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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 08 July 2007

Trials Manager’s Report.

Another very successful trial. The tracking was again on very lush grass of regulation length which led to numerous excellent nosework marks in all stakes. The weather was a mixed bag of sunshine and showers most of the week. Our judges this year were Jacqui Gibney, Anne Thorpe, Ann Clarke and John Hinds - many thanks to them all for giving their time and expertise. I will leave them to thank their individual teams, but collectively my thanks to all of the tracklayers, stewards, criminals and everyone who helped in whatever capacity.

The kitchen staff was again headed by Jacqui West, ably assisted by Margery Lee and Mary Fellows, who kept us provided with copious amounts of food and drink throughout the trial. The evening meals for Judges and helpers and Saturday Buffet, which was appreciated by all, was catered by Barbara Riste - many thanks to you all. My final vote of thanks goes to the competitors for conducting themselves impeccably, which was at times a bit difficult. Many congratulations to Wendy Beasley and Phoebe on winning the PD Ticket; good luck to you both at the Kennel Club Championships. To all who qualified - well done and good luck at your future trials.

Brian Riste.


Stake: CD


Stewards: Friday and Saturday, Maureen Regan:  Sunday, Jo Magness.

Firstly I would like to thank the Wessex WTC for the invitation to judge the CD Stake.  I found it a very enjoyable and rewarding experience, meeting some very nice competitors and their dogs.  I also extend a very big thank you to my stewards, Maureen Regan and Jo Magness, not only for laying the squares and control stewarding for the competitors, but for the kind support and caring friendly manner in which they treated all the competitors, which for most, this was their initial entry in a Championship Trial.  Even though I needed an interpreter at times on Friday and Saturday (hock hi the noo wee lassie!!) I couldn’t have had a more friendly and likable pair stewarding for me - you were both brilliant and I sincerely thank you for your efforts.  I also extend a very special thanks to the girls in the kitchen, Jacquie West, Margery Lee and Liz Hickman, for looking after our gastronomic requirements during the day, and to Barbara Riste for providing those superb meals for us all each evening.  I understand now why Brian looks so well.  Once again, I thank you girls.

The weather over the three days that the stake was run was warm and dry, with just enough breeze to assist these young dogs find the articles in the square.  All but three dogs brought out the three articles successfully, most marks being lost for mouthing and dropping articles in the square.

In total 35 dogs entered the stake of which 12 dogs finally qualified with 50% of the competitors going out after failing the jumps.

I finally would like to express my thanks to the competitors for accepting my judgement and comments in a positive and friendly manner, without question or argument. I found it an enjoyable task to spend time with some nice people and to judge and evaluate their lovely dogs, the majority of which, it was evident enjoyed the work and endeavoured to please their handlers.  To those who qualified I extend my congratulations, and to those who just missed out I wish you every success next time.

1st     E Hickman with WOLFHART TOUCH OF GOLD, UDEx, GSD, B.  Liz and this young bitch, Jay, worked all the groups as a well practiced team with their near perfect round, dropping only 3 marks in the Control and Agility group, and only 1 mark for mouthing an article in the nose work.  This team was a well deserved winner of the stake.  On this form they both have a very optimistic future ahead of them in competition.  Congratulations to you both and best wishes for the future.  96marks.

2nd   H Cook with THAMESPOL ISSIE, GSD, B.  Heather with this young bitch, Rajee, only missed out on a higher placing due to this young dog's inexperience and immaturity in the square, and periods of boredom when undertaking the Heel Free exercise.  If this team continues performing in similar manner in the future they will go far.  Well done and good luck in the future.  93marks.

3rd    G Lawrence with BEKKIS DULCIMER, CDEx, BC, B.  Toffee is an old dog being taught new tricks by Gill, and if they continue to improve and perform in similar manner in the future they should make a formidable team in competition.  Well done and good luck in the future.  89marks.

4th    P Williams with SUNSHINE PIP, Crossbreed, B.  Although giving a bracing performance, Pat and her little bitch Pip’s visit from the East Coast would have been more successful had she performed more efficiently when exiting the square with articles, but she did however show her skills with a perfect score when completing the jumps, send away and stays.  Best wishes and good luck to you both in the future.  88 marks.

Also Qualifying CDEx:


D Clark with LAKATAMIA MURKO, GSD, D.87.5

A Schwalm with  EXMOOR KIZZIE, WSD, B, 87.5

E Mestraud with WOLFHART CASET, GSD, B, 83.5

L Kane with TIGGERTOO WORKS LIKE A CHARM, Rottweiller, D, 83.5

H Morris with CARISHILL PARSLEY, Carishill Parsley, Golden Retriever, D, 83

S Martin with INUHAUS GOLLAM, Inuhaus Gollam.GSD, D, 80

Qualifying CD:

S Topley with OUR FLORIENNE, Crossbreed, B, 78  


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: John West and John Hinds

Search and Control Steward: Gill Lawrence

Thanks to the Wessex Committee for the invitation to judge the UD stake at this well organised trial – Trials manager Brian Riste and his team left almost nothing to chance. Unfortunately, they forgot to organise the one thing you hope to rely on in July – sunshine! You really don’t expect to spend the whole week at Wessex Championship in wellies and waterproofs. However, excellent catering from Jackie and Marge and their helpers during the day, and Barbara’s delicious evening meals more than made up for the lack of a sun tan.

The two Johns kept me entertained in between tracks and the competitors found Gill to be an excellent search steward, with almost all dogs finding at least three articles. Gill was also my control and agility steward in the afternoon – thank you very much for your company and hard work, and congratulations to Gill qualifying CDEx on Sunday. Thanks also to Lindsey for the accommodation and to Tia for showing my dogs the rabbits!

Tracking was, as usual, on grass, and there were few failures, with most dogs finding both articles. No dog failed the search but mouthing, dropping and smashing articles cost a lot of dogs a lot of marks.

Sendaway was straightforward, to the hedge, and mostly well done: unfortunately retrieves and heelwork were poor. Many handlers either did not know that extra commands could be penalised in these two exercises, or thought I was deaf! Most dogs qualified the agility but not many achieved full marks. Overall I felt that most teams could improve their chances of qualifying in the future by putting more work into the control exercises.

26 dogs ran and 13 qualified.

1st           Barbara Riste and GEMWELLS STORM DRAGON, Gordon Setter, D, 187, Qual. Well done Barbara, you’ve obviously worked very hard with Bennett and it’s paying off. He clearly enjoys working with you.

2nd         Frances Stoneley and SPARKY OF WESSEX, WSD, D, 186, Qual. Just bits and pieces to tidy up, otherwise a good round. Well done.

3rd         Gary Haim and WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, WSD, D, 185.5, Qual. I gather not his usual standard in control, and a second attempt going over the scale was costly. However, well done.

4th          Hilary Morris and CARISHILL PARSLEY, Goldie, D, 185, Qual. Well done on keeping up with this strong dog.

Also qualifying UDEx:

Chris Brookes and DARIAN IN YOUR SMILE, BC, D, 184

Wendy Donaldson and SHEPALIAN PILLOW TALK, ASD, B, 184

Chris Young and MALI OF MEADOWALK, BC, B, 182

Roger Shrimpton and CORNDON TAFF AT GRELGANNA, BC, D, 174

Lyn Cousins and MOORTIME NIGHT SPIRIT, ASD, B, 172.5

John Turtill and BISQUET TORRA, WSD, D, 172.5

Dave Edmunds and PEPNICK HALF PENNY, GSD, B, 172

Elaine Betts and KYNYAF TIY OF PINES, Hovawart, B, 160

Lindsey Poole and MORROW BILBY, GSD, B, 160

Thanks to all the competitors for allowing me the opportunity of judging your dogs. Keep up the training, and remember it should be fun for both of you.


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Tony Lockyer and Paul Cousins

Stewards: Jean Cooke (searches and C/A), Charlie Taylor (Patrol)

Many thanks to Wessex committee for the opportunity to judge my first PD Ticket at one of my favourite Trials. Brian Riste and his tea worked tirelessly to make the trial a success. Jacqui West and Margery Lee ensured we had a cooked breakfast, a good lunch and plenty to drink, and Barbara cooked our suppers. Thank you. It’s worth going to Wessex for Mary’s bread pudding, if nothing else! Thanks too, to everyone who worked with me on the field; my tracklayers, Tony Lockyer and Paul Cousins; Jean Cooke, who stewarded both search and C/A and went in the hide on Sunday; Charlie Taylor, who stewarded PD; and Jonathan Hind, Dean Woodcock and Adrian Quick, who ran criminal. You all did an excellent job.

Nosework was on lush grass, and after C/A, 8 of the 13 were still qualifying. The patrol round started with the test of courage; Charlie shouted abuse at a distance, fired a gun, got into a car, and shut the door. When the dog reached the car three noisy guys ran at the dog from behind the car with water pistols, stick and menace! Then the chase – two criminals ‘escaped’ and split up further down the field; both men had to be stopped and escorted. Then the field had to be quartered to find Jean, having been abandoned by her captor, and further on to find Adrian crouching in the bushes. Both were searched and escorted, during which there was an attack on the handler, and the other criminal ran off. The handler had to get the dog off one and on to the escapee. Finally, the recall, which, as usual, took its toll.

1st     A delighted Wendy Beasley with GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL, 290.5. Watching Phoebe quarter was a master class, and only a few marks lost on missed bites ensured the best patrol round on 140. Congratulations.

2nd   Judith Owens-Poole with FIRCROFT DOON, 287. Brodie worked really well; excellent nosework and C/A, and a very competent patrol round; a case of ‘if only’ on the second bite, and the result could have been very different. 127/150 for patrol.

3rd   Anne Bussey and WTCh ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE, 278.5. Grad qualified his first PDEx in fine style. Well done. 122/150 for patrol.

4th    Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, 258.5. It certainly rained on your parade today! No recall, but a qualification. Patrol 105/150.

I hope the competitors enjoyed the test. Thank you for entering and showing good sportsmanship. I must admit that I was more nervous than any of the competitors on the Sunday morning prior to the control round, but thank you to Jean and Charlie for their help and advice, ensuring I didn’t make too many mistakes.

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