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Championship Trial
Venue: Wakefield
Trial Held: 27 February 2011


I will still call this trial Nostell, although this year we had to move to another base because of the problems we had last year using the school car park.  Sharlston Colliery Welfare Club was the base - I refrain from saying new as anyone with a long memory will remember YWTS using it as a base many years ago, when there was actually a Colliery (Pit, to use the correct terminology in these parts).  As most people in trials seem to be on the old side I am sure most of you will remember!

A big thank you to our landowners: Nostell Estate, Richard and Jonathon Metcalf, John and Sally Driffield, Colin and Debs Eastwood and The National Trust.  Thanks also to the Committee and members of Sharlston Colliery Welfare Club for the base and their hospitality.

Thank you to our judges: Graham Reaney - PD, Malcolm Snowden - WD, Nigel Hines - UD and Gary Martin – CD, for the thought and effort put in before and during the trial and also for your excellent company throughout the trial.  Oh, and extra thanks to Graham for having to hump his set of jumps up a slight hill!

Thank you to Yvonne for all the hard work before, during and after the trial which made my task easy.  A big thank you to Liz Hulley for running the base in a friendly and competent manner and coping with any changes that needed to be made - when I remembered to tell her.

Thank you to all those who helped out: Tracklayers - Dave Stewart, Richard Musgrave, Damian Chadwick, Dave Craven, Jeff Margreaves and Andrea Lynd; Search and Control Stewards - Laura Bardwell, Joan Snowden, June Hines and Caroline Martin. Thanks to Linda Newbold, Laura Bardwell, Tom Davies, Steve Lancashire, Vic, Jackie and Anthony Snook, Jason Bamber and Julz Findeisen for helping Graham on Patrol day.

Thank you to Liz Stewart and Doreen Fawbert for the 5 star kitchen, Theresa Musgrave for selling cards and helping where needed, Margaret Welham for helping Liz and making sure nobody forgot to by tombola tickets, and Fred Welham for escort and other tasks as well as competing.

Thanks to Dave and Liz Stewart for the schedules and catalogues and Dave Stewart and Jeff Margreaves for the little odds and sods that are always needed.

Thank you all very much.

The competitors were a friendly and sporting bunch and obeyed our requests so that we did not abuse the hospitality of our hosts.  Thank you for this and thank you for supporting the trial with your entries, and best wishes to you all at your future trials.  Congratulations to all who were successful and best wishes to Manda McLellan at the KCC’s.  





Steward: Caroline Martin

Many thanks to Yorkshire WTS for the invitation to judge at this well run and friendly trial.  We really had a great time with some lovely people.  Thanks to Eric and Yvonne for all their hard work before and during the trial - they run a perfect event with all bases covered and nothing left to chance.  My task was made so much easier thanks to all their hard work.  They are backed up by a hard working conscientious team.  As Eric rightly said, the management of the trial is made so much easier with such a dedicated and professional group.  Thank you, one and all, we enjoyed your company and appreciate all your hard work.

Caroline stewarded for me throughout and did so in her trademark efficiency, putting competitors at ease and giving clear directions - thanks very much.

We had 25 entries and 21 ran, with 13 qualifying CDEX.  Nosework kicked off the test on 5/6 inch pasture.  There was just the right amount of breeze to help with the square.  Whilst Caroline laid the square the competitors undertook the retrieve. Next the square - the articles were, (i) 3 inch x 1 inch strip of leather (ii) 4 inch x 1 inch strip of black rubber (iii) 2.5 inch length of bamboo.  Nosework was completed well.

C/A started with heel on lead, followed by recall and then heel free.  Sendaway was next, which was 80 yards out to crossed poles in a hedge.  The jumps were undertaken, clear, long and scale in that order.  As usual jumps took their toll.  For the most part, though, the test was well done and some fantastic rounds were completed. 

1st David Hope with his Lab bitch, FIRE FOXY SASHA, 96.5, Q.  A very impressive round by this team.  Fantastic understanding and rapport between them and on this form will do well in the higher stakes.  It’s all there in abundance, David; keep at it and good luck in the future.

2nd Vic Snook with his X-Breed bitch, LITTLE MICA, 96, Q.  Very nice round by this team.  Well handled, and having seen Mica in other competitions, she is destined to do well.  Minor bits and bobs to tidy up but generally an impressive round.  Well done.

3rd Sarah Naylor with her BC dog, FLICKFLACK BLAKE, 95.5, Q.  A very nice all round performance, with Blake showing real promise for the future.  Nice nosework and but for a small hiccup on the scale a different coloured rosette would have been yours.  Well done, he’s a lovely lad.

4th Manda McLellan with her X-Breed dog LITTLE TIGER 95.5, Q.  Experienced handler showed how to get the best from this youngster - just odd marks lost here and there, but lovely nosework.  Well done and good luck for the future.

Also qualified:

Alan Bexton with his WSD dog, FLY BY NIGHT LAD, 95.5.  Excellent round and if it hadn’t been for a messy retrieve would have won.  Everything else is there, Alan, you have a lovely understanding between you, and a great dog.  Well done

David Salisbury with his GSD dog, PADDY OF THE NORTH, 94.5.  Very nice all round performance.  Well done.

Mick Cammage with his WSD dog, BROWN JACK, 93.5.  Good to see you back, Mick, with a youngster who has bags of enthusiasm and potential.  Lovely attitude from Jack; well done and good luck.

Sue High with her WSD dog, BROOK OF WASHBURN, 92.5.  Solid performance with bags of attitude; well done

Martyn Willcock and his WSD dog, MURPHY MAGNUS LUMMOX, 90.5.  Murphy started the day off by attacking one of the flags on the square pole!  But it did get better, nice overall performance. Well done.

Carole Cottrell with her X-Breed bitch, TWEED SUITED AT HELIDALE, 86.  What a performance from a ‘youngster’ at 9.5 years old!!  Yet she jumped like a dog half her years.  Really well done, I know you were rightly proud of her.

Jackie Snook with her BSD dog, XANOVA ENCOR NUIT, 86.  Guy decided that today he’d make Jackie work a bit for the qualification!  And add to her already frayed nerves.  Well done, I know you were rightly pleased.

Nichola Martens with her GSD, LITTLE GIRL, 84.5. Well done, Nicky, great result and I think you were quite happy with the result!

Anne Thorpe with her BC bitch, GLENALPINE MISS MOLL AT DALEMAIN, 81.  You really have your hands full with her, don’t you Annie!!  No one could ever say she’s easy, but she has such potential and in your experienced hands she’ll do well.  Well done and good luck.

Just a quick mention of Carole Hall and her GSD bitch, DIVA. What a cracker....... and so is Diva!  Fantastic round until a hiccup on the jumps.  Superb attitude, a real desire to please and lovely rapport - all from a re-homed dog.  Good luck with her, she is a real treasure.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering; I hope you enjoyed your day and the test.




Tracklayers: Richard Musgrave, Dave Craven, Damian Chadwick

Steward: June Hines

Thanks to Yorkshire WTS for the invitation to judge UD.  I do enjoy judging this stake, seeing the young dogs starting out on their trials work.  As ever, thanks to my tracklayers, Richard, Dave and Damian, and to June for control and square stewarding.  Also to Eric and Yvonne, whose hard work ensured this busy trial ran like clockwork.  What a fantastic job Liz and Doreen did with the catering.  Thanks to all concerned at Yorkshire.

We started with the control in the mornings with the tracks starting early afternoon.  Tracking was on rape with decent growth and we saw some very good nosework.   The control rounds were reasonable on the whole, although not helped by the wet, muddy conditions.  Well done to those who qualified and commiserations to those who didn’t quite make it on this occasion.

1st Mike Williams, MARINA BEN’S PAL, X-Breed, 196, Q.  A good all round performance secured a worthy first place.  Well done.

2nd Janette Sayer, TAZ OF HOLLOWGATE, WSD, 193.5, Q.  Another good performance; good luck with your new dog.

3rd Tom Darby, TRIPLE CHAOS, WSD, 192, Q.  Rio worked well as expected on the nosework, just needed a little tidying on the control.

4th J Lewis, RUSHBOTTOM RYNESTONE BROWS, ASD, 191.5, Q.  Well done.

Also qualifying UDEx:

Tracey Park, WAGGERLAND TYNE, WSD, 190.5

Jackie Nicholas, OWEN JOKER, Kelpie, 188

Barrie James, CORRIEDHU CESAN, BC, 163

Wendy Magyar, GLENALPINE TED, BC, 160.5




Tracklayers: Andrea, Jeff and Dave

Steward: Joan

I would like to thank YWTS for the invitation to judge the WD.  Thank you to Eric and his many helpers for running such an enjoyable trial.  Thanks also to the ladies in the kitchen, and to Yvonne and Eric for your hospitality.  Thanks to my tracklayers, Andrea, Jeff and Dave, and to Joan for stewarding.

There was a very good entry of 30 and WD ran over 4 days.  The tracking conditions were ideal, on  crop of about 3".  We saw some very good nosework, with all dogs making an attempt.


2nd Joe Craft, PEPNICK LIVEWIRE, GSD, 184.5


4th Jackie Hope, CARLBRO MACH, 180

Also qualified:




Jean Howells, GELNALPINE ARCHIE, 164.5

Well done to everyone who qualified and good luck to all in future trials.




Tracklayers: Damien Chadwick, Dave Stewart

Search Steward: Linda Newbold

Steward and Scribe: Linda Newbold, Laura Bardwell

Criminal: Tom Davies, Steve Lancashire, Vic Snook, Anthony Snook, Jordan Bamber, Jacquie Snook

Thank you Yorkshire WTS for the invitation to judge PD at your Sharlston trial; thanks also go to Eric Carpenter and his first class team who looked after our every need during the two days.  Thanks also to my team, all named above, who ensured that all the competitors got a equal chance to qualify; a thank you also to the competitors, who accepted my decisions in a sporting manner.

We had 9 entries and 7 ran; unfortunately, as one competitor had two dogs, I was not able to do as I prefer, a lockout for the patrol round, for what was the last PD judging appointment I intend to accept.

We started with the control and agility, where sadly two competitors failed, one in control and one in agility; next came the nosework, where we unfortunately lost another competitor due to no track articles, so we went into the patrol round with four hopefuls.

The patrol round started with the quarter, with the first location being a innocent bird watcher, and then onto a small camp site where a drunken trouble maker was located; he varied his demeanour from friendly to aggressive, all in an effort to put the competitors under pressure (which in some cases it did!)  On to the search and escort; a walk off during the search of the tents was designed to put off the search of the remaining tents (in some cases this worked), the attack on handler came right at the end of the escort just as the handler was challenged by the chase criminals (this caused some problems).  The chase was two criminals - both required stopping and being controlled and brought back to the start area.  On to the recall - this was set up so that the handler lost sight of their dog on the point of recall, so they had to have confidence in their dog or give a second command.  Finally the test of courage: this was one man challenging the handler from about eighty yards away; as the dog approached this man four more joined him with weapons etc and very aggressively tried to drive the dog back.  All the dogs coped well with only one dog losing just a few marks.

1st Manda McLellan and ASTRA STORM, CDEx, TDEx, PDEx, 288, PDEx and CC.  A good performance in all sections by this team clinched the ticket today. Well done, Manda, you kept calm and in control throughout the whole test, never allowing the situation to get the better of you.  I hope the second ticket comes along soon.

2nd Dave Olley and NEWBOROUGH SNOWDROP, CDEx, TDEx, 277.5, PDEx and Reserve CC.  Another good performance in all sections earned this team the reserve CC today, with just odd marks in the nosework and patrol round making the difference.  The test, Dave, was not easy; you can be proud of how Nell coped.  Good luck in the future, but not too much if I happen to be there!  

3rd Lee Payne and LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, CDEx, PDEx, NQ.  A good performance but just falling short in the patrol section, I think due more to not quite understanding what was required than failure by Diesel.

4th Dave Olley and LITTLE RAYMOND, NQ.  Not Raymond’s day today, Dave.  Once again failure to understand what was required was probably the cause, but at least you got it right with Nell. 

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