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Championship Trial
Venue: Skipsea
Trial Held: 30 December 2004

Trial Manager's Report.

May I start by giving a big thank you to al my team of helpers.  I have been very lucky over these last few years to gather round me a team on which I can rely implicitly.

The trial worked without a problem.  The judges set good tests, the weather was good to us and I think most people enjoyed it.

Finally, my thanks to all the competitors and congratulations to the qualifiers and hard luck to the non qualifiers, see you all next Christmas.



Stake : CD


Stewards : Pat Hodgkin and Julie Skip

Thanks go to YWTS for the appointment, I really enjoyed the two days, weather and company splendid.  Thank you Pat and Julie for the expert stewarding and handling of competitors .  also thanks to Keith for using your muscles with scale and being a gofer.  All in the base kept all ticking like clockwork, thanks Lin for keeping us fed and watered.

1st           Sue Scott with LUCA (BS).  Super dog and a well deserved win.  A pleasure to watch Q97.

2nd         Diane Collie with CRYSTAL (BC).   A very stylish and happy dog.  I love to see a dog loving its job.  Q95.

3rd          Dave Olley with SMILEY (XB).  Well done Dave.  Q92.5.

4th          Julie Atkins with DUG (BC).  Always nice to see you and Gary's smiling faces.

Polly Thomas with GEORGIE (RET) also Q88.


Stake : UD


Tracklayers : Andrea Lynd, Dave (not if its raining) Skip

Steward : Maurice Cooke (searches and control)

Thanks to society for the invitation to judge.  I have always enjoyed Skiplea as a competitor so it was good to see the other side of the coin.  Bitterly cold as expected but thankfully not much rain.  Good job too as I would have been a tracklayer short thanks to Dave Skip, his first appointment, who smilingly told me he didn't lay in the rain!  Well done Dave, perfect tracks and found all his articles.  Well not quite all, the dogs found some!  Thanks also Andrea, hope you get your Lab problems sorted.  Big thanks to Maurice, search steward, control steward, bag carrier etc.  you name it, he did it!  Tracking on undersown stubble, fairly sparse, but we saw some lovely tracking, experienced handling helping good your dogs. Standard and control excellent.  Thanks to everyone for doing quick competent control rounds which enabled me to finish in daylight (just!).  Sadly an incident in the stays took a couple of qualifiers and we only lost one on agility.

1st           Mrs. J. Atkins with OUR DUG (BC).  Smart no-nonsense handling from Julie took this promising young dog to the top spot today.  First of many wins for this pair I'm sure.  193.5.

2nd         Mrs. D. Collie with COLLIEWOOD BROWN EYES  BLUE (WSD) 189.  Yet another young dog at the start of her career.  Well worth the trip from Ireland.

3rd          Mrs. J. Stamp with RESERVOIR RESCUE (XBREED) 187.5.  Also awarded best track.  Last dog to track and just went round on rails.  No long jump and poor sendaway robbed them of top spot.  Well done.

4th          Mrs. D. Marchant with WAGGERLAND MURPHY (WSD) 184.5.  Lovely track 3 out of square.  Again experienced handler with young dog.

Also qualified UDex.

Mr. V. Dixon with BLINK AND YOU'VE MISSED IT. (XBREED). 184.  What a wonderful little bitch, bags of attitude , over-enthusiasm didn't cause any problems.  Calmly handled.  Well done.  I shall watch your progress with interest.

Mrs. J. Olley with NEWBOROUGH SNOWDROP (WSD ) 172.5.  Have said she can do it.  Very inexperienced handler.  Good luck for the future.

UD only

Mrs. K. Woolley with TYNSIL TIGER WALKS AT DUNSA.  Went wrong way on last corner only 30 yards to last article.  Competent control round but no long jump.  Shivered for 10 minutes in down stay but stayed down!


Stake : WD


Steward : Caroline Carroll

Tracklayers : Suzanne Plumb and David Olley

Up until a few years ago a Christmas trial seemed a far fetched idea, but due to the hard work of Yorkshire people and the Yorkshire Club there is now a flourishing trial every year.  They have now secured the Grainery for the base, which must be the best base in England.  The Grainery is owned by a very nice lady called Frances.  I have stayed there many times in the past, but now that this has  got a terrific restaurant and bar there is now no need for anyone to go elsewhere.  It even has its own control field at the back, a portacabin for the base and its not more than a couple of miles away from the tracking ground.  On top of all this the weather was bright and sunny, if but a little cold.

I would like to thank YWTS for inviting me to judge the WD stake.  My tracklayers Dave and Suzanne a personal thank you.  All the tracks were laid as I wished and because of that we saw some excelling tracking from the dogs.  A big thanks to Caroline for laying all the squares perfectly and stewarding the control round.  On the whole the squares were well done but this is where the most improvement is needed if they are to go on to TD.

I would like to thank Mick Cammidge and his band of merry helpers for putting on a terrific trial at an awkward time of year.

1st           Margaret Robinson with TYRI LACE OF TRENVALLEY 192pt Qx with nearly a faultless round.  Without a doubt will go on to great things with a bit more experience to the dog.  Also best track.

2nd         Pat Hodgkins with WINDWTOCK HERCULES 179pt Qx.  Another superb dog.  This one I would like to have taken home myself.  Very strong and powerful dog.  If Pat can get him to slow down a fraction or two will have no trouble in ticket.

3rd          Dave Waite with DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN 177.5pt. Qx.  Another nice competent team.  Lost most of his marks in the first half of the track but once they settled down did not lost any in the second half.  Should do well in the future.

4th          Melissa Padgett with JESS THE SUPERBLADE 170pt Qx.  The youngest handler of the day.  Apart from Margaret, the most competent handler behind their dog.  Very sensitive dog handled extremely well in all sections (even when dad was in the background).  Good luck in the future.

WD only Janet McGloughlin-Minch with DUBLIN CITY SPECIAL 150pt.  Struggled all the way round the track due to the handler's total lack of confidence to follow the dog.  Super little tracking dog, in desperation it pulled so hard it missed a couple of legs but I allowed it to carry on because it was doing so well despite its handler, from then on it never lost a mark.  Went on to do a very good square and a competent control round.

I had a fantastic day and saw some very good dogs and handlers work.  I would like to thank all the handlers for entering and working their dogs in the festive season.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers : Thanks very much to the following people who helped to give every competitor and equal chance to qualify with their top class tracklaying and stewarding - Tom Darby, Pete Hodgkins

Stewards : Tim Gilbert - searches,

Pat Hodgkins - C/A

Thanks to YWTS for the invitation to judge and Mick Cammidge and all the helpers for the excellent organisation with everything running smoothly from start to finish.

The entry was quite small at 35, no doubt due to the time of year and the reputation of bad weather at this trial  this gave us 4 days of nosework.

All the tracking was in three big fields of winter wheat and it looked like good tracking land.  I wanted to make the nosework possible even in bad conditions.  I decided on a track pattern which hag a very straight forward start with 150 yard leg laid with the line of sowing.  In fact the competitors had gone 600 yards by the time they had finished 6 legs out of the 14 in total.  This worked out very well even though it mean Tom and Pete had some extra walking to do.  I also chose to have 2 large articles on the track and 3 large ones in the search, to enable everyone to have a fair chance whatever the weather.

On the 1st two nosework days we had an early frost with wintry showers on the first day when 5 days ran and 3 qualified, and a sunny 2nd day, again 3 qualifiers out of 7 dogs.  On the 3rd day after overnight rain it was a dry and sunny but windy and out of 10 dogs 4 qualified.  The last nosework day was a different story however with 8 dogs out of the 10 that worked qualifying.

 Track articles were a 25mm diameter copper washer; 5 inch long piece of card and a 6 inch long quarter inch thick twig.  In the search we had a 2 inch square of carpet; an inch and half square of cloth; a metre length of red wool and a 1 inch long by 0.5 inch long piece of black leather.  Not unsurprisingly the carpet was found and retried easily by all, the clothes was easily found but 1 or 2 dogs swallowed it.  The wool was laid in a long line and this caused the dogs some confusion since it was scented along its full length and some were unsure which bit to pick up.  The smallest article did its job of testing the best searching dogs, but when found was retrieved well.

On the C/A day we had 18 qualifiers and 4 non qualifiers to work.  The round started with normal pace heelwork and in order to help the competitors who were unsure what to do with their arms in heelwork they were required to walk carrying a plastic crate in both hands.

Speak was in 2 parts.  The first part required the handler to walk away from the dog and get it to speak while they replaced the box at the start position, there was a quiet whist they walked a bit further away and put their lead down and the second part of the speak was as they returned to their dog.  Not every dog managed to continue speaking while either the handlers were putting the box on the ground or when the handler returned to their side.

Some more heelwork took us to the jumps which were generally very well done.  The last exercise was the sendaway.  The sendaway was an 80 yard diagonal to a tall white pole in the fence.  The re-direct was then 150 yards right across the field to a white element of a long jump.  The only stipulation on this was that the dogs could not be called towards the handlers and then dent on again, rather they had to be re-directed at the full distance.  To help mark this I placed a clear jump 25 paces in from the fence and 20 paces further away than the sendaway spot and for full marks the handlers had to send their dog behind the jump at the start of the re-direct.  Marks ranged from 9.5 by Helen Kelly to with several under 5.

Thanks to the competitors for their co-operation in not keeping us waiting and being courteous to the tracklayers and stewards.  We finished with 8 qualifiers, Best Track going to Dave Marchant and WTch Waggerland Mister Jake.

1st           Pat Herbert with WTCH JOLLY JILL CDEx UDEx WDEx TDEx (WSD) 195pts.  Probably thought it was all over when she missed the last track article but the best control round of the day brought them to the top.

2nd         Joanne Hebdon with JAY BIRD FLEET OF FOOT CDEx UDEx WDEx TDEx (BC) 191.5 pts.  One of the few dogs to get 3 and 4 and a very steady control round topped off with a good sendaway brought them up into 2nd position.

3rd          Gary Atkins with CAFCOLL RON CDEx UDEx WDEx TDEx (BC) 190 pts. A very good track with 2 articles, which was followed by a perfect square.  Unfortunately the very good heelwork and speak was followed by Ron getting a bit confused in the sendaway.  Nevertheless a dog with a lot of potential.

4th          Linda Newbold with LITTLE BRADLEY CDEx UDEx WDEx TDEx (Cross) 189pts.  The usual solid all round performance from Linda and Bradley, 2 articles off the track and 4 out of the square.

Also qualifying


Stevie Boyall handling WTCH STYPERSON BRIAR CDEx UDEx WDEx TDEx 184.5 pts.

Diana Collie with RICKTA REBEL ROUSER CDEx UDEx WDEx TDEx 181 pts.

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