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Championship Trial
Venue: Skipsea
Trial Held: 30 December 2005

Trials Manager Report

This year was different from all others in that the Trials Manager (me), having done all the preparation had to go into hospital and stay there whilst the trial was on.

Can I take this opportunity to thank all the well wishers for their cards and phone calls, I am well on the way to recovery.

The episode  does highlight the fact that you need people you can rely on and I would like to thank all the judges and tracklayers and helpers for running and completing a good trial at Christmas at Skipsea.

I would especially like to thank Lol Campbell who came to judge at very short notice to get us out of a hole.

As is the case at Skipsea we have a good farmer who says help yourself and the base at the granary also contains a caravan site and smashing control field.  What more can we ask.

Happy New Year everybody.





Steward   Mrs. Julie Skipp

Thank you to Y.W.T.S. for the invitation to judge.  Mick Cammidge was unable to attend the trial due to ill-health, I hope you are feeling much better now Mick.  Well done to Jan Darby who stepped in as Assistant Trial Manager and did a great job and Glenys Page, Secretary, you both worked hard in the base to make sure everything ran very smoothly. 

A big thank you to my steward Julie Skipp who was great company and absolutely brilliant with all the competitors it made my job an easy one.

We had a very cold day with snow on the ground, weather and road conditions for those travelling to the trial were a bit dificult, thank you to those who managed to get to the trial to allow me to judge your dogs.  We had 20 entries, 11 ran, 6 qualified.

There were quite a few newcomers taking part alongside more experienced handlers, well done all of you I felt the standard of all the dogs was very high and if you did not qualify this time it won't be long before you do.  Keep up the good work.

1st           D. & J. Olley  STARDELL ALULA  BC  94.5 pts.

Handled by Dave.  What a lovely team to judge, very tidy in all exercises.   One to watch for the future, Well done.

2nd         Pat Parkinson  CARISHILL HYACINTH  G.RET  93 pts.

Another lovely round, Pat’s experience and Poppy's enthusiasm resulted in a very good qualifier.

3rd          Judith Stamp  SPROLLIE DOLLIE  X Breed  90 pts. Well done, a really good round.

4th           Sue Stewart  SELDOMSEEN LIBBY  BC  87 pts.

One of the newcomers.  Your nerves didn't cause too much of a problem, well done and good luck for the future.

Also CDex

M. Bricknell  HARTWOODHILL EMBLEM  LAB  85.5 pts.



U. D. Stake


Tracklayers:  - Ann Bedford and Dave Skipp. 

Control and Square Steward: Julie Skipp

You all did a brilliant job for me Thankyou.

Thanks to the society for the appointment to judge U. D.   It is always a pleasure to judge young dogs.  Due to the weather conditions only four dogs worked. 

Thanks to Jan Darby – Assistant Trials  Manager for all her help.  Thanks also to my helpers ;

1st           Miss Roseanne Leatham (JUSTY GUS) WSD  Handled brilliantly by a youngster.  Well done. (170 Q EX)

2nd         Mrs Janette Sayer (VILLAGE KING) GSP  Made the test look so simple on tracking field . Well done. (162 Q EX)

3rd          Miss Angie Smith (MATTIS BELLARINA ) GSD  Snow storm was the problem today.  You will qualify soon.  (87 N/QUAL)


Stake: Tracking Dog


Tracklayers: Tom Darby and Andrea Lynd

Search Stewards: Judith Owens (Mon. - Weds.), Ann Bedford (Thurs.)

Control and Agility Steward: Judith Owens.

Stay Stewards: Sheila Margreaves, Roseanne Leatham.

Thanks to the committee of Y.W.T.S. for the invitation to judge at this trial. It certainly was a trial of changes, initially I had been invited to judge the W.D. stake, but due to Pete Carroll's ill health I was asked to step up to the T.D. stake. (Hope you are on the mend now Pete). This meant a change of W.D. judge to Graham Reaney, thanks for taking over my slot. Then the U.D. judge dropped out, and Lol Campbell stepped in at the eleventh hour. That, you would think, was enough for trials secretary Glenys Page to cope with, but then due to ill health trials manger Mick Cammidge was unable to attend. (Our thoughts are with you and your family). Thankfully, Jan Darby took over the role as trials manager, and did a sterling job, on top of being base steward, scorer, etc.etc.etc. Thanks a million Jan, I don't know how we would have done it without you.

I had a great team of helpers (see above), thanks to all of you for your help in some very extreme weather conditions. The weather varied throughout the week, Monday was dry and windy, Tuesday was showery and windy, then overnight we had snow, which continued into Wednesday, Thursday was dry but very cold (minus 6), then Friday (C. & A.) we had blizzard conditions.

Every competitor was given the very best chance to do well, and all the dogs gave of their best, I think it was only the combination of the varying weather conditions that affected how well they actually did.

There were 41 entries, 32 worked. 18 qualified the nosework, 3 completed the track with only 1 article, and 9 failed the track. 2 only recovered 1 article from the square. 3 qualifiers were lost in the stays (the first exercise of the day). So we ended up with 12 Excellent qualifiers and 1 T.D. only. 2 nosework qualifiers did not undertake the C. & A. one had given apologies the other did not bother. Those that did work did a brilliant job, all the dogs giving maximum effort in extreme conditions, you should all be proud of what they achieved.

1st           and C.C. Sheila Tannert with W.T.Ch. STYPERSON BRIAR. 213.

A good all round performance.

2nd         and Res.C.C. Gary Atkins with CAFCOLL RON. 210.

On the same nosework marks as the winner. Only the odd mark here and there cost it on the day. I am sure the second ticket won't be long in coming.

3rd          Margaret Robinson with W.T.Ch. TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY. 201.

4th          Pat Herbert with W.T.Ch. JOLLY JILL. 197.5.

Also qualifying TDex (in catalogue order):

Graham Brumpton with W,T,Ch. JUST WILLIAM 194.5

Anne Clarke with TARNEDGE SOLAR 195.

Barry Gilbert with W.T.Ch. LAETARE DAY JAVU 193.

Nigel Hines with TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD 192.

Dave Marchant with W.T.Ch. WAGGERLAND MISTER JAKE 187.5.

Rod Roberts with W.T.Ch. LITTLE BART 191.5.

Julie Skipp with SKIPAWAY ZORRO 183.


Qualifying T.D.

Pat Williams with SUNSHINE JED 175.

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