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Open Trial
Venue: Rufforth
Trial Held: 04 September 2011


I would like to start by thanking the local farmers for their continued support in providing the land.  I would also like to thank the YWTS committee for their support and help with the running of the trial; their help made the Trial both enjoyable and successful.

The trial was held at Rufforth playing fields.  There were 17 WD, 11 UD and 7 CD entries.  We had a good entry in CD, which is still popular with new handlers, and I hope they continue enjoying the sport.

The tracking was on stubble and quite a number of dogs found it hard going.  All the control was held on the playing fields at the Base.

A big thank you to the judges, Kath Woolley - WD Nosework, Jenny Olley - UD Nosework, and Laura Bardwell - CD and UD and WD C/A, and their stewards for setting excellent tests and creating such a friendly atmosphere.

I would also like to thank Trials Secretary, Cath Chadwick, for booking in and keeping everyone organized.  Thanks to Wendy Craven, Teresa Musgrave, and Chris and Gaynor Parkin for doing an excellent job catering for the workers and competitors throughout the trial.  Thank you to our team of experienced tracklayers - WD, Damian Chadwick, Dave Stewart and Jeff Margreaves, and UD, Eric and Yvonne Carpenter.  

Lastly I would like to thank all the competitors who took time to say how much they enjoyed the trial.






Steward: Richard Musgrave

Firstly I would like to thank Yorkshire for asking me to judge at this great trial; I must also thank  Cath Chadwick and Wendy Craven for their running of the base, scores etc., Dave Craven for all his help as trials manager, Chris and  Gaynor  for the great food they provided, and a huge thank you to Richard Musgrove for laying squares, stewarding and for being such great company making the whole day great fun; and then last, but not least, the competitors, who were all good fun and a pleasure to judge.


1st A Moslin and ARAMIS.  A very neat and tidy round, only losing the odd mark here and there.

2nd L Appleyard and BRODIE.  Great round, only just losing out on first place; well done

3rd A Moslin and ODIN.  Once again nice round with a slight blip on the scale.

4th C Greenhalgh and TESSA.  What a lovely little dog Tessa is; shame about the jumps.


1st S Burrows and Esther, 195.5, Q.  Great little Lab only dropping 1.5 on the control round; well done.

2nd  A Moslin and Odin, 177.5, NQ.  Today the sendaway cost you greatly.  Odin still needs a bit of work in the stays and you must make sure Odin’s head collar is removed at the start of the stays.  With this sorted out he will be great.

3rd  C Greenhalgh and TESSA, 176, NQ.  Another good round but once again the jumps proved costly. 

4th J Snowden and JESS, 112, NQ.  Great control round, hardly putting a paw wrong.


1st T Darby and RIO, 196.5, Q.  What a great team, fantastic to see Tom on this side of the fence. Rio is a super dog to watch, only losing half a mark on the control round.  Well Done

2nd P Quinn and QUILLA, 179, Q.  Another lovely round, just lost out on the scale.  Well done.

3rd F Mitchell and LOUIS, 176.5, Q.  What a beautiful dog, a real gent.  Once again only losing half a point on the control, a joy to watch.

4th M  Fryatt and DAX, 163.5, Q.  Good round but the retrieve proved costly today.


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Yvonne and Eric Carpenter

Square Steward: Bianca Schofield

Thanks to YWTS for the invitation to judge, to trials manager Dave Craven and his hard working team before during and after the trial, in the base Cath and Carol, and, as always, the kitchen, expertly manned by Chris and Gaynor Parkin.

Many thanks to my helpers in the field for all their hard work on the day, and their excellent company, Yvonne and Eric for the expertly laid tracks; a special thanks to Bianca, as a first time helper, she did a stunning job.

Out of 11 entries 9 ran.  Tracking was on stubble, we had 3 teams qualify the nosework, unfortunately 2 didn’t qualify on the C/A, leaving just one qualifier.

1st Sarah Burroughes and TARNEDGE VELVET, Lab, B, 195.5, Q.   A superb team and worthy winners, despite a local GSD joining Esther on the first leg of the track, Sarah and Esther maintained their focus and went on to complete an 89 point track, plus 20 for the articles, followed by a 33 point search.  A pleasure to watch.  Congratulations, Sarah and Esther.

2nd Angela Moslin and NYRVANA GOLD DIGGER UNDER WILDFIRE, GSD, D, 177.5, NQ.  This keen young GSD enjoyed his tracking and took Angela round in double quick time, gaining 88.5 points for the track, plus 20 for the articles, followed by a 32 point search. 

3rd Chris Greenhalgh and TESSA THE MESSA, ESS, B, 176, NQ.  Tess completed excellent nosework gaining 88 plus 20 for the track and 33 for the search. 

4th Joan Snowden and GLENALPINE JES, BC, 112, NQ.  Jes got off to a good start on the track, but unfortunately it wasn’t her day today.




JUDGE: Kath Woolley
STEWARDS: J anine Atkinson
TRACKLAYERS: Damian Chadwick, Dave Stewart, JeffMargreaves

Thank you to the committee of Yorkshire WTS for asking me to judge and to Dave Craven, trials manager, and Cath Chadwick, base secretary, who run this trial from Rufforth Sports Club, a super base with the control field adjacent to it. Many thanks to Janine who efficiently stewarded both days and to Chris and Gaynor who kept us well fed. I was very lucky to be given three very experienced track layers, Damian, Dave and Jeff, many thanks for your tracks and company.
Seventeen dogs entered and fourteen competed. Tracking was on very dry stubble and with the exception of one sharp shower, the weather was fine and breezy. The track was twelve legs, articles a piece of wood and a piece of carpet. This is notoriously difficult tracking ground and only four dogs completed the track, three with two articles and one with one. Square articles were a metal bolt and pieces of leather, rubber and boot lace.
Thank you to the competitors, most of whom went away cheerful.
1st Tom Darby Triple Chaos Brilliant track and square, Rio got four out of the square in 92 seconds. Qualified 196.5
2nd Pat Quinn How's Harry at Royaltain Harry made the track look easy, the only dog to complete it on Saturday. Qualified 179
3rd Fran Mitchell Barak Baldemar Luis worked so very hard to get around the track, he never gave up, the only team to work in the rain. Qualified 176.5
4th Mick Fryatt Dagwood Dax Dax used all the allowed time, luckily he did the second half of the track quicker than the first! Qualified 163.5

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