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Trial Held: 27 November 2005

Trial Manager's Report

I would like to begin by thanking the farmers for the use of their land. The grass was again quite lush for the time of year. The weather on Thursday (1st day) was a glorious sunny day, but as the song goes "What a difference a day makes"! Friday gave us snow and more snow - about 6" of it. Needless to say all the approach roads were blocked by jack-knifed lorries. As none of the judges and track-layers were unable to get to the base, the trial was called off for the day. However, some sort of normality resumed next day.

I would now like to thank our judges - Sheila Tannert, John Hinds and Jonathan Hinds for TD, UD and CD respectively, for giving their time and dedication. I will leave them to thank their individual teams of helpers, but collectively my thanks to all the track-layers, stewards, escorts and gophers.  You were all great.

The kitchen staff was again headed by Jacquie West, ably assisted by Margery, Sheila and Mary. Many thanks to Lindsey for not only track-laying but also for preparing the schedules and catalogues, writing certificates and transporting jumps. Thanks to Barbara for cooking the evening meals on both Thursday and Friday for judges and helpers.

My final thanks are for the competitors, especially those on Friday. As they neared the base, they found it impossible to reach us due to the appalling weather conditions and had to return home. On a happier note, competitors on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday were more successful, which led to twelve overall qualifiers - so well done.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Thursday - Jean Cooke / Maureen Regan

Friday - Snow body - trial cancelled due to heavy fall of snow.

Saturday: Pippa Bentham / John West.

Sunday - John West / Paul Cousins

Steward - Adrian "Shorty" Quick

Firstly I would like to thank Wessex WTC for the invitation to judge the UD stake. I also extend a special thanks to the girls in the kitchen - Jacquie West and Margery Lee for providing such a high standard of catering, in particular the full English each day and taking care of our inner selves throughout the trial. The food provided was great and very much appreciated by us all.

A big thanks also goes to the track-layers for the proficient and skilled manner in which they laid their tracks for the competitors, although John West claimed that with a little more of his coaching, Paul Cousins would be able to walk in a straight line when laying tracks! I'm not sure because it is alleged that Paul visited the village pub prior to laying his tracks (will we ever know?)

I also extend a very special thanks to my minder, steward and good friend - Adrian "Shorty" Quick - someone I will always have to look up to - not only for laying all the squares and control stewarding for all the competitors, but also for the support and assistance that he gave to me throughout the trial.

Other than for Thursday, all dogs worked in cold, snowy conditions, something the dogs adapted to very well. The main cause of dogs not qualifying, being failing the stays. Finally I thank the competitors for accepting my judgements and comments in a positive and friendly manner, without question or argument. I must comment, that I found it an honour to evaluate and judge some lovely young dogs - the majority of which it was evident enjoyed their work and endeavoured to please their handlers.

There were 21 entries of which 14 dogs competed. 13 satisfactorily completed the track with the majority bringing out 3 or 4 articles out of the square. The rest of the test was basic C&A with 7 dogs failing the stays. Overall an excellent effort by all.

1st           CoM 192.5 - Mr C Pilton - VOMKYNA JAGO (GSD). An excellent C&A round with 4 out of the square and a near perfect track made this a team to look out for in the future. A well deserved result - congratulations.

2nd         CoM 189 - Mrs R Price - MARLISH CADEAU (GSD) an untidy 1st leg on the track spoilt this dog's chances of 1st place. With 4 out of the square and a good C&A round, made it an interesting competition for the top rankings. A good effort from this young dog. Well done and good luck in the future.

3rd          CoM 184.5 - Dr N Prescott - DUNNSLAYNE DASHA (WSD) If only this little dog had brought out the 4th article from the square and not needed a 2nd attempt at the long jump, would have taken them into 2nd place at least. This team performed the best track of the trial. Well done and good luck to you both in the future.

4th          CoM 178.5 - Mrs J Coutts - HORSEDROVE HENRY (Labrador) On this occasion the Labrador was not in the mood for retrieving his dumbbell nor doing the long jump. But he did enjoy himself on the track and in the square. A shaky start that came good in the end. Well done to you both.

Also qualifying CoM: -

Mrs M Wells 173.75 - BERAKA HURRICANE OF COPYHOLD (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

TD Stake


Tracklayers Lindsey Poole Anne Clarke

Steward Robin

I would like to thank Wessex Working trials for the invitation to judge TD at their open trial.  I would also like to thank Lindsey for putting me up and also for track laying. Thanks also to Anne Clarke for track laying. Many thanks to Robin for stewarding squares and control. We had a nice few days.

The weather - well what can I say. Thursday was cold and damp but Friday well it snowed . Lindsey sent out to lay the early tracks and never managed to reach the tracking ground . Ann and I were just setting off to go to base when Lindsey arrived back to let us know every thing had been cancelled for the day as no one could get into the village.  People who rang were given a chance to work their dog on one of the remaining days Saturday the ground started to thaw and on Sunday we had quite a good day.  I saw some smashing dogs and the standard was very good. Well done to all who qualified and to those who didn't  -keep trying. I am sure your qualification won't be long in coming.

Many thanks also to Barbara and Jackie for the super meals they provided.  Brian Riste  -what a super Trials manager - never panicked once even when the going got tough with the weather situation. Well done to all at Wessex for putting on a great trial.

We had 18 dogs work out of the 28 dogs that were entered

1st           Jenny Jefferson BEKKIS VIRTUOSO CDex WDex BC

Woody did a lovely track and search it was a pleasure to watch still needs a bit of work on the redirect part of the sendaway but really did deserve to qualify. Well done  Jenny and good luck for the future 211ptsQ

2nd         Colin Harrison SHINEHILL NINA CDex WDex BC

Colin tracked in the snow on Sat but even though he could see the track he let Nina work it out for her self - your handling was excellent.  Nina also did a very good control round 210.5

3rd          Jill Lawrence SLIEVE CHANCE CDex WDex BC

Tracked really well and also did a very nice control round. Very worthy of this place .Good luck for the future 207.5

4th          Carla Morris AZI AZA KITE Crossbreed

Well done on your qualification. Just bits and bobs need tidying up and I am sure you will do very well with this lovely dog. 199

Also Qualifying


Pearl Bray             KENMILITO STORM GR 185.5

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