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Open Trial
Venue: West Bretton
Trial Held: 03 April 2016



Stakes: CD and UD, WD, TD C/A


Stewards: Dave Olley (Fri and Sat), Jan Marshall (Sun)

Thank you to the society for the judging appointment and Dave Stewart and his brilliant team for all their hard work before, during and after the trial.

My stewards were excellent, clear, efficient, helpful, good company - everything you could want in a steward, thanks, Dave and Jan. This was Jan’s first time stewarding and she should be proud of her performance. One of the local farmers supplied us with a super field for the C/A, even calling in to see us on the Saturday.

Thank you to all the competitors for allowing me to judge your dogs; I really enjoyed my 3 days watching some fab teams work.

CD Stake:

Four entered, with 2 working on the Saturday. We started with the dumbbell retrieve, then the search. The articles were carpet, hosepipe and a dolly peg; both teams performed nosework to a high standard. Following on from this was the sit stay. The control round ran recall, on lead heelwork, sendaway to a cone 50 paces away, off lead heelwork, then on to the jumps.

1st                Jeny Miller and MY LANIE JAYNE, GSD, B, 98, Q. Very neat and tidy work from this team. Congratulations, Jeny, on your win.

2nd              Rachel Hutton and Harry, ESS, D. Some super work from Harry, but not enough points on the jumps today. Rachel has a lovely attitude.

UD Stake:

We started with the retrieve, on to the heelwork and the sendaway 70 paces to a cone, then the jumps - clear, long and scale. Unfortunately, there weren’t any overall qualifiers, despite seeing some good work and handlers working really hard to get the best from their dogs.

1st                Mark Craven and CODIE CANNY JACK, WSD, D. Very nice, full mark jumps.

2nd              Gary Martin and ONION SARGIE, XBreed, D. Super sendaway.

3rd               John Turtill and DREAGANTA MYCORRAN GEALA, BC, B. Great retrieve.

4th               Sally Rose and RETSWERB HOT SPICE, Lab, B. Lovely C/A, just dropping 2 points.

WD Stake:

The round - retrieve, heelwork, sendaway 95 paces to crossed white poles on the boundary. Then on to the jumps. Great standard of work.

1st                David Waite and EYLAUERHOF ISLA, Rott, B, 195.5, Q. Super work with full point jumps, sendaway and heelwork. Congratulations on your win, David and Isla.

2nd              Rita Kidson and TREGADA TYE, BC, D, 193, Q. Full point control, great team. Well done, Rita and Tye.

3rd               Angela Porter and CHOCOLATE GLADIATOR, X-Breed, B, 192.5, Q. Nice round, well done.

4th               Moira Rogerson with XANDOAS SCOUT, Mali, D, 192, Q. Full point C/A, well done.

Also qualified COM:

Jenny Holt with BEELAHOLT BRIAR, BC, B, 180

Andrea Lynd with SELDOMSEEN JET, Lab, B, 177

Diane Yeatman with LLANWOPS TARGA AT ROMSEY, Lab, B, 173.5

Jenny Holt with BEELAHOLT BRYN, BC, B, 171

TD Stake:

The round - speak, dog off lead at the handler’s side, handler to look at me, and get 10 speaks, then heelwork. Sendaway, 95 paces to crossed white poles on the boundary, re-direct right 90 paces to another pair of crossed poles angled for the dogs to see. Finishing with the jumps. We saw some excellent C/A rounds over the 3 days.

1st           Julie Atkins with GLENALPINE PEG, BC, B, 217, Q, (Best Nosework). Smart and polished round from Julie and Peg, great teamwork. Congratulations on your win.

2nd         Chris Trevor with RODWELL BLACK PRINCE, Lab, D, 212, Q. Great round, with full point jumps. Well done.

3rd          Tracy Eaton with CLEYNEHAGE ON THE TILES, G/Ret, B, 211.5, Q. Lovely C/A, stunning heelwork. Well done.

4th          Ray Lea with GOOD GOLLIE MISS MOLLY, Cross, B, 206.5, Q. Super work to watch, great handling. Well done.

Also qualified COM:


Sue Ashby with THE ZETA, WSD, B, 201.5

Andrew Fox with STARDELL MUSCIDA, BC, 201

Joan Snowden with STARDELL MERCURY, BC, D, 199


Diane Ellis with DIANDIE SUMMER MAGIC, GSD, B, 192


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Ann Bedford and Malc Snowden

Stewards (Protected and Otherwise): Erin Bootland, Dave Raybould, Martin Brown, Alan Bexon, Karen Bexon.

Tracking conditions at West Bretton were good, with decent growth on winter wheat: the tracks were laid precisely. The first article was a shotgun cartridge and the final article was a piece of black rubber, 3” by 1”. The square articles were: plastic teaspoon, wood drinks stirrer, small twig, 2” square piece of red rubberised cloth.

westbretton PDop Track Pattern

Five entered and all ran. All of the dogs coped well with the track and square, with all qualifying the nosework section comfortably. We lost one dog on the jumps, leaving four potential qualifiers going into the Patrol Round.

I shall cover the Patrol Round in some detail, in order of exercise.

The Chase. The chase was slightly longer than is usual for an open, to test the dog’s commitment to bite. Most of the dogs coped well, some slightly less so than others.

The Recall. The recall was slightly shorter than the chase, to ensure that the dog was fully committed to bite before being recalled. One dog failed the recall, two recalled and one took a second command. One failed to chase and therefore did not attempt the recall.

The Quarter. The open nature of the field dictated the use of hides (blinds); the quarter was from a roughly central point out 100yds to a hide, right across the field to a single large tree, and then a further 100yds to a windbreak. Once the dog had checked the windbreak, it was free (with no further commands) to locate two helpers positioned in a blind that was out of sight of the dog over a small hillock some 50yds away. The ideal route for the quarter had been walked by the hide criminals prior to the test to provide a scent, as I wanted to see the dogs searching, rather than doing a free running redirection. All dogs did well.

Search and Escort. Once the dog had located the helpers, the quarter merged into the search and escort. Following a full search of the two men, there was an escort involving two turns after which the attack on handler took place. All of the dogs bit spontaneously at the right time and released well on command.

Test of Courage. The final exercise was a single helper with a windbreak as a barrier directly behind him. The helper directed a strong physical threat towards the dog and used a large rattle bottle to create noise and distraction. The dog had a clear view of the sleeve at all times and there was no contact other than the bite, but the helper employed considerable threat before and during the bite. All of the dogs coped well.

During the briefing I stressed the requirement for the dogs to be under control between exercises, and that any loss of control would be penalised heavily. I am very pleased to report that in this regard all of the dogs were impeccable.

My thanks to all the tracklayers, stewards and helpers, but in particular to Dave and Erin for their help in the rain on Saturday helping me set up and design Sunday’s test.

1st                Dave Olley and ELMHAUS PORTER, 308.5, Q. An efficient and accurate track followed by a ruthless search resulting in the only full point square. A high-quality control round and a full-point sendaway. The Patrol Round was completed with ease, a deceptively fast chase resulting in a strong bite from a very powerful dog. Rooster needed a second command on the recall which was the only blip on the round. The quarter was superb, with a strong, intense and uninterrupted bark at the hide. The threat on the test of courage was of no consequence to Rooster. Best Patrol Round.

2nd              Chris Trevor and RODWELL BLACK PRINCE, 300, Q. Chris and Oscar are a very harmonious team. An enthusiastic but very accurate track produced the best mark of the day, followed by a very good square and a very solid control round. Very well handled Patrol Round, committed chase and good recall. Very good quarter but losing a few marks for a loss of attention at the hide. Excellent Test of Courage.

3rd               Paul Morling and VONLUCIAN ARGONAUT, 278.5, Q. Paul’s handling all day was very impressive. It was a pleasure to watch the way in which he got the best from Reef – true teamwork resulting in solid nosework and control, the highlight of which was a long jump of about 18ft!! Their Patrol Round was sound; a minor loss of control on the quarter and some instability at the hide proved a trifle expensive, but the qualification was comfortable and very well-deserved. Of note was Paul’s general control and release from the bite, which was perfect.


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