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Championship Trial
Venue: Wakefield
Trial Held: 28 February 2010

TM, WD, TD Stakes


Well another trial gone, but this time not with any regret. The trial was to start on Tuesday but on Monday afternoon the Head of the school ‘phoned to say we could not use the Cricket Club car park or grounds during school hours. The school have always been accommodating in the past, but were now having to implement new laws/rules on people allowed on school premises during school hours. However a working compromise was found for this year, which meant us trying to arrange not to be there during the morning and afternoon periods when parents dropped off and collected their children. This worked, thanks to judges, helpers and most importantly, competitors, following what must have seemed like strange requests to ‘clear off’! It also required frantic phone calls each night to change the arrivals of the early morning reporting. A big thank you to everyone who just took it in their stride and acted as if nothing had happened.

As if that was not bad enough we turned up on Tuesday to find we had neither hot water nor a working cooker. My contact at the Cricket Club was there after we left on Tuesday and was in again before we arrived on Wednesday to do the repairs. Now that is service.

Then last thing Thursday night some trespassers put horses in the CD control field. More last minute re-organisation enabled the one remaining field near the base to be used.

One trial I shall remember for many years to come, not just because of the problems but the way in which everyone, judges, helpers and competitors pulled together to make it work – thank you.

A big thank you to our landowners: Nostell Estate, Richard and Jonathon Metcalf, John and Sally Driffield, Colin and Debs Eastwood and The National Trust. Thanks also to Nostell St Oswalds Cricket Club for the base and to Wakefield Independent School for use of their main car park on Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you to our judges: Pat Hodgkins TD, Jacqui Gibney WD, Margaret Robinson UD and Julie Findeisen CD, for the thought and effort put in before and during the trial and also for your excellent company throughout the trial. Thank you to Yvonne for all the hard work before, during and after the trial as trial secretary which made my task easy. A big thank you to Jan Darby for running the base in her usual friendly and competent manner and coping with the need to change things in response to our little difficulties. Thanks also to Jacqui Gibney for writing out certificates after judging – well, you might as well get your money’s worth is what I say!

Thank you to all those who helped out: Tracklayers - Tom Darby, Richard Musgrave, Damian Chadwick, John Atkin, Jeff Margreaves, Dave Stewart, Andrea Lynd; Search and Control Stewards - Liz Hulley, Fran Atkin, Rita Kidson, Yvonne Carpenter, Theresa Musgrave, Sheila Margreaves and Tom Darby (yes indeed). Yvonne was laying searches for Pat but had to keep two appointments that week. In stepped Sheila and Tom in the true spirit of trials. I can say that it is just a wicked rumour that Tom needed to use his compass to locate articles left in his squares!

Thank you to Liz Stewart and Teresa Musgrave for the 5-star kitchen - Doreen Fawbert usually helps Liz but was recovering from an op. so we all wish her a speedy recovery and return to action. Thanks to Teresa for stepping in.

Thanks to the following without whose help the trial would not run as smoothly as it does: Dave and Liz Stewart for the schedules and catalogues (though I suspect Liz does the lion’s share!); Dave Stewart and Jeff Margreaves for the little odds and sods that are always needed; Fred Welham for escort duties. Thanks also to those who offered to help but were not needed this year, please offer again.

It’s when I start going through the list of those who helped that I realise the number of people needed to make the trial work. This team was fantastic; no wonder I found the job easy. Thank you all very much.

The competitors were a friendly and sporting bunch and obeyed our requests so that we did not abuse the hospitality of our hosts. Thank you for this and thank you for supporting the trial with your entries.

Congratulations to all who were successful and best wishes to Tony Lockyer at the K.C.C’s.





Steward: Carole Hall

Firstly, sorry for the lateness of this report, I lost my notes!

Thank you to YWTS for the judging appointment.  I know Eric and Yvonne had many headaches before and during the trial, with parking at the base and stray horses in the control field, but nothing was too much trouble for them, and they pulled off another great, friendly trial.  Thank you to Sheila and Jeff for the accommodation during the trial.  The ladies in the kitchen, Doreen, Liz and Teresa kept Carole and me well fed throughout the day - thank you.  Jan Darby kept the competitors coming and had all the scores and certificates sorted in good time - thank you, Jan.  Thanks to Carole for stewarding and keeping the competitors relaxed.

The weather for February was very kind to us and the competitors all enjoyed their dogs and their standard of work was excellent.  Just the usual stays and jumps knocked dogs out, but they all deserve to qualify on another day.

23 Entries, 13 worked

1st (ARO) Jeny Miller, FOXFOLD UNEXPECTED EDITION, GSD/BC, 26/05/08, Q CDEx, 97.5.  This was a near faultless round, with Full point nosework. This dog has a bright future ahead. Well done.

2nd (ARO) Jill Carruthers, VOMKYNA DARCA, GSD, 23/06/08, Q CDEx, 97.5.  Another brilliant round, with Jill managing to contain Darcy’s enthusiasm.  Another star in the making.  Well done.

3rd Dianne Ellis, KENMILLIX SKY’S THE LIMIT, GSD, 30/03/06, Q CDEx, 90.  This lovely shepherd bitch reminded me so much of Zanya!  She is lovely, so willing to please.  Second attempt on the face of the scale, but she does try so hard for you.  Good luck for the future.

4th Tracey Collier, CHARLOATS AVIN FUN AT GLENTRADA, GSD, 24/03/07, Q CDEx, 88.5.  Check is now starting to put it all together for you Tracey.  A lovely round, with only the long jump letting you down.  Enjoy him, he is lovely.

Also Qualifying CDEx:

Pamela Huskins, ASALDO ADON, Mal, 05/09/07, 88

Qualifying CD:

Ken Coleman, SHERINGEM MAC, BC, 12/07/08, 78

Gillian Flowers, RUSHBOTTOM RARE SURPRIZE, GSD, 19/10/06, 72




Thanks to Yorkshire for the invitation to judge, to the tracklayers and to Teresa Musgrave for laying all the squares and stewarding the control and agility.  Thanks to Jan Darby for doing the base in her usual efficient manner, to the ladies in the kitchen who provided an excellent service, and to Freddie Welham for escorting us to the tracks.

Special thanks to Yvonne and Eric for running the trial and overcoming all the obstacles that came their way during the week. Glad I was not in your position because I would have been bald by the end of the week.

Snow, snow, snow and more snow intermittently throughout the trial, and very very cold.

11 entries and 7 ran. The cancellations were probably due to the weather conditions which I think also contributed to only two dogs qualifying.

1st Steve Smith with ALBESA A PERFECT REASON, CDEx, GSD, 178.5, Q UDEx.  Krue worked hard to complete the track, losing only bits and pieces, mostly on the corners; he had no trouble finding the articles in the square but mouthing and drops were costly.  Track 83 with both articles and 4 out of the square. Best Nosework trophy.   N/W 133.  Lacked confidence on the S/A, but otherwise a very nice performance with minor bit and pieces on the jumps.  Well done Steve.  Work in progress but definitely getting there.

2nd John Philips with WESTMIDS WANDERER, CDEx, GSD, 169.5, Q UDEx.  Ruby struggled a bit on the track but kept going and you held it together well, John, even managing to spy the first article.  A nice square with all four out.  Track 77, articles 15, square 31.5.  A competent control round from this young bitch with full point jumps resulted in this very worthy qualification.

3rd Caroline Woods with PARAVEL ILLUSION, GSD, NQ.  A very nice track with both articles recovered,  assisted by Caroline’s brilliant line handling; it really was superb.  Unfortunately mouthing and dropping cost you 9 in the square - serious attention needed.  A disappointing C/A; I have seen Lyra work so much better than this, but when young dogs have an off day they tend to do it in style.  She has lots of time, Caroline, and I’m sure she will get there. Good luck.

4th CC Merseyside Police WESTMIDS INDY, handled by Chris Davis, GSD.  Best track in this stake but unfortunately the square was not so good and the C/A needs a bit more work.  With tracking like this and good jumps it won’t be long before Indy is qualifying easily.




Tracklayers: Richard Musgrave, Andrea Lynd and Damian Chadwick

Stewards: Liz and Rita

Many thanks to Yorkshire Committee for this invitation to judge.

“In the event of unforeseen circumstances”…….. this trial certainly was a trial for Eric and Yvonne Carpenter and the team, who coped so well with all those circumstances that you really don’t need, such as gipsy horses on the control field, no parking between 9am and 4pm……and, and, and …. Eric seemed to take it all in his stride, he was the epitome of a good Trials Manager throughout.

Thank you to everyone who ensured my job was so easy and enjoyable. My tracklayers, Richard Musgrave, Andrea Lynd and Damian Chadwick, were professional and accurate, all tracks laid to give every competitor a ‘fair crack’; as were Liz and Rita, who each did two days search and C/A stewarding. Thank you all. Also I would like to say a big thank you to Liz Stewart and Teresa Musgrave, who made sure we were all well fed and watered.

Tracking was on grass, and it was cold, wet and windy most of the time; these conditions obviously affected some dogs more than others, younger inexperienced dogs on the whole not coping as well. Snow, frost and fog may well have been the reason for so many scratches, 13 in all, but we were treated to seeing some really good dogs and handlers, resulting in 8 qualifiers, who were:

1st Pat Herbert and GLENALPINE MOO, BC, 188. There is always the exception, Moo is only 2 years old and went round the track as if on rails, followed by one of the fastest, most accurate squares I’ve seen for some time. In Pat’s capable hands, there is no doubt in my mind that she is another Champion in the making. No surprise to award her best nosework as well.

2nd Liz Price and KESTENBAR PARIS, GSD, 187, after a run off (search). Amazing Grace was steady and accurate, the hold on the plastic spoon ensuring a well deserved 2nd!

3rd Tony Lockyer and LAWINICK COME AND GET IT AT HARTSHILL, GSD, 187. I consider Tony one of the best handlers in the country, and he gets the best out of Isla. Well done, another dog heading for the top, no doubt.

4th Sue Ashby and THE TITAN, WSD, 183.5. Sue has had to show uncharacteristic Capricorn patience (!) with this dog as he had considerable health problems in his early days; but her tenacity has won through and he is showing real promise. Congratulations, Sue, on all your hard work and patience, frustrating at times as it was.

Also Qualifying WDEx:

Fran Atkin and BLEDRI OF STEPASIDE, Welsh Collie. 180. This little grafter had the worst field, and persevered until he’d got those two articles, followed by a very good square. You should be very proud of him, Fran.

Sheila Tannert and STYPERSON CLEO, Lab, 179.5. Teal proved she could ‘walk on water’, so wet was your field! Very capable handling once again ensured a good qualification.

Ann Clarke and STYPERSON QUINCY, Lab, 174.5. Ann resembled a rag doll when this strong dog was heading downhill towards the pond that had appeared overnight. At one stage we thought she may have water skied across it!! He followed with a very fast accurate search. A very worthy qualification. Well done.

Christine Stewart and ANGELWISHES ARIEL OF NATURE, Std Poodle, 173.5. Casey did a speedy and accurate track, and a creditable C/A except for the retrieve when he decided to entertain us all! Still, you held it together Chris. Well done on the qualification.

To those who didn’t qualify, your day will come. Best of luck next time. Thanks to all competitors for entering .




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, 4 days, Dave Stewart, 4 days, Jeff Margreaves, 3 days, Andrea Lynd, 1 day

Search Stewards: Yvonne Carpenter, Tom Darby, 1 day, Sheila Margreaves, 1 day

C/A Steward: Yvonne Carpenter

When I accepted this judging appointment in 2007 I could not have imagined that my life would change so dramatically in 2009. However, with great support, I was determined to fulfil the appointment and decided I would then retire from judging. A huge thank you to Eric, Trials Manager, and Yvonne for looking after me so well and keeping me calm. They had to deal with so many problems during the course of the trial, proving once again that running a trial is not an easy task, so well done to you both for all your hard work in making the trial a success.

Conditions were excellent for tracking; snow the first day and then mist and very little wind except on the Friday, when it rained all day and some fields were flooded, making it very difficult for helpers, and yet still dogs managed to qualify. We saw some brilliant tracking and good search squares. Many thanks to all my tracklayers and search stewards for doing such a great job. The speak was done on the field before the track, which seem to surprise many dogs as they were positioned behind 2 stewards near the walk in pole of the track. 9 dogs gained full marks.

On Sunday we had a fine day, thankfully, for the C/A. Yvonne kept things flowing - thank you so much for all your help. Thank you to all the stewards who organised the stays.

The round started with slow pace heelwork, then normal to the start of the sendaway, which was followed by fast pace up to the jumps.

My thanks also to Jan at the base, Liz and Teresa for the lovely food and Jacqui for writing out all the certificates on Sunday.

1st Tony Lockyer and WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, 216.5. Gyp proved yet again he is such a top dog; all exercises done in a no fuss manner. A well deserved win. Many congratulations, Tony.

2nd Debbie Meade and HEATHERMARK VIXEN, GSP, 212. Flick won a run off with Jeny to gain the Reserve Ticket. Another dog who made the tracking look easy, followed by a good C/A. Well done, a super round.

3rd Jeny Miller and FOXFOLD CO-ALITION, OW, Cross. 212. This dog has a lovely attitude and is obviously on top form. I did a search square for the run off and it was only the time difference which decided the placings. Well Done.

4th Judy Meekings and STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, Lab, 210.5. This is Brig’s first TDEx qualification, first of many I am sure. I know you were delighted, Judy, a good all round performance. Congratulations.

It was interesting to see 4 different breeds in the line up. All four qualified with all 7 articles.

Well done to the following qualifiers:

Stevi Boyall and WTCh STYPERSON LOMOND, Lab, 209.5

John Currie and DREAGANTA SAMH, BC, 209


Heather Cook and THAMESPOL ISSIE, GSD, 206.5

Jean Howells and WTCh GLENALPINE JED, BC, 206

Gary Martin and WTCh TYTRI ROY, BC, 204.5

Linda Newbold and COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, WSD, 204.5

Dave Olley and STARDELL ALULA WSD 200.5

Judith Owens Poole and IRCh FIRCROFT DALWINNIE, BC, 199

Pat Parkinson and WTCh CARISHILL HYACINTH, G/R, 197

Vana Moody and GLENALPINE SHEP, BC, 196.5

Ann Shepherd and LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, Cross, 194.5


Caroline Martin and BINTIBN ARDESSIE, BC, 190

Heather Patrick and SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY, WSD, 187.5

Margo Brothwell and TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, Cross, 187.5

Carole Hall and PENRITH NELL, Lab, 178.5

Qualifying TD:

Penny Pritchard and GRACORN HOME BREWED, GSD, 175.5

The best nosework was Anne Thorpe and Izzie. A superb track and search but unfortunately did not do the scale today.

Yorkshire WTS have a great team; it was a pleasure to be amongst you all. Thank you for the invitation.

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