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Open Trial
Venue: West Bretton
Trial Held: 11 April 2004

Control and Agility


Stewards: Sue Saturday   Glenys Page Sunday

Dave Stewart has a fantastic team of helpers at this expanding trial, his Farmers are wonderful & can not do enough for him, what a fortunate position to be in. I know it has taken a lot of work on Dave`s part to reach this rather enviable position of having so much beautiful land. I had a choice of control fields & felt that the one we used would be ideal for the CD & C&A. Unfortunately both CD competitors had to cancel their entries, I trust they & their dogs are OK.

Many thanks to Sheila Margraves & Margaret Wellam for doing the scores & being base stewards, you cant keep a good worker down!

Also thank you to Jannine for the packed lunches (sorting out very odd requests)!

A very BIG thank you to both Sue & Glenys for stewarding the C&A, you were both very efficient, giving clear concise instructions to put the competitors at ease, (even if they did not listen)! & were super company over the two days.

Poor Glenys insisted on helping on Sunday even after her husband had been rushed into hospital the previous day! Hope all is well with him now. 

UD Stake

1st           DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN with Dave Waite. Merlin had a beautiful C&A round  Ret 5, HW 4, SA 9 & full jumps, so the nosework must have been equally as good. Congratulations Dave & good luck with him, he is a joy. 196

2nd         TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY with Margaret Robinson. Lace needed help with her heelwork & she is not yet happy with the sendaway, but she is young & a sensitive little dog. Ret 5, HW 3, SA 6.5 & full jumps. 194.5

3rd          TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD with Nigel Hines. Kes was better behaved than Nigel, because Dad lost most marks! Ret 4.5, HW 4, SA  6.5 & full jumps. He`s great Nigel. 192

4th          STILLMOOR QUAY to my success at Denlea with Janinne Atkinson. Quay gave us  a bit of a fright in the stay, just a tiny bit active. Ret 4.5, HW 4, SA 9,& full jumps 187.5

5th          MERCURY SKYLARK with a delighted Jacquie Hall 184

TD Stake

1st           DREAGANTA DOUBLE DISTINCTION with Rosie Jones. Piper had a super round only lost 2.5 marks & full jumps. Congratulations Rosie.213.5

2nd         STYPERSON TAY with Mave Weselby. Another good round by Tay, a very consistent qualifier, keep going Mave. 213

3rd          GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN with Anne Thorpe. Izzie was slightly confused on the sendaway but Anne`s calm handling saved the day. 210.5

4th          TONAYIA RUNNING WILD with Ray Lea. Qualified the control without a sendaway, sort this out Ray because she is a cracking dog. 208

204.5 CARFELD GYPSY with Rita Evans

203.5 HEATHERMARY LING with Deborah Meade

201.5 ISLA WAY AHEAD with Betty Calderwood

201.5 MOAKIES MAY DAY with Caroline Carrol

199 MAXAMILLION PINK NOSE with Alan Chadbourne

192 MERRYDANCER OF COURT with Kath McGuckin

Whoever made the cakes & buns for Sunday "they were beautiful", thank you.

No wonder this is such a popular trial & it is going from strength to strength, it`s all down to having fantastic ground, great base & terrific helpers, very well done one & all.


UD Nosework


Track layers : Brian Page, Pete Turner, Dave Craven - Sat

Dave Craven, Andrea Lynd, Geoff Margreaves - Sun

Stewards : Carole Hall - squares both days

18 entries

Thank you to YWTS for the invitation to judge at this friendly well run trial.  Trials Manager Dave Stewart had everything organized, base, catering and accommodation were all excellent.  Thanks to Carole for her company throughout the weekend and also her excellent square laying complete with her bent pole!  The land was lush corn and we saw some fabulous tracking and squares from some young dogs.  The Easter Bunny in the squares seemed to be popular!


1st            Mr. D. Waite - DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN WSD 25-06-02.  89, 20, 34 (143) gun 5.  Merlin did a lovely track in a very lush field.  He then went on and did a fast square.  Good luck for the future.

2nd         Mrs. M. Robinson. TYTRAL LACE OF TRENTUALLEY BC 16-05-02. 90, 20, (145) gun 5.  What can I say about this partnership?  Lace got on and did a faultless track and Margaret quietly worked her in the square.  Full pints all round on the nosework.  Best of luck with her.  She is lovely.

3rd          Mr. N. Hines - TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD BC 16-05-02. 88, 20, 34 (142) gun 5.  Litter brother to above dog.  Kess towed Nigel around the track.  A pleasure to watch.  Nigel's experience showed through on the last article!  Good luck for the future.

4th          Miss J. Atkinson - STILLMOOR QUAY TO MY SUCCESS AT DENLEA BC 23-02-02.  89, 20, 27 (136) gun 5.  This handler came on to the field a bundle of nerves, I don't know why?  The dog can do everything, just trust him and let him work.  He is very nice.

Also Qualified

Miss J Hall - MARCURY SKYLARK GOLDEN RET. 02-07-02.  86.5, 20, (139) gun 5.  A goldie with attitude.  Very nice, when she mature she will be better.

Thanks again to all helpers as this trial. 

Also the Easter eggs - a nice thought.


TD Nosework


Tracklayers - Eric Carpenter, Ken Jones, Geoff  Margreaves

Steward  - Jan

Thank you YWTS for asking me to judge the stake and thank you,   the  competitors,  tracklayers Eric, Ken and Geoff( laid your one track brilliantly, but didn't qualify for an easter egg) ,square steward Jan and all at the base for  making this such a pleasure and  in particular Dave Stewart  and Shiela Margreaves, who coped with everything brilliantly, I hope you take this trial  from strength to strength.

Trial YWTS TD Open West Bretton

1st           Mrs Rosie Jones, DREAGANTA DOUBLE DISTINCTION CDEx , UDEx, WDEx                BC, D, Q    213.5 Piper looked  happy and confident with the test  today and helped by Rosie should have a good time in the future stakes.  Well done and good luck.

2nd         Mave Wesselby,  STYPERSON TAY  CDEx, UDEx, WDEx    Lab,  B, Q 213

Tay worked with typical lab enthusiasm, which combined with accuracy and good handling, resulted  in big smiles all round, a pleasure to judge.

3rd          Anne Thorpe, GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN CDEx, UDEx, WDEx  BC, B,                            Q 210.5. Anne and Izzie just  made it all look so easy, then did a full point square in 1min 30sec. Great.

4th          Ray Lea, TONNAYIA RUNNING WILD CDEx, UDEx, WDEx  WSD, B,  Q 208. The winning nosework  team.  With  Ray's quiet confident handling,  Leah  produced   98 track,  full square and  a pleasure to watch - ,er judge.

Also Quqalified were :-


Deborah Meade HEATHERMARK LING CDEx UDEx WDEx . GSP  Q 203.5

Caroline Carrol MOAKIES MAY DAY CDEx UDEx WDEx . WSD  Q 201.5

Betty Caulderwood, ISLA WAY AHEAD. XB    Q 201.5


Mrs. K. McGuckin, MERRYDANCER OF COURT CDEx UDEx      WSD  Q 192

The articles were  a quarter wooden peg, a green plastic milk top and a  piece of carpet to finish.

The square  articles consisted of a plastic milk  top, a half drinking straw and a 1.5 in sq cloth on a diagonal with a few loops of green garden twine, on the baseline, well hidden.

The fields were mostly well grown crop and the weather conditions were excellent, both days, resulting in some really outstanding nosework.  To be fair most of the dogs  that got one of the few less grown fields tracked fine as well,  especially Alan Chadbourne and Max.

Trialling never ceases to surprise me in it's diversity of dogs and handlers,  we had Rosie Jones, well experienced, but with her young BC Piper, showing how it should be done and then we had  Fran Mitchell, with her first  dog, Winston, a great lab having apparently  entered  trials this Feb and qualified  every time so far and  very nearly qualifying  open TD today and  then Anne Bedford working a friends Springer Spaniel Bailey, who tracked fantastic and got the waggiest tail award , but gained the hard luck trophy as of all the dogs who would't want  to be around game, she was the only dog to put up  partridge on the track and as luck would have it, she had to work near the pheasant rearing pens as well.

Anyway, well done to everyone.


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