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Championship Trial
Venue: Beeford
Trial Held: 31 December 2015

Stake: CD


Steward: Lorraine Wilson

Many thanks to Jeff and Sheila Margreaves for running a great trial.  You both did a fabulous job and looked after me superbly.  Thanks to the ladies in the kitchen, Liz Stewart, Liz Mills, Jackie Walker and Karen Bexon, for providing some excellent food.

What a pleasure it was to have Lorraine Wilson as my steward.  In spite of the weather conditions there was always a smile and laughter and she did an excellent job in putting all the competitors at ease.

9 competitors entered, 4 had to withdraw for various reasons, leaving 5 to work, and we were treated to some excellent work.  Amazingly we didn’t lose anyone with the stays or the jumps.

4 out of the 5 qualified, which was a tribute to the handlers, having to work in high winds with inexperienced dogs and still providing quality work.

Good luck to you all in the higher stakes.

1st           Jackie Dykes, ZINZAN ZOO, X-breed, 90.5, Q.  Smashing little dog, great attitude.  Produced quality work.  Well-deserved winner and a pleasure to watch.

2nd         Jacquie Hall, MEADOWBURN LITTLE BIDDY, X-breed, 89, Q.  Lovely round.  Slight hiccup in the square proved costly, Jacquie, but still an excellent round.

3rd          Sally Rose, RETSWERB HOT SPICE, Lab, 88.5, Q.  Did you proud, Sally, you must be delighted.  Just one or two things to tighten up on.  Well done.

4th          Cyril Barke, LEGEND OF GYPSY JOE, BC, 87.5, Q.  Again, a very competent round with just a couple of things to tidy up.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Chris Trevor and Andy Lawes

Nosework and Control Steward: Karen Bexon

Base: Sheila Margreaves and Des Thompson

Catering: Rita Banfather, who also did the yummy evening meals, Liz Stewart, Liz Mills, Tom Mills, Des Thompson and Jackie………….

My thanks to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for the opportunity to judge at this trial.  It was from the subs bench again, as Mike Williams was understandably not able to come, but still a pleasure.

It was hard to believe that it was the same place as the year before.  The weather for UD was most pleasant, the tracking conditions as good as it gets and the tracks laid to perfection.  Thank you to my tracklayers and to my steward for both nosework and control.  Great company and a superb job done by all.

A big thank you to the ladies in the kitchen for the supplies and meals.  Just what was needed and most welcome.

Skipsea is not an easy trial to run as everyone is more or less away from home.  However, a special thank you to Jeff and Sheila for taking this task on board for YWTS and doing a first class job.  Big thanks also to all the helpers who put such a lot in to making this trial work.

The track was reasonably straight forward with one “50 pence piece” corner.  This proved no problem for most dogs but some of the handlers needed a lot of persuasion.  However, the nosework and control sections were of a very high standard with the eventual winner, Pat Herbert, putting in a near perfect round.  Well done, Pat, and to everyone, and thank you for being as pleasant as you all were.     

Finally, a thank you to the farmers.  They make plenty of land available and were extremely helpful in providing parking and a new control field when the regular one was not available.

I think this was a terrific trial and I was pleased to be part of it.

1st           Pat Herbert with GLENALPINE FEN, BC, B, 199.5, Q (Best Nosework)

2nd         Jackie Dykes with ZINZAN ZOO, Crossbreed, B, 187.5, Q

3rd          Jacquie Hall with MEADOWBURN LITTLE BIDDY, Crossbreed, B, 186, Q

4th               Andrea Lynd with SELDOMSEEN JET, Lab, B, 181, Q

Also qualifying UDEx:

Julie Atkins with GLENALPINE PEG, BC, B, 177

Steve Bell with STESUECA RIKI, GSD, D, 170.5

Cyril Barke with LEGEND OF GYPSY JOE, BC, D, 164.5


Stake: WD


Steward: Jenny Olley

Track layers: Ann Bedford and Alan Bexon

Thank you to YWTS for the invitation to judge the stake.  Thanks to Jeff and Sheila Margreaves and their hard working team.  Thank you to my team in the field, Ann and Alan tracklaying, and Jen stewarding; they all did a great job. 

Thank you to the Blanchard family for allowing us to use their fields of crop; although there was some nice growth the weather was very windy on the second day, and unfortunately took its toll. 

We ran over 2 days and finished with 2 qualifiers.  Well done to all the competitors and thank you for entering.

1st           Jacquie Hall and CLEO OF MEADOWBURN, GSD, B, 181, Q.  Solid nosework, backed up with a good control round.  Well done, Jacquie.

2nd         Judith Stamp and LITTLE MADAM MABELLINE, X-Breed, B, 180.5, Q.  Well done, Judith; good luck in ticket.

3rd          Gary Haim and LUPITOONZ SPACE RANGER, WSD, 189, NQ.  Winning best nosework.

4th          Mick Fryatt and ASH ASSASSINO, X-Breed, 180, NQ.  Well done, Mick, a lot of positives.   


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Dave Stewart and Jeff Margreaves, 2 days; Richard Musgrave and Andrea Lynd, 1 day plus run offs.

Steward: Carol Grant

Catering: Liz Steward, Jacky Walker, Karen Bexon, Tom and Liz Mills

Evening Meals, 2 nights: Rita and Steve Banfather

Escort: Bridget Montague

Base Stewards: Desma Thompson, Sheila Margreaves

Trials Manager: Jeff Margreaves

21 entries, 18 worked.  9 qualified track; 7 worked control, finishing with 6 qualifiers.

What a team, led at the front by Jeff and Sheila - tracklayers laid exactly how I wanted, the same steward throughout the whole trial, good facilities and tracking ground, with excellent food - what more could you ask for?  Thanks to you all, a credit to Yorkshire WTS.

Le stated she would not go north of Watford in the winter and for the first three days I could not see the problem - then came a visit by FRANK.  Boy, was it rough on Wednesday - nobody got round the tracks.  Then on the control day the sun came out.

The tracking field had good growth and was excellent for the time of year, a credit to the farmer, David Blanchard.  My thoughts on the track design and search articles were to take the possible weather conditions and the retrieving of articles.  I wanted different weights, texture, and length with no plastic.  My track articles were 4’’ brown underlay, 18’’ green plant stick and 4’’ thin leather piece.  The search articles were 5’’ chain, 3’’ stone spacer, 6’’ wooden stick and 1’’ wooden block.   All allowed me to judge the pickup, carry and present.  

skipsea TD Track 440x474

The control started with the speak, sendaway to a fence 80 yards, redirect 100 yards along the fence line, heelwork around bollards, changes of pace on the move, and lastly the jumps.  When I judge I try to have a package with the emphasis on the nosework, not on any one obedience exercise - in this I got it right.  Only lost one in the C/A, and that was on the jumps.  

1s            Gary Atkins, WTCh GLENALPINE PETE, 215.5, also best nosework.  Leading by half a mark, extended it to 2.5 after control.  Under the conditions an outstanding round.

2nd         Barry Gilbert, WTCh GLENALPINE COSWORTH, 213. 

3rd          Margaret Robinson, JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, 209.5

4th          Vic Snook, WOOLSHAN INKSPOT, 206

Also qualified:

Glenys Page, WTCh BILKO’S GLORY, 196

Alan Bexon, WTCh FLY BY NIGHT LAD, 193


Thanks to all the competitors for entering and I hope you enjoyed my tests.

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