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Open Trial
Venue: Rufforth
Trial Held: 18 September 2005


Trials Managers Report

I would like to start by thanking the local farmers for the continued support in providing the land.  I would also like to thank the YWTS committee for their support and help with the running of the Trial. Their help made the Trial both enjoyable and successful.

The Trial was held at Rufforth, there were 9 WD, 13 UD and 3 CD entries.  It was good to see new handlers at the Trial and hope they continue enjoying the sport.

The tracking was on dry stubble and quite a number of dogs found it hard going.

The control field was held on the playing fields at the Base.

A big thank you to the Judges - Glenys Page WD, Dave Olley UD and Dave Stewart CD & C/A UD/WD and their stewards for setting excellent tests and creating such a friendly atmosphere.

I would also like to thank all the helpers at the Trial, at Base, Trials Secretary Cath Chadwick, and Wendy Craven catering for the workers and competitors throughout the trial.  Tracklayers WD, Damian Chadwick, Brian Page.  UD, Mick Cammidge and Peter Turner.

Lastly I would like to thank all the competitors who took time to write and telephone to say how much they enjoyed the Trial.



CD and Control / Agility


Steward : Anne Fotherby

Many thanks to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge this stake.

To Dave Craven, Trials manager well done, you have pulled off another excellent trial  Many thanks to the base staff of Wendy Craven, Cath Chadwick and Janine Atkinson for looking after me so well.  A special thank you to my steward Anne Fotherby, who did a wonderful job in spite of having a bug and feeling lousy.

CD stake

3 competitors and unfortunately no qualifiers

1st           Ms. J. Townsend with TENVRAS QUEST, Lab 76 NQ.  A deserved winner.  A bit more work on the sendaway and it wont be long before you get your qualification.

2nd         Mr. Andrew Fox with STARDELL MUSCA, BC NQ 69.5.  Only the stays spoilt what was otherwise a lovely round.  Well done.

3rd          Miss R. Leatham COCKLEY SPECTACULAR cross NQ 53.5.  The youngest competitor at the trial and nothing seemed to phase her.  Even when things were not going to plan she was still there encouraging and helping her dog.  Well done.

UD Control

1st           Mrs. V. Jenkins with PRAGNELL DAISY, cross 192.5Q.  Congratulations Vicky, a lovely round.  A pleasure to watch.  Good luck in the championships.

2nd         Miss A. Smith with MATTIAS BELLARINA GSD 179Q.   A lovely attitude with this dog,  Angela.  Bella did you proud.  A little more work needed on the sendaways and retrieve.

3rd          Mrs. I. Seymour with OAKENHEART DARK AFFAIR, GSD 179Q.  Just the small hiccup on the scale Irene, otherwise another lovely control round.

4th          Mrs. A. Witty with ANPO GABY, GSD 184NQ.  What a shame about the down stay Alice.  I really hope you sort that out.  Qualification is there for the taking.

WD Stake

1st           Mrs. J. Douglas with SHADOWQUEST AREBA, GSD 189Q.  A very solid round although I suspect there is far more to come.  Congratulations on your win and good luck in the higher stake.

2nd         Mr. Andrew Fox with DAZLEROCK'S BRYN 'N' SCOOBY TOO, BC 187.5Q.  Not bad Andrew, 2 dogs in 2 stakes and 2 seconds.  A near faultless control round.   A joy to judge.  Well done.

3rd          Mrs. P. Werner with CROCODILE DUNDINGO, Aus Kelpie 187.5Q.  Well done Pat, a well deserved qualification.  Just needs the long jump sorting out and you have a lovely control round.

4th          Mrs. P. Harding with AUDLYNTON GILBERT, GSD 185.5Q.  Congratulations Tricia.  Another nice round.  You both worked well.


UD Nosework


Tracklayers : Mick Cammidge and Pete Turner

Search Steward : Jenny Olley

Thanks to YWTS committee for the invitation to judge the UD nosework.  My job was helped by a friendly crew at base including trials manager Dave Craven, helpful and efficient tracklayers, Mick and Pete and a big thanks to Jenny for laying squares.  Out of 13 entries, 9 worked on the day, with 5 qualifying on the nosework.  All the dogs seemed motivated on track, one or two just weren't ready.  We had some very good squares, with all dogs finding 3 or 4.

1st           Mrs. V. Jenkins with PRAGNELL DAISY (XB).  Track 86.5, art 20, square 33 (Q).  This was the last track of the day, and by this time the wind had increased, but this did not deter this little dog.  The track and the square was completed with enthusiasm, which was the result of nice handling and a well motivated dog.

2nd         Miss A. Smith with MATTIAS BELLARINA (GSD).   Track 88, art 20, square 24 (Q).  a very good tracking dog, highly motivated and well handled, looking like a professional team for the higher stakes.

3rd          Mrs. I. Seymour with OAKENHEART DARK AFFAIR (GSD).  Track 77, art 10, square 26(Q),  This is another good team for the future, although at times the dog struggled, the nosework qualification came through patience and skilled handling.

4th          Mrs. A. Witty with ANPO GABY (GSD).  Track 89, art 20, square 34 (NQ).  This is the first time I have met Alice and her dog, and it was made memorable by the standard of work they produced.  Anpo Gaby brought 4 out of the square in 1 minute 5 seconds, after a superb track and received the Nosework Trophy.


WD Nosework


Square steward : Karen Shires

Tracklayers : Brian Page and Damien Chadwick

Thanks to YWTS for the invitation to judge WD nosework at this friendly trial.  To my tracklayers Brian and Damien, you were great, and to my search square steward, Karen, 100 per cent success, even in the run-off, and being good company too, thank you all very much.

The tracking was stubble which had varying degrees of grass between, and the weather was warm and dry even though the trial was a week later than in previous years.

9 teams entered, 8 worked.

1st           Jane Douglas with SHADOWQUEST  AREBA (GSD) 189Q.  track 87.5, arts 20, square 32, gun 5.  Total n/w 139.5.  Tracked well, nice to watch.  Bit of mouthing in search square.

2nd         Andrew Fox with DAZLERROCK'S BRYN 'N' SCOOBY TOO (BC)  187.5Q.  Track 83.5, arts 20, search square 34, gun 5. Total n/w 137.5.  Won the run-off, I bet he keeps you fit Andrew.  Well done.

3rd          Pat Werner with CROCODILE DUNDINGO (Aus Kelpie) 187.5Q.  Best Track Trophy - 88, arts 20, search square 32.5, gun 4.5.  n/w total 140.5.  Came 3rd after run-off, but all credit to your dog Pat, after confronting a hare only a yard from the track, and having a child's screaming car on the lane at the side of the field.  Well done.

4th          Tricia Harding with AUDLYNTON GILBERT (GSD) Q.  Track 80, arts 20, search square 34, gun 5. Total n/w 134.  I thought you were going to run out of time at one stage, but you persisted, and the dog got you round.  Well done.

Thank you competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions. 

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