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Championship Trial
Venue: Skipsea
Trial Held: 30 December 1997


Our trial at Skjpsea always seems to be dominated by the weather, what else can we expect in December. On Christmas Eve the wind was so strong it moved our caravan and we spent the night hoping we would not get blown over.

Rain was another problem, we had to switch the TD land the day before we started because of standing water, it also made off road parking a problem. Having catalogued the problems I have to say we did hold a successful trial and everybody seemed happy with the land, the base and the organisation. Including the judges and myself we had a team of 25 to run the trial, and that's a fair sized team.

I know the judges will thank their own helpers but I would like to give special thanks to· a number ofthe others. Firstly Jean Morley who did the Secretary's job impeccably and made my job easier; my wife Linda who ran the base kitchen and her helpers, they turned out some fantastic food for the workers and competitors; Pat and Pete Hodgkins who came over from Scarborough just to help out for a couple of days and Denise and Steve Spratt who, despite being greatly inconvenienced when their car was broken into and personal belongings stolen, nevertheless volunteered to help and were an asset. I know I haven't mentioned everyone, but I thank everybody who helped. Lastly, to John Grantham, who opened his house to us all as usual and also managed to start the odd argument or two. Nothing changes! Thanks pal.





Steward: Denise Spratt

Thanks to the Society for my first Ch. Judging appointment, thanks also to Mick Cammidge and his staff at the base and Johnny Grantham for his hospitality and advice (what about the sendaway John). To my steward Denise Spratt my grateful thanks, you kept the competitors at ease and made my job so easy, thanks a bunch Denise.

16 dogs worked, we finished with 8 qualifiers.

1st. K McDonagh FAR FROM

FAULTY (WSD) 98.5. Well done, you were brill to watch, good move from working agility to trials, one to watch for the future.

2nd. Terry Turton MAINLINE BOSS (BC) 98.5. same mark as winners. Terry worked on Sunday, winner worked on Monday and as Terry was not available for the run-off first place was awarded to above. Terry has found another brill B.C. so watch out everybody, Mr Tis back.

3rd. Moira Rogerson SHEARON'S CHICKA (GSD) 98. Yet another gem of Moira's. A different breed, not a collie, how does she do It?

4th. K Jenneson FRAN PAX (BC) 97.5. Lovely dog to watch, will go far.The standard in CD Championship is so good now it makes the judge's job so difficult, as the marks show.




Tracklayers: Andy Magyar, Steve White

Search/C & A Steward: Wendy Magyar

Thanks to Jean Morley and Mick Cammidge for a well run trial. To Andy, Steve and Wendy thank you for your help and company over the three days, and to Johnny Grantham for putting up with me.

1st. R Boyd APACHE FLINT (WSD) 194.5. Only lost 3 on the track and a very impressive C & A round, well done.

2nd. M Rogerson SHEARON'S CHICKA (GSD) 193.5. Nice to see you working a proper dog Moira - excellent nosework followed by a very good C & A round.

3rd. Mr & Mrs C Cowley's DONNA DEL LAGO (Dobe) 193. Very nice all round performance.

4th. J Hudson MEGAZOOM MURPHYS LAW (WSD) 191.5. Aptly named, did the track in 3.5 minutes. Very impressive to watch.

Also qualifying UDex:

S Margreaves HOLMFIRTH HERO (GSD) 177.

S Robinson HOKI OF WHARFDALE (WSD) 190.5. T Turton MAINLINE BOSS (BC) 188.5.




Tracklayers: Phil Jackson, Ron Fletcher

Search Steward: Jackie Walker

C & A Steward: Lol Campbell


Thanks to Yorkshire for the judging appointment and everyone who helped to run the trial.

1st. Pete Carroll 187.5 BYRON'S BIG BEAR (WSD) Very good nosework, well done.

2nd. Burt Cooper 187 LITTLE MISS ELLIE (WSD) Another good nosework round.

3rd. H Bentley 184 RODNEY OF MARKHAM (X Breed) handled by G Ball.

4th. Jill Carruthers 176.5 BRYNBOURN BEWITCH (GSD)

5th. Susan Plumb 173 MELNOLA SWlNGTIME (X Breed).

Best Nosework Alice Witty.




Tracklayers: Mick Cammidge, Harry Abbott (Xmas Day) and for the rest of the week - Harry Abbott, Graham Reaney

and Andrea Lynd Search Stewards: Bert Cooper, and for one day Andy Magyar

C & A Steward: Harry Abbott

Escort: Peter Morley

I would like to thank Yorkshire W.T.S. for giving me my first Ticket appointment and

John Grantham for having us all at his house on Christmas Day and Boxing day. Also thanks to Jean Morley and Mick Cammidge for the organisation and management of the trial. Many thanks to all the tracklayers and search stewards who did everything that I asked, also thanks to the ladies in the kitchen, and to Peter, thanks for keeping the competitors on time.

1st. Barry Gilbert ANASONATA DOUBLE DUTCH (BC) 160+34+20 = 214pts. Barry was in the lead all the way and, subject to K.C. confirmation, this makes Joiner a Working Trials Champion. Well done Barry.

2nd. Rosie Jones BURNA WAY WAGTAIL (WSD) 155+29+20 = 204pts. Nice round, the second Ticket can 't be far away Rosie.

3rd. Jill Carruthers W T CH DRINGHOE ORCHID (GSD) 158+28.5+ I 5 = 201.5pts. Nice sendaway, sorry about the speak.

4th. Gerry Harrington CARFELD DREW (BC) 155+25.5+20 = 200.5pts. Sendaway let Robbie down today which is out of character for this dog.

Also qualifying TDex:

Jean Cooke MELNOLA MOON DANCE 198.5pts.

John Rogerson DERVAIG DEMON 195.5pts

John Currie W T CH RED BOY 194pts.

John Parkinson W T CH MELNOLA EBONY l90.5pts.

Helen Kelly ROUGH JUSTICE 186.5pts.

John Rogerson XANDOAS TEMPEST 186.5pts.



Denise Spratt STARLIGHT SPARKLER 176.5pts.

Qualifying TD only:

John Gray WAGGERLAND BLUE WILLOW 175.5pts. I set a straight forward test so that I was in a position to judge dogs and not eliminate them. I had a sixteen leg track which could be laid without difficulty. The sendaway was 120 paces to a black and white pole, redirection was left 80 paces to a similar pole – average mark 5.27.

49 dogs worked with 22 qualil)'ing on nosework,

20 came back for the C & A. 13 qualified TDex and 1 TD only

I would like to thank John, Mick and Jean, and all the workers at the trial and the T.D. competitors for a very pleasant six days. A special mention just to wish Jean Cook's JAZZ a long and a very happy retirement.

Happy New Year to everyone from Margaret and myself.

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