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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 10 July 2005

Trials Manager's Report

Entries were good with 14 in PD, 40 in WD, 20 in UD and 22 in CD.  The weather was very hot and sunny on all days.

Our judges were Charlie Taylor (PD), Bill Hardaway (WD), Maureen Regan (UD) and Vana Moody (CD).  Many thanks to them all for giving their time and expertise.  I will continue my thanks, firstly to all the farmers for the use of their superb grassland, in particular Malcolm & Jenny Lawrence for the PD and UD fields and for allowing car parking on them.  I would also like to thank all the tracklayers, stewards, criminals and general helpers collectively and will leave the judges to thank their individual teams in their reports.

Special thanks to Lindsey for not only track laying, but also for all the pre trial paperwork, schedules, catalogues, scoreboards etc.  Thanks must also go to my number one gopher - John Hinds for escorting competitors etc.  Also my heartfelt thanks to the kitchen staff headed by Jacquie West and ably assisted by Margery Lee, Mary Fellows, Liz Hickman and Lynne Cousins.

Another big thank you to Barbara for supplying the evening meals on Thursday and Friday for Judges and helpers and for a superb buffet on Saturday for all who wished to attend - which was enjoyed by all.

 I would like to end my report by congratulating Tracy Park in winning the PD Ticket and wishing her every success at the KCC's.  Congratulations to everyone who qualified in their respective stakes.  To those who didn't quite make it this time, better luck at your next trial.



CD Stake


Steward - Robin Palmer.

Thank you to Brian Riste and the Committee for asking me to judge at this superb, friendly trial,.  to Lindsey Poole for allowing me to stay at her beautiful home again,.  to Jacquie West, Mary Fellows, Margery Lee, Lynne Cousins and Liz Hickman for looking after me from their wonderful kitchen, and to Barbara for our culinary evenings. I have eaten too much as usual! 

Robin Palmer was my very able steward, helping to put everyone at ease and trying to stop them shaking.

 One competitor would have qualified under the new grouping if her dog had done the jumps.  She attained 35.5 after failing the sit stay.

 Thank you to all the competitors for accepting my decisions and allowing me to judge them.

1st           Marney Wells with her Stafford - very well worked gaining 89/100.

2nd         Freddie Middleton with her GSD.  Lovely to watch gaining 88/100.

3rd          Adam Beral with his Kelpie.  Held on despite the nerves.  86/100.

4th          Shirley McIver with her GSD.  Well done you held on well.  82.5 /100.


Stake  UD


Tracklayers: Jean Cooke ( both days ) Arthur Jeal and Pippa Bentham

Square Steward: Marjorie Lee

C & A Steward: Jean Cooke 

Thank you Wessex for inviting me to judge the U D stake.. As ever Brian ran a smooth friendly trial.   Thank you Jean, Arthur,Pippa and Marjorie for giving your best to the competitors,  and thanks Jean for tracklaying  and stewarding both days, tiring jobs.

The sun shone every day, the heat building up to 28 degrees on Sunday.  The tracking conditions were wonderful.   Lovely fields for the competitors and tracklayers.    I must say the  standard was very high, giving me the pleasure to watch these young dogs  work.

Thank you Barbara for your wonderful meals.  I don't know how you do it.

1st           Sue Stephens  WAGGERLAND SKIFFLE BC  D  192

A lovely round.   Skiffle only lost 1/2 a mark on his track.   Well done Sue   you must be very pleased with him.

 2nd         Liz Hickman   WOLFROCK INDIANA MISCHIEF  G S D   B  1821/2.   Well done Liz, another super track again only lost 1/2 a mark.   3 out of the square, but could have been 4 ! ! ! !

 3rd          Rita Kidson   CARFIELD GYP  B C   D  182.    Rita said she was very nervous, but didn't show nor pass it on to Gyp.  A lovely round.  Well done.

 4th          Marie L Parker   MAGICAL BLACK ICE   BC   D   182    Bats got stuck on a corner of his track, but worked it out and then didn't put a foot wrong.   Well done.


Hard luck to Nikkie Prescott and MADDIE  on 1971/2 marks but NQ   Super nosework and control round, but sadly only 13 for Agility,  hard luck Nikkie


WD Stake


Search and C/A Steward: Heather Hardaway

Tracklayers: Tony Lockyer. Ruth Cahill, Lindsey Poole, Marney Wells

Escort: John Hinds

 Many thanks to the Committee for the invitation to judge at this most enjoyable trial. Brian Riste was not only Trials Manager at this well run trial but, he and his wife Barbara welcomed Heather and me into their home for the duration. We are grateful for their hospitality and I especially enjoyed sampling some of Brian's impressive selection of single malts!

Refreshments throughout the day were provided by Margery Lee and Jacquie West and the evening meals at the base, prepared by Barbara, were scrumptious. John Hinds kept the flow of competitors arriving on time, the tracklayers were super efficient as was my wife, Heather as search and c/a steward. My thanks to you all.

Tracking was all on grass which, to call lush would, in most cases, be an understatement. In several fields the grass was 16" to 18" and the shortest probably 6" to 8". The weather was dry throughout, hot on occasions and windy at times, in particular on the first morning.

wessex WD Track small


40 entries - 33 worked - 17 WDex - 3 WD

Normally there are more non-qualifiers than qualifiers at trials but, not this time. On one day every team qualified. Most who completed the track recovered both articles and the highest track mark was 86. There were 12 legs on the track, so to lose less than 6 means that over half the track had to be done without fault, which is very good. Of course if your dog casts on most corners and on straight legs, several times widely, although you complete the track and even recover both articles you are going to lose a lot of marks.


There were very few failures on the search. I would think that with the lush conditions, when the articles were placed, the scent pocket was considerable. However, only the first and second dogs plus one non-qualifier gained full marks in this exercise.


C/A was on the whole well performed. Sendaway was at a slight angle with most going the full distance albeit not to the point. Only one team, sadly a non-qualifier, gained full marks although some demonstrated good re-directions to recover points. Heelwork was generally the weakest exercise.


1st.          Val Upton - JAXBERRY JOE CDex UDex  BC (D)

Good business like track with both articles, followed by a full mark search, excellent control round (32) and full mark agility. Pleasure to judge. 186.5 WDex


2nd         Chris Gregory - VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM CDex UDex  GSD (B)

Excellent track (86), both articles, full mark search. Heelwork and long jump were costly. Bags of drive, not easy to handle on the control but, obviously one to watch.

Congratulations. 185 WDex


3rd          Alan Ballinger - WAGGERLAND KRISP UDex WSD (D) Owner P Pearce

Another excellent track(85) Krispy recovered one article, Alan the other.

Good square(33) Good control(31) one of the best h/work(4.5) Full agility.

Well handled, with empathy. 184.5 Wdex


4th          J Tibbetts - WOLFHARTS MYRKUR ULFRUN GSD (B)

Good track. Several casts but, never in danger of not completing(80.5) Both articles. Good square(34) Control(29) Heelwork a bit weak but, nice s/away. Agility(19)

Well done 182.5 WDex

 Also qualified WDex:

J Hickey - IR CH. BEESTING WICCA UDex Wdex BC (B) 179.5

J Jefferson - BEKKIS VIRTUOSO BC (D) Owners Jefferson/Hornsby 178


J Carruthers - JASUETER RED GARNET CDex WDex GSD(B) 175.5

G Lawrence - SLIEVE CHANCE CDex UDex BC(B) 175.5

R Currie - VOMHAUSNYE PUNK CDex UDex GSD(D) Owners R & C Currie 174


Owners J & J West 173.5

A Ballinger - DUSTERS RAGAMUFFIN UD ex WSD (B) Owner P Pearce 172.5


S Williams - WAGGERLAND BRIG BC (D) 170.5

M Millington - MILKYHILL ROXY CDex UDex GSD (B) 168


H Cook - Raxmae Golden Revival CDex UDex GSD (B) 163.5

 Qualifying WD:

H Caird - BLACK HIPPOCRATES Lab (D) 157.5

P Bentham - LA BELLE KERRI CDex UDex WSD (B)  157

M Rogerson - BAREVE BANDMASTER CDex UDex GWP (D) 153


Finally, my thanks to the competitors for allowing me the opportunity of watching your dogs working and for your good natured and sporting attitude whether successful or not. 


Stake: PD


Steward (search, patrol & C&A): Jacqui Gibney

Tracklayers: John West & Paul Cousins

Criminals: Jonathan & Steve Hinds, John West, Maurice Millington, Paul Cousins

Thank you to the committee of Wessex WTC for the invitation to judge. To Brian and Barbara Riste for running the trial so efficiently. Thanks also to Jacqui for her excellent stewarding and to the tracklayers and criminals for doing such a good job. Not forgetting the kitchen ladies for all their hard work and Jean Cooke for putting me up (and putting up with me!).

Conditions were very hot throughout the week. Tracking was on grass and the nosework section only cost us 1 of the 12 competitors despite the very hot, dry conditions. Unfortunately the C&A section saw three of the nosework qualifiers fall by the wayside leaving us with 8 qualifiers going into the patrol section. I started the test with the Test of Courage section where the criminals were armed with leafy branches and dustbin lids, and were instructed to make as much noise as possible. This was followed by an escort and then straight on to the chase which was in two parts, one with the criminal carrying a bag in his right hand and the other was a long chase. The dogs were then distracted by a criminal who stepped out from the crowd, which was a prompt for the escorted chase criminal to attack the handler. The recall exercise came next with the last exercise being the quarter. It was quite a big test, which on the whole was performed well by a majority of the dogs. Congratulations to all the qualifiers and better luck next time to the non-qualifiers.

1st & CC.              Tracie Park - WAGGERLAND BROOK (BC) - 277.5 Qex. This was Brook's first PDEx and he really gained it in style. This team achieved a very good standard in the nosework and C&A and topped it off with an excellent patrol round. Congratulations on a well deserved win.

2nd & Res. CC     Celia Bourne - WT Ch. KAI'S KINDRED SPRIT (WSD) - 269 Qex..  Another nice patrol round and good overall performance. Congratulations on winning the Res. CC.

3rd          Wendy Beasley - WT. Ch. BRIDGALPINE LIBRA OF STARDELL (BC) - 268 Qex. Very good round from this experienced team. Well done on gaining 3rd place.

4th          Dave Marchant - WT. Ch. MISTER JAKE - (WSD) - 267 Qex. Another well deserved qualification from this consistently successful team.

Also qualifying:

Grahame Brumpton - JUST WILLIAM (WSD) - 257 Qex.

Moira Rogerson - XANDOAS TORNADO (WSD) - 251.5 Q PD only.

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