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Open Trial
Venue: West Bretton
Trial Held: 05 April 2015



Stakes: CD, UD, WD and TD Control and Agility


Scribe: Carol Grant all days

Thanks to Yorkshire committee for the invitation to judge, to Dave Stewart and team for running a well-organised trial.  The ladies in the kitchen, Liz, Theresa, Doreen and Annie, run a restaurant of the highest level.  To Glenys Page and Liz Mills, as gate stewards kept everybody moving.  I was able to have plenty of stay stewards, giving Carol a short break.  My scribe for all the days was Carol - she must have lost so much weight getting out of the chair and scaling the hill so many times - thank you all.

I set a round looking for control over all the exercises, not won and lost on the sendaway.  The heelwork seemed to throw a lot of dogs, as I was looking for heelwork with only one halt, changes of pace on the move, weaving around bollards, poles and the steward.  The agility section was a cause of concern with only 6 dogs gaining 20 in all the stakes.  The stays were much better, with only 2 dogs sitting or moving over all the stakes.  

Thanks to the competitors who never kept us waiting and accepting my thoughts on the tests.

CD Stake:

2 Entries

1st           John Missin, BEETING SAMBA, BC, NQ

2nd         Gill Moran, HILINGJESS GRAND WILLS, Min Sch, NQ

UD Stake:

12 Entries

1st           John Shires, ANTEUSSUCHT JAGER, GSD, 189.5, Q

2nd         Graham Reaney, ASCHENAR VAN GOUGH, GSD, 186, Q

3rd          Dave Olley, ELMHAUS PORTER, GSD, 183.5, Q

4th          John Phillips HUNDESCHAFER CADEN, GSD, 183.5, Q


WD Stake:

14 Entries

1st           Dianne Ellis, DIANDIE SUMMER MAGIC, GSD, 187.5, Q, and best Nosework

2nd         Valerie Joughin, ROYAL MERLE OF CLAUGHTON, WSD, 183, Q

3rd          Ray Lea, GOOD GOLLIE MISS MOLLY, X-breed, 182.5, Q

4th          Joan Snowden, STARDELL MERCURY, BC, 180, Q

Also qualified:

Andrew Fryatt, ASH ASSASSINO, X-breed, 174



TD Stake:

26 Entries

1st           Margaret Robinson, JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, 217.5, Q. 

2nd         Andrew Fox, STARDELL MUSCIDA, BC, 217.5, Q  

3rd          Jenny Ollie, STARDELL ARCHE, BC, 210.5, Q

4th          Glenys Page, LITTLETHORN MORGAN, BC, 207.5, Q

Also qualified:


Les Allan, TADMARTON ENZO, Lab, 205


Kate Peyton ASTLEY FLEET, BC, 200.5

Yvonne Carpenter, DRAC AT CARFIELD, BC, 197

Jacquie Hall, LITTLE ASHAN, X-Breed, 193.5

With every trial it has its concerns; we had a shoot with 110 entrants over the weekend - our minds were in overdrive what to do with all the guns, but to all our relief it was archery and the arrows were going away from us!!


Stake: WD nosework


Tracklayers: Brian Page and Andrea Lynd

Steward: David Craven

My thanks to Yorkshire WTS for the judging appointment, which has been an absolute pleasure!!  Dave Stewart does a wonderful job as trials manager and has a great team behind him.  As for the ‘Bistro’ - well, how Liz, Theresa, Doreen and Annie create such a brilliant menu I don’t know.  Thanks to all of you for your friendly hospitality.

West Bretton 2015 WD Open track

Now it’s thanks to the important people who worked on the WD stake.  Tracklayers Brian Page and Andrea Lynd, who laid fab tracks with almost 100% success rate, and the Chinese Crested lover, David Craven, who not only laid perfect squares but was on hand when I needed an ear to bend.  Thanks, Dave.  All 3 of you were great company.

14 Entries

1st           Dianne Ellis, DIANDIE SUMMER MAGIC, GSD, 187.5, Q, and best Nosework.  A worthy winner!  Beautiful track and search.  Good luck in championship.

2nd         Valerie Joughin, ROYAL MERLE OF CLAUGHTON, WSD, 183, Q.  Another super tracking dog, well handled.

3rd          Ray Lea, GOOD GOLLIE MISS MOLLY, X-breed, 182.5, Q.  A lovely relationship between Ray and Mollie, well done.

4th          Joan Snowden, STARDELL MERCURY, BC, 180, Q.  Oh Joan, ye of little faith!!  You did it!

Also qualifying:

Andrew Fryatt, ASH ASSASSINO, X-breed, 174


Finally, thanks to all the lovely competitors for accepting my decisions and for those who didn’t make it, remember there is always another trial!!



Stake: TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Richard Musgrave, Andrea Lynd and Eric Carpenter

Square Steward: Annette Harper

Thank you to the Society for thinking of me when a replacement judge was needed at short notice; it's a privilege to be asked.  Thanks to Dave Stewart for managing another super trial here at sunny West Bretton, and thanks to all the base staff for organising the competitors, and supplying excellent food and drink.

25 tracks were laid over 3 days, thanks, Richard (Fri earlies, Sat/Sun lates), Andrea (Fri lates) and Eric (Sat/Sun earlies), and thank you to Annette for laying spot-on squares for all the competitors.

Thank you, farmers!  We had some nice lush crop to track on, thus providing some excellent tracks to watch, and some very good results.  I must say, watching quite a variety of dogs getting round with hardly a blip was super.  Thank you to the competing teams for turning up to have a go at the test.

1st           JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, handled by Margaret Robinson, 217.5, Q, and best nosework

2nd         STARDELL MUSCIDA, handled by Andy Fox, 217.5, Q

3rd          STARDELL ARCHE, handled by Jenny Olley, 210.5, Q

4th          LITTLETHORN MORGAN, handled by Glenys Page, 207.5, Q

Also qualified:

WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, handled by Pat Parkinson, 206

TADMARTON ENZO, handled by Les Allen, 205

LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, handled by Liz Price, 203

ASTLEY FLEET, handled by Kate Peyton, 200.5

DRAC AT CARFELD, handled by Yvonne Carpenter, 197

LITTLE ASHAN, handled by Jacquie Hall, 193.5

Well done everyone and good luck at your next trial!


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