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Championship Trial
Venue: Skipsea
Trial Held: 30 December 2003


Last year was our first year at the Grainary and was great, this year was even better there can’t be many bases around better than this.I would like to thank Frances the landlady for doing all we wanted and more and feeding us like Kings. Thanks also to the farmer Mr Blanchard who supplies us with enough land to run three trials on. My thanks to the judges and all the workers for making my job easier and thank you to all the competitors who came along and hopefully enjoyed our trial.Finally thanks to John and Gail for looking after me and other workers during the trial and just for being there





Base Stewards: JanDarby & Glenys Page

Square Steward: Julie Skipp

Steward: Joan Watkins

Many thanks to Yorkshire Working Trails Society for their invitation to judge the CD stake. The weather was quite kind to us. Although very cold and a bit windy at times we managed to stay dry. C.D. took place on the 29th, with all competitors working on the same day. With 24 entries, and limited daylight hours, I was quite concerned about completing the stake before dark, however as only 18 dogs worked this made the task somewhat easier but still a bit daunting. 1 needn’t have worried. With two very efficient stewards in the fields and two equally competent stewards in the base it was a doddle.

Joan, doing her very best Sergeant Major impression had every competitor ready and waiting at lease five minutes before they were due to compete. She followed this up by having the first group lined up ready for stays as we finished the nosework. With such excellent organisation I think she must have used a clicker with positive reinforcement.

Julie managed to lay every square exactly as instructed and in double quick time. It’s a wonder her little legs were not worn to a frazzle as she did her 15 yards sprints to put the square poles in. Thank you very much, I really did appreciate all your hard work. Thanks also to Mick, Jan, Glenys, Gail, and Mary for all your hard work in organising and running the trial, the base and doing the scoresheets.

Of the 18 dogs entered, nine failed the stays, 8 failed the jumps and of these six failed the stays and jumps, and three failed the sendaway. On a more positive note 11 dogs got 7 plus for the sendaway, which was in the open, up the hill at a distance of 60 paces to cross poles that were not particularly visible.

1st           Geoff Morgan with (Rupe) WHITETHORN CHIPS B.C..All 3 articles out of the square 19/20 & Ret. 10/10 = Nosework 29, Control 26, Agility 20, Stays 20 Total 95/100 Qualifying CD EX Very well done. A pleasure to judge.

2nd         LIZA COULL with (Callie) FURSDON MIDNIGHT MONSOON Weimaraner All 3 articles out of the square 18.5/20 & Ret. 10/10 = Nosework 28.5, Control 25.5, Agility 17.5, Stays 20. Total 91.5/100 Qualifying CD. EX. Competently handled. Hope this is the first of increasingly consistent stays. She’s a very capable dog.

3rd          NEIL SYMONS with (Rebus) THIRTLEBY CLASSIC TOPAZ Rottweiler. All 3 articles out of the square 16.5/20 & Ret. 9/10 = Nosework 25.5, Control 25.5, Agility 17, Stays 20 Total 88/100 Qualifying CD.EX. A lovely happy motivated dog.

4th          Sheila Margreaves with (Hunter) Shadowquest Atta Boy GSD. All 3 articles out of the square 16/20 & Ret. 10/10 = Nosework 26, Control 25, Agility 16 Stays 20. Total 87/100 Qualifying CD. Ex. A very enthusiastic, impulsive young dog, Handled kindly and calmly allowing the dog to give of its best. Well done.

A very special thank you to all the competitors. They were a particularly nice bunch, ever willing to help and co-operate with my steward Joan, and they all made themselves available as and when required. Thank you.




Tracklayers : Val Isherwood, Val Upton

Steward : Dave Skipp

I would like to thank Yorkshire W.T.S. for the invitation to judge the U.D. Stake. We were a little worried about going to Skipsea in the caravan at this time of the year but the weather was good, cool with very hard frosts. What a super place The Grainery is. The evening meals were fantastic

I was a little bit disappointed at the low entry for UD and wonder where trials is going to end up, to the six that worked under me 5 qualified and I wasn’t quite ready for the test. Thanks to Mick for running a lovely trial together with your band of helpers, nice to see you back in the swing. Jan, hope all goes well for you, also many thanks to my two tracklayers Val and Val that’s the southern Val’s. My thanks to my husband Dave for doing the squares, looking after my dogs, escorting and other little jobs which all help for a smooth running trial.

1st           M.Edge with Tiger Tilly Best track only losing two.Full point square.Lovely contol and Agility.Well done. Q190.5

2nd         Norma Ansell with Gefni Walks on Water J.C. Struggled on one corner on the track, but sorted it out well. Another full point Square.Well Done  Q187

3rd          J.Weekes with Waggerland Blaze Another good all round performance Q182.5

4th          Norma Ansell with Gefni Yet Again Well didn’t you do well it was well worth coming. Q181.5

also qualifying and well worth a mention Mr G Morgan with Whitethorne Gil, missed the last leg and article but still qualified well done.




Tracklayers : Dave Olley, Geoff Margreaves

Steward : Suzanne Plumb

Thank you to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge at Skipsea trial

Mick Cammidge, Trials Manager, and his team made sure the Trial ran smoothly This year the helpers at the base were even provided with a portacabin where they had a good view of the Control and Agility field Thanks to all concerned and to Frances and staff at Skipsea Grange for the lovely food.

I had two excellent tracklayers Geoff and Dave who came over before the trial and soiled out the land .The huge fields meant there was a lot of extra walking to do. Many thanks for all your help. The tracks were laid exactly as I had asked for Tracking was on rape of decent growth which seems to hold scent very well....we saw some very good tracks.

Suzanne laid all the search squares, and stewarded C & A in the afternoons, and then later went on to win a Reserve Ticket with Tempo Congratulations Suzanne and thanks for all your help . It was extremely cold out on the fields but as we could have been worse. At least the snow stayed away until after the trial and even the sun shone when the frost cleared on the 2nd day.

Searches were very mixed mainly due to dropped articles. Control work was very good, especially sendaways The long jump caused a few problems.

1st           Pat Herbert and JOLLY JILL  Super nosework, only lost one mark on the track- a joy to watch. Jill recovered 4 articles from the square in 1 min 7secs.The only dog with a full mark square. Also did a polished C&A round. What cracking little dog.. Jill is. Good Luck in Ticket 197.5 Q.ex

2nd         Iohrr Grantham’s-XANOOAS-GYP-(WSD) handled-by Gait Edmond Gail and Gyp tracked first on the 2nd day when the ground was frozen hard.This did not bother Gyp at all. Followed by 4 out of the square. Well done on this qualification. John would be pleased.183.5 Q.ex

3rd          Mave Weselby and STYPERSON TAYL LAB] A busy little lab who tracked really weIL3 articles out of the square. Tay did a good control round. Missing the long jump cost a higher place today nevertheless well done.182 Q.ex

4th Mary Hardacre and TARNDALE TAG C] Tag did the first track on the first day and made it look so easy and going at a fast pace too. He really enjoys his nosework Keep working on the C&A Mary. Good Luck 176 Q.ex

The following also qualified WDEX  

Val Scott’s ( X-Breed) BIG DUKE 175.5

Joan Watkins (WS) KINGSLODGE INDIANA 173.5


Pat William’s (LAB) SUNSHINE JED 162

Qualifying WD only:

Alan Heatley’s (GSD) AUDIFAX PANDER 158





Tracklayers : Andrea Lynd, Tom Darby, Graham Reaney

Steward : Mr. Pete Hodgkins

Thank you to Y.W.T.S. for my 1st ticket appointment.  Thanks also to my brilliant tracklayers.  You did a hell of a job. To my steward Pete my grateful thanks for your advice and company.  A special thanks to farmers for use of land at this time of year.  Finally to Mick and his team of helpers you did a brilliant job.  Thank you.  To John Grantham and Gail for my xmas day I really enjoyed your company and meal. It was brilliant.

1st           Gilbert (Laetare Day Javu) TDEX B/C (159 track-search) 47.5 control. Total 206.5.  This makes him WT CH well done.

2nd         S. Plumb (Melnola Swingtime) TDEX Crossbreed.(157 track-search) 48¾.  Total 205 3/4 .

3rd          J. Atkins (WT CH Glenalpine Matt) TDEX B/C 157.25 track search  44 control. Total 201.25.Well done.

4th          Pat Parkinson  B/C(Dreaganta Double Decker Amongmelnola) 150 track & search 49 control. Total 199.1st TDEX well done.

Also qualified

Rod Roberts LITTLE BART TDEX  Crossbreed 153 track search 45.5 control. Total 198.5.

Polly Thomas  STANLEY OF ANNESLEY SPRINGS  WSD 1st TDEX well done.149 track search  49 control. Total 198

M Weselby  STYPERSON MILLIE  TDEX  Labrador 143 track search  46.25 control.  Total 189.25

Thanks to everybody for making my first TD CH appointment go so well.

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