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Open Trial
Venue: Rufforth
Trial Held: 06 September 2009

TM, CD, UD, WD Stakes


I would like to start by thanking the local Farmers for their continued support in providing the land. I would also like to thank the YWTS Committee for their support and help with the running of the Trial - their help made the Trial both enjoyable and successful.

The Trial was held at Rufforth Playing fields. There were 18 WD, 17 UD and 13 CD entries. We had a very good entry in CD which is still popular with new handlers and hope they continue enjoying the sport. The tracking was on stubble and quite a number of dogs found it hard going. All the Control was held on the playing fields at the Base.

A big thank you to the judges, Cath Philips, WD, Julie Atkins, UD and Pat Parkinson, CD and UD and WD C/A, and their stewards for setting excellent tests and creating such a friendly atmosphere.

I would also like to thank Trials Secretary, Cath Chadwick, for booking in and keeping everyone organized. Thanks to Wendy Craven, Teresa Musgrave, and Chris and Gaynor Parkin for doing an excellent job catering for the workers and competitors throughout the trial. Thank you to our team of experience tracklayers: WD, Damian Chadwick and Dave Stewart; UD, Mick Cammidge and Eric Carpenter. Escort to tracks, Richard Musgrave.

Lastly I would like to thank all the competitors who took time to say how much the enjoyed the Trial.





Tracklayers: Eric Carpenter and Mick Cammidge

Square Steward: Gary Atkins

Thanks to Yorkshire for the invitation and to Dave Craven for running a super trial. Thanks to all of Dave’s team, especially the girls in the kitchen, Cath Chadwick who was in charge of the base and Richard Musgrave for escorting competitors.

I had a great team so thanks to Eric, Mick and Gary who ensured that all competitors had the best chance of success which is important and were jolly good company as well.

The conditions were not easy and for most of the inexperienced teams in UD proved too much. In fact, no surprise that the teams that did best were those with an experienced handler but you only get experience by doing it, so just keep going, everyone.

We ended up with 3 nosework qualifiers. Squares on the whole were not done that well, I like to see dogs loving this exercise, so work needed here on motivation as well as on tidy recovery of the articles.

Special thanks to Yvonne and Eric for the B and B, we had a great time, talking, eating and drinking, “These are a few of my favourite things!”

1st Christine Stewart, ANGELWISHES ARIEL OF NATURE. Well done Chris and Casey qualifying and getting first place 2 weeks on the trot, can‘t be bad. The only qualifier on Saturday.

2nd Betty Orin, TOLBERG MAN OF MYSTERY WITH MERLOCK. Well done Betty and Josh, you need to have more confidence in him; he is very capable and will do well.

3rd June Reid handling SHADOWQUEST LEGACY, (owned by Mr and Mrs Williams). The track was worked just the way I like it to see, a confident well trained dog, handled well, it made my day. Square was not there yet but June still managed to get the best out of Bud to recover all 4 articles with a good mark. Well done and hard luck on not qualifying in the other bit but it won’t be long.

4th Maeve Weselby, STYPERSON GILLIE. We thought Maeve and Gillie were going to get round but suddenly came to grief on the track. I know they have already qualified in this stake so wish them good luck in the future.




Square Steward: Teresa Musgrave

Steward: Yvonne Carpenter

I would like to thank Dave Craven and YWTS for the invitation to judge CD and C/A. It was a real pleasure to spend the weekend at this friendly trial. Thanks to all at the base who ensured the trial ran smoothly and that we were well fed and watered.

Teresa laid the squares just as I had asked, and she proved to be very smelly with every article being recovered. I hope it won’t be long before you are competing with your lovely Lab. Yvonne is the perfect steward giving very clear instructions to each competitor and putting them at ease. Not an easy task, as some were very nervous first timers.


1st Jayne Lewis, CLERAFORA VARZIELA, Estrela, B, 88.5, Q. This was Jayne’s first trial and she ended up 1st and 3rd. Pi is a large cuddly bundle, incredibly agile for her size and she just did everything that Jayne asked of her. I was very impressed and will watch her future with interest. Good luck with her.

2nd Pamela Huskins, ASALDO ADON, AJ2, Mali, D, 83, Q. Was the only qualifier from the first day. Unfortunately Brock broke his down stay when there was a lot of activity with other dogs around him barking. I’m sure this was only a blip. Otherwise the rest of his work was excellent.

3rd Jayne Lewis, RUSH BOTTOM RHYNSTON BROWS, ASD, D, Q. Jane’s second dog performing a nice tidy round. Well done.

4th Maeve Weselby, STYPERSON GILLIE, Lab, D, Q. Nice to see Maeve back again. Gillie is a big lively dog. Heelwork a bit erratic! I’m sure you’ll get that right soon. Good luck with him.

Just for interest, 14 dogs entered, 10 different breeds including a lovely Goldie with a keen young handler. Keep at it, Maren, he’s lovely.


1st Chris Stewart, ANGELWISHES ARIEL OF NATURE, Std Poodle, D, Q. Casey is a lovely stylish dog, as you would expect from Chris. Good luck with him.

2nd Betty Orrin, TOLBERG MAN OF MYSTERY WITH MERLOCK, GSD, D, Q. Josh enjoyed this round. A bit high, but managing to hold it together to be the only other qualifier. Well done and have fun with him - he’s great!

3rd June Reed, SHADOWQUEST LEGACY, GSD, D, NQ. Buddy, as with all June’s dogs, is very large and very accurate. Although today he had his eyes on the bird table for the S/A, and not the tree.

4th Maeve Weselby, STYPERSON GILLIE, Lab, D, NQ. Nice control round.


1st Pat Herbert, GLENALPINE MOO, BC, B, 193, Q. Moo was the only dog to get round the track and so the only qualifier. A good C/A round, as you would expect from Pat. I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more of you both. Good luck.

2nd Rita Kidson, CHESARIK ZAC, BC, D, NQ. Missed the sendaway today.

3rd Chris Trevor, DESMOND DINGO, Cross, D, NQ. I like this dog. I’m sure he’s on the way to better things

4th Sheila Tannert, STYPERSON CLEO, Lab, B, NQ. Shows how hard the tracking was when one of Sheila’s dogs fails the track. However, she did a near perfect C/A round. Another one we’ll see a lot more of.

Finally, thanks to all the competitors for accepting my decisions and making the weekend so enjoyable.




Tracklayers: Damian Chadwick and Dave Stewart

Steward: Peter Yates

Firstly, my thanks to Yorkshire WTS for the invitation to judge. Thanks also to Dave Craven and his crew for their care and support throughout – methinks of meals and company, especially on Saturday evening. Thanks also to Damien and Dave, my two tracklayers, who laid every track carefully, and on many occasions retraced their steps precisely to recover the articles. Finally, thanks to Peter, my search steward, who, for once, did as I asked and didn’t argue.

Tracking on stubble in early September is never easy, but 18 entries in this stake demonstrated what a game lot you are. Despite many failings I have to admire the way in which trials folk accept defeat. Everyone was cheery, making for two very enjoyable days.

The track pattern was very straightforward as conditions were tough. The first article was placed on the second leg in the hope that dogs would be reassured early on that the scent that they were following was indeed the track. A handful of dogs had a real stab and found this first article, but only one dog completed the track.

1st Pat Herbert, GLENALPINE MOO, BC, B, 193, Q. Moo located the start of the track and began tracking very determinedly. She indicated the loss of track right on the turns and localised her search to within a few feet, quickly picking up the new direction, which was probably her secret to success. Pat read her exactly and her handling complemented the dog’s performance. Four articles out of the square, cleanly delivered to hand, cemented the qualification in the nosework section – many congratulations.

2nd Rita Kidson, CHESARIK ZAC, BC, D, 128, NQ. Well, he’s nothing if not bonkers, Rita! This dog loves a job to do and sets off in a great flurry. He picked up from the start and got the first article, then took Rita round the next three legs, making us believe he’d got it sorted. Unfortunately, Zac was in a hurry to get to the next exercise and whizzed Rita right down the field to the last article, missing out five legs. If it’s any consolation, I think he’d be a belting Search and Rescue dog.

3rd Chris Trevor, DESMOND DINGO, Cross, 125.5, D, NQ. Desmond was very steady and followed the track carefully round the first six legs. Unfortunately, he overshot a corner and kept on going, taking Chris into “No Man’s Land”. It was a difficult spot to recover from, and although Desmond searched and searched he was unable to get back on course.

4th Sheila Tannert, STYPERSON CLEO, Lab, B, 112, NQ. A lovely busy dog that put her heart into the job. She seemed to set off with conviction, but by the third leg she was starting to struggle with a clear direction. She never stopped working, but being a young and fairly inexperienced dog, Sheila took the very sensible decision not to let her struggle indefinitely, and retired her before she lost confidence.

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