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Open Trial
Venue: Rufforth
Trial Held: 07 September 2014



 I would like to start by thanking the local farmers for their continued support in providing the land. I would also like to thank the YWTS committee for their support and help with the running of the trial; their help made the trial both enjoyable and successful.

The trial was held at Rufforth Playing fields. There were 11 WD, 13 UD and 6 CD entries. All the teams which competed in CD said they enjoyed the experience; some of them were competing for the first time in Working Trials, which is still popular with new handlers and I hope they continue enjoying the sport.

The UD and WD nosework was on stubble and quite a number of dogs found it difficult on the day. All the control was held on the playing fields at the base.

A big thank you to the judges - Dave Stewart WD Nosework, Barry Gilbert UD Nosework, and Janine Atkinson CD and UD/WD control - and their stewards for setting excellent tests and creating such a friendly atmosphere.

I would also like to thank Trials Secretary, Cath Chadwick, and Wendy Craven for booking in and keeping everyone organized at the base. Thanks to Teresa Musgrave, Gaynor Parkin and Liz Stewart for doing an excellent job catering for the workers and competitors and helping at the base throughout the trial. Thank you to our team of experienced tracklayers - WD, Dave Salsbury and Jeff Margreaves; UD, Tom Mills and Richard Musgrave. Also thanks to Chris Parkin, escort for both days, allowing the competitors to get to the tracks in plenty of time.

Look forward to seeing you all next year


 PS: We will be running a TD stake as well as CD, UD and WD at Rufforth in 2015


Stakes: CD and UD, WD Control and Agility


Steward: Liz Hulley

Thank you to Yorkshire for the invitation to judge CD and UD, WD Control. Well done to Dave Craven and his excellent team of helpers for running an excellent trial. Also thanks to all at the base, and Liz, Teresa and Gaynor in the kitchen, who kept us well fed throughout the trial.

A big thank you to my control and search steward, Liz, who did an excellent job and put the competitors at ease.

CD Stake:

CD was held on Saturday and Sunday. The control field was ideal and it was a pleasure to judge some excellent teams.

6 Entered, 5 Ran. Well done to all the qualifiers and good luck in the future.

1st           Cath Chadwick with GLENDARACH SILVER SPIRIT, WSD, 99.5, Q. What a team you and Ash make. Well done on your win.

2nd         Sarah Burroughes with TARNEDGE CLASSIC DANCER, Lab, 92.5, Q. First time out with Darcy. Good luck

3rd          Racheal Whitehead with SEATON LAKE MYLO, GSD, 91, Q, ARO. Good sendaway from Mylo today. Well done

4th          Sue High with STILLMOOR SHOWTIME, BC, 91, Q. Good round from Carrick, just missed out on a higher place.

UD Stake:

1st           Diane Yeatman with LIANWOPS TARGA AT ROMSEY, Lab, 187, Q

2nd         Chris Trever with RODWELL BLACK PRINCE, Lab/Ret, 181.5, Q  

3rd          Caroline Wright with DREAGANTA DASH O’DEVILMENT, BC, 176.5, Q

4th          Val Joughin with ROYAL MERLE OF CLAUGHTON, WSD, 160.5, Q

WD Stake:

1st           Kate Peyton with ASTLEY FLEET, BC, 181, Q

2nd         Jenny Olley with STARDELL ARCHE, BC, 156.5, NQ

3rd          June Reed with SHAOWQUEST ONE AND ONLY, GSD, 47.5, NQ

4th          Kim Astbury with CHASING A DREAM, WSD, 145.5, NQ




Tracklayers: Tom Mills and Richard Musgrave

Steward: Liz Mills

 Thanks to YWTS for the invitation to judge, Dave Craven for managing the trial so well and Janine Atkinson for judging the C/A sections.

There were 13 entries and all ran. Tracking was on stubble with round bales still in the fields and a nice amount of green growth as well. On the Saturday the weather started out fine but quickly turned into quite heavy rain. Sunday was a lovely sunny day.

The track was a simple box inside a box and was expertly laid by Tom Mills and Richard Musgrave. The track articles were deliberately generous to reward the dogs that tracked to them, a 5" square piece of tongue and grooved wood and a 4" long piece of cardboard angle. The searches were laid by Liz Mills and the articles were a foil ash tray, a square piece of woollen jumper, a lolly stick and a 15" long piece of basket weaving willow. Thanks very much, Liz.

All the dogs started the track and we had a good success rate overall, Sunday proving to be the day with more qualifiers. Searching was a bit weaker generally, with a lot of training still to do to achieve perfection.

Well done to everyone who qualified.

 1st Mrs Dianne Yeatman with LLANWOPS TARGA AT ROMSEY, Lab, 187, Q. Also won best nosework.

2nd Chris Trevor with RODWELL BLACK PRINCE, Lab, 181.5, Q. The only dog to qualify on the Saturday.

3rd Caroline Wright with DREAGANTA DASH O’DEVILMENT, BC, 176.5, Q.

4th Miss Val Joughin with ROYAL MERLE OF CLAUGHTON, WSD, 160.5, Q.


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