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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 09 July 2006

Trials Manager’s Report

A big thank you to the farmers for allowing us the use of their superb grassland, the length of which was mainly shorter than previous years, which led to many excellent nose work marks, in all stakes.  We ended with 43 overall qualifiers.

Our Judges this year were Tony Lockyer (TD), Martine Taylor (UD) and Jan Vallack (CD).  I would like to thank them for giving their time and expertise.  Also many thanks to their tracklayers and stewards.  I will leave them to name their individual teams.

Thanks to my right hand man - John Hinds - for escort and gophering duties - you were great.  Not forgetting Liz Hickman for similar duties.  The catering staff, headed by Jacqui West, again performed to their usual very high standard.  Many thanks to all of you.  Still on the subject of catering, thanks again to Barbara for supplying the evening meals for Judges and helpers and of course the superb buffet for 50 or so, on Saturday evening.  Thanks also to Lindsey and Martine for the catalogues, scoreboard and certificates.

My final vote of thanks go to you, the competitors, for conducting yourselves impeccably.  Congratulations to Anne Bussey on winning the Ticket and wishing you good luck at the KCC’s.





Steward – Liz Hickman

Thank you to Wessex for the invitation to judge the CD stake at this super friendly trial.  This was my first visit but hopefully it won’t be my last, it was like a mini holiday.

There are a lot of thank you’s: to Brian Riste and his team at the base for the organisation, to the “domestic goddesses” - Barbara Riste for the wonderful evening meals, and Jackie West and the ladies in the kitchen for the food throughout the day.  Thank you Lindsey for letting me stay in your lovely home, and the warm hospitality.

Liz Hickman was a brilliant steward, putting the competitors at ease with her friendly attitude and clear commands.  My grateful thanks Liz, you made everything run smoothly.  I hope the competitors appreciated it as much as I did.

There were 25 entries and 18 ran.  We had a lovely field with a good growth of grass, lots of room to do the whole stake.  Thank you to all of the competitors who came forward to work, saving any hanging about.

1st           Joan Watkins with DURSTONE O’RILEY, WSD, (D).  Lovely work Joan; you make a very smart capable team.  Small hiccup on the long jump.  A well deserved first place. 96, CDEx.

2nd         Nikki Prescott with DUNNSLAYNE DASHA, WSD, (B).  Smart team, full mark jumps and search.  Just bits on the control.  Well done. 94.5, CDEx.

3rd          Gary Haim with WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, WSD, (D).  A very steady round, calm handling and nice to watch.  Full mark jumps and retrieve.  Well done.  94, CDEx.

4th          Carol Burgess with SPYCE IS NYCE AT CAROBILL, WSD, (B).  Lovely control round, rather tight on the agility.  Well done on qualifying both dogs.  92, CDEx.

Also qualifying:

Valerie King with LITTLE TIKKI FOR LUCK AT KINGSPRIDE, GSD, (B).  Well done, Valerie, on this qualification.  A very nice round, just made it on the jumps.  91, CDEx.

Carole Brooks with THEALEFARM BROOKE, Labrador, (D).  Happy dog, you’ve got your hands full with him Carole!  Full mark jumps, well done.  89, CDEx.

Margaret Gatland with BLUE MOON AT MEREONI, Large Munsterlander, (B).  Very happy dog and handler, I think you were pleased!  Well done. 88, CDEx.

Felicity Veazey with VANISTICA RAINBOW SEEKER, Groenendal, (B).  Nice to see you working again, full mark search, well done.  84.5, CDEx. 

Cath Phillips with TRACKMOORS MORGAN, Malinois (B).  Very lively happy dog, shame about the swallow diving in front of her nose!  Well done. 82, CDEx.

Carol Burgess with CAROBILLS FUTURE PROMISE, Min Poodle, (B).  Superb heelwork from this smart little dog.  Well done. 81, CDEx.

Thank you to all the competitors for giving me the privilege of judging your dogs.  As you can see, we had a good variety of breeds.  If you didn’t qualify this time, keep training - it won’t be long.  Two final thank you’s  ; to Lindsey for doing the scores, certificates and escorting this old fool to and fro everyday.  And to John Hinds, for lots of laughs and guarding the gate!

Happy trialling. 





Tracklayers:  John West, Lindsey Poole, Ruth, Cahill & Marney Wells

Steward: Jean Cooke

Many thanks to Wessex for the invitation to judge the Ticket at my home society. The pluses include, knowing everyone involved, fantastic food from Barbara in the evenings, being able to sleep in my own bed and knowing the land intimately, which at the July trial is always lush, with one particular block being a bit longer than the rest, so the track marks for those who get round are generally pretty good; and so it proved, with nineteen dogs achieving above 95, and of the others, only five failed the track and nine failed the square. Six teams managed 3 and 4 one of them coming from the longest and lushest field

My thanks to Lindsey Poole for laying the early tracks on Tuesday and John West for laying them for the rest of the week.  Lindsey then moved to the middle block and Ruth Cahill the finishing group, MarneyWells filling in for Lindsey on Thursday. Also to Jean Cooke who not only search stewarded for the whole five days but scribed for me on Sunday for control and agility, which with forty two partnerships working meant both of us being on our feet for nearly seven hours.

The weather on Tuesday was oppressively hot but surprisingly it was our best day with only one failure. The rest of the week was cooler with some thundery showers, but not enough to put dogs off.

I set out my control round on Saturday evening, taking a good stiff breeze into consideration for the siting of the sendaway and the clear jump, only to find on Sunday morning that the wind was changing direction and continued to do so during the day, and strengthening in gusts so much that the clear jump bar was being blown off. The sendaway marks were very disappointing, I do allow handlers to work their dogs but I do look for a dog being obedient to commands out in the field and not just running the hedges, and I do expect them to get close to the set points.

1st and C.C.          Anne Bussey with WTCh ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE. 213/220.  163 on nosework. Grad's heelwork was relaxed enough to impress even an old fashioned trialist like me. Congratulations and good luck at the KCCs  

2nd and Res C.C. Margaret Robinson with WTCh TYTRI LACE.           211/220.  Also 163 on nosework. Just a couple of marks adrift, one on heelwork and one on sendaway. Well done    

3rd          Stevie Boyall and STYPERSON LOMOND                                   202.5 

4th          Anne Thorpe and GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN          198.5

Also qualifying TDEx

Val Upton  JAXBERRY JOE 198

Ann Clarke TARNEDGE SOLO 198


Sheila Tannert  WTCh STYPERSON TERN 194

Maeve Weselby  STYPERSON TAY 194

Gary Atkins WTCh CAFCOLL RON 193.5

Glenys Page BRIGLEN NUTMEG 193

Julie Atkins   OUR DUG 192.5

Allan Ballinger WAGGERLAND SCRUFF 192.5

Jill Carruthers JASUETER RED GARNET 192

Paulin Pearce's DUSTERS RAGGAMUFFIN handled by Allan Ballinger     192

Pat Herbert WTCh JOLLY JILL 190.5

Glenys Page  GETAWAY BACK TESS 190.5

Rod Roberts WTCh LITTLE BART 190.5

Barry Gilbert WTCh LAETARE DAY JAVU 189.5    

Sheila Tannert WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR 187.5

Judith Owens  FIRCROFT DOON 185

Ann Fowler  WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS 182.5 


Jean Howells GLENALPINE JED 167.5

My thanks also to all the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us well fed and watered out in the fields (especially watered.)

One word of warning to future Judges at Wessex, if you let Lindsey know you have a partiality for a particular delicacy be prepared to eat a LOT of it.

Great Lemon Meringue!!!!!

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