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Open Trial
Venue: West Bretton
Trial Held: 08 April 2007


Trials Manager’s Report

What a difference 12 months makes.  From the rain, wind and snow of last year, to 3 days of warm, lovely sunshine this year.  The land again looked good, with the winter wheat and barley in lush condition, and my thanks go to our farmers, all ten of them.  Every single one allows us to do whatever we need to do and have already got us booked in for next year.

Many thanks go to Jeff and Sheila Margreaves for giving up their home on Friday night, and for all your hard work during the trial, Sheila for running the base, helped by Margaret Welham, and Jeff for all your help not only during the trial but also leading up to it.  To Liz and Doreen, our kitchen staff, you both did a great job and kept everyone feed and watered with some excellent food.  To all my tracklayers, stewards, escorts and criminals – many, many thanks to you all.  Without you people we would be lost.

To all my Judges, Jacqui Gibney, Graham Reaney, Ray Lea, Julia Findeisen, Dave and Jenny Olley, many thanks to you all.  A pleasure to work with you all.

Finally, as the trial was run on a bank holiday and a number of people who would normally help were going away I had to call on the services of a few other people.  It is a wonderful feeling for a trials manager when everyone you ask says, “Yes, just let me know what you want me to do.”  My grateful thanks go to Andrea Lynd, Linda Newbold, Dave Marchant and Lol Campbell.

Dave Stewart.


Stake: UD, WD, TD Control and Agility

Judge: RAY LEA

Steward: Yvonne Carpenter

Many thanks to the committee of Yorkshire WTS for the invitation to judge C/A at their West Bretton Open Trial.  To Dave Stewart and his vary able assistant, Jeff Margreaves – you make a great team, nothing was too much trouble – thank you.  To Sheila and Margaret at the base – you sorted everybody and their problems; to the girls in the kitchen for keeping us fed and watered for all three days – thank you all very much.  Thanks also to my team - Fran Atkin, the gate steward, keeping all the competitors in order and on time, and my control steward, Yvonne.  What a great steward - met me at base on Friday morning, took me to the control field, asked me what my test was, and set about helping me set it up, and when the competitors arrived, all I had to do was concentrate on judging the teams doing the test.  Yvonne took their names and numbers, and generally put everyone at ease.  Stewards like this are a dream for any judge – thank you so much.

My test started with the speak or the retrieve, then normal pace, slow pace, and then fast pace back to the start pole.  Next came the sendaway, 65 paces to a water trough for UD, and 100 paces for WD, with the same run out for TD, then push on for another 25 paces, ending with a 50 pace left re-direct.  The white poles caught a few dogs out.  The test ended with the jumps.

Thank you to everybody at Yorkshire who was involved with the trial, and for the great company.  Thanks to all the competitors for accepting my decisions, and lastly the farmers – thank you very much for the use of your land – without you we could not carry out our hobby.

UD Stake

1st           Mrs E R and Mr P R Hulley and REMUNDA RED PEPPA STETSON, 33.5 + 19.5.  Very nice round from a cpmpetent little dog.  Well done.

2nd         Donna Walker and FRIGLINA OBERON, 32 + 18.5.  Good to see a different breed doing well.  Good luck in the future.

3rd         Ann Bedford and ABI NEVIS SAY DIE, 33.5 + 20.  A lovely round from Ann with this young dog.

4th          Moira Rogerson and SELDOMSEEN TWIST, 34.5 + 15.  A good round from this young dog in experienced hands.

Also qualifying UD:

Peter Turner and TOP SHELF ZAC, 31.5 + 20


Valerie Scott and KAIROBA CHARLIE FOXTROT, 35 + 14

M Brickell and HART WOODHILL EMBLEM, 33 + 14

WD Stake

1st           Janet Beverley and TRAJAN JAFFA, 35 + 18.5.  A good round from Jaffa.  Well done.

2nd         Katy Whittemore and DEVILS BECK MUSTANG, 34.5 + 15.  Great to see youngsters coming into the sport and doing well – keep it up Katy.  Well done.

3rd         Anne Dent and GHYLLBECK PALLASI, 30.5 + 20.  Well done, Anne.  Nice to see another Large Munsterlander coming through.

4th          Averil Salisbury and DUNNSLAYNE DAZZLING QUEEN, 33.5 + 20.  First to work the test.  Well done.

Also qualifying WD:

Manda McLellan and ASTRA STORM, 34.5 + 20

Lol Campbell and SELDOMSEEN SHEP, 30.5 + 18

Jim Szmidt and SIMBA SON OF MUFASA, 32 + 17

TD Stake:

1st           Jenny Miller and FOXFOLD CO-ALITION, OW, 31 + 19.  Nice steady round.  Well done.

2nd         Fran Mitchell and KEENSHAW BUTCH, 33 + 20.  Last team to work.  Another steady round from a young dog.  Well done.

3rd         June Reed and LITTLE JODE, 28 + 19.  Work on your speak, June, and you will be OK.  Well done.

4th          Pat Werner and CROCODILE DUNDINGO, 27 + 20.  Good luck in Ticket.  Well done.

Also qualifying TD:

Rob Currie and VOMHAUSNYE PUNK, 30 + 20

June Reed and ESSEX GIRL, 28 + 19


Stake: CD


Stewards: Anne Fotherby and Tracey-Lee Sinfield

My thanks go firstly to YWTS for the invitation to judge CD.  Walking into the base at 7.15am, with kettles boiling, breakfast frying and everything, including the raffle, laid out and organised was a pleasure.  This was down to Trials Manager Dave Stewart and his team.  Many thanks to you, all including my stewards, Anne and Tracey.  On Sunday morning we had lovely sunshine, with four nervous but willing competitors.  I set a straight forward and friendly test, but unfortunately only had one qualifier.

1st           Dave Bayston and MAX, GSD.  I saw this team working a couple of weeks ago and my thoughts were, “Not ready”.  But you’ve worked hard and got the results.  Well done.  Q

2nd         Kim Astbury and CHINA, BC.  Kim and China were the only team with a full point sendaway, but the jumps took their toll.  NQ

3rd         Carol Robertson and MAX, GSD.  A very good first attempt, Carol.  You and Max will soon gain your first qualification.  NQ

4th          Bridget Montague and ANNIE, Lab.  This team had a few problems on the day.  On the plus side, she recovered 3 articles from the square, and produced tidy heelwork.  NQ


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Linda Newbold, Mick Cammidge, Julia Findiesen and Dave Craven.

Square Steward: Sarah Longbottom

I would like to thank YWTS for my first judging appointment at this very well run and friendly trial.  Thank you to my search steward Sarah, who was a first time helper at trials; she laid every square with care and skill.  My thanks also go to my experienced tracklayers Linda and Mick (Saturday), Linda, Julia and Dave (Sunday).  A combination of watching the competitors and their dogs producing some wonderful nosework, the company of the helpers and the wonderful sunny weather made the weekend pass very quickly.  Tracking was on well grown crop, which provided a ideal tracking surface for some, and a tasty meal for others. Out of 25 entries, 19 ran, 16 qualified nosework and 8 qualified overall.

1st     Liz Hulley and Peppa (REDMUNDA RED PEPPA STETSON - ASD) Q, 195.5.  Liz and Peppa did an excellent track, followed by an almost perfect square; a well deserved win.  Congratulations. 88/20/34.5

2nd   Donna Walker and Logan (FFIGLINA OBERON - Dalmatian) Q, 194.5.  Donna produced a near perfect track with her powerful tracking dog Logan.  Well done, Donna, on winning best nosework trophy.  89.5/20/34.5

3rd   Ann Bedford and Abi (ABI NEVIS SAY DIE - Spaniel X Collie) Q, 194.  A very nice track followed by a full point square was a pleasure to watch.  Well done.  86/20/35

4th    Moira Rogerson and Twist (SELDOMSEEN TWIST - WSD) Q, 191.5.  An excellent track followed by a full point square in 90 seconds ensured another good qualification for Moira.  87.5/20/35

Other qualifiers:

Pete Turner and Zac (TOP SHELF ZAC - WSD) Q, 187.5



Monica Brickell and Polly (HART WOODHILL EMBLEM - LAB) Q, 177


Stake: WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Dave Craven and Dave Olley

Square Steward: Carole Hall

Thanks to Yorkshire for the invitation to judge at this well run and friendly trial.  Dave Stewart and his right hand man, Jeff Margreaves, leave nothing to chance when running this trial and you even get an Easter Egg to add to the excellent food you have been treated to all weekend!  Sheila does sterling stuff organizing the base and scores and the very successful tombola!  Jeff and Sheila kindly invited Carole and me to stay at their lovely home - thanks very much.

The weather was brilliant all weekend.  The tracking land was lush winter wheat and caused no problem to most dogs.  My tracklayers, Dave and Dave, were great company and laid the tracks exactly as asked, and Carole was my square steward and as always did a great job - thanks to you all.

1st     Janet Beverley, TRAJAN JAFFA, WSD, COM.  This well motivated collie worked the track very well.  Finished with a very fast and accurate square.  Good luck for the future.  Track, 89; Articles, 20; Square, 33; Gun, 5; Total n/w, 142.

2nd   Katy Whittemore, DEVILSBECK MUSTANG, Goldie, COM.  Katie and Monty improve every time I see them work.  They had to walk an extra long way to the track, and once harnessed up at the pole, Monty put his nose down and stormed the track.  Lost one point in the square.  Katy handled Monty in her usual no fuss, quiet way and won the best nosework trophy.  Good Luck, Katy; with him, you make a great team. Track, 88.5; Articles, 20; Square, 34; Gun, 5; Total n/w, 142.5.

3rd   Anne Dent, GHYLLBECK PALLASI, Large Musterlander, COM.  Millie worked a lovely track and square.  She is doing you proud Anne.  Good luck in her future trials.  Track, 86.5; Articles, 20; Square, 31; Gun, 5; Total n/w, 137.5.

4th    Averil Sailsbury, DUNNSLAYNE DAZZLING QUEEN, WSD, COM.  Dazzle tried hard on her track and worked well.  She is lovely, well done and good luck for the future.  Track, 87.5; Articles, 20; Square, 27; Gun, 5; Total n/w, 134.5.

Also qualifying COM:

Manda McLellan, ASTRA STORM, BC.  Track, 87.5; Articles, 5; Square, 34; Gun, 5; Total n/w, 126.5

Lol Campbell, SELDOMSEEN SHEP, WSD.  Track, 85; Articles, 20; Square, 26; Gun, 4; Total n/w, 131.

Jim Szmidit, SIMBA SON OF MUFASA, GSD.  Track, 86.5; Articles, 10; Square, 26; Gun, 5; Total n/w, 122.5. 


Stake TD: Nosework


Tracklayers: Eric Carpenter and Brian Page

Search Steward: Karen Tiffany  

Thank you, Yorkshire, for the invitation to judge TD nosework at West Bretton.  Thanks also go to Dave Stewart and his first class team, who throughout did everything possible to ensure a successful trial, and succeeded admirably, giving Yorkshire a new impetus under its new chairmanship.  Thanks to Sheila at base, Dave’s wife for her help in enlarging my already generous waistline, to my two tracklayers Eric and Brian, and Karen my steward, who all did a first class job and were good company to boot.  Thanks of course to the competitors who accepted my decisions with good grace and in a sporting manner.

I set a straight forward test, the track being 890yds, 15 legs in an open pattern, the articles all being selected for their ability to hold scent.  Of the 30 entrants, 24 ran, 11 of whom left us with enough marks to go on and qualify.  Finally we were left with 6 teams gaining a certificate of merit.  These were as follows. 


1st           Jenny Miller and KASH, GSD/WS. A good track and very good square.  Track 90, articles 30, square 34, gun 5.  Well done.

2nd        Fran Mitchell and HARVEY, Lab.  Another good track and very good square, however the missed track article proved costly.  Track 92, articles 20, square 34, gun 5.  Well done.

3rd         June Reed and JODIE, GSD.  Once again, a good track, but a mediocre square.  Track 94, articles 30, square 23, gun 5.  Well done.

4th          Pat Werner and DINGO, Aust. Kelpie.  Very good track, good square, once again missing a costly track article.  Track 95, articles 20, square 31, gun 5.  Well done.

5th          Rob Curry and PUNK, GSD.  Another good track, good article location, spoilt by a poor square; perhaps more sensitive handling would have produced a better result.  Track 94, articles 30, square 18, gun 5.  Well done.

6th         June Reed and ABI, GSD.  Good track, but once again a poor square.  However, this lady did get a C of M with both her dogs today.  Track 93, articles 30, square 19, gun 5.  Well done.

The best nose work trophy went to Rita Shields and SHAY, track 95, articles 30, square 35. 



Stake:  PD


Tracklayers: Dave Marchant, Lol Campbell, Jeff Margreaves

Steward: Laura Bardwell

This was one of the best Trials I’ve been to.  Everything ran smoothly, nothing was too much trouble, and there was a super happy atmosphere.  I really enjoyed the weekend.  Thank you to YWTS for inviting me.  Thanks to my tracklayers, Dave Marchant, Lol Campbell and Jeff Margreaves and steward  Laura Bardwell. You all did a brilliant job and were good company during the two days.  Thanks too, to Dave Stewart, Trials Manager, and Sheila Margreaves, Secretary, (and Jeff) for running the trial, and the team, who ensured everything went as smoothly as possible.  Last, but definitely not least, thanks to Doreen for keeping us well fed and watered.

There were 9 entries.  Tracking was on lush corn, weather sunny and dry Saturday, very windy on Sunday.  We were treated to watching good tracking for the most part, and C/A, as always, varied, but on the whole performed competently by most teams.

Patrol.  Many thanks to Tom Davies and Steve Lancashire as the main criminals, supported on the test of courage by Dave Bayston, and my PD stewards, Dave Marchant - Saturday, and Linda Newbold - Sunday. (Dave seemed to have a pressing appointment on the Sunday!)   Laura sat in the hide, and was frequently ‘nudged’, occasionally bitten, escorted and sometimes forgotten! 

Test of Courage first, out of sight of the handler, lots of noise and aggression, followed by the first part of the escort to get my steward back!  Then the quarter; with such a big field, I needed to use the hides, so along a hedge, cover two hides and find innocent Laura in the third.  She would point to where the criminal had gone.  Send the dog to find Tom, search and escort him, and take Laura too.  The attack on the handler was during this escort.

Chase ; the dog was sent after two running criminals who split up; once the dog was committed on one, the other stood still until a command from handler to leave, and the second criminal  had to be detained.  Both criminals were then escorted back.  The recall set up was exactly the same.

Results.  Although there were no overall qualifiers, for three teams it was a case of ‘if only’.  The positive feedback is that Malcolm Snowdon’s Jay did a very good patrol round, scoring 129/150, as did Bill Richardson’s Mali, Kali 115/150.  Two or three other dogs just need to sort out bits and pieces before they qualify. 

1st           Malcolm Snowdon and FLYNNTASTIC JUST JAY, BC.  257

2nd         Chris Gregory and VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM, GSD.  237.5

3rd         Joan Millar and TRKINDALE ACE, WSD.  233

4th          Terry Austin and GHYLLBECK NIMBOSTRATUS, Munsterlander. 227

 Thanks to all competitors for entering and showing good sportsmanship.  Best of luck to you all.

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