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Open Trial
Venue: West Bretton
Trial Held: 09 April 2006

Trials Manager’s Report

What a mixture of weather!  Wind, rain, snow and sunshine, not necessarily in that order, and some twice as much as others.

Once again I managed to surround myself with a team of workers who know exactly what to do, and are superb, leaving me to look like I know what I’m doing.  Many thanks to my base staff, Sheila Margreaves and Margaret Welham.  You two are a delight to work with.  I can leave the base and go to the fields, knowing it’s in great hands.  Also thanks to Sheila and Jeff for allowing us to use their home on the Friday night for a meal.

Thanks to Liz (my better half, or so she tells me) and to Doreen, who made up our kitchen staff; again you both did a great job in providing some excellent food – and I must admit, those aren’t my words, but competitors’.

To all my tracklayers, stewards and escorts, many thanks to you all.

Also thanks to my judges, who did a great job, often under very difficult weather conditions.  You were a pleasure to work with.

Finally, thanks to all my farmers, all 8 of them.  Once again they provided us with some fabulous winter wheat and barley to use for tracking on, and even held off putting on fertiliser until we had finished the trial.  How lucky can a Trials Manager get?

Dave Stewart




Steward: Laura Bardwell

Thanks to YWTS committee for the invitation to judge the CD stake and Control & Agility at this Open Trial. Dave Steward and his team did an excellent job of organising the trial. Many thanks to Sheila and Margaret at the base, also to the kitchen staff - the large Danish pastries were very welcome at the end of the day.  Laura stewarded for me and as well as being such good company did a sterling job of laying 8 CD squares, calling for 49 control rounds and also stewarding 6 down stays with 3 sit stays. Glenys, Geoff and John braved the weather to help steward the stays, thank you all very much.

Conditions were varied with a very strong cold wind, snow and sunshine on the Saturday but then the wind changed direction on the Sunday and wasn't as strong, but it rained continually with hailstones and snow now and then. I judged the CD stake first with 4 handlers working their dogs each day. Only one failed the nosework - the control section was well done, with handlers helping their dogs, but agility and stays let them down, so we ended up with no qualifiers.

For the other 3 stakes, 41 handlers came forward to work their dogs over the two days and I thought the standard was very high. I saw some lovely rounds and only 7 dogs failed the agility.  More teams would have qualified but for the midday stay conditions on the Sunday, because as the handlers left to go out of sight, wind and hailstones buffeted the dogs and it was like watching a domino effect as dog after dog sat up.


1st           Mr RW & Mrs LA Drummer MOSSDEW DELTA FORCE (Flatcoat Ret) handler Roy Drummer. Qualified in all sections but not enough overall. Sam decided to play with the other dogs in the sit stay, what a shame. Lots of luck for your next trial. 79pts NQ

2nd         Mr B Bray & BRAMBLE SWEET SOUL LADY (Bearded Collie). Good nosework and only losing half a mark on the control, but no return on the scale and a second attempt at the long jump left you with one and half marks short of qualifying the agility section. 90pts NQ

3rd          Miss M Cormack & CHEXXSTART RAGGE ROBIN (Bearded Collie). If only Rags had found you another article. Never mind, I am sure she will qualify soon. 79.5pts NQ

4th          Mr J Szmidt & SIMBA SON of MUFASA (GSD). Just the agility let you down but the control and nosework were well done. Build up his confidence and I am sure he will fly over the jumps for you. 78pts NQ


1st           Mrs G Armstrong & SAPPHIRE TYG (Aust Cattle D). A nice round with this lovely looking dog, well done on your win Gill. 194pts COM

2nd         Mr L Campbell & SELDOMSEEN SHEP (WSD). With a full point sendaway and agility, Lol and Tye qualified in style. 191.5pts COM

3rd          Mr G Harding & THERE'S A KINDA HUSH (Rott). A good round from this smart team. Sophia was sympathetically handled by George thus getting the best out of her, well done. 190.5pts COM

4th          Mrs J Reed & ESSEX GIRL (GSD). Just two marks lost on the control, Abbey couldn't wait to get back to her mum from the other side of the scale but had enough to qualify well. 185pts COM

Also qualifying:

Mrs J Miller & FOXFOLD CO-ALITION (GSD/WS). Jenny and Kash only lost one mark on the control with a full agility. Happy team, a joy to watch. 166pts COM


1st           Mrs I Seymour & OAKENHEART DARK AFFAIR (GSD). Good round with a full point sendaway and retrieve. Issey was determined to get over the scale, what a great attitude she has. Well done. 173.5pts COM

2nd         Mrs J Ollie & NEWBOROUGH SNOWDROP (WSD). Another good round and full agility. 158.5pts NQ

3rd          Mr M Adams & PORTALUTRA KYLES DREAM (GSD). One of the few dogs that stayed down on the Sunday midday stays. 158pts NQ

4th          Mr T Green & CHANASK VOLLA (XB). Zeus enjoyed his control and agility but with a speak at heel lost points.  152pts NQ


1st           DA & JA Olley & STARDELL ALULA (BC). Nell had a full mark sendaway and agility but only managed a tiny speak, but I am sure in Dave's capable hands she will gain her confidence soon. Well done on first place and lots of luck for your future trials. 208.5pts COM

2nd         Miss K Woolley & TYNSIL TIGER WALKS AT DUNSA (GWP). Keep up the good work Kath, it is great to see a Pointer qualifying in a higher stake. 200pts COM

3rd          Lynne Davies & MISTER MISFIT MONGREL (XB). You worked very hard to get Zeke to his redirect point and for such a young dog he did very well indeed. Do have fun with him and I am sure you will qualify up the stakes soon. 197pts COM

4th          Mr M Snowden & FLYNTASTIC JUST JAY (BC). Good control round but Jay needed a second attempt at the long jump but with Malcolm's handling he flew over with confidence. 197pts COM

Also qualifying:

Fran Mitchell & RENDALE ROBIN (LAB). 192pts COM

E & Y Carpenter & CARFELD GRIFF (BC) handled by Yvonne. 189.5pts COM

Well done to both of you and good luck in TD Championship.

Finally, it was a pleasure to judge you all and congratulations to the teams that qualified -you really deserved your Certificate of Merit.


Stake: WD nosework


Tracklayers; Damian Chadwick, Dave Craven, Dave Olley.

Search Steward: Janine Atkinson

Thanks to YWTS for the invitation to judge the WD nose work and to all the helpers who made the trial such a success.  Thanks to the trials manager Dave Stewart and the secretary Sheila Margreaves - what an excellent job - and also the ladies in the kitchen who kept us well fed for the two days.  Also thanks to my tracklayers Damian, Dave Craven and Dave Olley; they laid all the tracks just right.  And finally, a big thank you to Janine, my search steward, who not only did an excellent job of square laying but also ferried me around.

The weather on Saturday was reasonable but Sunday turned out to be quite bad with blizzards at times, unfortunately this took its toll a little on the dogs that had to work in the poor conditions.

1st           Mrs Irene Seymour with OAKENHEART DARK AFFAIR.  Good team, a very well deserved win.  Q, 173.5.

2nd         Jenny Olley with NEWBOROUGH SNOWDROP.  Well done.  Just a bit of work on the search and this team will take some beating.  Q, 158.5.

3rd          Mark Adams with PORTALUTRA KYLE’S DREAM.  Good work; you need to have a little more confidence in your dog, Mark.  Don’t worry, he can do it. Q, 158.

4th          Mr Trevor Green with CHANASK VOLLA.  Lovely track and a good square; get the rest sorted out and this dog will be superb.  Sorry you didn’t qualify this time.  NQ, 170.



Stake: TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Jeff Margreaves, Eric Carpenter, Brian Page, Lol Campbell

Steward: Paula Jaques

Thanks to Yorkshire for the invitation to judge.  Thanks to Dave Stewart for a friendly and well run trial, and to Sheila and Jeff for their hospitality on the Friday night.

Weather conditions were mixed, to say the least, with sun, wind, rain, hail, sleet and snow.

Thanks to my tracklayers, Jeff, Eric, Brian and Lol, for a superb job in testing weather conditions.  Thanks also to Brian for ferrying us, and for moving our van to save us a lot of walking.  Thank you to Paula for laying all the squares and keeping me organised.

1st  Dave Olley with STARDELL ALULA.  Nell’s nosework marks were: track 93.5 / articles 30 / square 35 – the only full mark square.  Lovely to watch and sympathetically handled.  Very well done.  208.5 Q

2nd  Kath Wooley with TYNSIL TIGER WALKS AT DUNSA.  98 / 30 / 24.  Moss did an excellent track, losing only 2 marks: the best track.  Well done.  200 Q.

3rd  Lynne Davies with MISTER MISFIT MONGREL. 86 / 30 / 34.  Zeke is a lovely strong dog who worked very hard on the track.  Well done.  197 Q.

4th  Malcolm Snowden with FLYNNTASTIC JUST JAY. 92.5 / 30 / 27. Well done Malcolm and Jay.  197 Q.

Also qualified:

Fran Mitchell with RENDALE ROBIN, 192 Q

Yvonne Carpenter with CARFIELD GRIFF, 189.5 Q.

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