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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 28 June 2015


Stake: CD


Steward: Lindsey Poole

Thanks to the Wessex Committee for the invitation to judge.  Thanks to Trials Manager, Brian Riste, who easily ran yet another very successful trial.  A big thank you to the ladies in the kitchen and to Barbara Riste for the evening meals.  Also thanks to Tony Lockyer for his assistance with the jumps the day before the CD started.  Thank you to Wessex for the lovely judge's present - a Wessex gilet - exactly what I wanted!

Thank you, Lindsey, for doing the squares, stewarding the C/A and giving me the odd reminding nudge throughout the two days.  Also thanks for letting me stay (yet again) in your house.

The square articles were a wooden tongue depressor, a piece of blue denim and a 4 inch bit of green and yellow earth wire sleeve.  The last article blended in very well with the short grass, so this was placed near the bottom of the square.  Unfortunately rather a lot of handlers stood far too close to the square and thus discouraged their dogs from searching the bottom of it.  It was interesting to see the better handlers with more motivated dogs were just standing back and letting their dog use the breeze to work the square to their full advantage.  Retrieve was stewarded by me and was done as Lindsey put the articles on the ground.  After the square, Lindsey moved the poles ready for the next dog while I stewarded individual sit stays - which were done very well.

After all the nosework we did the C/A, which started with a 25 yard recall.  Then there was heel on lead out to the sendaway point.  Sendaway was just under 40 yards to a yellow cone anchored by a yellow pole against the hedgerow.  The marker meant nothing to a couple of dogs, but provided they still went fairly straight they got a good mark.  Handlers then did heel free back towards the jumps, but not around the jumps.  It became obvious that some handlers are training all the other exercises rather than the heelwork - but if you don't do the exercise you won't get the marks and in CD heelwork accounts for 15 marks in total - ouch!  But the recalls and sendaways WERE pretty damn good!  Jumps were done fairly well with just the odd dog failing here.  Angela White with a NSDTR scored 50/50 for control then failed the scale - what a shame.

My thanks to all competitors for being such a lovely bunch and accepting my marks and comments (which were intended to be helpful) without question; you were all a credit to the sport and to your dogs.

1st           John West with AMBERSLADE MICHIGAN AT SHEPALIAN, ASD, owned by John and Jacquie West, 94.25, Q CDEx.   Keen and stylish work from the dog and a handler who was concentrating hard on showing us their best possible performance, which meant they didn't lose many marks.  Recall, sendaway and stays all perfect.  Mich did try to pick up a feather on heel on lead, a momentary lapse in the square and a very well recovered error on the scale made it an interesting round, but by far and away the best of the stake.  Well done! 

2nd         Margaret Tarvit with PATAKPARTI ANGELA, Hung Vizsla, 90.75, Q CDEx.  Very agile and fit dog who jumped beautifully.  Slight mouthing of articles and the extra commands and body language on heelwork (which the dog isn't noticing that much anyway) cost you marks, but the sendaway, stays and recall were all very good and the jumps excellent!

3rd          Jo Richards with TRAIGH JUBILEE FIRE CRACKER, BC, 90.25, Q CDEx.  Mazey did a good retrieve of the dumbell and got 2 articles very cleanly from the square and continued searching, but handler's position did not help.  You were not alone, but at least you gathered up marks from your good stays, heel free, sendaway and jumps which helped you climb up the placings.  Well recovered!

4th          Andrea Lynd with SELDOMSEEN JET, Lab, 90, Q CDEx.  Jet had my only full mark square - it was truly lovely.  A good retrieve, sendaway, stays and jumps helped a great deal, because Jet anticipated the recall and although her h/w is workmanlike (as befits a gundog) it could have been slightly closer at times.  She is a lovely keen nosework dog though, whatever she's called - Jet/Meg?

Also qualifying CDEx:

Anni Martin with CHOCOLATE PUDDING, Working Cocker, and our only small dog, 89.  All 3 articles and a good retrieve got Maisie off to a good start.  Little bits lost here and there and a second attempt on the clear, but overall a good result with no real problems in evidence.

Ann Ketteringham with DREAGANTA LARK AT COALWAY, BC, 86.25. Neat full mark retrieve and good control including stays certainly helped.

Kath Williams with AME MAGNANIME DIDIER DE TITAN, Beauceron, 84.  Borderline on the nosework but good sendaway, stays and jumps saved the day - hurrah!

S. Parry with TRIBBROOK PAVEL CHEKOV, ASD, 81.5.  Just lost little bits everywhere, but did get 3 in square, then luckily just scraped through the agility with 14.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Mary Hansell and Les Theobald

Stewards: Chris Theobald

Many thanks to Brian and Barbara Riste and the committee of Wessex WTS for the invitation to judge the WD stake at the June championship trial.  It’s the first time I’ve been to this trial and what a pleasure it was; good weather, great people to be with, and great company from start to finish.  Big thank you to Brian as trials manager for running a well-run trial with the help of Margery Lee, and Mary Hansell in base; in the kitchen were Jackie West, Margery Lee, Irene Nicol and Sheila Jack, keeping every one well fed and watered with some lovely food throughout the trial - thank you all very much.  And a very big thank you to Barbara Riste for the great food every evening - what a fabulous cook.  Also a massive thank you to Lindsey Poole for opening her lovely home for me and my dogs for the week; nothing was too much trouble.

Out in the field I had Les and Mary laying tracks to perfection, and Chris laying every square to perfection and calling the C/A - thank you, you were all lovely company.  Tracking was on lush grass, with high marks on the tracking.  The C/A started with the retrieve, then on to the heel free, which started with the fast pace, then normal, and ended with the slow pace out to the sendaway, which was 120 paces to a red and white pole.  Calling the dog back, it was on to the jumps and then the test ended with the down stay.

1st           Graham Reaney with ASHENAR VAN GOUGH, GSD, 199, Q.  What can I say?  BRILLIANT, great to watch!

2nd         Rosie Lane with VONLUCIANHAN ARLEE FOR CHAANROSE, Mali, 192, Q.  Another lovely round to watch, and a very excited Rosie.

3rd          Dave Marchant with STARDELL PISCES, BC, 109, Q.  Well done, Dave, good to see you back.

4th          Gary Haim with LOOPITOONZ SPACE RANGER, WSD, 185, Q.  Well done, Gary.

Also qualifying UDEx:

John West with AMBERSLADE MICHIGAN AT SHEPALIAN, ASD, 180.  A good weekend, hey, John?  Congratulations on your CDEx.



Stake: WD


Tracklayers: John West, Mary Hansell, Andy Lloyd

Search Steward: Liz Hickman

C/A Steward: Mary Hansell

Again, many thanks to the committee of Wessex WTC for the invitation to judge the WD stake at the June championship trial.  With Brian running the trial as trials manager and doing the base it could only run like clockwork; and thank you to the ladies still slaving in the kitchen.

Out in the field my tracklayers, John, Mary and Andy, laid every track to perfection in the really lush grass; Liz, my steward, laid every square exactly as I wanted them - thank you all for being great company.  And one who always does a good job is the escort, so Tony Lockyer, thank you for getting everyone to their tracks on time.  

As I said, tracking was on lush grass, as the track marks show, and we only lost three teams on the nosework.  The C/A was the same as the UD, only the sendaway being different.

Thank you every one who entered and for accepting my decisions - you were a pleasure to judge and to watch.  Good luck in the future.

1st           Hayley Woodcock with SAMDAIS LITTLE STAR, BC, 199.5, Q.  Fabulous to watch, just dropping half a mark on the track - well done

2nd         Sheila Jack with STORMLAKE BROOKE, GSD, 197, Q.  A very nervous Sheila, but set the early pace being the first to track – brilliant, well done.

3rd          Elinor Anderson with JEMAS CAROUSEL FOR MYRTILLAS, X-breed, 193, Q.  Another super track.

4th          June Coutts with TADMARTON ESTELLE, Lab, 191, Q.  Always nice to make this lady happy - you were really dragged around the track today, June.  Well done.

Also qualifying WDEx:

Angie Fields with TARNEDGE ACT OF FAITH, 190

Dean Woodcock with CORIES TEX, 188.5

Meg O'Kelly with STARDELL NAOS, 184.5

Brenda Nevard with ISPYDA SPIDER, 184

Jenefer Le Mesurier with AFON ANDY PANDY AT BRYNFFRWD, 175



Stake: Patrol Dog


Tracklayers: Mary Hansell and Adrian Quick 

Search Steward: Tess Shoolbred

Control steward: Jo Magness, scribe Tess

Patrol work:-

Steward: Jo

Protected Stewards: David Barker – chase; Adrian Quick – recall; Kevin Hill – test of courage with David and Adrian too; Hidden Person: John West.

My thanks to Wessex for an enjoyable weekend.  Friendly folk at base, very well organised, excellent tracking ground, (never easy to find at this time of year), excellent control and agility and patrol work fields. 

Tracking on the airfield on silaged grass. All four teams running qualified on the nosework; best nosework - Lee Payne and Diesel.  Control and Agility lost one of my nosework qualifiers.  Best C/A, Lee Payne and Diesel.

The field was ideal for setting up a round of patrol work.  Had a number of large trees scattered around the field together with a pond, lacking in water initially, but as it rained throughout the patrol work, it would have more in it when we finished,  and a good boundary hedge and Devon bank.

First exercise, recall - Adrian ran off, dog controlled at heel, dog sent and whilst dog hidden by overhanging trees recalled whilst out of sight of handler.

Second exercise, chase to stop – David ran off, dog controlled at heel, dog sent and whilst dog hidden from handler detained him.  Search – escort – attack on handler.

Quarter – dog searched around area of five trees and pond, then ran boundary and found John hidden on Devon bank.  Search, one article taped to leg and knife hidden in undergrowth, top of bank.

Whilst escorting hidden person back, test of courage; first one person emerges from behind tree, when dog sent joined by two other persons.  No names given but how could a man who has spent 30 years in the police lose the hidden person under escort?  Perhaps men cannot multi-task!!

Best patrol work Lee Payne and Diesel; he certainly did not lose anyone.

1st           Lee Payne, WTCh LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, CDEx - TDEx, PDEx, 294.5, Q PDEx.  A very worthy winner – best dog in every section and in a class of his own.  Lee had a very disturbed night prior to trial when Manda’s bitch required emergency veterinary treatment back home.  Even I would find that a tad stressful, but thankfully everything was OK in the end.

2nd         Vic Snook, LITTLE MICA, CDEx – TDEx, 273, Q PDEx.  Well worthy of first excellent qualification in championship PD.  Both first two bred by Rod Roberts. 

3rd          Alan Bexon, WTCh FLY BY NIGHT LAD CDEx – TDEx, PDEx, 251, Q PD.  Worked well, but refusal to retrieve two unusual articles from the square and lack of recall proved too costly in the end.

4th          Les Theobald, TYTRI ROMAN JACK, CDEx – WDEx, 261, NQ.  Lack of qualifying mark in C/A proved costly.  How could anyone lose John West?

Thanks to the farmers for providing us with their land and to my team of helpers who did everything to the best of their ability – appreciated.

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