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Open Trial
Venue: West Bretton
Trial Held: 04 April 2010


Another trial safely negotiated without any major scares.  The odd farmer deciding to spray his land just after a tracklayer had laid 2 tracks in the same field; not the first time this has happened at a trial and it certainly wont be the last.  Fortunately we had sufficient spare land to carry on, so the only downside was the hour we lost.  Fortunately the track layer was experienced and had seen all this before so did the professional thing and just got on with it.

The weather up to the trial had been cold so the crops were several weeks behind and not as lush as they should have been.  The forecast was for rain.  It arrived late on Friday afternoon, just in time for working the last two tracks.  If we hadn’t lost the hour earlier then we would have just made it in the dry.

Many thanks go to my farmers for providing the land and allowing us to use any or all of it.  No restrictions were placed on us at all.  I was once again blessed with Judges who just got on with everything with no fuss and were a pleasure to work with. Thanks to you all.

My workers once again were brilliant.  These people should be applauded, as it is them that make a trial, whether it be the escorts who ensure competitors reach the tracks on time and in plenty of time, or the kitchen staff who provide quality food, or base staff who organise everything.  When you have people like this, together with tracklayers and stewards who do a professional job, then a Trials Manager’s job is easy.

Can I say a big thank you to all the competitors who came up to volunteer their help after they had worked their dog?  I had probably 6 people who offered their services.  As things turned out I could use the odd one.  Please, please keep on offering.  You people are a trials managers dream.  To know there is someone to call on if things go wrong at a trial at short notice - and believe me sometimes things will go wrong.

Finally thanks to all the competitors for supporting West Bretton.  Hope you enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you next year.





Steward: Lorraine Wilson

Many thanks to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for this judging appointment; I do so enjoy their trials.  Many thanks to Trials Manager, Dave Stewart, and his team for a well run trial, including  Sheila Margreaves, Margaret Welham, Theresa, Sandra and Laura who ran base, along with Liz and Doreen who supply the catering, and not forgetting Geoff Margreaves, who is always on hand to ‘do’.   Also thanks to Liz and Dave for allowing us the run of their house for the duration of the trial.

Lorraine Wilson was my steward for the three days and did a grand job of looking after and guiding the competitors through their paces.  Fran Atkins worked as gate steward throughout.  She is a very organized lady and kept everyone informed and made sure we were never without a competitor – no hanging around for us (unusual in open C/A).

Generally the weather was fine, although Sunday was quite windy.

Lastly thanks to the competitors for entering and then accepting my decisions.


1st Glenys Page with BRIGLEN JOSS, D, BC, 207.  Good control, losing only one on the heelwork. Congratulations.

2nd Rod Roberts with LITTLE JEFF, D, XB, 206.  Bits and bobs making for a slightly messy round.

3rd Andrea Lynd with REBARK BUBBLY PEG, B, Lab, 204.  Aptly named, a busy dog who just needs a bit of tidying.

4th Dave Olley with LITTLE RAYMOND, D, BC, 204.  Only full point control round of the weekend, says it all.  One of three from the same litter in TD this weekend.

Also qualifying:

Graham Reaney and TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, D, Lab, 202

Jane Douglas and ROTHIEVALE CIARA, B, Lab, 198.5

Barry Gilbert and IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR, D, Poodle, 193


Sheila Tannert and STYPERSON CLEO, B, Lab, 189.5 


1st June Reed with SHADOWQUEST LEGACY, D, GSD, 195.  Nice tidy round from this young GSD, handled in June’s usual quiet way.

2nd Vic Snook with WOOLSHAN INKSPOT, D, GSD, 190.  Another tidy round with crooked sits being the only fault.

3rd Andrea Clarke with BEINHARD YASKO, D, GSD, 156.5, NQ.  Lost 0.5 on heelwork, otherwise a faultless round.

4th Neil Green-Morris with EYLAVERHOP NORIS AT TRI VOM NEL, D, Rott, 95.5, NQ.  Lovely control round, the only points being lost by Neil and his very static left hand.


1st Allan Heatley with JOTUNHEIM TRUCKER, D, Mali, 195.  Superb round from this pairing, once again the dog was let down by the handlers inability to move his left hand. Alan, try to relax and enjoy your hobby, he is a cracking dog!

2nd Rosemary Smyth with BEELAHOLT KEZZY BEAST, D, WSD, 195.  Good round let down by lagging on the heelwork and a casual foul on the clear.

3rd Paul Adams with SHERINGEM GLYNN, D, BC, 194.5.  Glynn was a bit bouncy on the heelwork but jumps were the only concern today.

4th Pat Quinn with HOW’S HARRY AT ROYALTAIN, D, Lab, 192.5.  Slightly messy round but gained enough overall.  Retrieving the sendaway doesn’t earn extra points!!!

Also qualifying:

Jackie Nicholas and OWEN JOKER, D, Kelpie, 186

Dave Raybould and CATALUNA CONCORDE, D, Irish Setter, 172



Tracklayers: Donna, Richard, Peter

Steward: Pat Nelson

Many thanks to YWTS for the invitation to judge, and to Dave Stewart for organising such a fun trial.  Thanks to Sheila and Jeff for all their help before and during the trial.  Thanks to everyone who helped; you made my job such an easy and enjoyable one.

Thanks to Pat Nelson, who as always did a fab job putting out the squares, and keeping me right!  Tracklayers: Donna who did two days, Richard did Saturday, and Peter who did Sunday, you were all superb, knew exactly where your tracks were, and were the very best company.  Thanks to you all for giving competitors the best chance.

We saw some very impressive nosework, boding well for their handler’s success through the stakes.  We also had a wonderful selection of breeds, great to see them work. Thanks for accepting my decisions.

1st Allan Heatley with JOTUNHEIM TRUCKER Malinois, 195, CoM.  Driver did nearly faultless nose work, and judging by his total of 195 the rest of his work was of similar quality.  Really well done, and good luck in his future trials.

2nd Rosemary Smyth with BEELAHOLT KEZZY BEAST, WSD, 195, CoM.  Another quality round from this team, who qualified on 195.  Kez tracked steadily, then whizzed round the square!  Very well done, and good luck for future trials.

3rd Paul Adams with SHERINGEM GLYNN, BC, 194.5, CoM.  Beautiful nose work from Glynn, with no hesitation. Very well done, good luck in your trials.

4th Pat Quinn with HOW’S HARRY AT ROYALTAIN, Labrador, 192.5, CoM. As the scores show, these four were very close in quality, and Harry worked with real enthusiasm and accuracy.  Very well done, good luck for his trials.

Also qualified:

Jackie Nicholas with OWEN JOKER, Kelpie, 186, CoM.  Fabulous work, brilliant track from Josh.  Very well done, good luck with him.

Dave Raybould with CATALUNA CONCORDE, Irish Setter, 172, CoM.  A popular qualifier unsurprisingly, Frank and Dave really worked hard and well together.  So pleased for you.  All the best for future trials.




Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Brian Page

Steward: Laura Bardwell

Thanks to Yorkshire WTS for inviting me to judge the WD Stake, and to Dave Stewart and your excellent team of helpers for running a great trial.  Thank you to Andrea and Brian for laying the tracks and to Laura for the squares.

Tracking proved to be difficult on the winter wheat, but the squares were well worked, with most dogs recovering all four articles.  We finished up the day with two well deserved qualifiers.

1st June Reed with SHADOWSQUAD LEGACY, GSD, 195, Q.  86.5 for the track and 35 for an excellent square.  Well done.

2nd Vic Snook with WOOLSHAM INKSPOT, GSD, 190, Q.  87 for the track and 31.5 for the square.  Well done.

3rd Andrea Clarke with BEINHARD YASKO, GSD, 156.5, NQ.

4th Neil Green-Morris with EYLAUERHOF NORIS AT TRIVOMNEL, Rott, NQ.

Thank you for entering under me and good luck in all your future trials.




Track Layers: Damian Chadwick, Linda Newbold, Eric Carpenter and Richard Musgrave

Square Stewards: Yvonne Carpenter / Teresa Musgrave

Thanks to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge the TD Nosework.  Thanks to Dave Stewart and his team for running a successful and friendly trial.  Thanks to Jeff and Sheila Margreaves for generally looking after me during the trial.  Thanks to everyone at the base, the ladies on the booking-in table, who handled all the score sheets, and the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us well fed with good food and drinks.  John Atkins did a great job in TD escorting – we had a competitor there, ready, every time – thanks, John.

I tried to set a straight forward tracking exercise for the dogs and handlers, bearing in mind the stake was TD Open.  The track pattern is reproduced below.  The second from last leg was changed to 30 paces for the competition.  Tracking was on winter wheat which was fairly well grown for the time of year.  We saw some very good tracks over the three days, especially from the more experienced handlers.  For some of those not successful this weekend perhaps some advice I was given when I first started track training might be useful; ‘trust your dog!’. 

The weather was reasonably kind to us over the three days, except for the last two handlers on day one, when it rained quite heavily, especially on the last handler when it was also accompanied by a very strong wind - sorry Jules and Lol!  Due to losing two tracks because the fields were sprayed during the morning, these tracks were run two hours later than planned, just after the rain started.  Linda says she threw herself in front of the tractor but I think this was a lie because I did not see any tractor wheel marks on her!  Allegedly the tractor driver said to Linda "You’ll be ok, I am only going to be half an hour and then I’ll be gone".  Track articles were a piece of green scouring pad (1.5" x 1"),  a piece of red coloured rope tied in a knot (4" long) and a piece of beige carpet (2.5" x 1.25").

There were mixed fortunes on the search squares.  Approximately 50% of the dogs retrieved 4 articles.  Overall there were quite a few marks lost for drops and mouthing.  Square articles were; satin type material green on one side and red the other – placed green side up, orange coloured garden hose, standard lollipop stick and a red plastic milk carton top.

Thanks to the tracklayers Damian, Linda and Eric on Friday and Saturday, and Damian and Richard on Sunday.  All did a great job as usual and were very good company.  Many, many thanks to Yvonne for laying the squares on Friday and Saturday, and to Teresa on Sunday.  Both did a very good and consistent job of the squares, and again were good company.

Finally, thanks to the competitors for entering under me and for accepting my decisions.  Congratulations to those achieving the COM.  To the handlers who did not quite make it this weekend - you live to fight another day and for most of you the COM is not far away.  Keep training, and enjoy your dogs!

1st Glenys Page with BRIGLEN JOSS, BC, D,  207, COM.  Ossie did a nice track, collecting all three articles on his way.  Four articles out of the square finished off a competent nosework round.  Well handled by Glenys.  Well done.

2nd Rod Roberts with LITTLE JEFF, X-Breed, D, 206, COM.  A very good track from this team, with three articles off the track and four out of the square.  Very well handled by Rod, but what else would you expect?  Well done.

3rd Andrea Lynd with REBARK BUBBLY PEG, Lab, B, 204, COM.  Good track from Peg, with three articles and four articles out of the square completing a good nosework section.  Same mark as the handler below but, after discussion with C/A judge, Ann Bedford, Peg was given the place as she had a better search square mark. Well done.

4th Dave Olley with LITTLE RAYMOND, X Breed, D, 204, COM.  Good competent nosework round from this team with experience showing through again.  Litter brother to the second placed dog.  Well done

Also gaining COM:

Graham Reaney with TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, Lab, D

Jain Douglas with ROTHIEVALE CIARA, Lab, B

Barry Gilbert with IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR, Standard Poodle, D


Sheila Tannert with STYPERSON CLEO, Lab, B





Tracklayers: Lol Campbell and Dave Craven

Steward (squares, C/A and PD): Linda Newbold

Criminals: Tom, Steve, Vic and Antony.

Dave, what can I say?  You and your team run a super trial – thank you.  Also, many thanks to my tracklayers and criminals, and a special thanks to Linda for keeping everything flowing.

Tracking was on winter wheat, which was successful, with only one dog not completing the track.  The C/A ran smoothly, with the sendaway proving to be a little tricky.  Unfortunately, the dogs struggled on the Patrol round with the quartering and recalls, and the handlers missing the weapons on the criminals.  A little more confidence and experience needed.

Thank you for entering, and good luck in the future.

1st Dave Marchant with THAMESPOL ISSIE, GSD, 234.5, NQ.  If only that recall, Dave!!

2nd Terry Austin with GHYLLBECK NIMBOSTRATUS, Lge Munsterlander, 198, NQ.

3rd Mark Lewindon with SORUMOR LETS BOOGIE AT BRACOKELI, GSD, 185.5, NQ.

4th Bill Richardson with CAPER KALI, BSD (Mali), 161.5, NQ.

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