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Championship Trial
Venue: Beeford
Trial Held: 30 December 2008


I would to like to start by thanking our farmers, the Blanchards, for the use of their excellent tracking land and control fields.  Nothing was too much trouble, going out of their way to supply us with fields that weren’t  too wet and muddy.  A new control field for the ticket on the last day was made available by our  other farmer, Mr Foreman, who also lets us use his caravan site for the week.  If it wasn’t for people like these, there  wouldn’t be a trial.

This year we regained the use of  Beeford Village Hall, after its refurbishment, due to the floods in June 2007. What a base this is, one of the best in the country, so lots of people said.   I do agree.

To run a Championship Trial as large as Skipsea  lots of people have to be involved,  as a team, and  thanks to the following people it ran like clockwork.   Judges were TD – Norma Ansell  with steward  Maurice  Cooke,  WD – Ann Bedford  and steward Lorraine Wilson, UD – Jean Morley  and steward Pete Morley, CD – Yvonne Carpenter  and steward Eric Carpenter.  TD tracklayers were Tom Darby, who laid  the earlies  for four days, Andrea Lynd  the middles, and Jeff Margreaves,  who both covered for Andrea when she worked her dog and laid the other TD tracks as and when needed.  WD tracks were laid by Neil Symons who travelled for three days from near Hull early morning, and Glenys for two days ,and again Andrea filling in for Glenys when she worked her dog.  UD tracks were laid by yet another long distance traveller,  Suzanne Plumb, from Scarborough, and Mark Lewindon.  Many thanks to all.  I would also like to thank Tom and Jan Darby for travelling to Skipsea days before the trial to help stake out the tracking land.  Sheila Margreaves was gate steward for all stakes, and what a sterling job she did, along with stay stewarding on the last day.

All the above people need food and drink so the kitchen is another worry for the trials manager, especially at Christmas when shops are not open when the trial starts.  I have to thank Tom Mills and Liz Murray for coming to my rescue and setting up the food for the workers, also to Pat Parkinson, who, after working her dogs, took over the reins in the kitchen, ably assisted by Ruth Bryant and Sandra Lewindon.  You are stars.

In the base, meeting and greeting the competitors was Jan Darby, along with Mary Hardacre, who sorted scores and wrote all certificates in their usual professional  manner. Before the trial  the catalogues were printed by Liz Stewart; thank you all.

At this point I would  like to mention four people who were missed greatly at our trial.  They have been involved with Skipsea Trial for many years, when John Grantham ran it.  They are Dave and Julia Skipp and Pete and Pat Hodgkins.  Sadly, as we all know, Dave died suddenly in November leaving everyone  stunned by his death; we all missed his cheeky grin in the kitchen, and Julia’s lovely smile waiting for people to order their bacon butties.  Also missing  were Pat and Pete, tracklaying and stewarding, but it was lovely to see you both on control day.

The weather was extremely kind to us this year, a bit frosty, but mainly dry and cold - for Skipsea that’s a bonus. 

Finally I would like to thank all the competitors for supporting our trial - it gets bigger and better each year. To those who qualified, well done, to those who didn’t quite make it, better luck next time. 

A special mention to my wife, Glenys, for all her hard work and commitment as secretary, before, during and after the trial.





Steward: Eric Carpenter

Gate Steward: Sheila Margreaves

Thanks to YWTS for the invitation to judge; to Brian and Glenys for running the trial; to Jan and Mary for sorting out the marks and the certificates; Pat and everyone else who pitched in to make sure hot refreshments were available.  Thanks also to Eric, Search and Control Steward, and Sheila, Gate Steward, for braving the cold winds to keep me company.   Finally thanks to the competitors, who didn’t keep us hanging about and who accepted my decisions gracefully.

As usual, CD was a mix of experienced handlers and new beginners to working trials.  On the whole handling was good with sendaways and recalls being excellent and searches also good.  Stays and the jumps took their toll, these exercises being the only reasons that dogs did not qualify.

1st BRIGLEN JOSS, BC and Glenys Page on 90.5, Qual CDEx.  Ozzie was his usual playful self and an excellent sendaway and recall, together with both stays, meant he and a very nervous Glenys not only qualified CDEx but also won the Stake.  Well done.

2nd LITTLE RAYMOND, X-breed and Dave Olley, 87, Qual CDEx.  Calm and sympathetic handling by Dave and a good all round performance from Ray paid off.  Apart from going down in the sit stay, they had a nice tidy control round and a very good search.  Well done.

3rd RAMBAUDS ORTIE, PSD, and Anne Collen, 83.5 Qual CDEx.  Anne’s experience really shows through when handling Tiggy – not the easiest of dogs, I’d say!  Tiggy was the last dog to do the search and had to work through what sounded like cannons going off.  Apart from the down stay, she worked a good control round.  Well done.

4th ZEPHYR SILVERHEELS, BC, and Joanna Hebdon, 82.5, Qual CDEx.  A very tight lead and bits and pieces generally cost Zeph and Joanna marks on the day, but again they had a good sendaway and recall.  Well done.




Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Suzanne Plumb

Stewards: Peter Morley

I would very much like to thank YWTS for the invitation to judge at ‘Skipsea’ Trial, which has a special place in my trials career, as it’s where I gained my very first qualification, more years ago than I like to admit.  Brian Page did a sterling job as Trials Manager, and having given up his Christmas for others to enjoy their hobby deserves to be congratulated by all, for all the hard work put in before, during and after the trial.  Jan Darby and Mary Hardacre worked at the score table and kept everything running smoothly.  We were well fed and watered by Pat Parkinson and her army of helpers. My two tracklayers Suzanne and Mark, did an excellent job out in the fields, often on difficult terrain which does test the legs, especially when the boots are much heavier with extra mud.  Thank you very much on behalf of the competitors. My trusty steward Peter worked hard too, stewarding the control round and the searches.  Thank you also for all your hard work at this trial and others over all the years. 

The weather was mixed – pleasantly mild the first morning and rain to follow for the nose work in the afternoon; and the next day just very cold all day long.  There were 16 entries in this stake, to be run over two days.  However we did have 4 scratches.  There was good variety of breeds apart from the Collies and Shepherds, including a Weimeraner and Chesapeake Bay Retriever, two breeds I have not judged before; both were totally committed to the nose work section.  The two days produced some very differing levels of work. Day one’s control was very good but nose work not so good; day two’s control was mediocre but nose work was excellent. What a difference a day makes!.

1st Miss Andrea Lynd with REBARK BUBBLY PEG, Lab, 198, Qual UDEx.  An excellent round.  Well done, Andrea, an impressive team.

2nd Ruth Bryant with MEISTERWERK BRUISER, BC, 186.5, Qual UDEx.  The only team to qualify the first day.

3rd Carl Dent with JARYSMYSTIC EZ SPELL, WSD, (owned by Rachel Young), 185.5, Qual UDEx.  Good all round effort.

4th Mrs Vicky Dixon with ELECAMPANE WILLOW, Lab, 183.5, Qual UDEx.  Excellent control round - just made the jumps

Also Qualified UDEx:

Mr Mick Fryatt with DAGWOOD DAX, GSD, 177

The best nose work trophy was awarded to Jackie Hall’s Cheapeake Bay Retriever, NUNNEYSWOOD RHYTHM ‘N’BLUES.  This dog put his nose down at the pole and continued so all the way round.  Only lost half a mark on all the nose work.  I think a previous trialist, Mr.Bert Cross, might be interested to follow your dog’s career.

I would like to thank all the competitors who entered under me and for the way you conducted yourselves. You were a credit to the sport – long may you enjoy your dog and get pleasure from one of the best hobbies there is. Thank you one and all.




Tracklayers: Neil Symons (3 days), Glenys Page (2 days), Andrea Lynd (1 day)

Steward: Lorraine Wilson

Many thanks to YWTS for this judging appointment.  I do so enjoy this trial and it was great to be asked to judge there.  Brian Page did a grand job as manager; he and his team had everything organized to perfection. Jan and Mary manned(?) base and ensured everyone arrived on time to work.  Pat, Tom, Liz and Sandra in the kitchen kept us supplied with food and drink.

To Lorraine, my steward, once again many thanks. Excellent squares, she only had to retrieve one article over the three days.  Tracklayers Neil, Glenys and Andrea did a grand job and were good company, thank you.

Lastly, thanks to the competitors who chose to enter and for accepting my decisions.  It’s just a pity there weren’t more qualifiers.

We worked over three days, the weather being fairly similar for the whole time - dull with a slight breeze and cold!  26 dogs entered, 19 worked, 7 nosework qualifiers with 6 qualifying overall.

The nose work was based in one large field, only having to stray into a second field on the last day. With one exception, the dogs seemed to find the tracking conditions very hard. Four of the six qualifiers did so on the last day.

1st Brian Ogle with EYLAUERHOFS ROMMEL, Rott, D, 185.5, Q.  Worked the track well, just points lost on the first cutback and subsequent leg.  Very tidy control and jumps.

2nd Eleanor Mestraud and WOLFHART FIRENFUL IDES, GSD, B, 182.5, Q.  Cos ran round the track with ease followed by a good square.  Control not so tidy, but enough to get a qualification today.  Winner best Nosework Trophy.

3rd Barry Gilbert and IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR, Stand Poodle, D, 177.5, Q.  Steady track from Freddy who unfortunately wafted off with the breeze at the first article.  Good square.  Sendaway the only sticking point of control.

4th Sandra Lewindon and BRACOKELI DELIVERENCE, GSD, B, 170, Q.  Worked hard on the track, followed by four from the square.  Control let down by the sendaway.

Also qualifying:

Rita Banfather with STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSWAY, GSD, D, 169.5

Carole Hall with PENRITH NELL (owned by Mr and Mrs Johnson), Lab, B, 162




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Andrea Lynd, Jeff Margreaves, Brian Page

Steward: Maurice Cooke

Thanks to YWTS for inviting me to judge my first Working Trials Ticket.  I was very nervous; it is a big responsibility, but my fantastic "back-up gang" made the experience extremely enjoyable.

Firstly, thanks to Maurice, who was my right hand man (and the left).  He did all the domestics i.e. setup the caravan, gas, water, etc., he carried my bag, waterproofs, fired the gun, laid all the searches and stewarded control on Sunday (oh no, not Sunday, Wednesday), we lost all track of days and sorry, Maurice, I forgot to thank you at the presentation.

Due to a large entry (45) we started on Boxing Day - thanks to Mary and Suzanne who tracked on that day.

Thanks to my tracklayers, Tom Darby, who laid all the earlies and three run off tracks (just in case!), Andrea Lynd (congrats on your UD win), Jeff Margreaves (full of flu) and Brian Page.  Special thanks to Trials Manager Brian Page and Glenys for all their help and support throughout the week, (well done, Glenys, CD Winner) and thanks to all the backroom boys, kitchen staff jump putter uppers etc.

The standard of work was high as you would expect in Championship TD.  Tracking conditions were great, fairly sparse winter wheat, weather dry and cold - those North East winds certainly blow in Yorkshire!

We ended up with 21 nosework qualifiers, 15 of whom came back on control day, with 12 eventual qualifiers.  Well done to all of you.  Finally, thanks to the competitors for giving me the opportunity to judge some of the best working dogs in the country.

1st and CC   Mrs Julie Atkins, WTCh OUR DUG, BC.

Julie and Dug were in the lead after superb nosework. Despite an early draw, they produced a cool, collected, professional control round to keep hold of the ticket. 98/30/33.5, 30/20, Total 211.5

2nd and Res CC Mrs Suzanne Plumb, WTCh COLLIEWOOD CAVELLERO, WSD.  Easy to see why Bandit is a WT Champion; slightly over-enthusiastic on the track, cast a little, but the fastest search followed by an almost faultless control round had them snapping at Julie’s heels.   Congratulations.  92.5/30/34.5, 33.5/20, Total 210.5

3rd Mrs Sheila Tannert, WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR,  Lab.  Always a force to be reckoned with; a super track with some casting in strong winds.  92.5/30/33.5, 30/20,  Total 206

4th Mr Gary Atkins, WTCh CAFCOLL RON, BC.  A rather hesitant start on the track which had us worried, unlike Ron, but the further he went the better he got. Super search, and Gary kept his cool when Ron had his own ideas about the sendaway. 92/30/35, 29/20, Total 205

Also qualified TDEx:

Dave Marchant, WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, 204.5

Debbie Meade, HEATHERMARK VIXEN, 203.5


Margaret Robinson, WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, 200.5

Stevie Boyle, STYPERSON LOMOND, 195.5

June Reed, LITTLE JODE, 193.5

Jill Carruthers, JASUETER RED GARNET, 192

Heather Patrick, SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY, 186.5

Qualified TD:

June Reed, ESSEX GIRL, 164.5

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