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Open Trial
Trial Held: 26 November 2006

Trials Manager’s Report

Many thanks to the land owners for allowing us the use of their land.  All work was yet again on well grown, but wet, grass, beginning dry by day, and varying strengths of winds and rain by night.  I must say a big thank you to our three judges, Dave Marchant PD, Paul Cousins WD, and Pippa Bentham CD; you all did a super job.  I will thank the stewards and tracklayers collectively and leave the judges to name their teams in their reports. The catering was again up to the usual high standard, thanks to Jackie, Margery and Mary, who were the mainstays in the kitchen.  Many thanks again to Barbara for providing the meals on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings for the judges and helpers.  We had a new escort this year in the way of Liz Hickman - many thanks. Lindsey Poole was again her usual busy self doing score boards, certificates, catalogues and tracklaying - my grateful thanks. Finally I must give the competitors a vote of thanks for their support in every way.




Stake: CD


Steward: Gill Lawrence

Helpers/Escorts: John Hinds, Liz Hickman

13 entries, 9 worked.

I would like to thank Wessex for the invitation to judge the CD stake at their Open Trial.  I had a very interesting and enjoyable day.

Being an open CD, the range of experience of both handlers and dogs varied considerably, from the totally novice teams to the very experienced pairing of Marney and Busby, with a sprinkling of old hands with young dogs.  I hope my test was suitable; everyone seemed to have areas in which they excelled, and others where there was room for improvement.  At the end of the day, it was experience that won through, with Marney and Busby giving a very polished performance to be the only qualifiers, but everybody, I hope, went away pleased with the good bits, and not too downhearted at the odd hiccup.  All the dogs gave their best, and with a little fine tuning, they will all qualify very soon.  I would like to thank the competitors for being a very cheerful and happy bunch, who accepted my decisions with a smile. 

Jacqui and Marjorie did a fantastic job in the kitchen, and provided enough food to keep an entire army supplied.  Many thanks, the food was lovely, and your skills much appreciated.  Just a couple or so people to thank; firstly Gill for stewarding the control and agility, putting the competitors at ease, and laying the squares exactly as I’d asked.  A note for future judges – Gill is really good.  Thank you Lindsey, for all your help before the trial, sparing time, tea and Tia to go through possible heelwork patterns, articles, sendaways, etc, etc – the list goes on.  Lastly, but by no means least, Liz and John for gofering on the day, and John (again) and Marjorie (again) for finding my “pony shoe” on Sunday.


1st           Marney Wells and BUSBY, Staffordshire BT, 96, CoM.  What can you say about these two that hasn’t already been said?  Well done, a very polished performance.

2nd         Chris Daubney and DIZZY, BC, 89.5, NQ.  A lovely round, deserved to qualify, just the jumps let you down on the day.

3rd          Irene Nicholl and KERN, Weimaraner, 78.5, NQ.  Qualified all sections, but not enough overall.  A really good attempt from a lovely, but very immature, boy, who will be brilliant.

4th          Ann Bracegirdle and BRACKEN, Border Terrier, 71, NQ.  Bracken’s first trial, and Ann’s first for a long time.  Bracken worked really well, you should be proud of him.



Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Lindsey Poole and John Hinds (all days), John West (Thursday and Friday) and Jo Magnus (Saturday)

Steward: Jean Cooke

Many thanks to Brian and the Wessex Committee for inviting me to judge their WD stake. There was a good entry of 25 (21 actually competed).  I put this down to the quality of the tracking ground at Wessex rather than the fact I was judging the stake.  Thanks also to my tracklayers, who were pleased to see the majority of competitors successfully get around the track.  Not only did they do an excellent job in laying the tracks, but were also good company. My special thanks to Jean. It was re-assuring to have an experienced judge by my side.  As usual at Wessex the food was excellent, thanks to the expertise of Jacquie West, Margery Lee and Barbara Riste – I now have to walk off a few more excess pounds!!

I was very impressed with the overall high standard of the competitors.  The majority of dogs completed the track, finding both articles (a small lolly stick and a piece of green carpet, approximately 2.5 by 1.25 inches). I am sure that the good tracking land helped, but I cannot take it away from the dogs, who performed very well, especially given the strong wind several of them had to work in. Those that failed the track did not reach the second corner. 

Most of the dogs worked the search square with ease, retrieving 3 or 4 articles (quarter of a beer mat, 3” long piece of sash cord, 2.25” by 1.25” piece of black rubber mat and a plastic tea stirrer).  Some handlers could improve their chances by working on stopping their dogs from mouthing or dropping articles.

The jumps proved equally as easy with all but two dogs qualifying this section.  However, the sendaway (straight outrun of 100 yards to the hedge) was a problem for a few dogs.

With 11 qualifiers out of a total of 21 competitors I began to ask myself whether I had made the tests too easy. Upon reflection, I believe the tests were of the correct standard.  I was just lucky to have a number of dogs and handlers who had prepared for and were ready to work at WD Open level. Congratulations to those that qualified and better luck next time for those who didn’t quite make it.


1st           Val & Gavin Thomson and CONCENN XANADU, (GSD), Q, 193.5.  Handled by Gavin. Very good nosework followed by excellent control and agility rounds, only dropping 1.5 points over the two sections, gave Gavin and Rosco the edge.  Worthy winners.

2nd         “Freddie” Middleton and SHARDEE’S JODIE, (GSD), Q, 190.  Another very good performance. Dropping an additional point in each section made the difference between first and second place. A good day for GSDs.

3rd          Anne Shepherd and LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, (Crossbreed), Q, 186.5.  A steady performance across all sections gave Anne and Lottie a well deserved qualification and third place.

4th          Kathy Ingham and RUSKATH OTHENTIC IMAGE, (WSD), Q, 184.5.   Kathy and Oddie achieved the highest nosework marks. A shame about the sendaway. However, another well deserved qualification.


Also qualifying WD:-

Gail Gwesyn-Price and CONCENN XCEL, Q, 183.5

Colin Harrison and WAGGERLAND TED, Q, 179

Alan Bolton and NORSHEP SHADOW, Q, 178.5

Margery Lee and LOKI MISCHIEF MAKER, Q, 177

Jackie Weaver and LENWORTH BRYONY, Q, 176.5

Jacquie Gibney and BRYN HEULOG AP BRECON, Q, 171.5

Steve and Lynne Liney and HORNAGE COPSE LAD, (Handled by Lynne), Q, 161



Stake: PD


Steward:  Celia Bourne

Tracklayers: John West and Adrian Quick

Criminals: John West, Adrian Quick, Jonathan Hines

I’d like to thank Wessex for the invitation to judge and Brian Riste for running a brilliant trial.  Thank you to the ladies in the kitchen for the super packed lunches and to Barbara Riste for the lovely evening meals.  Special thanks to Jean Cooke for her superb hospitality over the weekend.  Thank you to my track layers for doing a grand job and to my criminals for their excellent work making the patrol round flow exactly as I wanted.  Thanks to Celia for all her hard work doing the squares, stewarding the control and the patrol rounds - brilliant job.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering.  If you didn’t qualify this time I’m sure you will soon. I wish you all good luck in your future trials.


1st           Q, 287.  Anne Bussey and WTCh ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE.  Lovely nose work and C/A, as you would expect from this experienced team. Lost a few marks on the quarter and the bite in the hide – oops!! But overall a smashing first effort.  Well done and good luck for the future.

2nd         Q, 277.5,   Susanne Jaffa and ACCRA EAZEL BOB.  Brilliant C/A and very good nosework from another experienced team. Got a bit confused on the chase and recall, but still did enough to qualify.  Good luck for the next one.

3rd          NQ.  Maureen Regan and KENMILLONE FRASER.   Really nice nosework and C/A, but sadly no recall on the Patrol round today, but improving all the time so keep up the training. Good luck next time out.

4th          NQ Chris Gregory  and VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM.  Hiccup on the C/A today but the manwork is coming on nicely.   Good luck for the future.

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