely track 128; C/A, 32/15.

Well done, and keep up the high standard.


Stake: TD


Search /Control Steward:  Jean Cooke

Track Layers: Lindsey Poole, Barry Harvey and Ann Clarke

I would like to thank Wessex for the invitation to judge their TD ticket and for making me so welcome.  The club has a wonderful team of willing helpers, including new faces as well as old ones, overseen by Brian, who runs such a good trial with the support of Barbara, who fed us every evening with a wonderful menu, and Majorie Lee in the kitchen during the day with her band of helpers - thank you all very much for looking after me. 

Jean stewarded for me for the 7 days, keeping me in order and making sure we were on time.  Thank you, Jean, for helping me on Saturday evening in the wind and rain to try and work out a control round for Sunday!  My tracklayers were brilliant and laid my track just as I wanted it.  Thank you all.

Wessex tracking land was very lush grass which had grown several inches by the end of the week.  My articles were big at the beginning of the week!  Weather was showers and quite strong winds for the first 5 days and on the sixth it was gales and rain for most of the day. Dogs really struggled and ran out of time.  Two dogs got round and their handlers should be very proud of them - Annie Thorpe’s Izzie and Paul Beasley’s Leo.

Control day dawned still blowing a gale and raining, but by the time we started the wind had dropped and eventually the rain eased so we ended up having quite a good day.

Well done to everyone who qualified and thank you to everyone who entered.

1st Winning the Working Trials Certificate: Miriam Lyons, TAMERRYE MARANELLO, CDEx–TDEx, BC, B, 201.5. Well done, Abbey, you really worked well this weekend, tracking in high winds and then doing a very nice control round.

2nd Winning the Reserve Ticket after a run off: Anne Thorpe, WTCh GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN, CDEx–TDEx, BC, B, 199.5.  Izzie was brilliant, Anne, just a shame about the hurdle, but I know you were pleased.

3rd Jane Webb, INSTINCTIVELY PIPPA, CDEx–TDEx, WSD, B, 199.5.  Well done, Jane, it will all come together soon.

4th Sheila Tannert, WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, Lab, B, 198

Also qualifying TDex:

Margaret Robinson, WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENT VALLEY, 196.5

Glenys Page, WTCh BRIGLEN NUTMEG, 196

Pat Parkinson, CARISHILL HYACINTH, 193.5

Jefferson/Hornsby, BEKKIS VIRTUOSO, 193, handled by Jenny Jefferson

Pat Middleton-Smith, SLIEVE CLINKER, 186.5


Nicky Prescott, DUNNSLAYNE DASHA, 184

Majorie Lee, LOKI MISCHIEF MAKER, 180.5



Qualifying TD:

Jenny Holt, HULLATER BROCK, 170

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