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Trial Held: 28 November 2004

Trials Manager Report

The weather was kind to us this year having had three fine days, unlike last year's three wet ones.  Thanks again to the farmers for the use of their land.  Our judges were Jacqui Gibney PD, Ruth Cahill WD, and Pauling Pearce CD.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

I would like to thank their stewards, tracklayers, criminals and many other helpers for their time and experience.  I will leave the judges to name their individual teams.  Special thanks to Lindsay Poole, for not only laying the early WD tracks but also doing the scoreboards, catalogues and certificates.  Another well run kitchen thanks to Jacqui West, Mary Fellows, Liz Hickman and Marjory Lee on the early shift.  Barbara supplied the evening meals for the judges.  Finally, many thanks to my goffer in chief, John Hinds, you were great.

To the competitors who qualified, well done, to those who did not quite make it, better luck next time.



WD Stake


Tracklayers: Paul Cousins, John Hinds, Tony Lockyer and Lindsey Poole.  All good Tracklayers and good company too. Thanks.

Square and control steward: Thanks to Margery Lee for squares and her C&A scribing.

Thanks to Wessex for the invitation and a big thank you to Lindsey Poole for the B & B. Thanks to the kitchen staff, I was very well fed during my stay, with a bonus of some lovely meals at the Riste's house. Four days without rain was also a definite plus.

Tracking was on grass, which varied slightly but all fields had successes. When Lindsey and I arrived to look at the land there were sheep unexpectedly grazing on the old airfield and boy was I relieved it wasn't my job to be running this Trial! Brian has some very helpful Farmers and the problem was soon solved.

1st           Sheila William's WAGGERLAND BRIG BC. Although Brig strangely missed the end article he worked well in a controlled but keen manner in each exercise to finish in the lead. CoM 182.5.

2nd         Jefferson/Hornsby's BEKKIS VIRTUOSO BC. Worked keenly for Jenny Jefferson, got both track articles but only 3 from the square. CoM 179.5.

3rd          Jan Baker's JABY MANNA NSDTR. Very happy tracker, again 2 and 3, full mark sendaway, a lovely dog to watch. CoM 179.5.

4th          Jill Carruthers' JASUETER RED GARNET GSD. Wonderfully entertaining on the track when the line parted company with the harness, unfortunately it took Kim a couple of legs to settle down after that excitement and they missed the first article, well she'd been going faster without Jill! Great stay though Jill! CoM 176.

Also qualifying:

Pearl Bray's KENMILLTO STORM G. Ret. CoM 175.5.

Pippa Bentham's LA BELLE KERRI WSD. CoM 175.

Heather Cook's RAXMAE GOLDEN REVIVAL GSD. CoM 173.5. Full mark C&A.



PD Stake


Tracklayers : Charlie Taylor, John West

Stewards : C/A & Search : Jean Cooke

PD Steward : Charlie Taylor

Criminals : Jonathan Hinds, Charlie Taylor, Jean Cook, Maureen Regan, John West and Colin

All the good things: Welcome, company, food, ground, accommodation, criminals.  Thank you Wessex Team led by Brian Riste and Linsey Poole for a really enjoyable weekend.  Managed to keep the weather fine, the welcome and the company second to none, good grassland for working, and Nutcracker Cottage as fab as ever (thank you Jean).  Criminals, you were great, thank you.

6 entries, 5 ran.

Track and search. Best one was Ann Clarke and Solo, with Polly Thomas and Stanley, and Ron Jacques and Tilley close behind.

C/A jumps  good rounds completed by John Reynolds and Jack, Stanley and Solo.

All 5 dogs achieved 10 for the stays.

Now to the nitty gritty.

First exercise TOC.  From around the pond Jon challenged the dog, ran back and handler instructed to send.  4 criminals came out of area loads of noise and weapons. Dog required to go in, handler then to cope with the situation.

Next, the quarter to find first hide criminal, search and escort.  Criminal to feign sprained ankle, handler to help, and then send dog along hedge to second innocent person. ( I was surprised that no handler thought to challenge to encourage their dog to go).  Cursory search, then escort both 'criminals' across the field where an attack on handler took place.  Then first chase, cursory search, then recall, after which the chase criminal broke away for a second chase finish.

1st           Ron Jacques with DETANIA GOAN AND GET EM.  248.5 NQ.  Tilley qualified in all sections, sadly not enough overall.  Good TOC, chases, recall, attack on handler.

2nd         Ann Clarke with TARNEDGE SOLAR. 253 NQ.

3rd          Polly Thomas and STANLEY OF ANNESLEY SPRINGS. 238.5 NQ.

4th          John Reynolds with JACK THE LAD OF VALGRAY. 204 NQ.

Thank you competitors for accepting my decisions.  You were all good sports, and with just a little more luck on the day …

Now for the bad bits … One competitor lost the plot, his temper, and sight of what the sport is about.  Fortunately, he withdrew about 30 seconds before he was disqualified.  Perhaps I should have reported the incident, but chose instead to treat this competitor with the contempt he deserved.  All sorts of things are said and done in the heat of the moment.  On this occasion I tried to stand back and consider.  Perhaps I should have stood up and been counted.

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