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Open Trial
Venue: Rufforth
Trial Held: 07 September 2003


I would like to start by thanking the local farmers for their continued support in providing the land. I would also like to thank the Y.W.T.S. committee for their support and help with the running of the Tri al, their help made the trial both enjoyable and successful. Held at Rufforth, there were 13 WD, 12 UD and 13 CD entries. It was good to see new handlers at the tri al and I hope they will continue enjoying the sport. Tracking was on dry stubble and quite a number of dogs found it hard going. Control was held on the playing fields at the base. A big thank you to the judges, Malcolm Snowden WD, Tom Davis, UD and Cath Phillips CD and UD/WD control and agility and their stewards, for setting excellent tests and creating such a friendly atmosphere.

I would also like to thank all the helpers at the Trial: at Base Cath Chadwick, Wendy Craven and Anne Standley. Escorts Dave Stewart, Arthur Rivers. Tracklayers Eric Carpenter, Jeff Margreaves, Damian Chadwick, Glenys Page and Mick Cammidge. Lastly I would like to thank all the competitors who took time to write and telephone to say how much they enjoyed the trial.




Judge: Miss CATH PHILLIPS Steward: Peter Yates

My thanks go to Yorkshire W.T.S. for the invitation to judge and also thanks to Dave and Wendy Craven, Cath and Damian Chad­ wick who looked after us so well and were great company. Special thanks to Peter Yates who was my steward for both C.D. and the U .D./W. D. control. The weather was particularly kind to us and although the dry conditions didn't help the tracking it was ideal for the control. For each stake the control round was designed to be very straightforward - any dog getting round the track deserved every chance to qualify in the control!!

C.D. Stake

1st          Mrs R Bayston, ROSENDALES MAD JACK. CoM. 93.5pts. (WSD) D.

2nd        Ms A Burn, BRIOY HOLLY (ESS) CoM 88pts.

3rd         Mr T Austin, GHYLLBEC KNIMBO STRATUS NQ. (Large Munsterlander) 80pts.

4th         Mr K Jones, CARFELD GUS (BC) NQ. 76pts.

U.D. Stake

1 st         Mrs L Coull , FURSDON MIDNIGHT MONSOON (Weim) CoM. 189pts.

2nd        Mrs L Neville, CHOXXSTART DREAM ANGUS (Bearded Collie) CoM. 168pts.

3rd         Mr T Austin, GHYLLBEC K NIMBO STRATUS. (Large Munsterlander) NQ 156.5pts.

4th         Mrs J Douglas, SHADO WQ UEST ARE BA (GSD) NQ 11 8pts.

W.D. Stake

1st          Mrs C Stubbings, WOLFHART BJORN AT GLENTRADA (GSD) CoM. 188pts.

2nd        Mrs P Williams, SUNSHINE JED (Lab) CoM. 1 82pts.

3rd         Mr J Wykes, FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORC E (BC) CoM. 169pts.

4th         Mrs K McGuckin, MERRYDANCER OF COURT (WSD) NQ. 133.5pts.



Judge: Mr T. DAVIS

Tracklayers: Mick Cammidge, Glynis Page & Damian Chadwick

Search Steward: Steve Lancashire

My thanks to Y.W.T.S. for this judging appointment and to Dave and Wendy Craven for an enjoyable, well run trial. My thanks also to my tracklayers Mick, Damian and Glynis and to Steve Lancashire for laying the squares perfectly. We had 12 entries of which

10 ran. Tracking was on stubble in very dry conditions and the young dogs found the going tough. A mixture of inexperience and bad luck meant that only two competitors completed the track - both of whom qualified . Competitors faced the problems cheerfully, so my thanks to them for accepting their outcomes so well. To those who qualified, well done. Commiserations to those who failed .

1st   Mrs Coull wit h FURSDON MIDNIGHT MONSOON (Weim) 1 89pts CoM. Lisa and her dog Callie worked together as a team. She handled her dog with great sensitivity in difficult conditions. Well done.

2nd Mrs L D Neville with , CHOXXS TART DREAM A GUS (Bearded Collie) CoM. 168pts. It took all of Lesley's experience to work this young dog around the track. He worked extremely hard and when it came to the square he ran out of steam. Well done.

3rd         Mr T Austin, GHYLLBECK NIMBO STRATUS. (Large Munsterlander) NQ 156.5pts. This team worked hard and I am sure in better conditions they will progress.

4th         Mrs J Douglas, SHADOWQUEST AREBA (GSD) NQ 118pts.

Many congratulations to those who qualified and good luck to all of you at future trials.




Tracklayers: Geoff Margreaves, G1enys Page & Eric Carpenter

Steward: Joan Snowden

Thanks to Yorkshire W.T.S. for the invitation to judge the WD nosework. To Dave and Wendy and all the team well done for running an excellent trial. Thanks Geoff, Glenys and Eric for tracklaying and Joan for stewarding the squares. Also thank you for my track watcher Sheila (bless). Nosework was run on very dry stubble, which made tracking very difficult, at the end of the second day we were left with three qualifiers.

1st Mesdames C Stubbings & P Collier, WOLFHART BJORN AT GLENTRADA (GSD) 188 CoM. An excellent track in difficult conditions.

2nd Mrs P Williams, SUN SHINE JED (Lab) 182 CoM. Well done, a lovely track.

3rd Mr J Wykes, FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE (BC) 169 CoM. Well done John, a few sticky moments but you got there in the end.

4th Mrs K McGuckin, MERRYDANCER OF COURT (WSD) 133 NQ. He worked hard for you Kath, good luck for the future. 

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