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Trial Held: 30 November 2003


Trials Managers Report.

I will begin my report by thanking the local farmers for the continued support for the use of the land, especially our new landowner who came up trumps.  Entries were good with 36 T.D. 14 U.D. and 7 C.D.  Our Judges this year were Richard Cornwell T.D. Margery Lee U.D. and Gill MacGregor C.D. Thank you all for giving your time and expertise.

The weather was fairly kind to us except for Saturday which was about as bad as it gets, hence no qualifiers that day ‘sorry’.  Overall there were twenty qualifiers which was very pleasing.  I will leave the Judges to thank their individual teams but collectively, my thanks to all the stewards, track layers and to all who carried out their allocated roles to make my job an easy one.

No report is complete without thanking the catering staff.  The team was headed this time by Jacqui West and ably assisted by Mary.  Margery, Sheila and others, you were all great.  Also on catering was Barbara who supplied meals for the Judges and helpers on Friday and Saturday evening.  Finally thank you to all who attended the Trial. Your cooperation was impeccable and very much appreciated.

Brian Riste


CD Stake


Steward: Cohn Harrison

Thanks to Wessex for inviting me to judge the CD Stake, to Brian and the helpers for running a relax and friendly trial, The ladies in the kitchen (Jackie, Mary and Shelia) for cooking Cohn's breakfast and supplying us with food and drinks thoughout the day. To John Hinds and Cohn for helping me put up the jumps in horrendous weather conditions and to Cohn for being my search and control steward who did an excellent job. Also to John west for calming my nerves before the presentation (I think it helped seeing your happy grinning face staring at me?)

The test started with the retrieve then the nosework all dogs worked well considering the weather conditions. Followed by the control round I separated the stays doing the sit at the beginning of the control and the down at the end. This was because I wanted to avoid any confusion with these young dogs, as this could have been one of their first trials they have entered. I was pleased because every dog was successful and completed both stays.

7 Dogs Entered 3 dogs Qualified

1st           P Bentham LA BELLE KARRI (WSD) B 91.5 Q

This little dog has bags of enthusiasm lovely search and retrieve and a good control round Congratulations.

2nd         M Gatland ABERDAUNANT CELYN OF MEREONI (Lge Munsterland) B 90 Q An enjoyable dog to watch a few errors through excitement. Good search and control round Well done.

3rd          A Stevenson GEM'S STAR OF CLEYSIDE (WSD) B 89 Q Again another dog with loads of enthusiasm just a little hip up with her sendaway otherwise a very good round Well done.

4th          J Jarmen PEPSANNER PRINCE PALATINE (Golden Retriever) D 82 NQ Excellent control and nosework round Great shame about the jumps.


U.D. Stake

Judge: Margery Lee

Tracklayers: Tony Lockyer & Paul Cousins

Steward: Lynne Cousins 

Thank you to the Committee of Wessex W.T.C. for inviting me to my first judging appointment. Thanks to Brian and his team at base for running a trial that was both friendly and efficient. Wessex is renowned for its food and this year was no exception with Jacquie, Mary and Sheila in the kitchen we were excellently fed - add this to Barbara's lovely meal on the Saturday and my week was made!

A big 'Thank You' to both my tracklayers - Tony Lockyer and Paul Cousins, and to my steward Lynne Cousins - the tracks and squares were all laid just as I wanted. Tracking was on grass. Thank you to the competitors for entering under me: I enjoyed judging you and hope you enjoyed your day. Congratulations to all qualifiers and commiserations to those who didn't quite qualify but will soon do so I'm sure.

1st           Lynne Baker & Coda (WSD) B. A happy pair who were a pleasure to watch, especially the track where they only lost 1 mark. 189.5 CoM.

2nd         Jenny Jefferson & Woody (BC) D. What a lovely dog, not at all perturbed by Mum's nerves. 189.

3rd         June Coutts & Darcey (Lab) D. Another super dog not worried by Mum's nerves. 185.

4th          Pearl Bray & Chas (Goldie) Despite her painful ribs Pearl and Chas worked a nice round. 184.5.

Also gaining Certificates of Merit:

Jean Cooke & Mac, 177.5.

John West & Mason, 174.5.


TD Stake Nose work and C & A

 Judge: Richard Cornwell

Tracklayers: Lindsay Poole (2 Days), John West (3 Days), Jacqueline Barron (4 Days)

Search Steward: Jonathan Hinds                  

C&A Steward: Jacqueline Barron (4 Days)

Escort/ Helper : John Hinds (4 Days)

Catering: Jackie West, Shelia Watts, Mary Fellows, Barbara Riste, and many others



Thanks to the Wessex WTC committee for inviting me to judge the TD stake and for all the forty teams who entered under me. Special thanks to Brian and Barbara for putting me up and being such super hosts, nothing was too much trouble; the evenings flew by, especially when lessons about Scotland (Scotch) started. I’ll say no more on that other than I slept very well. The “dirty meal” (straight after all the days trialing with no chance to change) on Saturday went down very well and as ever we were entertained to John West’s jokes through out.

The base at Upottery’s village hall, easy access from the A303 and the super tracking land (thanks to the local farmers) make this the West Country’s answer to Surrey’s Brooke Farm. When Brian told me we were going back a day due to the high entry I was surprised, however after the first days judging I could see why the tracking conditions are superb and field to field consistent with grass 3 to 4 inches high.

With this being the first time I judged the whole of the TD stake I drew on my past knowledge of entering TD Open’s under Rod Roberts, Le Newman and Jean Cooke (sorry to name drop), to name a few. The reason for this being that they have more experience in their little fingers than I have in my entire body and if they have done an exercise in a particular way it is because they think this is the standard required at this level and not a gimmick or overly hard for dogs which are not yet in ticket. I am sure other judges have done the same in the past, but I am prepared to admit it and say thanks for giving me the ideas.

The weather was very mixed and typical for the time of year, fortunately the driving rain held off until Saturday, but the cold wind never stopped blowing all weekend. This did seem to make a difference to some of the teams competing, but the experienced handlers with new up and coming dogs still got round in style.

I designed the track and Search Square with the ground conditions and weather conditions associated with this time of year in mind. I also had to ensure the track was capable of being laid accurately in the dark as the first two or three tracks were laid at sun up as well as in fog and hard driven rain which reduced visibility to less than thirty yards (ask anyone who was there early on Saturday morning).

A lot of the teams got round the track, but not with all 3 articles and most got at least three articles out of the square. I felt sorry for the teams who tracked at the beginning of Saturday when the weather was fowl to say the least and it made me realise why more people do not live here. Most of the time though the conditions were perfect, the sun even came out for C & A most afternoons except Sunday when it tipped down again.

The track articles were a plastic tie, a square of cloth and a finger from a rubber glove all of which were laid out and recovered, when necessary, by the very capable tracklayers, thanks again you made life so easy for me.

The square or property articles were graduated across the four articles to ensure the dogs had to work to get all four articles. These were 5cm (2 inches) cloth rope, 7.5cm (3 inches) metal bolt, plastic top from a film case, and a piece of Astro turf. Jonathan Hinds laid the squares on all four days in just the same way as I had explained at the beginning on first day. As well as doing the job he is great company and takes a mean picture, shame it took 3 days to work out where to get the best shots though!

The gun test was carried out after the nose work with dog and handler walking away from the gun before I fired and almost with out exception was performed well.

After nose work we had a short break in the fields and then it was off to the control field. Not only did Jacquie lay tracks on all four days she also stewarded the C & A for me. Thank you very much for all your help, encouragement, consistency and sharing of knowledge.

The field wasn’t easy to set up a round in as two thirds had to be left free for tracking tacking on one side and roads bounded another two sides. Never the less I was still able to set up what I had in mind, heelwork (fast, normal & slow pace), followed by the |Speak with handler on a chair ten paces away with the dog giving ten barks. Next came sendaway and redirect out to a sheep fence, right to some trees and back left to the run out point. Without giving too much away it was possible to get your dogs to the given point and have no marks. Of all the exercises this is the one that most of you could do with putting in some more work in, including me with my pup (who did the run through on all four days and got it wrong every time), don’t forget most TD tickets are won or lost on the sendaway and redirect.

The jumps came next and were generally very good, but we did have teams go out, generally because they knew they had a problem and hadn’t been able to cure it to date.

The stay was the final exercise of the day, the handlers went out through the gate behind Jacquie and my vans, again this was carried very well with one exception, who I hope has learnt not to do what was done ever again whether qualifying or not.

Finally before giving the results I must say a thank you to all the competitors for accepting my decisions. I know from what I saw over the three days a lot of you will be in ticket in the near future, even if your name isn’t listed below.

1st           Pat Parkinson Dreaganta Double Decker Among Melnola (Whizzi) (BC) –210 Q. Consistent throughout even with nearly losing an article.

2nd         A Ballinger Waggerland Scruff CDex – WDex (Scruffy) (WSD) –209 Q. Super Track

3rd         Tony Lockyer     Lidlecornish Kate of Hartshill CDex – WDex (Leia) (GSD) – 207 Q. Great track, Sendaway and redirect spot on.

4th          Tony Lockyer Little Tarka of Hartshill CDex – WDex (Tax) (GSD) –206.5 Q.

Also obtaining their COM:

Gail Gwesyn-Price Rockspray Wallis at Concenn CDex - WDex (Wanda) (GSD) – 206.5 Q.

Angela Hughes, Guildenmore Never Ben CDex – WDex (Ben) (BC) – 202 Q.

Jean Howells, Glenalpine Jed CDex – WDex (Jed) (BC) – 199.5 Q.

G Page, Briglen Nutmeg CDex – WDex (Meg) (WSD) – 199 Q.

Nikki Prescott, Skipaway Fortune CDex – WDex (Tilly) (XB) – 199 Q.

R Jones, Holly By Golly CDex – WDex (Holly) (WSD) - 195 Q. Lovely Control Round

John Hinds, Woodsford Hock Sparkler (Harvey) (GSD) - 184 Q.

Stan Ford, Overhill’s Ryot CDex – WDex (Tia) (GSD) - 176 Q.


Although the two teams in contention for fourth place had the same mark I decided to award the place on the best sendaway and redirect as the nosework was even and Gail was back in Wales and not available for a run off.

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