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Championship Trial
Venue: Skipsea
Trial Held: 31 December 2009

TM, CD, UD, WD, TD Stakes


As the run up to the only trial of the Christmas break, the usual anxieties of what’s the weather going to like, will we be able to transport caravan, trailer, clothes , food, all the necessities for a week’s trial to the East Coast, eighty five miles away come to mind, and although there was plenty of snow and ice before Christmas, all the stalwarts of working trials arrived on Boxing Day ready to help at the trial. My thanks go to the following people:- Tom Darby, Mark Lewindon, Andrea Lynd - TD Tracklayers; Jeff Margreaves, Richard Musgrave, Neil Symons - WD Tracklayers; Tom Mills, Sandra Lewindon - UD Tracklayers. Stewards were Laura Bardwell, Sheila Margreaves, Teresa Musgrave, Rita Banfather, Ruth Bryant and Glenys Page, with Chris Trevor as escort.

Judges were:- TD, Graham Reaney; WD, Jenny Holt; UD, Tracey Park; CD, Neil Symons; thank you all for a great job. This year our TD Judge brought his wife, Norma, and granddaughter, Megan, along to work in the kitchen, and with the help of Liz, Tom and Ruth they kept everyone fed and watered all week, as well as cooking some fantastic evening meals. Our very reliable base staff consisted of Jan Darby and Mary Hardacre, who always do a remarkable job meeting and greeting the competitors, adding the scoresheets and completing certificates in their very professional manner - thanks very much. I would also like to thank Ruth Bryant for the offer of accommodation, firstly to our UD Judge and then to competitors who needed to stay over; also many thanks to Liz Stewart for completing the catalogues.

The weather remained as it had been before Christmas, quite cold, snowy and certainly icy, with an easterly wind coming off the sea making the wind chill even more extreme. The farm yard and the base car park were permanent ice rinks. As usual our farmers were so obliging, so thanks to the Blanchards for the tracking land and Phil Foreman for the ticket control field, and for opening his caravan park specially for everyone who wanted to enjoy the trial, and to the people of Beeford Village for taking so much interest in our sport.

Congratulations to Julie Atkins on winning the ticket once again, and thank you to all the people who brought cakes, chocolates, eggs, buns etc, and also to the people who have let us know how much they enjoyed the friendly atmosphere at Skipsea Trial.





Steward: Ruth Bryant

Thanks to YWTS for inviting me to judge CD. My thanks to Brian Page for putting on a great trial, and to everyone behind the scenes for looking after me, and last, but by no means least, a special thanks to Ruth for her excellent stewarding.

The weather was very cold and quite windy and even through several layers I still struggled to keep warm, although this didn’t seem to bother the dogs. I thought the standard for CD was very good, with 18 entries of which 11 ran, out of which we had 5 dogs qualify CDEx.

1st Mrs Polly Thomas with POLLGINA ROSEBANK ROSE, Lab, B, 95, Q. A very well rounded performance only dropping points on heelwork and retrieve, with a full square. A great team effort by Polly and Rose.

2nd Rod Roberts with LITTLE JEFF, X-Breed, D, 92, Q. Great to see Rod out with his new dog. Though there were other full mark sendaways I really enjoyed Rod and Jeff’s.

3rd Mrs Eva Robards with TARNEDGE COLUMBINE, Lab, B, 87, Q. Our fastest square on the day at 44 seconds; handled well by Eva.

4th Mrs Pat Quinn with HOWS HARRY AT ROYALTAIN, Lab, D, 86, Q. Yet another lovely control round only losing marks on heelwork. Shame about the long jump. Another lovely lab handled well by Pat.

Also qualifying CDEx:

Mrs J R Bateson with CHARLOATS ALMOST PERFECT, GSD, B, 82. A near perfect search and retrieve with 29.5 out of 30 and the best heelwork of the day.

Thanks to all the rest of the competitors. Keep going, your day will come.




Tracklayers: Sandra Lewindon and Tom Mills

Square Steward: Theresa Musgrave

C/A Steward: Rita Banfather

Firstly I would like to thank YWTS for the invitation to judge their UD Stake, and Brian and Glenys Page for all their hard work in running a delightful and very friendly trial. Thanks also to Ruth Bryant for letting me and my 2 dogs stay with her, Jan Darby in the base, all the ladies in the kitchen (Norma Reaney, Liz Murray, Ruth Bryant and young Megan Holden), my 2 stewards and my 2 tracklayers - you all did a first class job, were great company and I appreciated it all. Thank you.

Having been very poorly with a lung infection since the beginning of December, as the trial approached I was beginning to wonder if my health would allow me to carry out my judging appointment, then to top it all the heating in my van packed up, so I set off unwell and bloody freezing! Dogs were warm - they had the hot water bottles!!!!

I set a very straightforward C/A round as we still had quite a bit of snow on the control field, which always makes it a little bit more difficult for handler and dogs, but with the intention of being quite strict in my marking. All exercises were executed from a central pole to ensure the round flowed and so as not to keep anyone hanging around unnecessarily. We started with the down stays, then onto the sendaway to cross-poles in the middle of the field (approx 80 yards away), then on return from this we about turned 180 degrees to do the dumb-bell, then turned 90 degrees right to start the heelwork which would lead us down to the jumps. The work in the C/A was extremely well done and in my opinion a very good standard.


The nosework was done in the afternoon, and I set a simple enough UD track pattern, but not the normal, as sometimes a UD pattern can become predictable and I didn’t want the handlers thinking they knew better than their dogs. On the whole the tracking was very good, although I did think the squares were very average, apart from 1 or 2 which stood out from the rest.

1st Mr Nick Brunner and EASTER PRINCE, Cocker Spaniel, D, Q, 199.5. The marks say it all, this team only lost the half mark on one corner of the track and were an absolute pleasure to judge and watch. I do believe Nick says Rubin can do full height jumps, and I would love them to compete in the higher stakes. Well done.

2nd Mrs June Reed and SHADOWQUEST LEGACY, GSD, D, Q, 194.5. Another very good round from a team that should do well in the higher stakes. Well done, June.

3rd Mrs Marie Dixon and THE GODWIT, XB, B, Q, 192.5. A super track and square, full mark jumps. Heelwork could be tidier, but nevertheless a well deserved qualification. Well done.

4th Mr Rod Roberts and LITTLE JEFF, XB, D, Q, 192. Another good round, as one would expect from this team, and its good to see you back, Rod. And to anyone, if Rod tells you he can’t run, he is lying, as I saw him legging it round his track – ha ha ha! Well done.

Also qualifying UDEx:

Mrs A. Fotherby and JAKOVALL IS IT ANY WONDER, 191.5

Mrs J. Paul and KENMILLIX I’M YOUR MAN, 188.5

Mr J. Tait and PINFOLD FLY, 188

Mrs S. Margreaves and SHADOWQUEST KANE, 186

Well done to all the above, hard lines to those that didn’t make it this time; there will be other times. And many thanks for the pleasure of judging your dogs.




Tracklayers: Jeff Margreaves, Richard Musgrave and Neil Symons

Stewards: Glenys Page and Sheila Margreaves

Thank you to Yorkshire WTS for asking me to judge this well organised Trial. The weather was ‘seasonal’ but could have been a lot worse. As usual this was a very sociable Trial and we were very well looked after by Brian Page and his team.

I am indebted to Jeff, Richard and Neil for laying all my tracks exactly as I wanted them, and for their good company. Also thanks to Glenys and Sheila for setting out the search squares and stewarding the control.

1st Mr Chris Trevor with DESMOND DINGO, X-Breed, 21/6/07, 194, Q. What a super partnership this pair are, obviously enjoying both Trials and each other’s company. Consistent high standard of work throughout.

Well Done

2nd Mrs Sheila Tannert with STYPERSON CLEO, Lab, 22/12/07, 193.5, Q. Only a whisker between the first two young dogs. Well handled, as one would expect from Sheila. Well Done.

3rd Miss Andrea Lynd with REBARK BUBBLY PEG, Lab, 4/6/06, 190.5, Q. Yet another WDEx to her collection. Retrieve a bit naughty but everything else went like clockwork. Well Done

4th Miss Kath Wooley with ANDSAL EYE CATCHER AT DUNSA, GSP, 30/5/07, 189.5, Q. Negotiated all the wildlife to win the best nosework trophy. Unfortunate deviation on the sendaway cost them the first place. Well Done

Also qualified WDEx:-

Mrs Fran Atkin with BLENDRI OF STEPASIDE, WSD, 4/7/07, 188. Another good performance from a young dog. Well Done

Mrs Laura Bardwell with POLLGINA JACKSON McBRIDE, Lab, 29/4/06, 184. Almost missed the first track article but made up for it with an excellent C/A. Well Done

Jacquie Hall with NUNNEYSWOOD RHYTHM ‘N’ BLUES, CB Ret, 25/2/06, 181.5. Bits of polish needed here and there and this dog will soon be in the cards. Well Done

Sandra Lewindon with BRACOKELI DELIVERENCE, GSD, 11/3/05, 181.5. Scarey moment when she failed the long jump but all came right. Well Done

Mrs D Cottrill with SANDYS OAK, Lab, 28/4/07, 172.5. The track was costly but entertaining due to this dog’s sheer exuberance and speed - nevertheless he made it through. The potential in this dog is there for all to see.

Well Done

Qualified WD:

Mrs Heather Donelly with MOBELLA CARELESS WHISPER FOR WOOLRAM, BC, 20/1/05, 152.5. Shaky start to the track; probably got confused with the many deer tracks and so failed to finish, but did a full point square. A good effort.

Of the 30 competitors, 25 ran, 12 completing the 18 leg track, and 17 retrieved all four articles from the square. The long jump caused a few problems together with control before and after the jumps. I felt some dogs were sent on ‘a wing and a prayer’. As conditions around the jumps were good I did not allow second attempts - after all this was WD Championship!

Thank you to all the competitors; I enjoyed your company and watching your dogs.




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Mark Lewindon, Andrea Lynd

Square Stewards: Laura Bardwell, Glenys Page

Thank you Yorkshire for the opportunity to judge championship TD at Skipsea, my first championship TD appointment, and as I intend to retire from judging, probably my last. I have already got two more PD ticket appointments booked, and I am finding it increasingly difficult to come up with something different in each test, so I feel enough is enough.

Thanks to Brian and Glenys Page for their efforts at such a busy time of the year; I am sure but for their input yet another trial could well bite the dust. Thanks to my tracklayers and stewards, all named above, for their efforts to ensure that all the competitors got as equal a chance as the weather allowed. I must on this occasion give a special thanks to the kitchen staff, one of whom who was only 12 years old, who worked tirelessly for six days up to twelve hours a day for all our benefits. So thanks Norma, Megan, Liz, Tom and Ruth - your efforts where much appreciated.


Of course, thanks also go to the competitors, who accepted my decisions in a sporting manner and made every effort to do the test in the manner I asked.

1st Mrs Julie Atkins and WTCh OUR DUG. A very competent round by a experienced handler. Nosework 159, Control 30.5, Jumps 15, Total 204.5. Well done, Julie.

2nd Stevi Boyall and WTCh STYPERSON LOMOND. Another competent round by this young but experienced handler. 157, 28, 17, Total 202. Well done.

3rd Mrs Diana Collie and Irish WTCh COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES BLUE. Another very good round, just a series of little things taking the ticket just out of reach. 154, 28.5, 19, Total 201.5. Better luck next time.

4th Mrs June Reed and LITTLE JODE. Another good round from this team. I feel I must give this lady extra credit for the fact she does not go for any fancy breeding, but saves GSD’s lives by taking them out of rescue, giving them a good life, and working them in our sport - her results speak for themselves. After a run off for a third place. 153, 28.5, 20, Total 201.5

Also Qualified TDEx:

Mr Nigel Hines and TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD. This team turned in a nice round that included best track. 196, Q TDEx

Mrs Suzanne Plumb and WTCh COLLIEWOOD CAVELLERO, 195

Mr Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, 190.5

Mrs Sheila Tannert and STYPERSON EBONY, 185

Mrs Jannette Sayer and VILLAGE KING, 184

Linda Newbold and COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, 180.5

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