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Open Trial
Venue: West Bretton
Trial Held: 06 April 2008




Steward: Cath Woolley

Firstly I would like to thank Yorkshire Working  Trials Society for the opportunity to judge CD; I would also like to thank Dave for making the trial run smoothly, the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us well fed and watered, and Cath Woolley for being my steward and doing a great job.  I would also like to say a big thank you to Sheila and Geoff Margreaves for all their hard work.  Could I also say a big thank you to Graham Reaney for all his help over the years with my dogs, enabling me to be in the position to judge. Mostly I would like to thank the competitors for their good company, and for accepting my decisions - very well done to you all.

1st Angela Moslin with VALENTINO Z KOVARNY TO WILDFIRE, BSD.  What a lovely round for Milo.  He managed the stays today with no problem.  Well done .

2nd Dave Raybould with CATALUNA CONCORDE, Irish Setter.  What a beautiful round for Frank; he is a real pleasure to watch.  Lovely to see a Irish Setter working so well - what a shame about the jumps, but it won’t be long before he does it.

3rd Andrea Lynd with REBARK BUBBLY PEG,  Lab.  Bubbly Peg is a great name for this little lab.  Blink while she was in the square and you missed her.  Once again, shame about the jumps - just bad luck on the day.  I’m sure she will get it right next time.

4th Dave Stretch with KENMILLIX EBONY DESTINY, Lab.  Once again another lovely dog to watch.  Ebony did a really nice round and was the only dog to find a few bones to eat on the way back from the sendaway - must be a lab thing.  Once again faltering on the jumps, but still well done.

Just a quick well done also to Margaret and Thornton, a real gentleman of the dog world, and Amanda with Mollie, who is lovely if she can conquer her mother’s nerves.  Hope you all enter again soon, you are all nearly there.


C, & A, UD, WD, TD,


Steward Yvonne Carpenter

Thanks to Yorkshire Working Trials Society for their invitation to judge C&A at West Bretton.

I find the friendliness and atmosphere at this trial second to none.

Thanks also to trials manager Dave Stewert, his wife Liz, and her friend Doreen, who as always did a great job in the kitchen, to Jeff & Sheila Margreaves who also did a great job Sheila at base and Jeff Where ever needed.

A special thanks to Yvonne Carpenter my steward and company for the three days she was first class, also gate steward

UD Stake ( 15 Worked )

1st Janet Bell and MADDIE WSD Excellent all round effort from this team 189 COM

2nd Fran Mitchell and LOUIS WSD another performance similar to the 1st with only .5 a mark parting them 188 .5 COM

3rd W & J Mackie and MIKA GSD a good performance from this team. 186 COM

4th Barry Gilbert and FREDDIE Std Poodle a full mark control round from this team. 182 COM

WD Stake (14 Worked )

1st Karon Tiffany and BRACKEN WSD excellent round with a full mark send away.     193 COM

2nd Peter Turner and ZAC WSD another excellent round with a full mark send away.  180 .5  COM

3rd Tanya Whorwood and RUSKIN GSD well done. 170 COM

4th Rita Kidson and ZAC BC better luck next time. 177 .5. 

TD Stake ( 26 Worked )

1st Linda Newbold and DYLAN WSD excellent round well done.  197 COM

Jim Szmidt and SIMBA GSD another good round by this newcomer to trials.  186 COM

Penny Pritchard and TEIFY GSD Well done Penny good luck in the future. 185 COM

Ann Bedford and ABI X breed well done Ann keep it up. 182 COM

Hillary Morris and PEPE GR  181 .5 COM

Kathy Ingham and ODDI WSD  180 .5

Jenny Holt and BROCK WSD 179 .5




Search Steward: Jan Sewell

Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Donna Walker and Richard Musgrove

Thank you to Yorkshire Working Trials Society  for the invitation to judge UD Nosework; to Dave Stewart and his excellent team of helpers; Sheila and Margaret in the base; the girls in the kitchen for making sure we had plenty to eat and drink.  This was a super trial with very friendly people - Jan and I thoroughly enjoyed being in your company.

Thank you to my search steward Jan and tracklayers Andrea, Donna and Richard.  Donna was laying tracks for the first time - you did an excellent job.  Thanks to your farmers for allowing us to use such brilliant crop fields. Tracking was on wheat with very good growth, the weather was mixed with rain, hailstones, blizzards and a little sunshine.

I would like to thank all the competitors for entering under me and wish you all the best for the future. It was a pleasure judging you and your dogs. Thank you.

1st Janet Bell with BREIGHTON MADDIE, WSD, 189 Q.  A super nosework round, lovely attitude, full mark square. Well done.

2nd Fran Mitchell with BARAK BALDEMAR, WSD, 188.5 Q.  Another very good nosework round. Well done.

3rd Bill Mackie with TYGUARD ANDIS, GSD, 186 Q.  Working his dog in a blizzard, brilliant. Well done.

4th Barry Gilbert with IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR (AG1), Standard Poodle, 182 Q.  A very nice track. Well done.

Also Qualified:

Carole Hall with PENRITH NELL, Lab, 181.5 Q. Well done.

Best nosework trophy goes to Sharon Brown with ANNACOURT MIGHTY, GSD.  An excellent nosework round 144, but unfortunately a NQ this time. Well done.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Damien Chadwick, John Atkins

Steward: Debbie Meade

Thanks to the society for the invitation to judge, a special thanks to Dave Stewart, the Trials Manager, for keeping the coffee coming, and for the good job he did in organising a superb trial; and thanks to Sheila at the base for keeping me in order.  The kitchen staff made sure that Debbie and I were well looked after.

Thanks to Debbie, my square steward, for doing a great job; and to Damien and John the tracklayers- they both did a brilliant job through some wet snowy weather conditions. 

The tracking was on nice winter wheat.  Eight dogs qualified on the nose work but only three qualified overall.

1st Mrs Karon Tiffany with BRACKEN, WSD, Qual. 193.  I loved the way Bracken flew back with his 4 square articles – what a keen dog.

2nd Pete Turner with ZAC, WSD,     Qual. 180.5.  Zac did a lovely track in the worst of the weather – big wet snowflakes. Only three out the square – Zac preferred the rabbit muck!

3rd Tanya Whorwood with RUSKIN, GSD, Qual 170.  A nice steady worker.  Only three out the square today - be careful Tanya, don’t lean too far forward into square as it cost you precious marks!

4th Rita Kidson with ZAC, BC, NQ, 177.5.  What a beautiful tracking dog and a lovely square.  

I had a lovely weekend and saw some great tracking dogs.  All the competitors were cheerful, whether they succeeded or not, which makes judging a pleasure.  I wish all the competitors success in their future trials.


Stake: TD Nosework


Steward: Roseanne Leatham

Tracklayers: Eric Carpenter and Brian Page

Thank you to YWTS for the invitation to judge TD Nosework at the Bretton Trial, and to Trials Manager, Dave Stewart, and his assistant Jeff Margreaves, and their team of helpers,   Sheila , Margaret and Karon in the base, and Liz and Doreen in the kitchen, who made sure we had plenty to eat  and drink. Thank you to my tracklayers, Eric for laying the early tracks from 6am onwards, and Brian  the later ones, starting at  9am, and to my Search Steward, Roseanne for laying the squares just as I asked, and to you all for being great company despite the weather being horrendous.

Friday was the best for the weather, Saturday we had snow storms, sun, wind, and then snow storms again, and Sunday started fine then the snow came with abundance later.

There was an entry of 35, but only 26 worked, leaving us with 10 qualifying the nosework, but only 7 qualifying overall.

1st Linda Newbold and COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, 150.5, CoM.  First dog to work on Sunday, and took advantage of the good weather.  Lovely track, shame about the track article. Congratulations and good luck in ticket.

2nd Jim Szmidt and SIMBA SON OF MUFASA, 139, CoM.  Tracked late Sunday between the snow showers, and did a steady track, followed by a consistent square. Well done.

3rd Penny Pritchard and GRACORN HOME BREWED, 139, CoM.  Teifi worked well for you today.  Well done.

4th Anne Bedford and ABI NEVIS SAY DIE, 136, CoM. This team worked the first track of the second day in blizzard conditions, and it was the good handling, what proved to be successful in the worst of the weather. Well done.

Also CoM:

Hilary Morris, 135.5

Kathy Ingham, 137

Jenny Holt, 131.5

Best Nosework Trophy, 154.5, Jackie Dykes, but unfortunately didn’t qualify the control.

Thank you to all competitors who entered and good luck in your future trials.

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