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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 06 July 2003


WD Stake


Tracklayers:  John West, Lyndsey Poole. & Jo Magness.

Stewards: Maureen Regan

35 Entered  32 Ran

Thank you to Wessex for the invitation to Judge, I thoroughly enjoyed my time judging this stake. The tracking conditions were lush and very lush which meant that of the 32 teams that competed only five failed to complete the track and of the rest only four scored less than 80 points, but the conditions meant that the articles were a much different story, all but one of the qualifiers found both track articles but no dog retrieved all four from the square.

The control and agility were generally well done, though there were some who will need to look to their sendaway before Ch   T.D.

1st           Rose Faulkner & STARAZAZ VESPA. 182.5. Spot's Achilles heel is articles, but on this occasion both track articles & three from the square on the lushest piece of ground led to this well deserved win.

2nd         Anne Bussey  & ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE. 180.5.

Only two from the square this time but a partnership that have already gone on to prove their abilities, well done on making him a Champion.

3rd          Jan Hedger & TYTRI SPIRIT OF THE SEA.  178. A slight hiccup on the jumps was the difference between 2nd and 3rd .

4th          G Page & BRIGLEN NUTMEG.     176.The only other qualifier to get three from the square.

Also qualifying.

Allan Ballinger & WAGGERLAND SCRUFF  171.5.

Sheila Watts & MAES LLOI  MISCHIEF  MAKER. 166.

Colin Turner & LATCHETS WIZARD       164.

Lyn Watkins & SZIKRAS HEIGHT OF FOLLY  160.5.

Congratulations to you all.

My thanks to John, Lyndsey and Jo for track laying, as always an exemplary job from you all and to Maureen for stewarding for the three days, laying all squares as I wanted and recovering a lot of articles!

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