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Trial Held: 25 November 2007

Trials Managers Report

The weather was fairly kind to us this year with a mixture of sun, frost, wind but only a little rain. Our entries were very good with 37 TD, 25 UD and 10 CD. The judges were Vana Moody, TD; Barbara Riste, UD; and Jonathon Hinds, CD. I would like to thank you all for giving your time and expertise. I will leave the judges to thank their teams by name, but I thank all the track layers and stewards collectively - you all did a great job. To everyone who helped in many different ways, escorts, jump transporters, poo bin attendant, gofers etc, I thank you one and all.

I really must give a vote of thanks to our farmers for once again allowing us the use of their land; we are always indebted to their generosity and consideration. To the ladies in the kitchen - the mainstay was again as usual Jacqui West ably assisted by Margery Lee, Mary Fellows and Lynne Cousins, with help from Liz, Barbara and other club members when required. Many thanks to Lindsey and Maureen for scoreboards, catalogues and pre trial paperwork. Finally I would like to say “Well done” to all who qualified, and to wish you good luck at future trials. To those who did not quite make it this time, better luck at your next trial. I will look forward to seeing many of you at our Championship Trial next July or the Kennel Club Championships in October.

Brian Riste


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Maureen Regan, two days, John Hinds, three days and Paul Cousins, three days.

Steward, Search and C/A: Robin Palmer all days.

I would like to thank Wessex Working Trials Club for the invitation to judge at their November trial, a very well run and happy trial, this being due to the friendly band of helpers. Thank you to Jacqui and Margery in the kitchen for looking after us so well - the food boxes were excellent. To my tracklayers - a very big vote of thanks; you all did a great job. The success rate was down to the precision of the track laying - only one dog failed to complete the track. You were also great company, thank you again. Thank you also to Robin for being my steward.

The weather was cold and windy but mostly dry. Tracking was on lush grass of nice length.

1st     Val Thompson, CONCENN YAUTIA, GSD. A very good all round performance, worked well throughout. Very well done, Val. 194.5, Q.

2nd   Ann Clarke, STYPERSON QUINCEY, Labrador. An experienced handler who brought out the best in her dog, another very good all round performance. Well done, Ann. 193.5, Q.

3rd   Ruth Cahill, VOMKYNA BORUSS, GSD. Another experienced handler bringing out the best in her dog - I was very impressed with the re-direct. Very well done, Ruth. 190.5, Q.

4th    Rosemary Elliot, WINDMILLS MISTER SOFTEE, WSD. Worked well in all aspects. Very well done, Rosemary. 190.5, Q.

Also Qualified.

Juliet Ward, WOLFHART WHAT A CRACKER, GSD, 190.5. Shame you didn’t have your dog with you on Sunday for the run off for fourth place. Worked well throughout. Well done, Juliet.


S. Martin, INUHAUS GOLLAM, GSD, 188.5.

Robert Willatts, GOWRAN INDIGO EXTRA, Flatcoat Retriever, 188.5

Ann Bracegirdle, LOWER BIRCH BRAY, Border Terrier 187.

J. Allen, VANGRAF LAW, GSD, 186.5.

G. Lawrence, BEKKIS DULCIMER, BC, 181.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Tony Lockyer, Lindsey Poole, Ann Clarke

Steward: Jean Cooke – squares and C/A

Thank you to Wessex for asking me to judge at one of my favourite trials; it has such a happy, friendly atmosphere. Thanks also to Marjorie and Alan Lee, Jackie West, Lynne Cousins and Liz Hickman (who also escorted), who did their usual scrumptious kitchen, although Mary Fellows’ bread pudding made the n/w

team argue who had the biggest chunk. Thank you, ladies. Thank you to Brian (Trials Manager Ex) and Barbara for my accommodation.

Thanks to Jean for putting competitors at ease, giving the same clear instructions to everyone, although not all 'listened'. Thank you, Tony, Lindsey and Ann for laying all the tracks beautifully, and to you all for being such good company.

The weather started dry but wet underfoot, which some dogs did not cope with; it dried out as the week progressed, varying from damp, windy, cold and freezing, which seemed to affect the tracking. Maybe some dogs were not quite ready for TD, but I’m sure it won't be long once you work on the weaker exercises.

1st     Sue Redshaw with TRAVIS. Lab, 210.5, Q. 95+30+33, N/W; 32+20, C/A. Well done, excellent round.

Smart work.

2nd   Moira Rogerson with TWIST, WSD, 208.5, Q. 97+30+34, N/W; 33.5+14, C/A. No long jump cost 1st place. Lovely round to watch – well done. Good luck in ticket.

3rd   Marjorie Lee with LOKI, WSD, 206, Q. 96+30+30, N/W; 30+ 20, C/A. Worked last on the first day and made it look easy. Heelwork is being 'worked on’ now. Super work, well done.

4th    Moira Rogerson with HEBE, BC, 202.5, Q. 97+30+26, N/W; 30.5+19, C/A. Not a bad day’s work! As ever, a pleasure to watch. Well done.

Also qualifying:

Nikki Prescott with DASH, WSD, 201, Q.   Well done.

Gary Haim with FLYNN, WSD, 193, Q.   Your nerves held out. Well done.

Colin Harrison with TED, WSD, 189.5, Q. Congratulations.

Jane Webb with PIPPA, WSD, 188.5, Q.   Well done.

Hilary Morris with PEPE, Goldie, 185.5, Q. Well done.

Stan Banks working Alan Bolton's GSD, SHADOW, 182.5, Q. Had us on the edge with the square - got the second article with seconds to spare - whew!   Well done.

Thank you all for the privilege of judging you and your dogs, and good luck in your future trials

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