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Open Trial
Venue: Rufforth
Trial Held: 05 September 2010


I would like to start by thanking the local farmers for their continued support in providing the land.  I would also like to thank the YWTS committee for their support and help with the running of the trial; their help made the Trial both enjoyable and successful.

The trial was held at Rufforth Playing fields.  There were 19 WD, 15 UD and 9 CD entries.  We had a good entry in CD, which is still popular with new handlers and I hope they continue enjoying the sport.

The tracking was on stubble and quite a number of dogs found it hard going.  All the control was held on the playing fields at the base.

A big thank you to the judges, Phil Jackson - WD Nosework, Richard Musgrave - UD Nosework, and Julie Findeisen - CD and UD and WD C/A, and their stewards for setting excellent tests and creating such a friendly atmosphere.

I would also like to thank Trials Secretary, Cath Chadwick, for booking in and keeping everyone organized.  Thanks to Wendy Craven, Teresa Musgrave, and Chris and Gaynor Parkin for doing an excellent job catering for the workers and competitors throughout the trial.  Thank you to our team of experienced tracklayers, WD - Damian Chadwick and Dave Stewart; UD - Tom Mills and Eric Carpenter, and to escort to the tracks, Chris Trevor.

Lastly I would like to thank all the competitors who took time to say how much they enjoyed the trial.





Stewards: Yvonne Carpenter (Saturday) and Liz Mills (Sunday)

Thank you to YWTS for the invitation to judge at this friendly well run trial; Dave and Wendy Craven do a great job in the organisation of this trial.  My accommodation for the two nights was the BEST!  They have a great band of helpers doing all the jobs needed to make sure everything runs smoothly.  I don’t know who organised the weather for the two days, but well done, sunshine from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening!  Thank you to Yvonne and Liz for stewarding; you both did a great job.  Also thank you to Chris Parkin for the fantastic photos taken of Zico.


1st Mike Williams, MARINA BENS’S PAL, XB, 95.  Marina did a lovely round, losing minor points on control and finished with full jumps. Well done.

2nd Neil Leech, PEPPER PUDDLEDUCK, Lab, 86.5.  Pepper did a lovely round, just sort that down stay.  Full jumps. Well done.

3rd Stevi Boyall, VANQUISH ULTIMATE EDITION, Lab, 83.  Aston’s first trial, and he gave Stevi a full point control round!  Just the return on the scale and the down stay, but this dog has such a bright future ahead of him.  Well done.

4th Debbie Clark, ICHBIN TIMEMYSTIC, Lge Munsterlander, 83.  This lovely dog has a fantastic attitude.  Just minor points lost here and there. Good luck with her, she is lovely.

Also qualifying CD COM:

Nicky Martins, LITTLE GIRL, GSD, 82


1st Tom Darby, Triple Chaos, WSD, 192.5.  Rio and Tom worked a great round, with full mark jumps.  What a pleasure to watch, good luck for the future.

2nd Jean Howells, GLENALPINE ARCHIE, BC, 190.  Another lovely partnership.  Archie is lovely; well done.

3rd Liz Hulley, REMUDA TOP’R MITY BRISA AZUL, ASD, 189.  A nice round, with a very close call on the jumps! Well done.

4th Caroline Wright, CARISHILL ODIN, Goldie, 184.5.  I would have taken Benson home, if Caroline would let me! He is lovely, good luck for the future.

Also qualifying UD COM:



Mike Williams, MARINAS BEN’S PAL, Lab X, 174


1st Margaret Robinson, JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, 197.  Margaret took her time with Frankie, and it paid off.  A lovely round, well done.

2nd Paul Adams, SHERINGHAM GLYNN, BC, 195.  Glynn is a lovely keen dog, well handled.  Good luck.

3rd June Reed, SHADOWQUEST LEGACY, GSD, 188.  Buddy and June are a great partnership.  A pleasure to judge; well done.

4th Lé Newman, STARDELL LEDA, BC, 183.  There is a definite race between dog and handler!  Keen is not the word!  Lovely dog, well done.

Also qualifying WD COM:



Good luck everyone at your future trials.




Tracklayers: Eric and Tom

Stewards: Liz and Teresa

I thank the committee of Yorkshire WTS for allowing me to judge for them once again.  Special mention and thanks to the team who run the trial on their behalf goes to Wendy and Dave Craven, manager, Cath, secretary and base steward and Damien, track layer and general worrier about getting things right at that end of things.

My field-side team were Eric and Tom, tracklayers both days, supported by Liz and Teresa who did one day each of square laying.  Liz moved over to steward the control on the Sunday. Thank you to you all, the job you did was terrific and it was a pleasure to share that side of the trial with you all.

A big thank you as always to the competitors, who, with their dogs, faced about as difficult conditions as stubble could provide.  When I first saw the "desert with spikes" I thought we may have very few teams get round.  Happily I was wrong and some really good performances were put up.  Well done to you and your dogs and thank you for being such good sports. There was a total of seven qualifies after the control which was a delightful surprise, given the nosework conditions.

1st Tom Darby with TRIPLE CHAOS, 192.5, Q.  Lovely to watch, Tom, very well done.

2nd Jean Howells  with  GLENALPINE ARCHIE, 190, Q.  Good all-round team work.

3rd Liz Hulley with REMUDA TOP’RMITY BRISA AZUL, 189, Q.  Well done on beating the conditions and showing that another breed can be a strong contender.

4th Caroline Wright with CARISHILL ODIN, 184.5, Q.  Another good performance, and so good to watch a Goldie in action.

Also qualifying:

John Wykes with KIPCROFT RED KYLE OF TARNFORCE, 179.5.  How good to watch a craftsman (and a gentleman, too) at work with his young dog.

Stevi Boyall with VANQUISH ULTIMATE EDITION, 179.  Very sympathetically handled, allowing this young Labrador to work the very difficult conditions.

Mike Williams with MARINA BEN’S PAL, 174.  Good to see an experienced handler help his dog when things got extra tough, allowing the dog to work it out and finish.

Well done to all the above and those who did not make it this time.

Just to finish off - thank you to all the farmers who generously gave up their fields for us to use, without your support we could not have a sport.

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