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Open Trial
Venue: Rufforth
Trial Held: 09 September 2012


I would like to start by thanking the local farmers for their continued support in providing the land.  I would also like to thank the YWTS committee for their support and help with the running of the trial - their help made the trial both enjoyable and successful.

The trial was held at Rufforth Playing fields.  There were 12 WD, 10 UD and 8 CD entries; we had a good entry in CD, which is still popular with new handlers and I hope they continue enjoying the sport.

The tracking was on stubble and quite a number of dogs found it hard going. All the control was held on the playing fields at the base. 

A big thank you to the judges - Lé Newman - WD Nosework, Chris Trevor - UD Nosework and Sheila Margreaves - CD and UD/WD C/A - for setting excellent tests and creating such a friendly atmosphere, and also to their stewards.  I would also like to thank trials secretary, Cath Chadwick, and Carol Grant for booking in and keeping everyone organized.  Thanks to Liz Stewart, Liz Mills, Wendy Craven and Teresa Musgrave for doing an excellent job catering for the workers and competitors and helping at the base throughout the trial.  Thank you to our team of experienced tracklayers - WD, Damian Chadwick and Dave Stewart and UD, Richard Musgrave and Tom Mills.  

Lastly I would like to thank all the competitors who took time to say how much they enjoyed the trial.






Steward: Janine Atkinson

May I take this opportunity to thank the YWTS committee for inviting me to judge the CD/UD/WD stakes.  Thanks to Dave and Wendy Craven for organising a well run trial and Cath Chadwick and Carol Grant for running the base.  In the kitchen were Liz Stewart, Liz Mills and Teresa Musgrave - thank you for the lovely food.  Also thanks go to Janine Atkinson my steward over the two days.

The weather was red hot with bright sunshine all day from morning until night.


8 Entries 7 ran

1st  John Shires with ATEUSSUCHT JAGER, GSD, 95.  Worked very well throughout all the exercises - well done.

2nd Angela Moslin with NYRANA GOLD DIGGER UNDER WILDFIRE, GSD, 88.5.  Worked nicely on each exercise for a very excitable dog. 

3rd James Lettice with IRISH SHEENA, GSD, 88.  Really nice round for this lovely steady dog.

4th Lorraine Porteous with DARKISS SCARLET TABOO, Dob, 80.5.  She’s another excitable dog but did a nice round.


1st John Gray with WAGGERLAND WELLS, WSD, 194.5.  Not much wrong with this round, well done.

2nd Barry Gilbert with GLENALPINE COSWORTH, BC, 182.  Another nice round.

3rd Angela Moslin with NYRANA GOLD DIGGER UNDER WILDFIRE, GSD, 176.5.  Qualified CD and UD on the same day.

4th Chris Greenhalgh with TESSA THE MESSA, EES, 185.5, NQ.  Sadly just missed out with a qualification due to the jumps.


1st Jan Baker with MERRYWAY PEBBLE OF JABY, Gold Ret, 195.  Worked well throughout all exercises - well done.

2nd Terry Austin with MANPOL VIXEN, GSD, 192.5.  Handled very calmly and well for this high drive dog.

3rd Deborah Mead with HEATHERMARK HAWK, GSP, 181.  Another excitable, charming dog; did well throughout.

4th Liz Price with LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, GSD, 167.  Worked nicely with all the exercises.

I would like to thank all the competitors for entering and allowing me to judge them.  All the best for the future trials.





Tracklayers: Richard Musgrave and Tom Mills

Square Steward: Karen Bexon

Thanks to the society for the invitation to judge at Rufforth - a lovely, friendly trial.  Thanks also to Dave (manager) and to all the helpers, base staff, escorts and especially tracklayers, Richard and Tom, and my square steward, Karen.

Out of 10 entries, 7 ran.  Tracking was on stubble (what else?) and four teams qualified the nosework. Thanks all of you for having a go. The tracking was lovely to watch.  Those who "got it", well done, and the results were:

1st WAGGERLAND WELLS, WSD, handled by John Gray,194.5,Q.  A full point track.

2nd GLENALPINE COSWORTH,.BC,.handled by Barry Gilbert,.182, Q.

3rd NYRVANA GOLD DIGGER UNDER WILDFIRE, GSD, handled by Angela Moslin, 176.5, Q.

4th TESSA THE MESSA, ESS, handled by Chris Greenhalgh, 185.5, NQ.





Tracklayers: Dave Stewart and Damian Chadwick

Steward: Len Newman

My thanks to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge WD Nosework, also to David and Wendy Craven for managing such a happy and well run trial.  Thanks to Kath and Carol for running the base, collating the marks and writing the certificates.  Those lovely ladies in the kitchen!  What would Yorkshire WTS do without them?  Those scones with jam and clotted cream - OOOH!  Thank you, Liz, Theresa and Liz no 2.

A special mention for Dave Stewart and Damian Chadwick; their company and ‘unique’ tracklaying - not to be missed!  Thanks, you were great!  What can I say about the search steward, my husband Len?  Of course he did a good job.

Rufforth is a very happy trial and you all made my judging appointment a pleasure.  I will look forward to travelling ’North of Watford’ in future!

We only had 9 dogs work due to several scratches, but 4 of the 9 qualified, almost 50%.  Stubble is notoriously difficult to track on and as I have laid and worked on stubble, I designed a pattern and used articles suitable for the terrain.  The four that qualified were impressive, those that didn’t had a good crack at it so should not feel too disappointed.  Super searches with all dogs and handlers working as a team.

1st Jan Baker with MERRYWAY PEBBLE OF JABY, Gold/Ret, 195, Q.  Only lost 3.5 on the track and a full mark square.  Glad you changed breeds, Jan?

2nd Terry Austin with MANPOL VIXEN, GSD, 192.5, Q.  Only lost 2.5 on the track and a full mark square.  Very lively bitch, worked quietly and calmly by Terry.  Also won ‘Best Track’

3rd Debbie Meade with HEATHERMARK HAWK, GSP, 181, Q.  Well done, Debbie, it wasn’t easy and you both had to work hard.

4th Liz Price with LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, GSD, 167, Q.  You made us sweat but you did it!

Thanks to all the competitors for entering under me.  To those who qualified, good luck in championship, and to those who didn’t, remember there is always another day and another trial.

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