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Championship Trial
Venue: Skipsea
Trial Held: 29 December 2006

Trials Manager’s Report

Firstly I would like to thank our farmers, Mr Blanchard and Mr Blanchard jnr., for allowing us the use of their farmland for both tracking and the control fields.  Nothing was too much trouble, and they pointed us in the right direction to acquire our fabulous base, the village hall in Beeford; without their help and support this trial would not take place.

Many thanks to Mick Cammidge, who for many years, along with the late John Grantham, ran Skipsea Trial; he gave lots of help and enthusiasm to Glenys and myself with useful knowledge of the land, and even came to stake out the fields before the trial.

To run a trial successfully every trials manager needs a hardworking backup team; they consisted of TD tracklayers Tom Darby, Pete Hodgkins, Andrea Lynd; WD tracklayers Neil Symons and Suzanne Plumb; UD tracklayers Dave and Jenny Olley; TD Steward Jenny Holt, who at very short notice took over from Glenys and worked hard all week as nosework steward, then was control steward on the last day. Margaret Robinson was the WD steward, Pat Hodgkins the UD steward and gate steward in CD, and Roseanne Leatham was steward for CD – a big thank you to you all.

Jan Darby and Mary Hardacre ran the base in their usual efficient manner, and the kitchen was manned by Pat Parkinson, and Julia and Dave Skipp, who all did a great job keeping everyone fed and watered; a big thank you goes to all the people who brought cakes etc. – it was appreciated.

The weather for the first couple of days wasn’t too bad, then the wind came and it stayed with us for the rest of the time, even following us home to West Yorkshire when the trial had finished on New Years Eve.

Congratulations to everyone who qualified in their respective stakes and to those who didn’t quite make it this time, better luck at your next trial.



Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Dave and Jenny Olley

Square and C/A Steward: Pat Hodgkins

Many thanks to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for the opportunity to judge at the Christmas trial again this year.  Well done to Brian and Glenys for a very well run trial at a super new base, to Jan and Mary in base who did a great job, as usual, keeping things running smoothly, and to Dave & Julie Skipp and Pat Parkinson in the kitchen who kept us well fed and watered throughout the trial. 

A huge thank you to Pat for stewarding the C/A and squares on both days, and to Dave and Jenny for laying all the tracks.  You all did a really good job, thank you for being such great company.  A really big thank you to the farmers; without their co-operation, not just for this trial but throughout the year, we would not have a sport.

We started each day with C/A followed by the tracks.  Thursday was a lovely day, bright and sunny and we saw some great tracks. Friday was a different story; very blustery wind and rain made the tracking more difficult.   Thank you to all the competitors, for allowing me the opportunity to judge your dogs, it was a real pleasure.  Best of luck to you all at future trials.

1st           Alan Bolton and NORSHEP SHADOW, GSD, 192, Q Ex.  Shadow put in a great performance in all sections.  Well done Alan and good luck for the future.

2nd         Jim Szmidt and SIMBA SON OF MUFASA, GSD, 188.5, Q Ex.  Another lovely round to watch and judge.  Tracked on Friday and Simba made it look easy despite the weather.  Very well done.

3rd          Anne Dent and GHYLLBECK PALLASI, Munsterlander, 185.5, Q Ex.  Another dog with a good attitude, nice work all round.

4th          Anne Dent and WHERES BOB, WSD, 176, NQ.  Didn’t quite do it today but is well capable, good luck in future trials.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Neil Symons, Suzanne Plumb, Judith Owens-Poole

Search and C/A Steward: Margaret Robinson.

Thanks to the committee of YWTS for the invitation to judge at this trial. This was my second year of Judging at the Christmas trial, and although the base had changed, the team of helpers was basically the same. Well done to all those involved, the whole trial went well from the WD stake’s point of view. My team of helpers were all very professional in their approach and great company – thanks everybody.

Tracking was on well grown winter wheat. (Thanks to the farmers for allowing us the use of their land again).  The weather varied a bit over the three days of competition, and this seemed to make a big difference to the standards of work.  The general impression was that the teams were not very experienced.  There were 11 nosework qualifiers over the three days. We lost a few teams in the C/A rounds, where it is fair to say the standard was not really what one would hope to see at this level of competition.

The Qualifiers were:-

1st           Roseanne Leatham with JUSTY GUS, WSD, 184.5, WDEx.  A good all round performance. A worthy winner of the stake. Well done.

2nd         Mick Cammidge with WAGGERLAND SAM, WSD, 182.5, WDEx.  Another good all rounder.

3rd          Sue Redshaw with MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, Lab, 178.5, WDEx.  A dog with a huge attitude to work, just needs to concentrate a bit more in the control.

4th          Moira Rogerson with STARDELL HEBE, BC. 177.5, WDEx.  A gentle little bitch, sensitively handled to a worthy qualification.

Also qualifying:

Jenny Olly with NEWBOROUGH SNOWDROP, WSD, 171.5, WDEx.


Congratulations to all the qualifiers, and I wish you all good luck in your future trialling.

A disappointing note: one entrant in the WD stake did not attend and did not have the decency to notify the management team that he was not attending. There surely can be no excuse for this in these modern times. The result was time and land were wasted.  People give up a lot of time to benefit our sport – a bit of basic manners wouldn’t go amiss Mr. Bradley!


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Pete Hodgkins, Tom Darby, Andrea Lynd

Stewards: Glenys Page, Jenny Holt

I would like to thank Yorkshire Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge this champ TD.  A thank you must go to Brian and Glenys for managing a well organised and thoroughly enjoyable trial.  I thank Jeff Poole for stepping into my shoes last year when I was too ill to judge; Yorkshire kindly kept the appointment open for me this year.  Special thanks to my helpers for the week.  My tracklayers were Pete Hodgkins, Tom Darby and Andrea Lynd, who did just as I asked and were consistent for every dog.  I wonder where the next generation of tracklayers are going to come from.  My stewards were Glenys Page one day, and Jenny Holt the rest of the week, and Jenny was also the control steward on the final day. Thanks to you both for doing a fantastic job. I would also like to thank all the people behind the scenes who made this an excellent trial.

The weather was kind to us for two days, ideal conditions; most of the qualifiers came from these two days.  Then two days of wind and a little rain which failed most of the dogs on these days.

There were 17 qualifiers in the nosework, unfortunately in the control I lost 8 leaving 8 qualifying TDEx and one TD.

1st           Rod Roberts with WTCh LITTLE BART (Nw 159, C/A 53, Total 212), Qual TDEx.  A great round by Rod and Bart, a very worthy winner; the only dog to have one command sendaway.

2nd         Margaret Robinson with WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, (160, 47.5, 207.5), Qual TDEx.  This dog did the best nosework, superb in every detail.  I had Lacey down as my winner.

3rd          Suzanne Plumb with COLLIEWOOD CAVELLERO, (154, 48, 199), Qual TDEx.  This team lost confidence after finding the first article on the corner, but regained composure and completed the nosework in style.

4th          John Currie with DREAGANTA SAMH, (151, 44.5, 195.5), Qual TDEx.  Good to see John back in competition.  Nice round, well done.

Also qualifiying

Ann Fowler with WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS, (145, 48.5, 193.5).

Nigel Hines with TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD, (148, 45.5, 193.5).

Pat Parkinson with DREAGANTA DOUBLE DECKER AMONG MELNOLA, (145, 46.5, 191.5).

Fran Mitchell with RENDALE ROBIN, (132, 40, 178.5).

Julia Skipp with SKIPAWAY ZORRO, (134, 40, 174), Q TD – but great in the kitchen.

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