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Open Trial
Venue: Rufforth
Trial Held: 05 September 2004

Trials Manager report

Many thanks to all who helped to make this trial a good one.  We had two days of fine weather, helpful farmers, fair judges, conscientious stewards and tracklayers and a great bunch of competitors, some of whom even qualified!  My thanks go to all the above THE MAN (or woman) who controls the weather.  Special thanks are due to Dave Craven, who really ran the trial before and after the event, Cath Chadwick for her organising before, during and after the trial, and Wendy Craven and Karen Shires for the catering.  It was good to see some new (to the venue) faces from further away than usual.  It was also nice to hear the complements about the great base we have.  It was a pity we didn't have more qualifiers, but I'll let the judges give their explanations as to why.



CD and UD/WD Control


Steward : Anne Standley

Thanks to YWTS for inviting me to judge CD and UD/WD control.  Thanks to Damian and Cath Chadwick for a well run trial, also to Wendy Craven and Karen Shires for the food at the base.  My steward for the weekend was Anne Standley who did an excellent job stewarding and being such good company.

The control round was held on playing fields at the base next to Rufforth Airfield where we saw a good standard of control in all stakes.  Throughout the trial though one or two dogs seemed to prefer plane spotting to heelwork.  Thanks to all competitors for being so friendly and competing under me.  Good luck to all in the future.


1st           C. Johnson with JAGERS LEO, 84 marks (Q).  A well controlled round from this team, well deserved win.

2nd         P. Jenkinson with QUARRYHOUSE SILAS.  82.5 marks (Q).  Another rice round.  Well done.

3rd          J. Reed with LITTLE JODIE.  91 marks (NQ).  Full marks square.  Jumps let you down today.

4th          C. Parkin with LAKELAND VIKING WARRIOR.  78 marks (NQ).  First time in trials for dog and handler.  Did well to get a place.  Good luck in the future.



UD Nosework


Tracklayers : Mick Cammidge, Brian Page

Stewards : Sheila Hargraves

16 entries - 12 worked

Many thanks to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for their invitation to judge UD nosework at Rufford.  I was very lucky to be supported by a great team of tracklayers, Mick and Brian, and I thank them for their hard work and experience in the skills of tracklaying.  A special thanks to my steward Sheila whose experience, help and assistance was invaluable to me over the 1.5 days.

ywts ud rufforth

Tracking was on stubble, fairly dry, but with recent rain had bits of grass growing through, knowing the land I set an easy track pattern with seven legs.  First article being a beer mat and last article carpet 3" x 2.5" in blue.  Out of the 12 dogs that worked 7 completed the track.  The search square articles consisted of large coffee filter, wash up sponge 2.5 x 1.5, carpet underlay 3" x 2.5" and leather trackline 2.5".  Seven dogs got all 4 articles and five got 3 articles.

1st           NEWBOROUGH SNOWDROP (WSD) (B) Handler Jenny Olley Q 189.5.  Nice track, just one hiccup, but with Jenny's patience it all came right in the end.  Nice search all four articles.  Lovely little dog, well deserved win.

2nd         JASUETER RED GARNET (GSD) (B) Handler Jill Carruthers Q 186.  A lovely track with this young dog, a joy to watch, followed by four out of the square, a bit of mouthing but I'm sure you'll sort that Jill.

3rd          SMILEY BOY (X BREED) (D) Handler Dave Olley Q 180.  A very steady track, but he got there in the end.  Dave knew how to get the best out of this dog.  Well done.

4th          TAMERRYE MARANELLO (BC) (B) Handler Miriam Lyons Q 176.5.  Another lovely track, but only three articles from square.

Also qualified, KERCHAK DANCING RHAPSODY (GSD) (D) 175, Handler Cath Chadwick and DARLING LASSIE (LAB) (B) 167.5 Handler Mr. G. Kirk


WD Stake


Tracklayers : Jeff Musgrave and Eric Carpenter

Steward : John Weselby

I would like to thank Yorkshire WTS for inviting me to judge the WD nosework.  Trials manager Damian Chadwick and his team back at the base provided excellent facilities for this very friendly trial.  I would particularly like to thank Jeff and Eric for laying the tracks and John, my steward.  The weather we have been waiting for all summer arrived making tracking conditions for the dogs hot, dry, dusty and very difficult.  All 11 dogs started from the pole and the 4 qualifiers tracked well and proved it was possible.

14 entries, 11 worked.

1st           Margaret Robinson with TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY Q. 80/20/27.5.  Lace worked a lovely track under Margaret's experienced handling recovering both articles followed by 3 out of the square.

2nd         Irene Nichol with GAMEPOINT GO AND GO N/Q. 87/20/26.  It was a pleasure to watch Kaiser work.  Did a super track and square.  I'm sure this team will go far.

3rd          Bernadette Diggs with BRAVE BAYLEY N/Q 80/20/27.  A good performance in difficult conditions.  Bayley really worked his socks off.  Well done.

4th          Jane Douglas with SHADOWQUEST AREBA N/Q 75/10/24.5.  Reba kept his nose work and worked the track really well but unfortunately did not complete the last leg due to exhaustion. 

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