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Open Trial
Venue: West Bretton
Trial Held: 03 April 2011



Steward: Mark Lewindon

First, my thanks to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge CD Open at their April trial at West Bretton.  Anyone who knows Mark and me know that we absolutely love Yorkshire.  The county, the landscapes, the lifestyle, the food, the trials and above all, the people.  So when asked to judge and having an "excuse" to visit Yorkshire I grabbed it with open arms.  One Yorkshire person mentioned that I was a long way from home - no, I feel very at home in Yorkshire.

Also thanks to all those who helped at the trial, before, during and after; the farmers for providing the land and without whose generosity we would not be able to conduct our sport; Liz and Doreen in the kitchen for providing such delicious food; Sheila and Jeff Margreaves for making us so welcome in their home; Sheila again for base duties; Dave Stewart for managing such a happy band of people; my steward, husband Mark, for squares and control stewarding with such efficiency and putting competitors at ease and finally, thanks to the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions with good grace.

7 Entries, 5 Ran.  The field allocated for the CD was perfect, landlocked and quiet with lush growth approximately 7-10 inches.  Articles were a piece of beige carpet approximately 3"x 3"; white baby’s dummy and a piece of wood approximately 4" long and 1" square.  All the dogs recovered all the articles.  Overall the standard of the dogs entered was very good and some are definitely ready for CD champ.  Problems on the day were, unsurprisingly, the stays and jumps. 

1st Susan Hanson with ROCLAIRE DONNA MARCHESA, "Darcy", Kor Grif, 91, Q.  Full mark square and retrieve, altogether a nicely put together round with dog and handler looking like a team.  Well done on qualifying and winning today.

2nd Jenefer Le Mesurier with AFON ANDYPANDY, "Pandy", HWV, 88.5, Q.  Happy handler and dog, making another good team and putting in a good performance.  Good luck in champ.

3rd Rachel Deavin with MANPOL SIERRA, "Ruby", GSD, 79, NQ.  Unfortunately Ruby lay down in the sit stay, otherwise this would have been a different result.  She’s a smashing girl, Rachel, and you’ve trained her well; better luck next time.

4th Chris Greenhalgh with TESSA THE MESSA, "Tessa", ESS, 68.5, NQ.  Tessa is a very happy little dog and Chris, if you can harness her enthusiasm, it will all come together nicely.




Steward: Liz Roberts

Thanks to Yorkshire for the invitation to judge the control and agility at the West Bretton trial.  Dave Stewart and his team, as always, did a grand job.  Liz and I were well fed by Liz and Doreen, and Sheila and Margaret were great at the base.  I must thank Dave and Liz for allowing Liz Roberts and me to stay at their home.

The farmer helped us by popping the jumps in his trailer and took us to a lovely open field ideal for the control.  The competitors all arrived in time for stays and with the expert help of Fran there was a steady stream of competitors and so no time was wasted and no hanging around; the weather was also kind to us.


1st Alan Bexon and FLY BY NIGHT, WSD, 196.5, Q.  Lovely dog - full control round, unfortunately needed a second attempt at the long jump.  Well done, this partnership will go far.

2nd Ms Anita Snell and FLASH, WSD, 191.5, Q.  Another good dog with lovely attitude, unfortunately also required a second attempt at the long jump.

3rd Sarah Naylor and BLAKE, BC, 191.5, Q.  Another full control round; I was impressed at how quietly Sarah commanded her lovely dog.

4th Carole Hall’s DIVA, GSD, 190.5, Q.  Julz worked Diva for Carole and did a fine job; it was the coming back over the scale that caused a problem.

Also qualified:

Mike Cammidge and JACK


Jain Douglas and ROXY


1st Mrs Stephanie McBride and GUNNER, Lab Ret, 194.5, Q.  Excellent round, only lost 0.5 mark on the sendaway, everything else was perfect - this gorgeous dog will go far in trials.

2nd Mrs Karen Bexon and CHOC, Spaniel, 191, Q.  Good control round, the long jump was costly at this trial but with his attitude this little dog will do well.

3rd Anne Bussey and MUSCHKI, Mali, 184, Q.  Lovely control round, unfortunately failed the long jump.

4th Tony Orchard and BONNY, Lab Ret, 177.5, Q.  Good control round

Also qualified:

Andrea Clarke and YOGI

Mrs. Janette Sayer and TAZ

Vic Snook and MICA


1st Diane Ling and TOM, X-Breed, 206.5, Q.  Excellent round, only losing 1 mark.  Good luck for the future

2nd Joe Craft and INDI, GSD, 205.5, Q.  Another good round, needing another try at the long jump was costly.

3rd Andrea Clarke and COPPA, GSD, 201, Q.  Needs a little work on sendaway and speak, but full marks on jumps.

4th Fran Atkin and BLEDRI OF STEPASIDE, WSD, 197, Q.  A little work on the sendaway and you’ll do well.

Also qualified:

Sheila Margreaves and COFFEY




Tracklayers: Donna, Pete,  Mark

Search Squares: Cath

Thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge the nosework at their Open trial.  Thanks also to the trials manager, Dave Stewart, Jeff and Sheila Margreaves, Fred and Margaret Welham and the ladies in the kitchen.

Thanks to Donna, Pete and Mark who laid the tracks, and to Cath for the squares.  What a team, all I had to do was turn up and judge.

19 entries, all ran.  The standard of tracking was very good; with near perfect fields most took full advantage.

1st Mr A Bexon with FLY BY NIGHT LAD, WSD, D, 196.5, COM.   Great to watch, only losing 1 on nosework. Well done.

2nd Ms A Snell with CROESLLWYN STREAK OF LIGHT, WSD, D, 191.5, COM.  Worked on Sunday, only losing 1.5 on nosework.  Well done.

3rd  Mrs S Naylor with FLICKFLACK BLAKE, BC, D, 191.5, COM.  Worked Saturday, losing 5 on nosework.  Another to watch in the future.

4th Mrs C Hall’s GUNNISWENS ARRIVA-LA-DIVA, GSD, 190.5, COM, handled by Julz Findeisen.  Went to the pole and made it look easy. Well done.

Also Qualifying:

J Douglas with TRACEYLYN ROXY, GSD, B, 188.5


M Cammidge with BROWN JACK, WSD, D, 186

To all the competitors - thank you for allowing me to judge you and your dogs.  To those who never made it, keep training, your day will come.




Tracklayers: Dave Craven, Dave Olley, Chris Trevor, Jeff Margreaves

Square Steward: Janine Atkinson

It’s always a pleasure to be part of a well run trial, and this was no exception; I thank YWTS for inviting me to judge at our local event.  Special thanks to the tracklayers and steward, who were always where they should be and did everything I could have asked for.  Well done.

The trial is meticulously managed by Dave Stewart, who is assisted by Jeff Margreaves.  Jeff played some part in our stake on each day and even had to lay a spare track when timings would have got out of kilter.  In stepped Jeff and all was well. Everyone at base gets a big thank you, the administration and food is about as good as it gets.

Last for the thank you’s, but right up there in importance, a special thanks to the competitors who all tried their best, some with great success and some who will need another attempt, but all showing  what good sports they are.  I did watch a dog and handler do a track which I will not forget, it was very special and obviously meant a great deal to the partnership. More later.

All tracking was on well grown crop and nearly all dogs did some of the track.  The wind did visit us quite strongly around lunch time each day, which presented problems for the unfortunate dogs drawn at that time.  However, some of the dogs, Mica in particular, battled on and in the end gained a qualification.  I always find watching dogs track most fascinating and happily there was plenty to watch each day.

1st Stephanie Mc Bride with DELFLEET ODIN, Gunner, Lab Ret, dog, 194.5, Q.   Very accomplished handling with a great result.  Solid tracking followed by a perfect square.  Good all round nosework

2nd Karen Bexon with CHOCOLATE LITTLE MAN, Choc, Spaniel, dog, 191, Q.   Never to be forgotten!  This special little dog went round the field as if on rails and seemed to do side steps to ensure accuracy on the corners.  Brilliant.

3rd Anne Bussey with VONGRAF NAOMI, Nuschka, BSD Mali, bitch, 184, Q.  Solid track followed by a very good square, all articles recovered.

4th Tony Orchard with TADMARTON DUBONET, Bonnie, Lab Ret, bitch, 177.5, Q.  Good track, just missing one of the articles.  Need to watch the drops in the square.

Also Qualifying:

Vic Snook with LITTLE MICA (Ak4), Mica, X-Breed, bitch, 175.75, Q

Janette Sayer with TAZ OF HOLLOWGATE, Taz, WSD, dog, 173.5, Q

Andrea Clarke with ORLISCWT BOBBIN ALONG, Yogi,  ISCWT, Dog  162, Q.  A problem near the end of the track could have been costly,  but  one article already in  your pocket and  a perfect square saved the day.



Judge: RAY LEA

Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Eric Carpenter, Damian Chadwick, Jeff Margreaves.

Steward: Dianne Lightfoot

FAB, FAB, FAB weekend with a big Yorkshire team and lots of friends. Thank you to the committee of Yorkshire WTS for the invitation to judge the TD nosework at their recent open trial.  Sheila and Jeff, thank you so much for your hospitality in your home for two nights, and again at the meal on the Saturday night.  Dave Stewart, thank you for all your help throughout the trial, and to Liz and Doreen in the kitchen for all the lovely food, to Margaret and Sheila in base and the escorts - you all make a great team that every trial needs.  My tracklayers, Eric, Andrea, Damian and Jeff, all laid tracks to perfection – brilliant - and my steward, Dianne, again laid all the squares as I wanted them, giving every competitor the best chance to recover the articles - thank you all so much.  And to the land owners, thank you all for the use of your land.

26 teams entered, 24 teams ran.  Some teams were more than ready for TD, and some not quite, but all put in a good try.  Tracking was on a good growth of wheat; each day was sunny and windy, making tracking a bit difficult as it was drying out as the day went on. Tracking started on Friday and we were off to a flyer, with all the morning tracks making it look easy, but then it all went wrong in the afternoon with every team only getting a couple of legs.  On Saturday only one team got round the track in the morning, but the afternoon teams gave it a good effort.  Two teams worthy of a mention were, firstly, Jeny Miller and her little dog, who never picked her head up for 25 minutes - I gave her every chance to get to the second article and have a chance to qualify, but time ran out, and I really felt for both of them; secondly, Paul Adams on the same field - we thought Paul had lost it a couple of times, but he stuck to the spot and the dog eventually found the track to complete it in 19mins 57 secs.  Any newcomer would have learned a lot from watching these two teams.

Thank you to every one for entering and allowing me test your dogs and excepting my decisions with out questio

1st Diane Ling with DEBEN LITTLE TOM, 206.5, Q.  It was like this dog was on rails, it made it look so easy.  Lovely to watch, well done.

2nd Joe Craft with PEPNICK LIVEWIRE, 205.5, Q.  A really nice team to watch - came across as being very calm.  Well done.

3rd Andrea Clarke with BEINHARD YASKO, 201, Q.  Again, a nice steady track.  Well done.

4th Fran and John Atkin’s BLEDRI OF STEPASIDE, 197, Q.  Only one or two little mistakes; well handled by Fran.

5th Jeff and Sheila Margreaves’ SHADOWQUEST KANE, 189, Q.  Well done, Sheila, good luck in ticket




Tracklayers: Lol Campbell and Andrea Lynd

Squares, C/A and Patrol Steward: Caroline Martin

Patrol Criminals: Steve Lancashire, Tom Davies, Vic Snook, Anthony Snook and Jordan

Many thanks to Yorkshire WTS for the invitation to judge this fabulous trial.  Great setting, great people and superb weather - what more could you ask for?!

Dave Stewart runs a very well organised and friendly trial together with his excellent band of helpers.  Nothing is ever too much trouble and all that a judge, helper or competitor could want is laid on to make this such an enjoyable event.  Jeff and Sheila are Dave’s very able lieutenants. Jeff is absolutely everywhere, doing all manner of jobs and making sure all those little tasks that can get over looked, don’t.  Sheila is the epitome of efficiency at the base, ably assisted by Margaret.  This really is a team event and how it shows - everyone mucks in and the team puts on a first class event.

The ladies in the kitchen, Liz and Doreen were fantastic, producing superb fare that I readily availed myself of – unusual I know!!

The farmers are the life blood of our sport and the network that Dave has cultivated is without peer.  Nothing is too much trouble - ever.  If more land was needed it was produced.  These people are genuinely nice people who will do all they can to support the society.  Thank you all for your help, without you we don’t have a sport.

My team in the field were........ well, just superb.  My tracklayers, Lol and Andrea, were excellent company, first class at their job and conscientious. I really couldn’t have asked for more; we had a laugh, and I thoroughly enjoyed their company – thanks very much.  Caroline laid the squares, stewarded the C/A, and the Patrol, all with her trademark efficiency and thoughtful approach.  She chivvied me along when necessary and ensured I was at the right place at the right time.  Thanks so much for all your help.

The helpers for the Patrol round were Tom, Steve, Vic, Anthony and Jordan.  As you would expect from this team nothing was too much trouble; with their trademark good humour and professionalism they got on with the task in hand.  Not just for the round but in the setting up and laying out all the props.  They are such an asset to this sport and without them PD would be in dire straits.  These fellas travel the country and keep this discipline alive, without them we really would struggle.  So thank you very much for all you do - it really is appreciated.

Nosework consisted of a thirteen leg track with a 1 inch piece of 35 mm dowel, and a 4 inch strip of leather to end with. Square articles were a 1 inch cube of wood, a 2.5 inch piece of green rope, 1.5 inch strip of leather and a strip of rubber.  For the most part the nosework was very good, with some very competent rounds and handling on display.

C/A took the form of heelwork, speak (10 barks, quiet then 5 barks), sendaway (100 yards to crossed poles in centre field and re-direct 90 yards to hedge), and jumps - clear, long, scale.

Patrol round took the following form.  Chase first - decoy enters field and with no noise or verbal walks 30 paces to a pole, at which point he runs away.  Handlers were told as soon as Jordan ran to send the dog.  Once the dog had detained the decoy they were to take control of the situation and this led to the escort.  Jordan walked 10 paces and then turned left for another 10 paces.  He then turned right and, once the handler had turned right Steve attacked them from the side.  Initially Jordan would stand still until the dog had engaged Steve, at which point he ran.  The handler then had to call the dog off Steve and re-send the dog onto Jordan, and then once again take control of the situation.

Quarter was next.  The handlers were told that they could quarter the field however they wanted, but the hide to their immediate right was to be searched last, as this was where the decoy was.  There were four other locations for the dogs to search to within the field, two were on the boundaries but two were centre field.  Vic was placed beneath a camouflage tarpaulin and he had on him a concealed firearm.  Within his hide were a second gun and a knife.

Recall was next, undertaken by Tom, and was exactly the same as the chase.  I had told the handlers that any cuing would be heavily penalised, as would a dog that didn’t chase properly.

Last was the Test of Courage.  The handlers were positioned 40 paces from four decoys, who were positioned exactly the same for each test.  Two armed with sticks took up position in the middle, one with plastic bottles containing stones on the left and one decoy with streamers attached to piping on the right.  The test started with some noise and the dog was sent at the handler’s discretion.  I was looking for the dogs to engage and stay on the decoy, and not to come off and go to another decoy.  Once the handler had joined the dog and had taken control the test concluded.

Overall I was impressed with the standard of Patrol work and there were some very strong performances.  One or two lacked a little confidence or experience, which showed through.  However, from what I saw no dog was truly out of its depth.

1st Graham Reaney with TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, Lab, D, Q COM on 295.5.  Worthy winners, showing what a class act they are in all disciplines.  Very well handled, as you’d expect; Graham gets the very best from this really cracking Lab.  Charlie is going to be a force to be reckoned with, he really is an accomplished performer and a credit to Graham’s training.  Good luck in ticket.

2nd Linda Newbold with COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, WSD, D, Q COM on 278.  Dylan put in a very nice round and has really come on since I last saw him work, with a lovely working relationship between them.  Linda has put in some hard work on the training field and the results are impressive.  Bits and bobs here and there, but overall a very nice round.  Well done and good luck in the future with him.

3rd Julia Findeisen with TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD, D, Q COM, 257.5.  Well, he certainly knows how to make you work for the qualification, eh Julz!  There were some flashes of absolute quality from Zico, especially the chase, TOC and the Escort and Attack on handler, which were lovely to watch.  Good control and a team that’ll do well.  Good luck in the future, Julz.

4th Glenys Page with BRIGLEN JOSS, BC, D, NQ.  Superb tracking and C/A, but not your day on the Patrol field.  Nice commitment in areas and a decent quarter show that the ability is there.  Good luck with him in the future, Glenys.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering.  I hope you enjoyed the test; it was a pleasure to be allowed to judge your dogs.

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