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Championship Trial
Venue: Skipsea
Trial Held: 31 December 2011


This is the last time I shall be running the trial at the East Coast so I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have over the past ten years have supported Glenys and myself.  It is not the easiest of trials to run, as the

workers  have to stay over, or travel at least  forty  miles or more, and do so without  claiming expenses - so thank you for your generosity.

This year the judges were TD, Jacqui  Gibney,  WD, Suzanne Plumb, UD and  CD, Mark  Lewindon.  The TD tracklayers were Tom  Darby, Richard  Musgrave  and Mark Lewindon, for  one day before judging UD and CD, and the search steward was Glenys Page all week, and Suzanne Plumb, after judging WD for 3 days, stewarded the control on the last day:  WD tracklayers were Graham Reaney and Andrea Lynd, and Pat Hodgkins was the steward: UD tracklayers were Steve Banfather and Tom  Mills, and Rita Banfather  stewarded UD  and CD along with Sandra Lewindon.

As Trials Manager I always like to ensure that the competitors are escorted to their tracks or control field, as at Christmas the days are very short and we cannot afford to lose tracks or be delayed in any way; I find it works better for everyone, so along with myself I would like to thank Chris Trevor for doing a grand job.

The fields which were again provided by the Blandchards were excellent, and our thanks go once again to the farmers.  We had winter wheat for TD and UD, and oil seed rape for WD.  As I have just mentioned, most of our workers come from far and wide, so I would like to mention Phil Foreman and his wife for allowing us to stay at his caravan park for the week, and providing us with a choice of fields on the control day for TD.  I would also like to thank the committee of Beeford Community Centre for  the use of all their facilities over the Christmas and New Year.  These people should be treasured, as Working  Trials will not continue without the support of local communities like Beeford.  At the base, meeting and greeting the competitors, were Jan Darby and Mary Hardacre, who worked away in their usual efficient manner.  We had again this year our most excellent caterers in Norma Reaney and granddaughter Megan, along with Liz Mills, who not only kept all the

workers through the day supplied with food and drink, but also put on two fantastic meals for  two of the  five nights we were running the trial.  How did you do it Norma?  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Many thanks also to Liz Stewart for making sure we had the catalogues in time for the trial.  It is much appreciated!!!!

Lastly, I would like to thank the competitors for supporting this trial; unfortunately for two days we had horrific windy conditions, very unseasonal, but no snow or ice, so at least we made here this year. And I would like to thank all the competitors who took the time tell us they had enjoyed the trial, either verbally or by cards, and the gifts for the raffle etc.  Congratulations to Liz de Unger for winning the ticket, and Graham Reaney the reserve.

Happy Trialling





Tracklayers: Steve Banfather and Tom Mills

Square and Control Stewards: Rita (recall now) Banfather and Sandra Lewindon

I would like to thank the YWTS committee for the invitation to judge the CD and UD stakes at their Skipsea Championship Trial.  Sandra and I have looked forward to this trial every year for several years now, and I considered the invitation to judge a real privilege.  Brian Page is always calm and efficient in his management of the trial and brings an excellent team together for the week.  Behind the scenes Jan and Mary ran the base with Norma, Megan and Liz in the kitchen providing food for the helpers:  Norma and Megan also provided excellent meals in the base on two evenings - no mean feat.   Brian never stops and, just to keep things moving performed numerous tasks throughout, including escorting competitors so that they reached their UD tracks in good time.  All of the helpers in the fields did their best to ensure that competitors had a good chance of success and made them feel at ease.  Steve Banfather and Tom Mills laid the UD tracks with Sandra stewarding the UD control on both days and laying UD squares on the second day.  Rita Banfather laid the UD squares on the first day.  For the CD, Rita and Sandra both stewarded the control and laid the squares.  I was also fortunate to have Chris Trevor organising the competitors for the UD and CD control rounds.  The trial would not have run without the cooperation of the local farmers to whom I would like to extend my thanks. 


Thirteen teams entered the stake with seven attending on the day.  From previous experience, I found that working with two stewards helped to keep things moving, and personal contact with the stewards before coming on to the field put the competitors at ease, particularly newcomers.  The control round was completed first and started with ‘on lead’ heelwork.  This moved competitors in a pattern from the start, out into the field, towards the point from where I wanted the sendaway to be undertaken.  After the ‘on lead’ heelwork, competitors completed the recall exercise, followed by off lead heelwork.  The sendaway was then attempted, which required the dogs to be sent 50 paces to two crossed poles placed in the boundary. I was very impressed with the standard of the control rounds with some excellent heelwork and few problems with the sendaway or the jumps.  Only one dog did not complete the sit stay exercise and another experienced difficulties in the down stay.

The nose-work round was conducted in a wheat field with a strong clumpy growth.  It started with the retrieve away from the laid search square.  The articles were a piece of wood, a length of armoured cable and a piece of dishwasher waste pipe.  Only one team left an article in the square and the nose-work was also of a high standard.  Three teams achieved CDEx, with another two teams qualifying CD.

1st Brian Hartree with GANGSKUZA CASSIE (Mazey), GSD, D.  A lively young GSD with a real zest for life who shows great promise for the future.  This was the icing on the cake for Brian who also qualified UDEx earlier in the week. Qualified CDEx with 92 .   

2nd Bernard Martens with LAURINCO RED RYDER (Rex), Lab, D.  This was another well handled dog turning in a good performance, with the 2nd attempt on the long jump probably separating Rex from Mazey.  Only a few odd points lost across the exercises.  Qualified CDEx on 91.

3rd Abbey Peart with JET BRAMBLES (Merlin), Lab, D.  This was only Abbey’s 2nd trial, having previously competed in a CD Open.  A really nice Lab well handled and certainly holding its own, turning in a competent performance and qualifying CDEx on 88.5.

4th Irene Seymour with HAUSBAILEY KALAB (Zamm), GSD, D.  Another lively young GSD coming into the sport with promise for the future.  The sit stay cost dearly and with some other odd points lost led Zamm to qualify CD with 78 points.

Angela Moslin also qualified CD with NYRVANA GOLD DIGGER (Odin), GSD, D.  A strong dog with which Angela bravely persists, doing well to achieve 74 marks.


There were fifteen entries in UD, all attempting the test.  Weather for the two days was very cold and windy with some light showers.  One competitor commented that I was mad to judge at Skipsea - maybe mad, but definitely cold!! 

The control round was negotiated in the morning, starting with the retrieve before competitors were, like the CD, taken in a heelwork pattern to the sendaway point.  For the sendaway, dogs were sent 85 paces to a pole, set at an angle, in a hedge.  Handlers were then moved, with their dogs doing heelwork, back to the jumps.  Only six teams failed to obtain sufficient marks in the Control and agility section, three not completing the down stay and three not obtaining sufficient marks in the agility.

The tracking land was excellent; soft with a good growth of wheat.  Track articles were a piece of fibrous laminate floor underlay, about 2" square laid 40 paces into the second leg, and the end article was a chopstick laid across the track.   Search square articles were a shotgun cartridge, piece of carpet approximately 1" x 2", a piece of rubber mat about 2" square and a piece of thin rope about 3.5" long.  Sandra had realised just how cold the weather was going to be and made two hand-made muffs from the sleeves of an old synthetic coat, one each for Sandra and Rita.  The plan was for them to hold the square articles within the muffs thereby keeping their hands warm whilst scenting the articles.  My hands were freezing and I envied them with their hands in their nice warm muffs; it seemed like a perfect plan until Rita removed her hands leaving the square pattern in the muff.  It was at this stage that we realised that they made equally good wind tunnels as the pattern disappeared across the field never to be seen again!!!  The muffs obviously made a difference though - the standard of search squares was particularly high, with the stewards not having to recover any articles over the two days.

Twelve of the fifteen teams secured sufficient marks in the nose-work section with six qualifying UDEx and one UD. 

1st Eva Robards with TARNEDGE COLUMBINE (Caya), Lab/Ret, B.  89.5 track and 34.5 square - a nice round well handled.  I look forward to seeing this team in the higher stakes.  Well done, Eva, qualifying UDEx on 195.5.

2nd Penny Bellis with SHILLINGTON JASMINE (Jasmine), XB, B.  A huge hare ran across Penny’s track just before she arrived, crossing the first leg just after the 2nd pole.  It was Penny’s experience that got Jasmine past that distraction, but once up and running, she went round like she was on rails.  Otherwise a nice round, with Penny helping this young dog as much as she could and qualifying UDEx, with 2nd place decided on the better track mark – 193.5. 

3rd Brian Hartree with GANGSKUZA CASSIE (Mazey), GSD, D.  A really nice control round only dropping 2.5 points.  A couple of small distractions on the track led to a mark of 86 with a full mark square.  Well done, Brian, on your UDEx qualification with 193.5.

4th Sarah Burroughes with TARNEDGE VELVET (Ester), Lab, B.  87 track and 34.5 square.  Sarah handled this nice Lab really well gaining a deserved UDEx with 191 marks.

Also qualifying UDEx:

Moira Rogerson with THREE NINES KATIE (Vimto), BSD Mali, B.  Moira’s experience certainly showed through here with this lively young bitch.  88 track and 34 square - perfect heelwork and retrieve carrying Vimto through the control round.  Well done on qualifying UDEx with 183.

Sally Toynbee with HUNDWITH DUTIFUL (Merry), Weim, D.  Merry was the first dog on, with the tracking in difficult, windy conditions.  He took an interesting line up the first leg, and cut across the 2nd box.  Sally persevered and completed the track with the loss of some marks.  Well done on qualifying UDEx on 175.5.

Qualifying UD:

Dave Craven with LITTLETHORN MAESTRO (Frosty), BC, D.  Dave handled Frosty very well but had some difficulty with the track, ending with 157.




Tracklayers: Graham Reaney, Andrea Lynd

Stewards: Pat Hodgkins, Chris Trevor      

Thanks to YWTS committee for the invitation to judge at this friendly and well organised trial.  Trials Manager Brian Page and his team of helpers ran an excellent trial from the Beeford Village Hall.  Warm base, superb food, great company, thank you all for your hard work, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The fields for the tracking were on well grown rape; it was good to see so many teams qualifying the nosework despite the strong gusty winds.  To my two tracklayers, Graham and Andrea, many thanks and I did appreciate your good-natured banter. The search squares went well with most dogs finding four articles - thanks Pat for laying the squares.

Control and agility followed in the afternoon.  Thank you to Chris for organizing the competitors so they were ready to work their dogs and Pat for stewarding, explaining the round and putting each competitor at their ease.  Rounds on the whole were well controlled, with handlers getting good attention from their dogs; only the sendaway caused a problem with dogs going off to the fence on the right of the field.

1st Mr Alan Bexon with FLY BY NIGHT LAD, WSD, 186.5, Q.  A very steady track but Fly missed his first article; luckily he found the second one then went on to work a full mark square.  Lost one and a half on his control with full point agility.  A good all round performance from this handler and his young dog.

2nd Mrs L. Salisbury’s ORLISCWT BOBBIN ALONG, ISCWT, 186, Q, handled by Andrea Clarke.  Yogi carefully worked his way around the track, at times disappearing in the long lush rape.  Lost most of his track marks when he got stuck on a corner but he recovered and completed the track with two articles.  Three articles found from the square.  Losing only one mark on his control with full point agility showed us that a Wheaten Terrier is very capable in the right hands of enjoying and qualifying in trials.

3rd Mrs J. Lewis with RUSHBOTTOM RHYNESTON BROWS, ASD, 182, Q.  A very keen Browse bombed around his track finding two articles and then went on to get four from the square.  Worked well in the control and agility with only the sendaway causing a problem and a second attempt at the hurdle.

4th Mrs Wendy Magyar with GLENALPINE TED, BC, 182, Q.  Ted struggled a little on the track as the wind got particularly gusty but Wendy’s handling helped him recover, finding both articles and four from the square.  Heelwork let them down on the control as Ted wanted to get on with it all at his pace.  One point lost on the agility.

Also qualifying WDEx:

Mr D. Salisbury with PADDY OF THE NORTH, GSD, 181

Carol Hall’s GUNNISWENS ARRIVA-LA-DIVA, GSD, 178.5, handled by Julia Findeison.

Jim Sewell with STARDELL TYL, BC, 178

Angela Porter with TILLIE BY MOONLIGHT, BSD, 177.5

Mr Bill Richardson with KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, BSD Mali, 172

Well done and good luck to you all in the higher stakes.




Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Richard Musgrave, Tom Darby

Steward: Glenys Page

41 entries, 34 ran

I always enjoy the Yorkshire Trials, so it was an honour to be asked to judge the Skipsea ‘Christmas Ticket’.  Brian and Glenys Page organised a very enjoyable Trial, sadly their last at this venue - they will be a hard act to follow.  The TD team were brilliant - thank you all for your professionalism and commitment.  Mark Lewindon laid tracks on the first day, prior to judging UD and CD, Richard Musgrave took over for Thurs and Fri, and stalwart Tom Darby laid all three days, the first tracks in the dark, using bicycle dynamo lights on poles to line up to.  Glenys laid all the searches accurately, changing the baseline often to cope with the blustery strong winds which often affected the work.  In fact, we all suffered with the wind all week.   Every competitor thanked the team and deservedly so.

Always in the background, but ensuring that competitors got to the right place at the right time, feeding and watering the team all week, scores and certificates written and presented, were Jan Derby and Mary Hardacre in the base,  with Norma Reaney and Megan, aided by Liz and Tom Mills, in the kitchen.  Norma even cooked fresh scones and pies at base, as well as fed us all for two evening meals.  Thank you all.

Nosework.  Lush corn, all on one field; no snow this year, but the wind strength varied.  Wed and Fri, very strong wind, Thurs at gale force.  All dogs gave it their best shot, but at times conditions just beat them.  There were 14 dogs on qualifying marks going into control. Glenys and Richard kindly did ‘run throughs’ and both ‘Sams’ performed well.  Thank you Suzanne, for stewarding the C/A - you did a really good job.  The atmosphere was also really good, with competitors applauding each other on completion of their round.  There was some impressive work demonstrated during the trial, particularly in the conditions.  Thanks to competitors for entering, it was a privilege to judge you.

1st  Liz de Unger and Lab STYPERSON ROYCE.  Many congratulations in making Sohrab a WTCh.  A well deserved win.  Also best nosework award.  203.5

2nd Graham Reaney and WTCh TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND.  Same sire as Liz’s, another strong lab, Charlie  knows his job.  Well deserved reserve ticket.  195

3rd Paul Adams and SHERINGHAM MAC, BC. Tracked in the worst of the weather; Glynn never gave up, gaining a well earned first TDEx - congratulations.  193

4th Mike Williams and MARINA BENS PAL.  This Lab/Springer cross is a cracking little dog.  Well done.  191.

Also qualifying, well done to:

June Reed and SHADOWQUEST  LEGACY.  June is diminutive against this big GSD, and yet gets the best out of Buddy. 189.5.  Awarded best track trophy with 95/100.

Margo Brothwell and TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, Cross.  Also tracked in the worst weather.  Margo manages to stay as laid back as Ryan, the most Sid-like dog of this breeding.  187

Rita Banfather and NICOLEE TRUE GRIT OF BANNERSWAY, GSD.  McCoy’s performance in these conditions should give you lots of confidence for the next time.  175, Q TD.

Congratulations to all the qualifiers, and to all competitors, enjoy your training; I wish you all a good year in trials.

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