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Trial Held: 03 December 2016


Stake: CD 


Steward: Angie Fields


Thank you to Wessex for the invitation to judge at this always friendly, well-run trial.  Grateful thanks to the farmers for the use of their land.  Thank you again to the folk in the kitchen, especially Jan and Irene for looking after us so well, and Brian and all the team at base.

Angie Fields was my steward and did everything I asked efficiently - thank you for your company.  The weather was kind and not too cold.  I set as encouraging a test as I could and was rewarded with some really good work.  All dogs qualified in the nosework and control was good, with full marks for all on the sendaway.  As usual in CD, stays and agility took most of the marks.  This will continue unless changes are made.  CD stays are more difficult than Championship TD because of the sit, and jumps are exactly the same apart from my allowing second attempts.

Thank you to the competitors for entering and good luck future trials.


1st           ARO, Jan Baker with OAKAPPLE GWINEAR OF JABY, GR, 88.5, Q.  Apart from a 10-minute sit stay(!), Perry worked well throughout.  Lovely attitude to her work, eager and willing.  Good luck for future trials.

2nd         ARO, Sue Main with ASTRA TAM, BC, 88.5, Q.  A shame to have to split these two dogs.  Tam did good work in all sections, apart from a collapse in the sit stay!  Super attitude and I’m sure he has a great future in trials.

3rd          Val Corgan with MADSWAY PURPLE SAGE, Bearded Collie, 90.5, NQ.  Lovely dog, well handled.  Tay worked so well overall, just a lack of confidence on the scale.  Best of luck in the future.

4th          Christine Bailey with DINO OF HOVAR, Terrier X, 86.5, NQ.  What a brave little lad!  He really tried on the long jump.  Dino had the best control marks too, and his halo was in place in the stays; well done.



Stake: WD 


Tracklayers: John West and Lindsey Poole

Search/C/A Steward: Mary Hansell

Many thanks to Wessex Working Trials Club for the invitation to judge the WD stake.  Also to Trials Manager, Brian Riste, his farmers, catering crew and everyone involved in making this trial a pleasure to judge.

The fields we had were just what we have come to expect at the Wessex trial.  Good grass, plenty of room for parking and exercising dogs and not far to travel to any of them.  We were fortunate with the weather as it was chilly but dry for both days with a bit more of a breeze on the second day.

Nosework: Thank you to John and Lindsey for doing a super job tracklaying and to Mary for laying perfect squares.  Track articles were 1) Grey corrugated hose; 2) Green carpet. Square articles 1) Rope; 2) leather; 3) Rubber; 4) Wooden stirrer.  14 teams entered and tracked and 9 completed the track, of which 8 found both articles.  9 dogs found all 4 square articles.

C/A: Thank you to Mary for stewarding the control rounds and stays and putting the competitors at ease.  12 completed the C/A round, with 8 qualifying in the agility section.  The sendaway was 80 paces straight out to the hedge and most dogs achieved this very well.  Unfortunately, 2 dogs broke stays.

1st           Barbara Riste with her Gordon Setter, GEMWELL FIORE SARDO, 195 ,Q.  Hamish and Barbara did a fabulous track, just getting a bit stuck at one point, but Barbara demonstrated just how well she knows her dog and handled it well to make a good recovery and finish with both articles.  The square was lovely to watch, with all articles found in good time and brought to handler very cleanly, gaining full marks.  Very good control round and full marks agility.  A very well deserved win to be proud of.

2nd         Barbara Brown with Working Sheep Dog, EVA PARNASSUS’ MUSE 192.5, Q.  Nice work on the track, recovering both articles and all articles retrieved from the square.  Eva did a super sendaway and retrieve, just losing a couple of marks during heelwork.  She needed a second attempt on the face of the scale but took up the correct position for the wait and there wasn’t a problem on the return, so very well done.

3rd          Janet Parker with German Shepherd, KHAMYSKER ROMAYA, 186, Q.  Maya was a little tentative on the first leg of her track but soon got going and was fine by the time she found the first article on the third leg. She recovered both articles on the track and all 4 from the square.  This youngster was very excited to be doing her C/A round but Janet handled her calmly and managed her enthusiasm well.  Lovely to see all that exuberance channelled so well.  Congratulations, Janet.

4th          Linda Levett with German Shepherd, THAMESPOL DELTA BAXTER, 180.5, Q.  I was mesmerised by Kai.  He is fabulous.  Another very exuberant dog, but you could see the fabulous relationship between dog and handler.  He worked his socks off and in time, and with a bit more experience working together, this team will be great.  Again, very excited during the C/A round, and particularly in heelwork, but only dropped half a mark on the sendaway and full marks retrieve and agility.  Well done, Linda.

I must mention Liz Hickman and WOLFHART TAMARISK.  Tam’s track was a dream to watch and a pleasure to judge. Thank you, Liz.

Also, Gavin Thomson and TRACELYN ASHLEA.  Angie worked so well for you, Gavin.  A very good track and square and only losing half a mark on the C/A round.  Those words - ‘if only’ she had done the stay.  Super girl.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering; I hope you enjoyed the test.  Good luck at future trials.



Stake: PD 


Tracklayers: Ade and Jo Quick

Steward: Barbara Riste

Criminals: Ade Quick, Jo Quick and David Barker


Many thanks to Wessex for the invitation to judge this well run and super friendly trial.  It’s always a pleasure to come down to this trial and the lovely gang down here, you are guaranteed a warm welcome.

Brian Riste, the trials manager, does an excellent job, making sure everything runs to schedule and all you could want is laid on.  Thanks, Brian, for all your hard work; it’s always a pleasure to judge here and to work with you.  Marg Lee does stacks of admin for the trial and sorts the certificates, and goes in the kitchen!!  Is there no limits to this lady’s talents?!  Thanks, Marg.  The ladies in the kitchen were fantastic, as always – shed-loads of super grub, and those cakes!!!  Thank you very much, ladies, and it was great to see Jacquie West back at the trial again.

The farmers came up trumps again, and that’s in no small part to the excellent rapport that Brian has with them.  Stacks of well grown fields, a trialist’s dream.

We had six entries, with five running on the day.  Weather was bright and breezy.  My tracklayers were Ade and Jo Quick, with Barbara Riste stewarding.  I had a fantastic time and good laugh with lovely people, they gave everyone the very best chance of success and are all that is good in trials.  Thank you all, you made my appointment such a pleasure and I appreciate your excellent company.

My criminals were Jo, Ade and David Barker.  Thanks so much to the three of you for coming over, working out distances and setting everything out.  When things didn’t go quite right for any dog, they helped to ensure that all the dogs got a positive experience.

We started with C/A and then on to nosework.  Unfortunately, we lost one in the stays, which I have to say is very uncharacteristic of the dog.  The nosework was very nice on the whole, with the airfield breeze causing a bit of a challenge.  Only one team recovered all four from the square.  The track was 12 legs, with the articles being (i) 4” x 1” strip of grey cushion floor and (ii) 3” x 1” piece of leather.  Square articles were (i) 2”x1” piece of leather, (ii) 1.5” x 1” green scourer, (iii) 1.5” grey hose, (iv) 2,5” length of brown rope.

Patrol started with the chase, David coming out from the hedge shouting and swearing at the handler, like a drunken Banshee!!  Well ok, he introduced himself to the teams with a bit of banter!  He came into centre field and ran - once he had taken 3 paces the dog was sent.  The escort and attack on handler followed, which took us to the quarter.  I had set out hides as the field didn’t lend itself to use of natural cover, which is always my preference; I don’t like a schutzhund type round so will avoid using obvious hides whenever I can.  Jo was hidden in the last hide, and there was a very cursory search of both her and the hide.

Recall was next and was a carbon copy of the chase.  Once the dog had recalled it was the TOC.  This involved Ade luring the dog onto him and as the dog engaged him, Jo and David came out from behind two hides shouting and waving sticks.  The test was relatively straightforward but required plenty of control.


1st           Kevin Hill with JOYFUL JENSEN, GSD, D, 291, Q.  Nice track and square and a very tidy control round.  Strong and determined dog who obviously enjoys his sport.  Just lost bits and bobs but generally a very nice and competent round - I look forward to watching the progress of this team, and this bouncy enthusiastic youngster (Stanley not Kev!).  Well done and good luck in the future.

2nd         Chris Gregory with THRIFTWOOD ALLEGRA, GR, B, 290.5, Q.  Oh, I do love a Goldie!!!  Nice track and square and superb sendaway.  Dilly exceeded Chris’s expectations on the patrol round!  Minor bits here and there but overall a competent round.  Great control throughout and just small areas that need a bit of work.  However, she impressed me with her commitment and control.  Good luck in the future, Chris, she really is gorgeous!

3rd          Ursula Furter with ASALDO DIAMOND SKY LUCY AT AVONWOLF, Mali, B, 271.5, Q.  Ursula and Lucy acquitted themselves well in their foray into PD from IPO.  It is difficult with the different demands of each sport, but I have to say they did very well.  Lucy found the tracking difficult in blustery conditions but then managed four out of the square.  Control was nice, if a little loud (from Lucy not Ursula!).  Patrol just needed a bit of polish, and coupled with some knowledgeable guidance they will do well.  It’s all there, Ursula, good luck in the future, but I know you were thrilled with the result.

4th          Ruth Cahill with RASSAU LERA OF VOMKYNA, GSD, B, 287, NQ.  Oh blimey, Ruth!  You deserved so much more from the day.  Control was superb initially, with just very minor bits, until the stays.  Pixy tracked really well, dropping just a mark, which only compounded Ruth’s frustration.  The patrol round saw them drop 2 marks.  She was absolutely fantastic, and Ruth was ok too!  The control was superb but was balanced with total commitment.  I was very impressed by them as a whole.  No whining or undue barking but so focused. This coupled with excellent handling made this a round a pleasure to watch.  Good luck in the future, Ruth, I will be watching you both with interest.


Thank you all for entering - I hope you enjoyed the test.  I certainly did and it was a pleasure to be able to judge you all.  I wish you all the very best in the future.


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