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Open Trial
Venue: West Bretton
Trial Held: 17 April 2005


How lucky can you get.  Weather foul up to Friday teatime.  Clear all day Saturday, Beautiful on Sunday up to 5 pm by which time we had finished and done the presentations then rain again.  Thank goodness him upstairs didn't see the weather forecasters predictions.

Our farmers did us proud again in letting us have more than enough winter wheat/barley which was very lush.

A great many thanks to all helpers, escorts/stewards/tracklayers and my base and kitchen ladies.  You all did a brilliant job.  As all trials managers are only too well aware that it's the helpers that make the trial.  I am very fortunate to have a great team.  To my judges, C&A John Currie, UD Carol Russell, WD Yvonne Carpenter, TD Bob Russell and PD Dave Marchant what a laid back bunch you are.  Nothing was too much trouble, and you were a pleasure to work with.



Stakes: TD, WD, UD, C&A, CD


Steward : Carolyn Currie

Many thanks to YWTS for this judging appointment.  Thank you to Dave Stewart for organising a super trial and to everyone involved at the base.  A big thank you to my steward, Carolyn.

To the competitors, thank you for entering under me and accepting my judgements.  TD sendaways were generally performed better on Sunday with some exceptional dogs receiving full points.  Mr. T. Austin performed an outstanding control round, gaining a total of 34 marks including a full mark sendaway.


1st           Mr. M. Adams with PORTTALUTRA KYLES DREAM  (gsd) nq81.

Lovely dog, will probably do well with more practice.

2nd         Mrs. A. Standley with GLENMOSS QUEEN OF THE NATERS (LAB) NQ68

3rd          Ms. C. Johnson with JAGER'S LEO (GSD) NQ60.

4th          Mrs. L. Cooper with JOSS COQUET BORDERER (BC) NQ 53


1st           Mr. D. Holt with CHARLESTOWN JAKE CDEx (GSD) Q176

Nice dog, worked well.

2nd         Mrs. A. Witty with ANPO GABY (GSD) NQ164.5.

I hope, at her age, I'm still in trials working with this quality of dog.

3rd          Mr. T. Green with CHANASK VOLGA (GSD) NQ160.

4th          Mrs. V. Jenkins with PRAGNELL DAISY (CROSSBREED) NQ153.


1st           Ms. K. Peyton with GLENALPINE SOLOMON CDEx (BC) Q177.5

A nice round let down by the sendaway.

2nd         Mrs. J.L. Reed with LITTLE JODE CDEx, UDEx (GSD) Q177

A really good control round - well done.

3rd          Mrs. S. Plumb with COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO CDEx (WSD) Q175.5

4th          Mr. G. Martin with TYTRI ROY (BC) Q171.5


1st           Mrs. M. Robinson with TYTRI LACE OF TRENTALLEY CDEx, UDEx, WDEx (BC) Q213.Steady control.

2nd         Mrs. F. Mitchell with RENDALE ROBIN (ACI) (LAB) Q205

An excellent sendaway mark proving it could be done.

3rd          Mr. L. Payne with SWEET ASSASSIN CDEx, UDEx, WDEx (WSD) Q204

Nice control.

4th          Mr. P.N. Hines with TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD (BC) Q203.

A nice steady round.

Also obtaining C.O.M

P. Williams with SUNSHINE JED CDEx, UDEx, WDEx (LAB) Q165.5


UD Stake


Tracklayers : Saturday - Glenys and Brian Page, Sunday - Brian Page and Suzanne Plumb

Steward : Laura Bardwell

An excellent trial, well run by Dave Steward and his happy bunch.  Many thanks to Liz and Doreen in the kitchen for your lovely butties! To the base staff of Margaret Welham and especially to Sheila and Jeff for the personal attention which was beyond  all expectation! Thanks. 

My tracklayers were great, tracking was on lush winter wheat, which all the dogs enjoyed eating.  My search steward, Laura, was great company and laid each square to perfection.  Thank you all.

PS. I like your rottie!

1st           D. Holt with CHALLESTOWN JAKE )GSD) Q176

A lovely track, the only dog to get 4 from the square.  Well handled.  Congratulations.

2nd         A. Witty with ANPO GABY (GSD) NQ164.5

This lady is an inspiration to us all.  A very long walk to her track, followed by a full point track and 3 from the square - won her the best nosework.  Not bad at 90 years  old!  Sorry to hear you broke the stays.

3rd          T. Green with CHANASK VOLGA (GSD) NQ160.

Zeus only lost 1 point on his track.  It was a treat to watch this pair, once dad lost his nerves!  A pair to keep an eye on for the future - well done.  Another good looking shepherd too!

4th          V. Jenkins with PRAGNELL DAISY (CROSSBREED) NQ153

Another lovely track only losing 2 points.  Unfortunately the square let you down today.  A really nice attitude from this young dog.

Square articles were : wooden peg, rope tied in a knot, piece of carpet and a red milk bottle top. 

Generally the squares were poor with a few dogs quartering everywhere but within the poles - PD too early perhaps?

The competitors were a lovely mix of experienced and new handlers - a pleasure to judge.

Thank you Yorkshire.


WD Stake


Tracklayers : David Craven, Damian Chadwick, Eric Carpenter

Steward : Rita Kidson

Thanks to Dave Stewart, Sheila Margreaves and everyone at the bas who made sure that things flowed smoothly, provided dry weather and plenty of food.  Eric, David and Damian were not only excellent tracklayers, but were brilliant company (yes, even Eric, and apart from Damian's jokes!).  Thanks also to Rita for doing such a good job of the squares.  Fourteen dogs worked and ten qualified in the nosework group, four of which were awarded COM.

1st           Ms. K. Peyton with GLENALPINE SOLOMON CDex 177.5 COM

Nosework 132.5, 2 and 3.  Lovely keen dog who made it all look easy.  Glen was very positive on all his corners, and obviously enjoyed his nosework.  Well handled, even if you didn't always quite believe him!

2nd         Mrs. J.L. Reed with LITTLE JODE CDex, UDex 177 COM

Nosework 125.5. 2 and 2.  Jodie did a lovely track but struggled with the search.

3rd          Suzanne Plumb with COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO CDex.  175.5 COM and Best Nosework Trophy

Bandit was the first dog to work and set the standard with the best track mark.  Another enthusiastic dog who really attacked the tracking and was very positive in his attitude.  Well done on winning the UDex stake at Lauder - I hope this makes you much more confident in him!

4th          Mr. G. Martin with TYTRI ROY 171.5 COM.

Nosework 126.5. 2 and 2.  The only placed dog to work on the Sunday - the conditions seemed to make it more difficult in the search square.  Roy worked really hard at the square, but only managed two articles.  Another lovely keen dog who had to work very hard on the track to convince Gary that the dog knew best! Hopefully his performance will have increased your confidence.  Good luck with him.


PD Stake


Tracklayers : Nigel Hines, Graham Reaney

Criminals : Nigel Hines, Graham Reaney, Steve Lancashire, Malc Snowden

Stewards : Linda Newbold C&A and square

Thank you to Yorkshire for the invite to judge my first PD.  A super, well organised trial, thanks to Dave Stewart and wife for putting me up at his home, thanks for two excellent tracklayers in Graham and Nigel and of course to my criminals Graham, Nigel, Steve,  Malc (can't write what Graham said when I asked if he would like to do the chase) and last a big thank you to Linda who kept me on my toes.

1st           Lee Payne with SWEET ASSASSIN (WSD) Q269.5

My only qualifier, Lee's experience showed as he got the best out of his young dog. Lovely track, good square (yum, yum), bit of a hiccup on the sendaway, but pulled out a lovely manwork round.  Well done.

2nd         Heather Patrick with XANDOAS QUIZMASTER (WSD) NQ.

What a quartering dog, and a very courageous test of courage dog.  Better luck next time.

3rd          Ann Timlin with NORSHEP ARIJA (GSD) NQ

Got up in the stay unfortunately (known that feeling myself on a couple of occasions).  Nice dog and did a good patrol round, good luck in the future.

4th          Bill Richardson with MURKIRK LUKE (LAB) NQ

A powerful Lab that I'm sure will have better days.  Got a bit confused out there but Bill's experience will sort that out soon.


TD nosework


Tracklayers : Dave Olley, Jeff Margreaves, Graham Reaney, Lol Campbell.

Stewards  Ann Standley, Glynnis Paige

First, may I thank the West Yorkshire Committee for the invitation to judge TD at this excellent trial.  A marvellous base, tracking conditions you dream about and managed and run by a dedicated group that worked well as a team which made this trial a pleasure to be at.

My thanks to D. Steward, Trials Manager, who always seemed to have a smile despite any problems which occurred at the trials and to Sheila and Jeff Margreaves for their help, not only before and during the trial but also for that given on a personal basis .  The tracklayers and stewards did a great job and exactly as requested.  Good weather, good food and good company made for a really enjoyable weekend.  My thanks to all concerned.

Of the 21 dogs that ran, 12 qualified in the nosework.  8 of these achieved track marks in the 90s with another 2 in the high 80s.  Search squares I though would be a bit more difficult due to the lush conditions but in fact only two teams failed to qualify in the square.

1st           Mrs. M. Robinson with TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY (BC) B 213.

Dropped 1 point only on track and 1 point in the square.  An excellent performance from this team who were well motivated.

2nd         Mrs. F. Mitchell and RENDALE ROBIN (LAB) D  205

Powerful tracker with drive.  Well handled as this dog looked a bit wilful in the square.

3rd          Mr. L. Payne with SWEET ASSASSIN (WSD) D 204

An excellent performance particularly as this dog was also competing in PD which I believe he won.

4th          Mr. P.N. Hines with TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD (BC) D 203

Another strong, steady controlled performance.  The last article from the square would have placed him next to his litter sister, the stake winner.

My thanks to the competitors who seemed to accept my decisions and to those who failed to qualify, my best wishes for your next trial.

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