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Championship Trial
Venue: Wakefield
Trial Held: 01 March 2009

TM, CD, UD, PD Stakes


This year was PD, which was run over three days, and the weather was mild for the time of year, like late spring. Long may global warming continue! Despite the problems our landowners had been experiencing from late summer last year they still found us plenty of land, although the winter cereals were not as well grown as usual. A big thank you to our landowners: Nostell Estate, Richard and Jonathon Metcalf, John and Sally Driffield, Colin and Debs Eastwood and The National Trust. Thanks also to Nostell St Oswalds Cricket Club for the base, and to Wakefield Independent School for use of their main car park on Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you to our judges: Ron Jaques, PD; Ann Thorpe, WD; Linda Newbold, UD and Ann Clarke, CD, for the thought and effort put in before and during the trial, and also for your excellent company in the evenings.

Thank you to Yvonne for all the hard work before, during and after the trial as trial secretary, which made my task easy.

Thank you to all those who helped out: Tracklayers Damian Chadwick, John Atkin, Jeff Margreaves, Dave Stewart, Andrea Lynd, Ann Clarke; Search and Control Stewards Liz Hulley, Fran Atkin, Rita Kidson, Paula Jaques.

Thanks to the criminals, who not only acted the part well but looked the part. Tom Davis, Steve Lancashire, Vic Snook, Gary Martin. What a motley bunch – I am sure they would have put the fear of God into any little old lady who happened to pass by. A special thank you to Gary for stepping in and helping at the last minute.

Thank you to Liz Stewart and Soreen Fawbert for the 5 star kitchen – the only problem now being the need for me to diet.

Thanks to the following without whose help the trial would not run as smoothly as it does: Dave and Liz Stewart for the schedules and catalogues (though I suspect Liz does the lions share!); Brian Page for fetching over the agility equipment and collecting it at the end and erecting and dismantling (really appreciated as last year an attempt was made to steal the trailer); Dave Stewart and Jeff Margreaves for the little odds and sods that are always needed; Fred Welham for escort duties. Thanks also to those who offered to help but were not needed this year, please offer again.

It’s when I start going through the list of those who helped that I realise the number of people needed to make the trial work. This team was fantastic - no wonder I found the job easy. Thank you all very much.

The competitors were a friendly and sporting bunch, and in general obeyed our requests so that we did not abuse the hospitality of our hosts. Thank you for this and thank you for your entries.

Congratulations to all who were successful and best wishes to Dean Woodcock at the KCC’s.





Stewards: Rita Kidson and Liz Hulley

Thanks to Yvonne and the Yorkshire WTS for the invitation to judge at their Championship trial. My apologies to the Society and the competitors for the lateness of this report. My only excuse is that there don’t seem to be as many hours in the day as there used to be – more of those cutbacks we keep hearing about?

Rita and Liz were excellent stewards and also really good company. Thanks also to Liz and Doreen in the kitchen.

Twelve dogs worked, with the usual mix of success and disappointment to be expected of young dogs and/or inexperienced handlers in this stake. Tight leads and extra commands in heelwork, recall and retrieve accounted for a lot of the marks lost in these exercises. Only two dogs broke the down stay, but quite a few were not really ready for the jumps. All dogs seemed to thoroughly enjoy the nosework section, although mouthing and dropping was costly for some. At the end of the day we had three worthy qualifiers.

1st Lee Payne and LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, X-breed, D. A very polished round from a young dog with an experienced handler, and one of the very few prepared to tackle the slope up to the sendaway. A pleasure to watch. 90, CDEx.

2nd Steve Smith and ALBESA A PERFECT REASON, GSD, D. A reluctance to run uphill in the sendaway was costly, but the rest of the control was perfect, and very good nosework. Well done. 86, CDEx

3rd Julie Paul and KENMILLIX I’M YOUR MAN, GSD, D. Another dog that doesn’t do hills, but did a perfect square. 81, CDEx.

4th Kim Astbury and BIG TROUBLE LITTLE CHINA, BC, B. An excellent sendaway made up for the heelwork, but unfortunately marks lost on the scale and no long jump cost the qualification today. Better luck next time. 79, NQ.

Thanks to the competitors for entering and allowing me to judge their dogs. Congratulations to the qualifiers – to all the others, we’ve all been there, and if a qualification was that easy it wouldn’t be worth having.




Steward: Liz Hurley

Tracklayers: Damien Chadwick and John Atkins

Thank you to Yorkshire for the judging appointment. Thank you to Eric and Yvonne and all the behind the scene helpers for running the trial, to Dave and Liz for doing a great job in the kitchen, Yvonne and assistants for manning the base, doing all the scores and certificates, and to the farmers for allowing us to use their land. Thank you to my tracklayers, who did a wonderful job. Thanks to my steward Liz for laying squares, stewarding the control and keeping me company. Special thanks to Yvonne and Eric for putting me up at their home and looking after me so well.

Tracking was on grass and the weather was good to us. Track articles were a 2.5 inch diameter blue plastic lid and a 3.5 x 2.5 inch knotted piece of green material. Square articles were a 2.5 inch yellow hosepipe, 3 inch x 1 inch piece of wood, 1 inch x 3 inch piece of lino and a piece of carpet. Thanks to all of you who entered, we saw some really nice work from you all. Good luck in your future trials.

1st Graham Reaney and TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, Lab, Q, 191.5. Lovely work from this team. Steady, positive tracking, just lost a few points on the square because Graham couldn’t catch! Track 89/20, Square 31, Control 31.5, Agility 20. Congratulations

2nd Laura Bardwell and POLLGINA JACKSON MCBRIDE, Lab, Q, 191.5. Ted zoomed round the track with such a positive indication that Laura was lucky to stay on her feet! Great square. Lost the run off for first place, but won the Best Nosework Trophy. 88.5/20, 34, 29, 20. Well done.

3rd Jenny Orchard and WILLOWY WHISPER OF TADMARTON, Lab, Q, 187. Willow was a bit fast and erratic on the tracking, giving us a couple of scares but sorted it well. Nice square and control. 84/20, 33, 30, 20. Well done

4th Rosie Jones and Dreaganta Galladudh, BC, Q, 184.5. Steady track and square recovering all the articles. Nice control, couple of hiccups on the agility costing a higher place today. 87/20, 31, 32.5, 14. Well done.




Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd and Dave Stewart

Steward: Paula Jaques

Criminals: Tom, Steve, Gary and Vic

Firstly I must apologise for the lateness of this report. Thanks to Yorkshire for the invitation to judge the PD, and to Eric and Yvonne and all their team for a very well run friendly trial.

My tracklayers were Andrea Lynd and Dave Stewart, who did an excellent job as always. Thank you to Fred Welham for escorting, and my wife Paula for laying the squares and stewarding the C/A and the patrol round.

My criminals were Tom, Steve, Gary and Vic; a brilliant job as always - thanks. Also thanks to Glenys Page for scribing the patrol round.

8 dogs ran, we lost one on the nosework and one on the C/A. The patrol round was generally well done and we had 4 qualifiers.

1st LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK AT SAMDAIS, handled by Dean Woodcock, 293, Q. A consistent round throughout, very well done. I believe this makes Abbey a WTCh. Brilliant.

2nd WTCh GLENALPINE PHOEBE AT STARDELL, handled by Wendy Beasley, 291.5, Q. Another lovely consistent round and best man work. Well done.

3rd WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY and Dave Marchant, 284, Q. Very well done.

4th WTCh FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF AT TARNFORCE, with John Wykes, 275, Q. Well done.

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